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Located 4.6 miles north of Aberdeen on Coontail Road on the right (east) side of the road.

M.S. Kendall
B - 1883
D - 19??

J.L. Kendall
B - 1851
D - 1943

Mattie M. Meek
B - 14 Jul 1885
D - 22 Sep 1930

John W. Meek
B - 7 Jul 1877
D - 1 Sep 1964

John Roe Meek
B - 11 Jun 1910
D - 12 May 1950

In Memory of My Brother
James Thomas Meek Jr.
B - 1907
D - 1908

In Memory of
Infant of J.T. and Leota Meek

In Memory of My Mother
Winnie Leota Meek
B - 1879
D - 1933

In Memory of My Father
James Thomas Meek
B - 1875
D - 1942

In Memory of My Sister
Katie Meek Dodd
B - 1905
D - 1941

Lou Wilson Meek
B - 1 Apr 1882
D - 26 Aug 1950

William Everly Meek
B - 29 Apr 1888
D - 5 Oct 1966

Maraget Bryan
wife of John H. Meek
B - 2 May 1852
D - 1 Jan 1929
A true and loving wife, a devoted mother, a loyal, true friend and nobel

John H. Meek
B - 15 Oct 1842
D - 1 Apr 1927
A good citizen, a gallant soldier, and a true gentleman lays here.

Maggie Meek Morrow
B - 28 Nov 1871
D - 5 Jul 1957

Drue N. Morrow
CPL 2 Miss Inf SP AM War
Dates Buried

Alice Dodd
D - 5 Mar 1918
Age 36
In memory of our dead mother. Her many virtues form the novelist monument
to her memory.

William T. (Thompson)
son of Henry and Cytha Thompson
B - 12 May 1847
D - 12 Oct 1850
Unable to read inscription at bottom

Henry Thompson
B - 12 Mar 1800
D - 7 Feb 1857
Unable to read inscription at bottom

W.M. Mullennix
D - 12 Aug 1884
Age 65 Yrs 3 Mo.
Unable to read inscription at bottom

Sarah Jane (Mullennix)
wife of W.M. Mullennix
B - 26 Jun 1830
D - 8 Jul 1869

Nellie G. Tunnell
B - 1925
D - 1928
Little Sister

Willie G. Tunnell
B - 1870
D - 1934
Beloved Father

Martha Lambeth
wife of S.C. Tunnell
B - 1840
D - 1915

S.C. Tunnell
B - 11 Nov 1844
D - 3 Feb 1904
Another link is broken in our house hold band but a chain is forming in a
better land.

James S. (Thompson)
son of Henry and Cytha Thompson
B - 15 Mar 1833
D - 23 Mar 1886
Unable to read inscription

Cytha F. (Thompson)
wife of Henry Thompson
B - 28 Nov 1808
D - 24 Apr 1890

Julia A. Thompson
Daughter of Henry and Cytha Thompson
D - 29 Jan 1952
Unable to read inscription

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