Revolutionary War Pensioners in the 1840 Census
Like most of the earlier censuses, the 1840 census listed only the head of the household and the number of people in specific age groups living within a particular household making it only useful to a certain degree in genealogy research.  What most people neglect, however, is that the 1840 census listed revolutionary war soldiers along with their specific ages.  Here you will find a list of Revolutionary war veterans found in old Tishomingo, Itawamba, Pontotoc, and Tippah counties according to the 1840 census.
County Page Head of Family Pensioner Age Neighbors  
Itawamba 144 John Mangum John Mangum 77 Bridges Freeman & John Ewing
Pontotoc 156 Charles Cornelius Charles Cornelius 85 Samuel L. Wilkins & John Y. Nesbit
Tippah 208 John Morgan John Morgan 80 Levi Anderson & William Roberts
Tippah 174 Peyton A. Vance William Vance 84 Booker Foster & Sarah Snyder
Tishomingo 220 John Moore Mayfield Crane 105 Robert Moore & H.D. Smith
Tishomingo 214 James Morgan James Morgan 80 Richard Smith & David Smith