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Webmaster's note:  African-American Research is extremely difficult because of the lack of historical records before the Civil War. I will post any and all data on this website as often as I find it or it is contributed.  While I am aware of what is and is not politically correct today,  we are dealing with historical data and all data on this site is transcribed exactly as written and no offense is meant and none should be taken.

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Slave Narratives
(Transcribed exactly as written by the interviewer in the 1930's)
Gabe Emanuel

   Gabe Emanuel is the blackest of Negroes. He is stooped and wobbly from his eighty-five years and weighs about one hundred and thirty-five pounds. His speech is somewhat hindered by an unbelievable amount of tobacco rolled to one side of his mouth. He lives in the Negro quarters of Port Gibson. Like most ex-slaves he has the courtesy and the gentleness of a southern gentleman.
   "Lawsy! Dem slav'ry days done been s'long ago I jus' 'member a few things dat happen den. But I's sho' mighty pleased to relate dat what I recollec'.
   "I was de house boy on old judge Stamps' plantation. He lived 'bout nine miles east o' Port Gibson an' he was a mighty well-to-do gent'man in dem days. He owned 'bout 500 or 600 Niggers. He made plenty o' money out o' his fiel's. Dem Niggers worked for dey keep. I 'clare, dey sho' did.
   "Us 'ud dike out in spick an' span clean clothes come Sund'ys. Ever'body wore homespun clo'es den. De mistis an' de res' o' de ladies in de Big House made mos' of 'em. De cullud wimmins wore some kin' o' dress wid white aprons an' de mens wore overalls an' homespun pants an' shirts. Course, all de time us gits han'-me-downs from de folks in de Big House. Us what was a-servin' in de Big House wore de marster's old dress suits. Now, dat was somep'n'! Mos' o' de time dey didn' fit - maybe de pants hung a little loose an' de tails o' de coat hung a little long. Me bein' de house boy, I used to look mighty sprucy when I put on my frock tail.
   "De mistis used to teach us de Bible on Sund'ys an' us always had Sund'y school. Us what lived in de Big House an' even some o' de fiel' han's was taught to read an' write by de white folks.
   "De fiel' han's sho' had a time wid dat men, Duncan. He was de overseer man out at de plantation. Why, he'd have dem poor Niggers so dey didn' know if dey was gwine in circles or what.
   "One day I was out in de quarters when he brung back old man Joe from runnin' away. Old Joe was always a-runnin' away an' dat man Duncan put his houn' dogs on 'im an' brung 'im back. Dis time I's speakin' 'bout Marster Duncan put his han' on old Joe's shoulder an' look him in de eye sorrowful-lak. 'Joe', he say, 'I's sho' pow'ful tired o' huntin' you. I'spect I's gwina have to git de marster to sell you some'r's else. Another marster gwina whup you in de groun' if he ketch you runnin' 'way lak dis. I's sho sad for you if you gits sol' away. Us gwina miss you 'roun' dis plantation.' After dat old Joe stayed close in an' dey warnt no more trouble out o' him.
   "Dat big white man called Duncan, he seen dat de Niggers b'have deyse'ves right. Dey called him de 'Boss Man.' He always carried a big whup an' when dem Niggers got sassy, dey got de whup 'crost dey hides.
   "Lawsy! I's recallin' de time when de big old houn' dog what fin' de run-away Niggers done die wid fits. Dat man Duncan, he say us gwina hol' fun'al rites over dat dog. He say us Niggers might better be's pow'ful sad when us come to dat fun'al. An' dem Niggers was sad over de death o' dat poor old dog what had chased 'em all over de country. Dey all stan' 'roun' a-weepin' an' a-mournin'. Ever' now an' den dey'd put water on dey eyes an' play lak dey was a-weepin' bitter, bitter tears. 'Poor old dog, she done died down dead an' can't kotch us no more. Poor old dog. Amen! De Lawd have mercy!'

