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Sunflower County, MS

Sunflower Plantation Residents 1936 - 1945


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If you have any information or photos of the many Sunflower County Plantations or Farms
please let me  know.
I would like to have representative photos, names of residents
whether they are slaves, freemen, employees or owners and the locations of the sites.
The following were residents of Sunflower Plantation between 1936 and 1945.
This information was contributed by Mozelle Chason from her book
"When Sweat Turns to Tears".   Her book is all about
growing up in the MS Delta and the sharecroppers of the MS Delta during the 1930's and 1940's.
I highly recommend it to anybody who has roots in the Delta.  It is available for purchase.
Please contact either Mozelle Chason or myself for purchasing information.
Abels, J.W.   Abney, O.J.
Adams, Ralph   Ainsworth,
Andrews, E.B.   Arnold, Russell
Askew, Rev. Curtis    
Bailey, George   Bennett, Hollis "Bud"
Bigbee, M.C.   Bounds, Jim C.
Bowlin, W.H.   Brannon, Ira
Breazeelle,   Britt, W.B.
Brooks, C.R.   Bruckner, Robert S.
Campbell, Ben E.   Campbell, Ernest
Campbell, R.K.   Carlisle, Boyce
Carroll, Elmer C.   Cooper, A.B.
Cowart, Elbert   Chambley, Sam
Childress, Silas   Cravens,
Cross, Otis    
Daniels, Clay   Dorman, Otis
Easterling, Wade   Esch, Henry
Fisackerly, J.C.   Fortenberry, George
Fortenberry, Leroy    
Gant, Ira   Gazzaway, Pete
George, James C.   Goodwin, Willo
Green, Brooks   Green, Underwood
Griffin, Dewey   Griffin, Oscar
Griffin, R. Dale   Griffin, Vester
Hall,   Hamilton, Sam L.
Hannah, J.E.   Hardin, Edgar
Harkins, Dan T.   Harrell, Joe
Hawkins, Howard   Haynes, Bennie G., Sr.
Haynes, Bennie G., Jr.   Haynes, Charles (Jack)
Heath, A. Houston   Henderson, Alvin A.
Henson, Robert L.   Hoffman, Noel
Holder, D.   Holder, John
Holder, Leroy   Holder, Les
Holder, Neal   Holmon, John
Hollingsworth, Buford   Hutcheson, Fred
Hutchinson, J. Loransy    
Ingold,   Ingram, John T.
Ivey, J.I.    
James, W. Ethan   Jennings, J. Claude
Johnson, Abner   Johnston, E.F.
Kelly, Joseph M.   Kiker, A.H.
Langley, "Shorty"   Little, Fair L.
Long,   Lowe, Dill
Manning,   Martin,
McCarley, Wade   McKinsey, Cecil
McIntyre, J.O.   McMillan, J.M.
McMinn, Willie   McQuary, George
McQuary, J.E.   Medders, D.E.
Miles, Jim M.   Mitchell, Thomas E.
Morris, Clarence   Morris, Rayford
Netidire, Mrs. Corene   Newton, Brian
Palmer, W.A.   Parker, Cecil
Parker, S.O.   Parttridge, Callie L.
Parttridge, John L.   Peeples, A. Ruel
Peeples, David   Powell, Benjamin
Powell, E.B.   Powell, Julius
Proctor, A.J.   Presgrove,
Prewitt, Clyde    
Rains, A.Z.   Ray, Neal
Rice, Jackson D.   Richardson, Elgin
Robinson, E. Belton   Robinson, S.L.
Roy, George   Rozelle,
Rushing, Cliff    
Seymore, Clarence   Shannon,
Sheffield, Robert   Shepherd, Floyd M.
Sims, Casey   Sims, R.P.
Sims, Roy   Smith, Archie
Smith, B.F.   Smith, John J.
Springer, Jack   Springer, V.L.
Story, Walter   Sturdivant, W.L.
Sumrall, Otha    
Thompson, Thornton   Timmes, J. Tom
Tollison, Tom   Towles, W.H.
Townsend, John D.   Turner, E.C.
Turner, J.E.    
Ward,   Weeks, Alvin
Whatley, Howard   Wheeler, H.T.
White, Odie   Whitworth, Edward
Williams, Hillry   Williams, Lonzo
Williams, Murray   Williamson, Ollis
Wood, James E. "Jake"   Wright, N.C.
Youngblood, James C.    
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