Monument Names

Our Fallen Men

Those who died in, or of wounds

received in, the Civil War

The Monument Stands in the Court House Square, Macon, Mississippi.

This list of names which was submitted to be inscribed on the monument comes from a back issue of the Noxubee County Historical Society.

From an articale of 25 May 1901 of the THE BEACON, we find that the soldier atop the monument bears a "remarkable likeness" to Capt. Joe Len Griggs, father of Lula Griggs, then secretary of the local chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy.


Wm. Franklin             Wm. Cason              James Goodwin
Ike Griffin              Jasper Holmes          Wm. Hurt
B.T. Tatum               Franklin Rogers        A. Rickey
Abe Ware                 J.O. Gavin             Sam Connor
Joe Robbins              J. Luttrell            S. Tyler
____ Grace               D.W. Lagrone           King Wiggans
Wm. Stewart              George Davis           Thos. L. Elkin
W.H. Hardin              Judson Stewart         B. Holmes
M. Adams                 Henry Barton           S.W. Head
E. Crawford              J. Stone               J. Garner
Wm Thomas                W. Lagrone             Jno Williams
Alf Evans                D. Vickers             W. Ruff
Joe Puckett              C. Gary                J. Tyler
N. Fancher               T. Stanton             L. Gillespie
Henry Holt               Louis Stowers          J.B. Rodgers
David Crockett Wilkins   Henry Martin Wilkins   C.C. Freeman
C.C. Freeman             D.A. Featherston       Alex Maneese
Roland Thompson          John Thompson          Charles Turner
Andrew Frazier           Steven Frazier         John Hutchison
John Pierce              Marion Christofer      Nat Barnette
C.E. Lindley             A.S. Haynes            H.E. Haynes
Jno. A. Windham          Jas. A. King           R.G. Bryant
Lieut. J.C. Connor       Chesley Jarnagin       Wm. E. Beasley
Capt. C.K. Massey        Richard Pierce         Capt. T.J. Koger
Sam Lay                  Willis Hunter          Harris Mahorner
Bernard Mahorner         T.W. Freeman           W.K. Wiggans
H.P. Burton              A.V. Barnhill          T.A. Wilbanks
W.J. Davis               J.D. Feemster          W.F. Hardy
W.W. Massengale          R.R. Pierce            C.J. Stewart
A.A. Greer               J. Howell              W.C. Nance
J.R. Pendleton           Jno. R. Beale          Frank Childress
Col. Jabez L. Drake      Matthew Nelson         H.O. Beasley
Jerry Beasley            Robt. Sanders          F. Terrell
E.W. Ferris              George Lewis           George Sutberry
Lieut. Jas. Slaughter    Max Chambers           Dabney Gholson
J.F. Brooks              L.B. Windham           W.F. Eiland
Col. Norphleet Hunter    Jas. R. Spann          A.V. Connor
Capt. Smith              B. Coleman             Wm. Nash
Capt. C.W. Burrage       J. Clarke              J. Bateman
J. Coluther              J. Downing             ____ Smith
J. Thompson              J.M. Guy               T. Bateman
N. McArthur              E. Terrell             D.J. Moore
G.W. Rodgers             Wm. Collidge           J.A. Simmmons
P. Coleman               W.R. Bryant            W.F. Herron
Wm Lyle                  Joel Rives             Mat Bell 
W.H. Simmons             Thos. J. Chambers      Lieut. Bates
Joe Wiggans              A.J. Farmer            H.H. Cockrell
Sgt. Asher Rogers        F.A. Shands            Geo. W. Hopkins
Iley Fant		      Robt Welborn	          Jno Wiggans
Capt. J.M. Macon         J.E. Cullom            T.J. Jones
D.H. Pace                R. Reed                F.M. Burrage
_____ Bonner             H. Andre               J.J.S. Smith
J. Stewart               F.L. Downing           Wm. Stone
L. Johnson               T.J. Maxey             W.R. Deering
F.M. Christopher         T. Coleman             W.A. Davis
C. Tole                  R. Luke                J. Evans

Many thanks to the Noxubee County Historical Society.
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