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Dee Lansford <> shared from another book:

There is a book Historical Notes of Noxubee County, by John A. Tyson, in 1928, that is very interesting. My families (Patty and Duepree) lived in Deerbrook. Mrs. J.W.Duepree wrote on the early history of DeerBrook: " Early in the decade beginning with 1830, A.D., a colony
of Georgians, Oglethrope county, settled in the neighborhood, building their houses of hewn logs, since they has no saw-mils and fencing their virgin plantations from the hardwood forests bordering the extensive prairies."

Chris Harris <> has a hard family to track:

Jean/Jeanie/Jennie Moore, b. 2/15/1906 in Shuqualak. She was placed in the county home around age 6, and was raised (possibly adopted?) by Augustus & Maggie Hollis. She had a brother, Charles Moore, raised in St. Louis Missouri. Chris needs some help with this family.


Caren <> passes us some information on the family she is tracking:

Isaac D. Wellborn and Mariah Wellborn were married in Noxubee County in 1844

Their children were: Eliza Wellborn b. 1845; Pauline Wellborn born 1847; W.C. (Male) b. 1850 James born 1852; J.A. (male) born 1854; Sallie born 1858. They were all born in Noxubee County, MS.

Patricia J. Griffin Geister <> offerred a good time, and a break down of her GRIFFIN Family:

Our Griffins were a prolific, traveling group, weren't they? I'm going to list names, birth and death dates, and spouses going back to 1807. You might want to get a big bowl of popcorn and something to drink before you settle in to read this. If any of these dear souls' names ring your memory and family bells, do let me know at my e-mail address:

Henry Matthew Griffin ...Born 1807 in Talbot County, GA (we think) parents names unknown (Henry's our mystery man) Died March 22, 1862 in Tuscumbia, AL as a casualty in the civil war. Henry married Sarah Cheney in Monroe County, GA on October 26, 1828. Her parents were Aquillia Cheney and Elizabeth Middlebrook (possibly Middlebrooks).

Thomas Calhoun Griffin Born Feb 17, 1831 in Talbot County, GA Died Nov 11, 1872 in Kaufman County, TX married Matilda Caroline Riley in Noxubee County, MS on July 30, 1851 Matilda's parents were Peter John Riley and Elizabeth. She was born Nov 11, 1832 in Alabama. She died Aug 6, 1888 in Heath (Rockwall County), TX

Issac Middlebrooks Griffin Born 1832 in Georgia married Barbara E. Harmon March 15, 1861 in Noxubee County, MS (I think he was a civil war casualty, too.)

Mary E. (possibly Elizabeth) Griffin Born 1834 in Georgia married Alfred W. Patrick December 26, 1854 in Upson County, GA

Francis Griffin (female, a twin) Born 1836 in Georgia married Charles Calhoun about 1855, don't know where

Caroline Sarah Griffin (Francis' twin) Born 1836 in Georgia married Isham Derrell Harmon about 1855 died after 1866 in Jackson, MS

Henry P. (could be Parker) Griffin Born 1838 in Georgia married Elizabeth Penry Nov 17, 1863 in Noxubee County, MS

Jane Griffin ...Born 1841 in Noxubee County, MS married G. B. Manes, don't know where

Martha Louisiana Griffin Born Sept 2, 1842 in Noxubee County, MS married Pinkney Gaston Britt May 16, 1867 in Talbot County, GA died Feb 5, 1910 in Thomaston (Upson County), GA

Rufus F. Griffin Born 1844 in Noxubee County, MS died Apr 30, 1862 probably in civil war

Samantha C. Griffin Born 1846 in Noxubee County, MS married Zachary Taylor Moore Feb 1869 in Kaufman County, TX died about 1875

Mississippi V. Griffin Born 1848 in Noxubee County, TX married Andrew W. Binford Dec 24, 1873 in Cooke County, TX died before Apr 1879

Thomas Calhoun Griffin took his family to Kaufman County, TX in the early 1850s. He and Matilda did well there. They owned quite a bit of land, which they sold parts of to other family members in years to come. Thomas became a judge and was the Chief Justice of the Kaufman County Superior Court. In 1868 he erected a frame building on property located on the present S. Bois d'Arc Street in Brooklyn, TX. It became the first public school building for that small town.

