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Old Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery

This Cemetery indexed November 1997-by Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court, Tallahatchie County Mississippi. Every Effort has been made to make this Cemetery as accurate as possible. Located at Sumner Mississippi, South of Hwy 49.

Allen, Dudley-PFC US Army WWII-10-16-1914-
Alston, Johnny-08-05-1916-09-05-1984
Barner, Irene-05-16-1937-10-13-1992
Beasley, Clemon-1908-1976
Beasley, Mary-1895-1976
Beeler, Evelyn-1942-1994
Berryhill, Sharrin-02-01-1957-06-04-1984
Betts, Carl Leonard-Sgt US Army-02-27-1965-04-02-1996
Billions, Green-07-10-1880-05-21-1973
Blackburn, Noble Haze/age 77/07-21-2011/interred 07-27-2011
Boone, Katie M.-11-16-1900-05-25-1991
Boyd, Betty Ann-09-20-1964-03-20-1994
Bradford, Laenia-01-05-1910-06-06-1979
Bradford, Maggie-09-29-1927-01-06-1996
Bradford, William-02-01-1897-02-28-1971
Bradley, Bing Crosby-02-21-1958-04-10-1985
Double Marker
Bradley, Lovie Hayes-05-06-1925-09-20-1994
Bradley, Willie, Sr.-01-02-1904-05-01-1980
Brooks, Winnie, 03-10-1893-08-06-1978
Brown, Calvin-12-17-1911-05-19-1989
Buck, Eliza Tritlett-06-09-1911-11-11-1991
Busby, Hazel-1948-1997-Age 53
Calhoun, Abreshia-07-14-1996-06-11-1997
Campbell, Ollie Mae-11-05-1921-04-07-1995
Carathers, Jossie F.-05-07-1926-07-09-1980
Chambers, Darrell Wayne/age 35/died 12-04-2010
Carter, Eugena-11-04-1951-10-08-1992
Coleman, Chester-02-28-1906-09-23-1985
Coleman, Sedora H.-01-24-1907-10-27-1983
Collins, Maggie-02-07-1907-06-17-1990
Crawford, Cleveland-02-19-1916-09-14-1984
Crowder, Oscar-11-23-1934-01-08-1988
Cummings, Mary Lisa-08-28-1910-06-19-1993
Double Marker
Dantzler, Byrd-06-05-1900
Dantzler, Maud-11-14-1906-11-15-1990
Davis, Mrs. Donnie-03-31-1900-12-24-1990
Davis, Isabell-05-14-1931-09-17-1996
Ellis, Lucy Gibson-04-15-1908-02-19-1975
Ellis, ---, Jr.-12-25-83---
Every, Rebecca-12-10-1923-11-17-1989
Flemming, Lucille-01-29-1908-08-24-1994
Foster, Catherine-05-15-1904-12-08-1993
Fountain, Florence-09-03-1917-04-10-1995
Gardner, Hure L.-US Army Vietnam-1950-1995
Gardner, Ida-1925-1994
Garner, Corey Markeith-11-22-1975-03-03-1996
Garner, Rev. LeRoy-12-25-1910-07-19-1978
Gibson, Mack-05-02-1907-12-08-1987
Gooch, Oscar, Sr.-11-26-1921-07-20-1989
Gould, Thoda-02-20-1891-05-14-1986
Green, Surley-PVT US Army WWI-02-19-1900-06-05-1978
Greer, L.T.-12-25-1940-12-11-1986
Hardy, Percy , Jr.-11-18-1960-06-27-1995
Hammond, Sammy Gibson-04-15-1908-02-19-1975
Harris, Fannie-02-14-1959-01-13-1996
Hayes, Claude-02-06-1924-02-25-1986
Hayes, Carey, Sr.-02-15-1898-11-22-1972
Hayes, Rachael Coleman-02-23-1904-02-25-1986
Haynes, Annie Mae Reed-03-01-1906-11-23-1990
Hearon, Jerry-03-29-1904-03-31-1991
Hearon, Wanda G.-05-05-1959-06-11-1985
Double Marker
Hearon, Lee-02-04-1904-02-02-1993
Hearon, Pennie M.-02-12-1905-10-25-1988
Hemphill, Martha-06-18-1912-07-19-1986
Henry, James Lee-01-26-1904-10-30-1997
Hill, Nellie J.-03-15-1886-07-06-1976
Holmes, Carrie-06-12-1912-01-26-1997
Holmes, Willie-05-31-1919-08-23-1995
Horton, Jerry-03-29-1904-003-21-1991
Double Marker
Horton, Ernest-01-29-1902-12-01-1989
Horton, Lolet Murray-11-12-1901-12-01-1995
Hudson, Harry-03-29-1960-12-xx-1995
Hudson, Larry J.-03-29-1960-04-15-1979
Hudson, Mary-06-18-1895-04-10-1994
Hudson, Ricky-07-27-1963-03-23-1993
Hurd, Anita Lee-05-09-1963-12-21-1994
Jackson, George-01-01-1882-02-17-1973
Jasper, James E.-02-22-1950-05-10-1979
