Grenada Co., MS Marriages - Listing of Links

These marriage records were copied by Nick Denley from the records in the Circuit Clerk's Office in the Grenada County Courthouse in Grenada, Mississippi. We have made extra efforts to make sure records are shown just as they were written. Some of the names are misspelled but we tried to copy from the records. A ? indicates some doubt exists about the spelling. Obvious errors are listed as "error". Some of the names seem to be spelled two or three different spellings. When that occurs, all variations are shown.

The date listed is either the date of application or the date of the marriage.  Wherever the date of marriage was stated, that is the date used.  If you have any record of any name or date is not correct, please let us know.



January 1870 December 1875
January 1876 December 1878
January 1879 August 1885
January 1896 December 1899
January 1900 February 1902
March 1903 December 1905
March 1906 December 1908
March 1909 December 1911
January 1912 December 1914
January 1915 December 1918
January 1919 March 1923
April 1923 December 1927
January 1928 December 1931
March 1931 December 1935
January 1936 June 1939
June 1939 April 1943
April 1943 April 1944
March 1944 October 1947

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