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Sunflower Dispensers


Company B, 3rd Regiment Mississipp Infantry

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Source: Hemphill, Marie M., Fevers, Floods and Faith, (Indianola MS), 
Sunflower County Historical Society, 1980, p. 67-68 

"Organized 9 September 1861, the company was mustered into service at Camp Clark, Bay St. Louis, by 1st Lt Charleston Hurst. Originally designated as Company "E", it became Company "B" when attached to the Mississippi Infantry. Company "B" fought at Shiloh and Fort Pemberton, and participated in the sinking of the Cairo on the Yazoo by the first successful launching of a floating land mine." Ms Hemphill includes a narrative of this event as well as the action at Brown's (or Browning's) Bar on the Yazoo River near Shell Bluff Plantation. Click on blue highlighted names for link to burial information.  Use your "Find" option. 

Morgan William H. Captain 
Westbrook P. H. or V.H.? 2nd Lt 
Poindexter Charles R. 3rd Lt 
A- H
Allan A. 
Barbarry J.S.
Bartlette J.N.
Blanchard J.M. 
Blythe R.B.
Cain James.
Carr J.M. 
Cavanaugh M.
Clark M. B. 
Coleman J.B.
Cook S.C. 
Croftland James
Davis J.E.M.
Davis J.W.
Davis N.J.
Elliott C.
Farler W.W.
Farrar W.
Ganganio A. 
Garnett J.W.
Gleason or  
Green H.N. 
Hargrove W.M.
Heathman J.M. 
Heathman L.D. 
Hilliard Thomas
Johnson J.R.
Jones J.M.
Keaton W.R. 
Keller R.L.
Kinney E.F.
Land J.T.
Langston J.T.
Larry J.L. 
Lawrence W.
Lawson W.
Lynchard W. 
Lyons C.
Martin R.
McAllister Dave
McBride C.M. 
McIlhenny M.
McTate A.J. 
Miller F.M. 
Miller  J.N.
Moore J.H.
Moorhouse Charles
Norris Add 
O'Bannion William
O'Neill J.P.
O'Neill M. 
Parradine J.
Pettigrew Jasper
Pierve C.F. 
Poindexter J.B.
Portwood A.
Ramey Laird
Ricks G.
Richardson B.G.
Ritter A.W.
Sanders J.W.
Sanders L.
Scott J.E.
Scott G.W.
Scroggins G.
Smith H.J.
Stark M.P.
Stewart W.D.
Stoll G. 
Sturkey E.B. 
St. Clair James
St. Piere* James
Tackett J.L. 
Taylor W.M. 
Thomas G.W.
Thompson L.H.
Whitman Thomas 
Wilkinson J.L.
Williams J.R. 
Wricker A. 
Youngblood S.W.
Zancher C.
*1st Lt James Pierce
No unit designation is ever mentioned in Ms Hemphill's book; however A Military History of Mississippi by Dunbar Rowland includes a description of the 22nd Mississippi Infantry which discusses some of the river expeditions on the Sunflower River. It is likely this is the regiment to which the Sunflower Dispensers were attached. 
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Sons of Confederate Veterans 
Brig. Gen. Benjamin G. Humphreys 
Camp #1625, Indianola, Mississippi 
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