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Here are requests made either in email or queries that for one reason or another didn't get posted on the Queries pages. These requests are currently unanswered and either due to lack of time/resources/volunteers haven't gotten answered. If you have information that you think would benefit or help or fill in the blanks for a particular request, please email me so I can relay/put you in contact with the person submitting the request. For privacy purposes (since the requests were in email and not posted), I am not going to post the person's name/email address at this time. If you find your own request here, my sincere appologies that it hasn't been taken care of yet, but this is an attempt to rectify the backlog of requests I have.

When emailing me about any of these queries, please be sure that the subject or body of your email references the code number assigned to that particular query so that I will be able to easily identify the author of the query and speed the information to them.

Thanks for your help and understanding

Subject: 41th Miss Infantry

I am searching for muster list of the 41th,my GG GRANDFATHER Sterling SEABORN Bobo(1834-1924) Miss, inlisted in April 1863 in Monroe Co.
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I would appreciate it so much if you could do a look up for me on NEALS/NAILS. Francis Marion Neal b. 1821 Al. mar. to Elizabeth C. Easter (mar. 1850 Monroe Co.) and his son: Thomas Argarl Neal b. abt 1855 Monroe Co.(Grubb Springs area)who mar. #1. Frances J. Harris 1879 and she died and he mar. #2. Ella Jane WHITE 1902.

I am trying to prove the father of Francis Marion Neal as he was living with his mother? Sarah(Sally)Nail/Neal(b. 1790 TN.) in 1850 census and she was a widow, or at least no husband in household. I have gone thru the "A History of Monroe Co." book and found nothing that tells me what I need to know. The "mother" Sarah was still alive in 1883--don't know when she died, as orbit might tell me who children and husband were.

Is there anything in Monroe Co. other than the book mentioned above that might tell me anything about this family?? They were living in Monroe Co. by 1850 with other Neals living all around and I do not know the connection to the other Neals---James W. NEAL mar. to Eliz. Beckham and Archibald NEAL mar to another Beckham, Nancy Clark.

There was a marriage in Williamson Co. Tn. of a NICHOLAS NEAL TO A SARAH(SALLY)WILLIAMS 1813. JULIAN NEAL/NAIL(spelled both ways on the doucment)signed the marriage document. There was a Julian Neal in Monroe Co. about 1820-30.

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Subject: Aberdeen, MS (Monroe County) Lookups

I am beginning research on my ancestors from Monroe County, MS (Aberdeen) & would like to request some information,please.

1) Marriage record look-up- Jan. 6, 1888 Monroe County, MS
C.L. Crosby and Bettie Whitaker

2) Death Look-up- Aug. 9, 1910 Monroe County, MS
Alexander W. Whitaker (birth date: 7/31/1841 Alabama)
Spouse: Amanda L. Dunaway

3) Death Look-up- May 8, 1925 Monroe County, MS
Amanda L. Dunaway Whitaker (birth date: 7/10/1839 Georgia)

Thank you very much for your help.

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Subject: Aberdeen

I have been trying to find information about my great-grandfather Arthur Benjamin Richardson who was murdered by a field-hand. I have reason to believe that this happen in Smithville, Ms. Aug. 4, 1900. He is buried at the Oddfellow Cemetery in Chickasaw county. Is there an achived newspaper at the Aberdeen library? If so could you look and see if there is any information about Arthur Richardson?
Thanks for any help.
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Subject: aberdeen

We first got a clue that JOHN A. POWELL was in monroe county late 1830 or early 1840s. We have been to the courthouse and library about four time. Mainly we got off on other names. Yesterday in searching the MS land patents fround that John's son(Joab B. Powell) was in Monroe co. 1841. Could you help us locate when John A.Powell was there???
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Subject: Aberdeen

I've been told that my grandfather, Alfred Franklin Houghton, was born in Monroe County around 1885. His father's name was Jonathan Houghton. His mother's maiden name was, Elizabeth Franklin. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Subject: Aberdeen/Monroe County Lookup/Transcription of Marriage

I am searching for the Transcript Of Marriage of the followig couple.