Jones, George, Jr.-02-14-1956-10-02-1980
Jones, Ollie Lee Brown-05-26-1911-10-22-1985
Jones, Pearl-1914-1984
Jones, Willie-Pvt US Army-02-26-1919-01-08-199x
Kerns, Bessie-12-01-1905-05-22-1995
Kerns, Nathan-01-15-1905-12-15-1989
Keys, John W.-1908-1991
Double Marker
Lake, Carrie-05-06-1921-08-24-1995
Lake, Bill-07-15-1916
Leach, Lessie Mae-08-02-1909-03-13-1987
Leach, Oscar-09-15-1907-04-12-1986
Lilly, John Henry-Died 09-21-1993-age 83
McClellan, Earl-10-28-1895-09-25-1985
McClinton, Rev. Henry-02-03-1909-12-22-1990
McClinton, James Lewis-1923-1977
McClinton, Willie Mae-08-17-1908-10-23-1984
McCollum, Luella-08-17-1908-08-10-1989
McDaniel, Laquanda/age21/died 03-05-2005
McLemore, Jessie-US Navy WWII-03-11-1925-03-20-1984
McMullen, Christine Taylor-02-26-1936-05-28-1986
Magitt, Ada-02-10-xx-09-11-1997-Age 85 Yrs
Meriweather, Albert-Miss Pvt 71 AVN Sq AAF WWII-04-12-1912-03-02-1970
Meriweather, Lucille-04-03-1907-03-23-1986
Miller, Elder Floyd-03-09-1917-08-08-1983
Miller, James Levie-SM 1 US Nay WWII-06-05-1925-05-19-1980
Mitchell, Alberta/age 76/died 10-20-2008/interred 10-26-2008
Morgan, Clara Mae-04-14-1916-08-29-1989
Moore, Alberta-1928-1970
Double Marker
Nevitt, Dave-01-01-1904-01-29-1977
Nevitt, Tennessee-01-09-1915-12-28-1984
Owens, Ada J.-06-06-1908-07-10-1987
Page, Persia-07-15-1926-10-09-1994
Perry, John-1889-01-24-1989
Perry, Josie D.-02-22-1899-09-28-1988
Perry, Mack-08-22-1892-09-27-1973
Double Marker
Pimpton, Lillie-1913-1979-Other side Blank
Pittman, Sarah-10-21-1962-08-07-1986
Rayburn, Emma-08-08-1908-08-13-1997
Reed, Thomas Wesley/age 15/died 09-06-2008 St Judes Hospital Memphis Tn/interned 09-13-2008 Antioc Cemetery near Courtland
Richard, Dasie Carter-12-23-1930-02-11-1995
Richards, John H., Sr.-05-21-1918-01-28-1993
Robinson, Julier-01-16-1910-02-05-1990
Rogers, Cal-07-20-1910-07-05-1983
Ross, Haywood, Jr.-01-11-1972-08-23-1980
Saulsberry, Luther-02-24-1887-07-07-1992
Sculark, Augusta A.-11-29-1938-06-12-1997
Sellers,Frankie M. Murdock/5-28-1954/11-28-1997
Simon, Carrie-1904-1989
Simmons, Dwight-01-07-1963-08-12-1994
Simmons, Laddie B.-06-08-1929-01-22-1986
Simmons, Nettie Hearts-01-04-1894-05-16-1982
Simpson, Leroy-04-03-1932-01-07-xx
Sinkfield, Alex, Sr.-10-12-1909-12-24-1992
Sinkfield, Lucille-1912-1987
Smith, Eloise-12-25-1914-12-31-1988
Smith, John Lake-10-03-1903-11-12-1995
Smith, John Lewis-12-10-1928-11-15-1997
Spearman, Jessie H.-03-27-1918-06-13-1988
Staple, Jessie M.-xx-xx-1934-06-05-1981
Double Marker
Strong, Leola C.-02-24-1892-02-15-1983
Strong, Mable M. Cage-08-29-1900-07-03-1996
Sturdivant, Levon, Sr.-01-04-1911-05-17-1993
Thomas, Green-07-08-1910-08-16-1993
Thornton, Mrs. Corban-02-18-xx-04-09-1994
Thornton, Govenor-1897-1905
Trice, Mary-04-17-1871-12-10-1973
Veasy, Bernice-04-12-1918-03-09-1982
Wade, William-07-08-1929-06-16-1988
Double Marker
Wade, Levy-09-17-1902-10-14-1980
Wade, Pauline Fultz-12-23-1901-03-31-1979
Westbrook, Mary-11-23-1920-07-31-1996
Wiggins, John Henry-02-20-1906-09-08-1996
Double Marker
Wiggins, John W.-PFC US Army WWII-06-09-1906-10-15-1978
Wiggins, Rachael J.-04-17-1925-10-13-1992
Williams, Anna H.-08-24-1905-08-14-1991
Williams, Annie W.-1894-1988
Williams, Janie H.-08-07-1910-09-22-1995
Williams, Melvina-03-21-1929-09-03-1981
Williams, Thomas A.-08-12-1920-04-01-1990
Williamson, Rev. Dave-05-15-1885-12-29-1974
Willis, Leonard (LH)-04-14-1959-05-01-1995

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