Found in the National Archives
contributed by Ann Geoghegan
Nancy Robinson


  "I was' bawn in '51 an' I belonged to Miss Betsy Cottingham. Yes'sum I was' Miss Betsy's own servant when we lived down in Claiborne County.
   "My mama's name was' Amy Willis and she's buried right out yonder at Ole Crystal Springs in de white fokes' cemetery long wid de Willises. She had three chillun, there was Harriet, Massie an me.
   "We was hired out sometimes an' then we come to live out at de' ole Trotter place bout mile an a half from heah.
    "No'm I never seed any slaves chained or sold an we lived in a lil' ole house bout size of this one I'se in now. Now the Trotter house was big an made out o' logs, hit was right fine.
    "Us lil' collud' chillun' played right long wid de lil white chillun. All us growed up together. You know Mr. Byron Patton and Mrs. Emma Cook, all us came up together.
    "I was a house gal, I hep'd make up de beds, an hep'd wid de' cookin' an jes played roun'.
   "I remember when the Confederate war was, yessum, I carried many a basket all fixed up to de sojiers.
   "No'mam, they waren't de yankee sojiers an I remember singin' bout 'Lincoln an his Northern troops will never whup de South' but I never seen Lincoln.
   "We got whippin's sometimes, reckin' no more'n we needed tho.
    "I was right glad to be free alright an' I lived on out there fer' a spell after I was free.
   "Lots a time I wanna go back out an see de ole place."


Found in the National Archives
contributed by Ann Geoghegan
1860 Claiborne County Slave Census Index