S.D.W. Streeter and Eliz. Green Harris
Date August 10, 1841

One of my fellow amateur genealogists who have conducted research at your courthouse advises me that they saw this transcript in the Chancery Clerk's Office in the Officer's Bond Book #1.

I attempted to call the Chancery Clerk but was referred to the circuit clerk. I wrote the county circuit clerk asking for a copy of this transcript. However, they returned my check advising that they could not locate the document and advised me to contact Lowndes County. I feel very confident that this document is located in the Monroe County Chancery Clerk's Office or my friend would not have notes regarding the document.

I would be most apperciative if you can lookup this document and advise me how I can obtain a copy of same.

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Subject: cemeteries

I have been searching for my gr-gr-grandfather. I know he married twice in Aberdeen. His name was John Booker.

We were lucky enough to spend 1 afternoon in Aberdeen & were able to get copies of both of his marriage licenses. Since he remarried in Aberdeen, we were theorizing maybe his first wife died there. We did not have time enough to see about any newspapers in 1858 to check out weddings, funerals etc. He was first married to Agnes Wise in March 1823 . Agnes was on the 1850 Monroe County Census with John. March 1858 he married Phoebe King. We know Phoebe Booker is buried in Texas as she went there with her stepson John A. Booker. The land records show P.E. Booker wife of J. Booker, dec'd. Nov. 25, 1872. I believe the land is in the Greenwood Springs area as the description is Sec. 32T13R17.

Do you have any suggestions that might help me in my search? Any help or direction you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I know John A. moved to Calhoun County.

Do you have any suggestions where I might search next? Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have for me.

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Subject: Charles A. Parham

My Great Grandfather, Charles A. Parham, was born in Monroe County, MS on 09/25/1865. He married Emma Lou Holland on 11/22/1892 in Monroe County, MS. They had six children: Russell, Lawrence "Pet", Violet (my grandmother), Riley, Roy and Virgil. They moved onto TX between 1893 and 1896. After the death of Charles, some of the children returned to MS.

If anyone is related to this line, please contact me.

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Subject: White

I am looking for information on a Albert M. White I found him in the 1880 census Monroe County, Born in Alabama, 60yrs old. Wife Narcus (Narcisus), age 55 Son William W. Age 31 and daughter, Sarena E. age 28. They also had two Grandaughters with them Jane Odum age 12, And Octavia Warren age 5. All born in Alabama with exception of the grandchildren who were born in Mississippi. Any information would be helpful.

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Subject: Inquiry for Monroe County Historical Society

Your assistance is requested in trying to find information on my Hazal/Hazel family. O. P. Hazal was born "somewhere around Tupelo" in 1827. I have no information about a wife. He had 3 children that I know about: James R. Hazal, born: Oct 29, 1862, MS; Nancy "Ten" Hazal and Sally Hazal. James R. Hazal married Mary Alice "Mollie" Branch in Lee County, MS, Jan. 26, 1883. Their first child Ollie B. Hazal was born Jun 29, 1884 in Aberdeen, MS. The next 3 children: Virgel Hazal, b: Oct 10, 1886; Lulu Hazal, b: Aug 9, 1889; and Lin Lock Hazal, b: Nov 20, 1893, were all born in MS in Monroe or Lee County. The Hazal family were sharecroppers and that's possibly why I have been unable to find them on census or land records. O.P. Hazal moved with his son James R. and family to AR probably in 1894 (another child was born in Apr 1895 in Hope, AR). they arrived in TX in 1897.

Would you please check for any records for O. P. Hazal (possibly Ollie Paul) and his wife and other children? I really want to find my great-great-grandfather's family.

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Subject: Johnson

My twin and I are researching our great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, born 11 June 1860 in Aberdeen. We do not have any data on her. Her brother, William, nine years younger, was located in Arkansas with his family. He married a Stewart and that family is buried in Okmulgee co, Oklahoma. "Mollie" is buried in Keota, Okla and md a Thomas Aaron Puckett. Their father was maybe a doctor in Arkansas. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Subject: Monroe Co. Page

I need a favor, there is suppose to be one book and one manscript at the Evans Library. The manscript is titled Mrs Irene Beek Rye Manscripts and the book is "Preachers Looking Glass" by Rev. David Wright Andrews. I believe Rev. David is a cousin thru his mother ,Mary Wright and brother David Wright. Also his father Terrell Andrews is the brother of my Rebecca Andrews. Rebecca is the wife of David Wright ,above. Would interested in any data on the ANDREWS. I am trying evaluate if a visit would more helpful.
Thanks for any consideration.

