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Family Bible of William  Jones and Sarah Simmons Jones

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testament , published 1828, in Philadelphia  by H. C. Carey & I. Lea.

In 1989 this Bible was in possession of Mrs. Ruby Chisolm Michels of Dallas, Texas.  It is the family Bible of William  Jones, son of George and Eva (Eve) Jones,  and his wife Sarah Simmons.  The marriage records pages are missing.  The births and deaths are recorded on pages 679-680.  This family came to Jefferson and Claiborne counties in Mississippi in the late 1700's.


William Jones was born June 7th, 1794

Sarah Simmons his wife was born Jany 23, 1795

Edey Jones was born June 11th, 1823

Isaiah Jones was born August 9th, 1825

Iria (?) H. Jones was born December 12th, 1827 on Wednesday about 4 o'clock

Myrah (or Miria?) Jones was born April 23, 1829

William F. Jones was born June the 11,1827

Simeon B. Jones was born 19th November 1833


George Jones died September 27th, A.D. 1833

William Simmons died February 7th, A. D. 1834

Edey Simmons died August 7th, A. D. 1831

Isaiah Jones died July 6th, A. D. 1836

Seaborn G. McKay died September the 7th A. D. 1852

Edey Headrick died August 11, 1856 Aged 33 years and two months

Simeon B. Jones died Feb. 17th, A. D. 1857

Sarah Jones died March the 17, 1862

Miria McKay died June the 22nd, 1862

William Jones died October the 9, A. D. 1866

Contributed by: Sue B. Moore, from an original copy made by E. D. Kuykendall, Dallas, TX.


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