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  Welcome to Marion County, Mississippi  
Photographed by Shannon Gorman from new bridge connecting Highway 13 to Morgantown. The Pearl River has played a huge rolei n the development of our county. It divides our county in half. It was the reason so many pioneers came up from the Gulf Coast. It was a major mode of transportation before the railroad. Now the river is not much more than a creek in many places. But for the citizens of Marion County, it is a major histoical landmark.

The purpose of this site is to make it easier for people to find their ancestors; and to research genealogical and historical topics relating to Marion County, Mississippi.
My goal is to preserve the histories of the people who brought Marion County to where it is today.
Anything you contribute to this site will be acknowledged as your work,
not mine.
Marion County Courthouse
There is a Historical Marker on the Marion County Courthouse lawn that reads,
"Temporary State Capital - The 5th Session of the Mississippi Legislature met in Columbia in Nov. 1821, and in special session, June 1822.  Walter Leake was inaugurated Governor here in January 1822; the legislature passed law for the education of the poor; approved Le Fleur's Bluff, now Jackson,
as the site for the permanent state capital; and adopted Poindexter's Code".

Photographed by Calvin Beale


Marion County History

Marion County was created from the counties of Amite, Wayne and Franklin. Counties
taken out of Marion County are Lawrence County, Pike County, and parts of Covington, Lincoln, Lamar, Pearl River and Walthall counties.
Marion County was established on December 9, 1811; six years prior to Mississippi
becoming the 20th state.  The county is named in honor of the "Swamp Fox",
General Francis Marion of the Revolutionary War
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