Coahoma MS Cemeteries
Cemeteries in Coahoma County
51 Cemeteries in Coahoma County from GNIS
Please note that not all cemeteries are listed in the GNIS.

Feature Name Latitude Longitude

USGS 7.5' Map

Alcorn Cemetery 341806N 0902805W Jonestown
Armistead Cemetery 342101N 0903649W Coahoma
Barbee Cemetery 342544N 0902735W Lula
Beth Israel Cemetery 341301N 0903427W Clarksdale
Bethlehem Cemetery 342655N 0902859W Lula
BoBo Cemetery Clarksdale
Carson Cemetery 341737N 0903932W Friars Point
Cherry Hill Cemetery 340322N 0903009W Mattson
Chrestman Cemetery 341646N 0902411W Jonestown
Coahoma Cemetery 342144N 0902941W Jonestown
Coahoma County Memorial Gardens 341253N 0902935W Sabino
Delta Cemetery 342417N 0903416W Moon Lake
Dickerson Cemetery 341559N 0903550W Coahoma
Dogwood Cemetery 341133N 0904150W Sherard
Fredonia Cemetery 342306N 0903214W Moon Lake
Friars Point Cemetery 342145N 0903829W Friars Point
Grange Cemetery Clarksdale
Hackberry Cemetery 341031N 0903457W Clarksdale
Hebrew Cemetery 340437N 0902959W Tutwiler
Hull Cemetery 342238N 0902924W Lula
Humber Cemetery 341623N 0904216W Friars Point
Jerusalem Cemetery 340716N 0904753W Round Lake
Johnson Cemetery 340336N 0903551W Mattson
Lofton Cemetery Coahoma
Lone Oak Cemetery 341601N 0904019W Friars Point
Lonesome Pine Cemetery 341555N 0903948W Friars Point
Long Cemetery 341826N 0903131W Coahoma
Maynard Cemetery 342245N 0903743W Friars Point NW
Montroy Cemetery 342329N 0903144W Moon Lake
Moten Cemetery 341915N 0903809W Friars Point
Mount Aaron Cemetery 341917N 0903734W Friars Point
Mount Horeb Cemetery 340714N 0903108W Mattson
Mount Mariah Cemetery 341952N 0903235W Coahoma
Mount Nebo Cemetery 342936N 0903242W Moon Lake
Nathan Cemetery 341158N 0904349W Sherard
Oak Ridge Cemetery 341616N 0903808W Friars Point
Oakridge Cemetery 341245N 0903617W Clarksdale
Old Dickerson Cemetery 341851N 0903657W Coahoma
Pawpaw Cemetery 341125N 0903258W Clarksdale
Pee Dee Cemetery 341519N 0903856W Friars Point
Philadelphia Cemetery 340508N 0902708W Tutwiler
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 340733N 0902913W Sabino
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 341554N 0904017W Friars Point
Robinson Cemetery 340329N 0903607W Mattson
Russell Cemetery 340347N 0903457W Mattson
Saint James Cemetery 341354N 0903519W Clarksdale
Saint Pauls Cemetery 340755N 0903244W Clarksdale
Saunders Cemetery 342026N 0903417W Coahoma
Shufordsville Cemetery 341329N 0903249W Clarksdale
Sycamore Grove Cemetery 341833N 0903859W Friars Point
Thompson Cemetery 342850N 0903233W Moon Lake
True Vine Cemetery 340556N 0903048W Mattson
Violet Williams Cemetery Stovall
Walton Cemetery 342502N 0902911W Lula
Zion Traveler Cemetery 341557N 0904308W Friars Point

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