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Indexed by Nick Denley December 1997, Clerk of Chancery Court Tallahatchie County Mississippi.

To get to Mt. Zion Cemetery, take Hwy 35 North of Charleston. The Cemetery is located on the East side of the Highway and Sherman Home, just South of Sherman Creek.

Barnes, David/MS PFC US Army WWI/12-17-1894/03-27-1973
Barnes, Mattie/05-05-1891/10-30-1970
Barnes, Thompson/11-06-1896/05-26-1970
Barr, Joe/06-04-1880/09-03-1959
Barr, Rosie S./12-28-1889/03-25-1960
Berry, John Henry/10-27-1930/01-19-XX
Bland, Elizabeth Jean/age 59.Died 01-02-2007/interned 01-05-2007
Bland, Lucille/age 94/02-06-1912/05-14-2009
Bland, McArthur/09-27-1945/12-04-1986
Bland, Miller Fillmore/05-21-1908/11-23-1978
Brown, Cassandra Rena/08-13-1984/08-26-1985
Brown, Ernest/02-12-1905/06-09-1971
Brown, Hersie Lee/02-25-1934/03-02-1986
Brown, Ira Leon/10-15-1962/06-09-1989
Brown, Johnny/1911/1978
Buckley, Frank/01-06-1916/01-18-1951
Buckley, John Reuben/09-23-1928/03-22-1975
Buckley, Johnny, Jr. /Age 52/07-24-1949/05-25-2002
Butler, Carda M./01-18-1921/01-06-1969
Butler, Sallie Mae/11-10-1919/12-12-1996

Copeland, Flora/09-23-1910/01-17-1972
Curtis, Ida Smith/12-25-1900/05-03-1976

Davis, Bryant/1972/1988
Davis, George/MS Pvt 3270 QM Service Co WWII/04-30-1913/12-19-1969
Davis, Len B./08-14-1932/07-31-1992
Davis, Levi/03-30-1906/01-29-1987
Davis, Willie Earl/L Cpl US Marines Corps/1970/1991
Davis, Wilson/07-01-1923/11-13-1980

Foster, George, Jr./MS Pvt US Army WWII/07-04-1909/10-12-1969
Foster, Mary Laws/02-22-1913/07-02-1993

Galloway, George/11-23-1901/03-08-1974
Galloway, Maue/08-11-1901/09-13-1981
Gates, Ezekial Jack/11-21-1921/10-25-1998
Glover, Callie/06-06-1899/01-20-1993
Glover, Dora/06-19-1895/10-18-1971
Glover, Richard/03-20-1893/09-07-1983

Griffin, Elnoria/ age 81/died 02-21-2009
Gross, Sylvester,Sr/age 81/02-28-1922/11-22-2003

Hamilton, Corene/04-20-1905/03-23-1994
Hamilton, Coy/08-08-1882/03-04-1977
Hamilton, J.M./11 Years Old
Hamilton, J.C./1926/1949
Hamilton, John T./1901/1953
Hill, Beatrice/03-23-1892/05-31-1988
Hudson, Anna/08-07-1901/01-03-1970

Ivory, Pearl V./02-28-1910/09-10-1995

James, Willie B./MS Cpl OMC Korea/01-28-1930/01-10-1956
Johnson, Aaron Lewis/01-07-1961/08-11-1987
Johnson, A.C./MS Tech 4 US Army WWII/05-11-1926/10-27-1973
Johnson, Andrew/05-11-1918/07-10-1967
Johnson, Anna Mae/10-08-1922/10-06-1992
Johnson, Cheries/10-10-1923/01-01-1974
Johnson, Clairene/10-28-1917/11-09-1960
Johnson, Ellar/07-01-1876/07-04-1961
Johnson, Emily/WYF of R.H.Johnson/03-31-1883/06-24-1955
Johnson, George W./PFC US Army WWII/01-02-1920/12-01-1988
Johnson, Hayes, Sr./03-02-1877/01-10-1971
Johnson, Jack, Jr./02-07-1903/11-21-1983
Johnson, Jimmie Lee/age 53/12-18-1949/11-24-2003/
Johnson,Joe Sam/age 85/02-16-1921/02-19-2006
Johnson, Mary-no dates
Johnson, Mattie/10-28-1894/02-13-1968
Johnson, Ned/01-14-1896/12-08-1977
Johnson, Phil/1904/1985
Johnson, Vester/1916/1994
Johnson, V.O./02-16-1891/04-24-1971

Lacy, Walter/05-30-1931/10-10-1980
Laws, Alma Ivory/1903/03-224-1999
Laws, Angeline/11-17-1874/04-06-1951
Laws, Lucy B./07-22-1911/11-30-1969
Laws, Mandy/1917/02-02-1999
Laws, Mary/06-20-1880/03-10-1954
Laws, William/03-22-1869/01-04-1951

Madkins, Larhonda Leshun/09-15-1982/02-27-1986
Madkins, Modie C./01-02-1955/12-25-1989
Madkins, Paul/01-24-1908/11-10-1985
Madkins, Richard/06-21-1941/07-14-1974
Madkins, Tyrone D./03-18-1969/05-05-1988
McDaniel, Dorothy /age 80/09-26-1924/07-10-2005
Means, Catherine Jones/age 70/died 12-04-2003
Momon, Mary/02-21-1873/08-13-1946
Moore, Velma Lee/02-22-1930/10-09-1973

Orr, Broy ""Doc"/01-03-1903/08-14-1979
Orr, Carrie/08-20-1905/07-05-1997
Orr, Johnnie Mae/09-11-1947/04-14-1977
Orr, Leonard/02-14-1926/12-01-1958
Orr, Mack/09-16-1898/04-06-1977
Orr, Mahala/01-27-1903/06-11-1974
Orr, William Harris/06-14-1931/04-04-1996

Pound, Jessie, Jr./1907/1989
Pounds, Richard/04-03-1886/06-24-1942
Price, Prinston/12-06-1992/01-23-1993

Smith, Annie R./03-08-1884/08-05-1968
Smith, Dinkin/02-20-1909/08-17-1971
Smith, Earnest/PFC US Army WWII/1918/1988
Smith, Ella S./02-09-1897/10-08-1969
Smith, Emline/09-15-1873/04-09-1968
Smith, Henry/02-27-1893/07-26-1903
Smith, Henry/07-03-1894/05-09-1971
Smith, Henry/06-10-1927/05-10-1987
Smith, Jefferson/US Army WWII/01-06-1922/09-12-1995
Smith, Larry James/08-27-1958/07-11-1990
Smith, Lemoler/11-05-1907/02-14-1920
Smith, Mary T./01-10-1888/03-28-1958
Smith, S.P./09-12-1877/03-28-1937
Smith, Spencer/MS Pfc CoA 7 Inf 199 Lt inf BDE Vietnam/09-17-1948/07-15-1970
Smith, Rev. T.S./08-10-1877/05-02-1948

Tabor, Mary Barr/09-17-1900/06-24-1976
Tabor, Paul/11-26-1887/10-25-1978
Turnes, Ester/1900/11-24-1980
Thornton, Frank/10-20-1873/12-30-1956
Thronton, Mary/11-25-1875/01-26-1969

West, Jessie May/1919/03-08-1998
Williams, Susie Orr/04-13-1930/12-05-1980

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