Last Name First Name Remarks #Slaves District Page #
ARCHERR. T.Home Place138 slavesDist. 5page 485B
ARCHERR. T.Piney Woods Place83 slavesDist. 5page 486
BALDWINL. M. 73 slavesDist. 4page 454
BARNESThomas 51 slavesDist. 2page 432B
BEATRON ?S. R. 42 slavesDist. 1page 416
BERRY ?T. ? G. ? 107 slavesDist. 2page 428B
BOYDBolland 120 slavesDist. 2page 438
BRIDGERSSamuel P. 43 slavesDist. 4page 458
BRISCOEE. C. 61 slavesDist. 4page 458B
BRISCOEJeff ? 50 slavesDist. 1page 427B
BROCKJoseph H. 60 slavesDist. 3page 452
BROWNT. W. 90 slavesDist. 3page 445B
BUCKC. E. 91 slavesDist. 1page 416
BURNES ?C. R. 40 slavesDist. 4page 466
CALHOUNJ. E. 76 slavesDist. 5page 484B
CLARKWm. 50 slavesDist. 4page 464B
CLARKECharles R. 86 slavesDist. 4page 473
COFFEEMary B. 42 slavesDist. 2page 429B
COOPERMary 43 slavesDist. 4page 471B
COOPERMrs. 75 slavesDist. 4page 457
CRANEF. R. 120 slavesDist. 1page 420
DANIELSmith 150 slavesDist. 1page 422
DARDENGeo. 46 slavesDist. 5page 475
DAVENPORTJ.  95 slavesDist. 5page 481B
DEVENPORTDavid 65 slavesDist. 4page 459
DEVENPORTE. 70 slavesDist. 4page 464
DISHAROON ?L. 42 slavesDist. 2page 428B
DOHAND. J. 64 slavesDist. 1page 424
ELLISD. C. 47 slavesDist. 3page 442
EVENSAnnie 111 slavesDist. 1page 418B
FISHERJohn 41 slavesDist. 3page 448B
FLOWERSP. G. 141 slavesDist. 3page 444
FREELANDThomas 76 slavesDist. 1page 417B
GIBSONJ. A. 40 slavesDist. 2page 439
GILLA. P. 50 slavesDist. 1page 423
GRADDICKCatherine 60 slavesDist. 4page 459B
GRIFFINGD. C. 69 slavesDist. 5page 475B
HAMILTONC. D.Dover ? Place42 slavesDist. 2page 435
HARDINGRichard 93 slavesDist. 3page 450B
HULBERTM. N. 77 slavesDist. 4page 472
HULLP. C. 85 slavesDist. 4page 460B
HUMPHREYSB. Jr. 90 slavesDist. 5page 490B
HUMPHREYSG.Wm. Stampley agent for86 slavesDist. 5page 482
HUMPHREYSJ. C. 72 slavesDist. 4page 454
HUMPHRIESDaniel 68 slavesDist. 2page 436B
HUMPHRIESG. W. 80 slavesDist. 2ends on page 434
HUMPHRIESGeo. 56 slavesDist. 2Dist. 2
HUMPHRIESGeo.Home Place63 slavesDist. 2Dist. 2
HUMPHRIESSamuel 52 slavesDist. 2page 432
HUNTERM. 56 slavesDist. 2page 428
HUTCHINSONJ. ? A. 44 slavesDist. 4page 462B
INGRAHAMA. 74 slavesDist. 3page 441
JEFFERIESE. F.Greenwood Place102 slavesDist. 5page 479
JEFFRIESE. F.Home Place101 slavesDist. 5page 478B
JEFFRIESEdward 42 slavesDist. 5page 483B
JEFFRIESNathaniel 96 slavesDist. 5page 482B
JONESMartha 53 slavesDist. 4page 467B
LATHAMT. M. 42 slavesDist. 5page 479B
LUMWilliam 96 slavesDist. 3page 450
MAGRUDERT. B. 52 slavesDist. 5page 474
MARSHALLL. R. 96 slavesDist. 3page 440B
MAURYJ. ? H. 53 slavesDist. 3page 441B
MCCALEBA. F. 100 slavesDist. 4page 465B
MCCALEBE. H. 65 slavesDist. 4page 467
MCCALEBJordiana ? 69 slavesDist. 4page 463
MITCHELLHarriet 46 slavesDist. 4page 463B
MONTGOMERYJ. A. 181 slavesDist. 5page 487
MOOREJ. T.N. A. Ragland agent for108 slavesDist. 3page 442
MOREJohn T.Fairview Place154 SlavesDist. 4page 461
MOSELYJ. F. 72 slavesDist. 5page 475
MURDOCKJ.J. A. Wise agent for112 slavesDist. 1page 426
MURDOCKJ. 54 slavesDist. 1page 427
OWENSThomas 79 slavesDist. 3page 449
PARKSA. P. 70 slavesDist. 4page 457B
PATTERSOND. L. 83 slavesDist. 5page 484
PATTERSONW. A. 49 slavesDist. 4page 456
PATTONRobert 41 slavesDist. 4page 469B
PERSONJ. P. 100 slavesDist. 5page 488B
PIPESJames 59 slavesDist. 3page 445
POWERSH. G. 98 slavesDist. 3page 443
PRINCEMrs.  46 slavesDist. 2page 435B
RAGSDALEF. B. 66 slavesDist. 2page 430B
REGANJoseph 65 slavesDist. 3page 448
ROWANA. J. 80 slavesDist. 5page 474
RUSSUMWm. P. 95 slavesDist. 5page 480
SESSIONSMrs. M. 106 slavesDist. 2page 431B
SHAEFFERS. P. 56 slavesDist. 5page 483B
SHIELDSAratus 93 slavesDist. 4page 469
SIMSW.W. Andrews agent for47 slavesDist. 1page 422
SMITHMrs. B. 120 slavesDist. 4page 454B
SNODGRASSWilliam 70 slavesDist. 1page 419
SPROTTW. D. 43 slavesDist. 2page 428
STAMPSVolney 103 slavesDist. 4page 468B
STILESDavid 80 slavesDist. 4page 472B
STONEMary 54 slavesDist. 2page 431
THRASHERJ. B. 182 slavesDist. 2page 437
TORREYJ. L. 40 slavesDist. 4page 456B
VALENTINER. 200 slavesDist. 1page 424B
WATSONJ. W. 108 slavesDist. 4page 455B
WATSONJames 80 slavesDist. 1page 420B
WELLSJohn  52 slavesDist. 5page 477B
WINTERAdam 51 slavesDist. 5page 490
WOODSJames 42 slavesDist. 5page 481
WRIGHTGeorge S. 44 slavesDist. 4page 456B
WRIGHTMartha M. 98 slavesDist. 3page 451B
YOUNGThomas 72 slavesDist. 5page 488B
YOUNGWilliam 103 slavesDist. 1page 423B

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