Sunflower County, Mississippi
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Sunflower County, 


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Map of Sunflower County
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Sunflower County
Contributed by YOU
My thanks to the following major contributors of information for these pages --
Brenda Lackey, Don Blasingame,
 Kim Pollard, Larry Reed, 
Mozelle Chason, Matthew Ford,
Robbie Fulgham, Ruth Halajian,
Sharon Grissette, Torey Bell Sr,
William C. Lehr, Yvonne Ard, 

Dan McCaskill, Mary W. Davis,
Marjorie Norris  and others. 

If I am missing your name
here please let me know. 
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Early Land Grants
Sunflower County 
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Sunflower Surnames
prior to August 1999
Misc News Bits 
from Around the County
Great Seal of
                    the State of Mississippi
Great Seal of the State of Mississippi
 County Cemeteries --
New indexes 
have been added.
We now have 53+cemeteries that have indexes.  
They may not all be complete.  If you have any
additions please consider contributing them.

Rutherford Cemetery has been
officially declared an "Historical Monument"
thanks to the efforts of
Mozelle Chason.
Sunflower History

History of Drew's Pioneer Families
If you have family from Drew,
please open the above link. 
We need your help!
 Mississippi Department
of Transportation
Sunflower Towns
animated new 1847 Tax List

Indexed Obituaries from
The Enterprise-Tocsin©
Sunflower Maps
County Churches
 Obituaries of Residents
County Information
County Schools
 Civil War Rosters
Neighboring Counties
County Courthouse
 Vital Records
About USGenWeb
Tombstone Inscription Project
 County Libraries
Books and Look-Ups
US Census Project

Microfilm #  432-381 
Sunflower 1850 Census Index
Other Available Mississippi
County Census information

Look-ups for Sunflower Census

Please limit your requests to single individuals
or families giving First Name & Surname
plus DOB if possible.

Do Not Ask Queries such as
"all persons named ____ on such and such census"

 Sunflower County
Historical Society
Sunflower County
Funeral Homes
How to contact Parchman Prison.
Plantations & Farms
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Sunflower County Coordinator
Betty Aron Schneider

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 Mississippi Newpapers
on Microfiche
Genealogy Links
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Grooms List

 This and That 
From Here and There-

Sunflower History

Source: Lowry, Robert and McCardle, William H. A History of Mississippi, from the Discovery of the Great River by Hernando DeSoto, Including the Earliest Settlement Made by the French Under Iberville, to the Death of Jefferson Davis [1541-1889].
Jackson, Miss.: R. H. Henry & Co., 1891. Pages 480-482.

Jury Lists

Voter Registrations

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