Thomas and Matilda's children were:

Erastus Strain Griffin Born Nov 22, 1852 in Noxubee County, MS died May 8, 1924 in Dibble (McClain), OK married Jane Elizabeth Askew in 1874, probably in the Indian Territory of OK

Issac Henry Griffin Born Dec 11, 1854 in Forney, TX died Mar 8, 1907 in Mansville, Indian Territory (maybe OK) married Margaret Brunette Wells Dec 12, 1877 in Cooke County, TX

Thomas F. Griffin Born Mar 19, 1857 in Kaufman County, TX married Delilah B. Gregson about 1889 (don't know where) died in California

Sarah M. Griffin Born Feb 28, 1859 in Kaufman County, TX died Dec 26, 1890 in Kaufman County, TX married Walter Stevenson Jan 17, 1877 in Kaufman County, TX

James Fleming Griffin Born Apr 20, 1861 in Kaufman County, TX died Mar 22, 1927 in Arlington, TX married Clara Back Venner Dec 6, 1882 in Forney, TX

Samantha Alice Griffin Born Sept 27, 1863 in Kaufman County, TX died Sept 20, 1934 in Anna (Collin), TX married Munson English Welch Dec 6, 1880 in Kaufman County, TX

Mary N. Griffin Born Jan 7, 1866 in Kaufman County, TX died Feb 21, 1917 in Forney, TX
married Washington Riter Sept 15, 1886 in Kaufman County, TX

Elizabeth Griffin Born Jan 13, 1869 in Kaufman County, TX died Sept 9, 1889 in Rockwall County, TX married William Mills Stewart Jan 19, 1887

Nellie Grace Griffin Born Dec 23, 1871 in Kaufman County, TX died Jan 12, 1909 in Collin County, TX married William E. Hunter Nov 6, 1892

Now we come to my great grandfather, Erastus Strain Griffin. He was Thomas Calhoun Griffin's first son. This old rascal didn't do much to make the family happy. I've read a newspaper account of when he got drunk during negotiating a possible timber sale and killed a man. According to the story, we're not talking self defense. I doubt that his parents shed too many tears when he took off for the Oklahoma Indian Territory.

Erastus and his wife, Jane Elizabeth Askew, had 11 children. One of these children was James Riley Griffin, and he was my grandfather. Erastus' children were:

Erastus Strain Griffin, II Born about 1875 (don't know where) died about 1875, so possibly an infant death.

Thomas L. Griffin Born 1877 in OK Indian Territory. Died 1937 in Los Angeles, CA

Jessie Griffin Born 1878 in Kaufman County, TX She married Jonie Buckhorn first. Robert Burkhart was her next husband.

David Henry Griffin Born June 3, 1879 in Forney, TX died May 18, 1959 in Clinton (Custer), OK married Maud Jones July 25, 1907 in Purcell, Indian Territory

James Riley Griffin Born Oct 31, 1880 in Terrell (Kaufman), TX died 1947 in Phoenix, AZ
married Mittie White Nov 24, 1902 in Aurora, OK (Indian Territory)

Matilda Griffin Born October 1884 in Hico, TX don't know when or where she died. married William Newton White about 1897

Nancy Alice Griffin Born in TX in June 1886 married Henry Rodgers, don't know or when. don't know when or where she died.

Nellie Elizabeth Griffin Born Jan 1888 in TX married Edward Dean don't know when or where she died.

Mary Eugene Griffin Born Nov 1890 in TX died Feb 6, 1980 in Fresno, CA married Rufus Freeman. Mary kept an old Texas flag over her bed. Every night she went back to Texas in her heart.

Sarah Ellen Griffin Born May 13, 1892 in Pauls Valley, Indian Territory (OK) married James Wallace Freeman Nov 25, 1909 in Dibble (McClain), OK

Joseph Everett Griffin Born Feb 1894 in OK married Naomi Johnson

Lula Evelyn Griffin Born Oct 1896 in OK married Joseph Lynch

Okay, I've come to the end of this dissertation. If any of you know any details you care to fill in, I'd be thrilled. And, if we're related, I'd be even more thrilled.


John Lohman <> gives more info. on his Cline connection:

Moses Leonidas CLINE was in and around Noxubee County from about 1837 to 1870. My grandfather was born in Macon in 1860. Moses family was also in Lowndes County, MS and Pickens County, AL, during the same time span. Moses was a carriage maker.Moses was born in NC in 1811. I also know that he was a long time of the M . E. (Methodist Episcopal) Church, South, and had been since the age of 29.

Janice McLellan <> wrote regarding this lady:

Julia F. Edwards' maiden name may have been "Jackson."

Julia was born in Union Co, SC on 17 Jul 1815 & died on 15 Sept 1893 in Noxubee Co. Julia was marr to Montgomery B. Edwards, a wealthy planter & merchant in Macon.

