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Confederate Dead

Lauderdale County, Mississippi

  • Lauderdale County was Formed under Second Constitution (1832-1869) - December 23, 1833 Lauderdale County, an original county of the Choctaw Cession of 1830, was the third of the sixteen counties created by the act of December 23, 1833.;
    the county seat is
Confederate Dead
  • At the highest point of Rosehill Cemetery stands a mound topped by a memorial shaft dedicated to the confederate dead. The mound is the joint graves of soldiers who died in Meridian during the Civil War. Halfway up this mound is a stone in memory of a Union soldier who died in the same hospital and shares their graves.

  • This military hospital was located on the hill, which, having been cut down to street level, is now the site of the Meridian’s Number One fire station and the old Senior Citizens Center - the block bounded by Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Avenues and Fourteenth and Fifteenth Streets. Men who died in the hospital were buried beside it and they lay there peacefully for some twenty years, long after the hospital had disappeared and the conflict died.

  • Eventually this location was chosen for the construction of the town’s first public high school, Whitfield School, long known to its students as Big Central. The passage of time had made individual graves impossible to identify, and erosion had made all too clear the purpose for which the ground had been used. To preserve its identity, and to honor its dead, the cemetery was transferred en masse to Rosehill Cemetery and the mound was built over the communal grave.

  • To further honor should be paid these last soldiers, it was decided to erect a monument on top of the mound. Some of the funds for this monument were obtained by the performance in May w1889 of “The Queen of the East,” a pageant portraying the history of Meridian and prophesying her future. It was written by E.H. Dial a young man who was soon to become Mayor of the city he pictured.

The Historical New, August 1997
Vol. 17 No. 13-MS
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