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Subject: Monroe Co. Page

I am not sure if i have the right county or not. But i pray you will be able to help me. I am traceing my family tree and greatly need some help. My great grandmother was a Brassfield. I would like to see if you can find any info on Rodney Leon Brassfield born in Smithville Miss. on Aug 22,1910 he was a member of the Grand Ole Opry in the 1950's I don't know when he died but he was brought to Smithville to be laid to rest. I don't know who his parents were or if he had any brothers or sisters but I was looking at a old Grand Ole Opry tape the other day and he looks just like my dad's cousin. So if you could would you please check what you have for me.

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Subject: Monroe Co. Page

I searching for Sterling S BOBO born 1834 S C died 1924 Ms

WALTER W Bobo born 1860 Fayette Co. Al. died 1933 Ms

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Subject: Monroe Co. Page

Hi, I am searching for my Watkins family in Monroe Co, Mississippi with very little luck. My question to you is. Do you have any information on a Henry Nathan Watkins that was a Deputy sheriff at Aberdeen, County seat Monroe ? Henry is my great grand father. In a letter I recived it states this and that Henry also went to school there in 1860 I have been unable to find any information on this as well as any information on his father Mitchell/Michael M. Watkins. Henry's mothers first name is Edy I have not found a last name for her.

Any help would be appreciate.

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Subject: Monroe County Lookups

Family legend says that my great grandfather (Landon Lycurcus Tisdale) was born in Monroe county, near Aberdeen, March 2, 1848. He was the third or maybe the fourth child of Wren (possibly Ren) Tisdale. We think Wren's wife's maiden name was Margaret C. Hurley. Landon's brother, Aristotle Cicero was born in nearby Lee county April 27, 1846. Wren and Margaret may have had a daughter named Larcy and another child with initials of P.F. All children were born between 1846 and 1850. I think Wren was born around 1820 but can't determine the state, much less the county (probably Virginia or Norh Carolina.)
I've been trying to find information on Wren for some time with little luck. Family legend also says that Wren died young. I've wondered if that might be due to the War Between the States. If he was born in 1820, he would have been 41 when the War began. I don't know if there was a common company or regiment that the men of Monroe county joined. I have found that Wren's widow (not Margaret, however) applied for a Confederate pension in Red River county, Texas based upon Wren's veteran status. My family migrated from Mississippi to McNairy county Tennessee (Battle of Shiloh) and then to Red River county Texas.
Can you determine if any of my sketchy information is correct about Wren based upon your resources?
I'm curious if Wren and Margaret were listed in the Monroe county census of 1850, how many children they had and their gender, what was their occupation, was their birth county/state mentioned? Can you determine the Civil War group (companys, regiments...I'm unsure of the correct terminology) that men from Monroe county may have joined. If you have sources for reading, that, too would be beneficial.
Any help you might provide would be greatly appreciated. I only wish that I had been interested in genealogy when I was younger. You see, I lived in Columbus, MS, for three years from 1969 to mid 1972. My husband was stationed at Columbus AFB and our younger daughter was born there. I was unaware until I moved away that I had a connection to the area myself. I now live outside Fort Worth, TX and have just recently been hooked up the the internet. It's a great resource, and I'm hoping that I can find people like you to help me find some of the missing links in my family.

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Subject: Monroe Lookups

Hi, Found you on roots web. I'm looking for any info on my great4x grandfathers wife. His name was James e. Palmer born 8-16-1849 he died 11-16-1916 in monroe co. He was married to sarah cordelia coker , have seen her use her middle name first , she was born 1849 and died 12-17-1882 any info would be a big help thanks very much.....

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Subject: Sterling Seaborn Bobo

I am searching for the grave of Sterling S. Bobo born 1834 died July 1924,MS? 41th Miss Infantry inlisted April 1863 Monroe Co.

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Subject: Sterling Seaborn Bobo

searching for muster list of the 41th Miss Reg and other bobo's listed.

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