In Julia's will she names the following legatees: Martha Mauldin, Mary Suggs; nephews: John P., Martin L., William & Willis Hunter; and nieces: Minerva Thomas & Martha Childress.


Ann Phillips <> has people who moved on to Texas:

Harvey Bain married in Noxubee, MS in 1840'3 to Havannah Taylor and they had at least one child in MS (William Calhoun Bain) and one in Washington Co., TX (Margaret Elizabeth Bain).


Ron Jenkins <> while researching his TOAL family, he shares some WAR unit information:

Charles and Mary Ann Toal. Charles served with the 19th Miss. Co.A, died in 1863. Mary was left with 5 children, one of which was Henry R. Toal who married Mary Missouri Rawls and had a child Susie Anna. Later divorced.


meggie3 <> also had some WAR information:

Richard Edward Farthing in Noxubee Co. in 1845 ....... Born in VA. I have no idea who his parents were. He was a tanner and moved to Simpson County prior to Civil War. Made redtop boots for Southern Army.


Kaye Park Hinckley <> Park family in Noxubee, Co. :

STORY PARK, b. abt. 1777 in SC had 3 sons: JOHN BAILUS, JOSEPH, THOMAS.
All born in MS. John Bailus' had 3 sons: Joseph, Frank, and James Knox Polk
Park--all born in Shuqualak, Noxubee Co. MS.


GW DUPREE <> has several Civil War writings by one of his relatives:

Dr. John Greer Deupree wrote about the Noxubee Troopers, (Co. G and F, First Mississippi Cavalry) which can be obtained from the Mississippi Department of History and Archives.

"Reminiscences of Service with Co. G, First Mississippi Cavalry, 1861-1862"
"Participation in the Battle of Shiloh"
"The Raid and Capture of Holly Springs, Mississippi, December 20, 1862"

John G. Deupree became a professor at the University of Mississippi. There is a building named "Deupree Hall". Dr. Deupree wrote of the Noxubee Troopers (Co. G and F, First Mississippi Cavalry). The Noxubee Rifles was Co. F, 11th Mississippi Infantry. They served in the Army of Northern Virginia in such battles as Harper's Ferry, First Manassas, Antietam (Sharpsburg), Gettysburg, and ultimately at the siege of Petersburg. [Mr. Dupree has promised some material for our pages, can't wait to read it..ear]


Marleen Van Horne <> posted the WILLIAM ROBERT MCKEE DEED 1854 on the GenConnect Deed Board......from the body of that deed, we pulled the Slave names:

William McKee apparently lived on a plantation which crossed the county lines between Noxubee and Kemper, with a portion of the land being in section 36, T13-R17 of Noxubee County.

The following slaves were named in the Deed of Trust, 16 Dec. 1854, and recorded in Deed Book "J", page 456:

Toby, about 50 and wife, Charity, abt 45, and their children: Judy, abt 30 yr, Glascow, abt 28 yr, John, abt 25 yr, Frances, abt 22, Alfred, abt 20.

The children of Judy: Ames, 5 yr, and Ellen, 3yr.

The children of Frances: Eugene, 5 yr, Josephine, 3 yr, and Frances, 1 yr.

Jane, wife of Glascow, age 22.

Dick, age 48 and his Ann, age 25, and their children: Sarah, 7 yr, Mike, 5 yr, Nancy, 3 yr, and Minerva, 1 yr.

Claret, a man, age 33, and wife Mary, age 27 and children: Henry, 10 yr. Eliza, 8 yr., James, 6yr, and Isaac, 4 yr.

Alfred, age 50 yr.

Amanda, age 14 yr.

The full deed can be accessed at the GenConnect Boards......check the Deeds.

Dora Bogle <> had "searched" the net for the surname of Bogle, then wrote asking about "where was Noxubee county, and what could be found there". The following is what was located in the Abstracts of Wills book:

John C. Bogle witnessed a will of John Anthony Winston of Mobile co., Ala....1868, and it was probated in Noxubee county, Ms 1872

W.H. Bogle witnessed a will of William B. Bell, 1879; a will of Mary A. McIntosh, 1882; a will in 1883 of Killis Anderson; and a will of Mary A Maneese, 1885 [I bet he was a lawyer?]

A.C. Bogle attested to the handwriting of Hampton L. Jarnagin's will.....1886 a daughter was named in that will, "Mary Ann Bogle, wife of W.H. Bogle"....

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