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Surnames and Family Connections to Jackson County

Cates, Cilburn, Clark, Hamilton, Higginbotham, Jones, Lyons, Sprinkle, Stork, Wells, WhittingtonDavid Sprinkle
CLARK, Alexander ElliotErnie Smith
CUMBESTBrenda (Waltman) Knippers
JONES, HannonBrenda (Waltman) Knippers
Pat Creel
LADNIER (Pascagoula)Ernie Smith
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LYONS (Kreole)Ernie Smith
Melba's Southern Families
PENDARVIS, Joseph J. Pat Creel
Also see Family Group Sheet
ROCHA [De La Rocha], Larecka RebeccaLarecka Rebecca [De La Rocha] Rocha b 1793 in South Carolina d. 13 Oct 1858 in Jackson County, MS. Family from Spain; Married on March 15, 1821 in Lawrence County,MS.  to Hannon  John Jones b 1801 in Louisiana d 17 May 1868 in Jackson County, MS.   Third great-grandmother on father's side. Brenda Waltman Knippers
SMITH (Kreole)Ernie Smith
TANNER, John Willis
Waltman, Goff, Dowdy, Parker, Hamilton, Davis, Faggard, Phoal, Osborne,  Knippers

Brenda Waltman Knippers http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/k/n/i/Brenda-Waltman-Knippers/

Ferrill, Kirkwood, Ward, Hogan, Bannan, Nelson, Dorsett, Rawles, Faulkner, Prevost, Tanner,Terry. Bilbo, Jones and McKeeEdward Ferrill McKee

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 Jackson County Coordinator: Pat Creel Kendrick
Brenda Waltman Knippers and
Julius Redmond
Assistant County Coordinators

State Coordinator Jeff Kemp 
Assistant State Coordinators Ann Allen Geoghegan or Denise Wells
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