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Brooklyn Church Cemetery

Indexed by Nick Denley December 1997, Clerk of Chancery Court Tallahatchie County Mississippi. Every Effort has been made to make this Cemetery as accurate as possible

North Cassidy Bayou, take HWY 32 East of Webb, go North on Brooklyn Road, the Cemetery and Church are on the left approx. 3/4 mile.

This cemetery corrected, new additions and proofed February 1999

Bell, Roosevelt W./Son of Richard Bel/07-03-1901/03-18-1904
Bell, Addie Brower/1892/11-23-1950
Bounds, Josephine/ 05-02-1864/ 08-20-1897/wife of P. J. Bounds?
Buford, May Grace/ 08-10-1893/ 12-01-1895/dau. of Bartie & Ella Buford
Campbell, Christine07-21-1930-07-03-1975
Carter, James Henry/ died 10-20-2001/ age 48 yrs.
Cloninger, James M.,Sr./ 11-xx-1889/ 1959/ w/o marker
Cloninger, Genieva/B&D-1946's/ Dau. of James M.& Edna Cloninger/w/o marker
Collier, C. H. / 04-17-1860/ 03-03-1885
Double Marker
Collier, Marlin/ died-07-03-1870/ age 21 yrs.
Collier, Emily/ died-07-15-1856/age 57 yrs.
Edward, ?/ 1891/ 1973
Flautt, Marguerite06-03-1895/ 09-08-1898/ dau. of H.B. & E. R. Flautt
Frierson, Erwin G./ 1854/ 1915
Frierson, John D./ 05-02-1806/ 07-09-1879/ born in Williamson Co., Tenn.
Gaston, Henry D./age 55/died 07-04-2001/Auto Accident
Gentry, Hardy/died 02-14-1948
Goodson, H.B./xx/03-16-1940
Green, Ardelia/1882/1944
Green, Bill/1858/1943
Green, Rosevelt-/ 08-07-1901-/ 11-25-1918
Green, Ella-/ 1862-/ 1941
Green, Willie, Jr./12-17-1879/02-28-1957
Double Marker
High, Ida Lee/ 12-27-1909/ 05-07-1989
High, Earl Lee/ 02-04-1904/ 06-27-1982
High, Susie/1875-1916
Houston, James Louis/ 06-22-1844-/ 02-19-1886
Huddleston, Emma Elizabeth Hand/ d.-11-18-1934/ age 44 yrs./mother of Christine Huddleston Howell
Jackson, Walter/ 1897/ 1970
Luckie, W. A./1885/12-17-1936
Luckie, W. A. 06-01-1875-/ 12-10-1936/husband of Birdie Luckie
Luckie, Birdie B.-/ 01-17-1833-/ 01-07-1923/wife of W. A. Luckie
Luckie, Infant-/ 12-01-1915-/ 12-13-1915/dau. of W.A. & Birdie Luckie
Melton, Charles David/Husb of Mary J. Tucker/12-03-1852/12-17-1925/no marker
Melton, Mary J. Tucker/WYF of Charles David/02-16-1956/10-11-1911/no marker
Melton, John M./01-31-1880/abt.1940/son of Mr. & Mrs.Charles David/no marker
Miller, Arther-/ 01-09-1887-/ 08-04-1974
Mott, Jacob H./10-xx-1884/11-30-1924
McMaster, Idie M.-/ 08-26-1910-/ 01-09-1915
McMaster, Joseph W.-/ 12-19-1866-/ 11-18-1915
Oats, Ida-/ 07-17-1856-/ 08-25-1878/wife of Rev. G. I. Oats,dau. of W.A. & E. Collier
Outlaw, Willie, Jr./1979/05-04-1997
Outlaw, Willie/ 1925/ 1988
Outlaw, Lucille/ 06-12-1935/ 02-12-2000
Phillips, Mrs. Carrie/1868/04-15-1949
Phillips, Carrie Webb/ 08-12-1867/ 04-15-1949
Robertson, Hudia / 07-14-1827/ 02-07-1886
Robertson, Mr. Martin/ 03-01-1821/ 05-18-1909
Robertson, Jno W./ 05-31-1853/ 03-23-1924
Robertson, Martha Perline/ 07-09-1848/ 07-30-1912/ wife of T. J. Robertson
Robertson, James S./ 10-20-1859/ 04-22-1890
Robertson, Martha Ann/ 11-08-1857/ 04-21-1893
Rose, William Henry/ no dates
Stephens, Edward Duff/ 06-22-1907-/ 05-27-1908
Sullivan, Josephine/ 11-20-1863/ 02-19-1902/wife of W. G. Sullivan
Sullivan, W. G./ 1853/ 1931
Sullivan, Virginia S./ no dates
Sullivan, Joseph B./ 10-18-1867/ 07-01-1891?
Tribbett, Lucille/09-17-1916/03-16-1976
Waters, Cora/05-17-1940/01-28-1995
Waters, Florine/12-10-1964/07-06-1990
Waters, Lowrine-12-10-1964/04-14-1984
Webb, Waight/xx-/died 08-12-1914/Obit 1914

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