Casuality Report of the 34th Miss. at Perryville, Ky.

Ashland, Mississippi



Battle of  Perryville, KY

We return thanks to our friend Billie Mason for the following list of the killed and wounded of the 34th Mississippi regiment; Confederate Infanty, in that fearful conflict at Perryville, Ky., in the 8th of October, 1862. The list was made out by Maj. A. T. Mason a few days after the battle; and has been in his possession ever since.

The 34th was originally known as the 37th, but many of the survivors of that grand old regiment, who live in this county, have asked us to make the correction, which we do with above explanation. With this exception the report is given as written by Maj. Mason:

Field and staff officers-wounded Col. Sam Benton, severly in thigh and side;Lt. Col. D. B. Wright severely in right forearm; Maj. A. T. Mason, severly in left foot; Serg't Major Clifton Dancy, severely in left arm.


Wounded-Lieut. G. W. Norton, slightly on head; Ord. Serg't. J. H. Johnson, dangerously; Corp. N. M. Young, severly; Privates A. Stinson, slightly; W. T. Bowden, dangerously; R. H. Bowden, slightly; J. L. Barton, dangerously; G. D. Queen, dangerously; T. F. Rutherford, severely; V. A. Hood, slightly; L. L. Luna, dangerously; J. M. Nance, slightly; L. Renfro, slightly, J. D. Strong, dangerously.


Killed- Privates L. H. Regan, G. W. Little; W. A. Jordan; J. A. Vernor.

Wounded- Capt. A. C. Rucker, severly in leg; Serg't. J. N. Still, slightly; Privates J. W. Austin, severly; E. Bishop, slightly; H. A. Blakeney, slightly; G. W. Brooks,severly; R. L. George, severly; T. A. Hunt, severly in arm; R. D. Kinney, severly; W. C. Lee, severly; Wm. Manning, severly; F. Moody, severly; J. H. Shepherd, severly.


Wounded-Lieut. J. R. Turner, slightly; Privates J. A. Pope, severly; W. C. Worthey, severely; P. McNalus, slightly.


Killed-Privates J. W. Bowan; T. H. Alexander.

Wounded-Corp. A. J. Hamilton, dangerously; Corp. A. N. Smith, slightly; Privates R. S. boggs, dangerously; J. F. Boren, slightly; B. Gwinn, severly; W. B. Henderson, dangerously; W. P. McCanley, dangerously; J. McElroy, mortally; J. M. White, dangerously; W. E. Yount, severly; M. J. Harrold, slightly; W. F. Harris, slightly; V. A. Lay, slightly.


Killed-Privates Henry Thomas; J. S. Funderbarks.

Wounded-Corp. W. C. Irwin, dangerously; Corp. J. H. Collins, slightly; Privates U. M. C. Alexander, slightly; W. A. Broadaway, slightly; R. J. Cloud, slightly; W. R. Crawford, slightly; R. J. Dean, dangerously; D. M. Flow, severly; T. D. Faucett, dangerously; R. E. Harraway, dangerously; J. K. Hardy, severly; W. H. Mosely, severly; A. S. Rogers, slightly; E. K. Kirby, slightly; R. M. Stewart, severly; J. J. Stovall, severly; H. H.Woods, severly in arm.


Wounded-Serg't W. E. Hancock, severly; Corp. C. H. C. Drake, mortally; Musician J. A. Alexander, slightly; Privates Howard Falconer, dangerously; T. J. Ross, slightly; Thomas Vaughn, slightly; J. W. Wages, slightly.


Killed-Serg't. A. Mauldin, Private W. M. Hill.

Wounded- Lieut. J. A. Childers, severly in arm; Serg't C. Hines, dangerously in leg; Corp. W. C. Pugh, severly; Privates W. T. Shapley, severely in both hands; C. C. Hicks, dangerously in face; Ralph Hawkins, slightly; Farley Hoplins, slightly; N. James, slightly; J. Mabry, slightly; F. Robertson, dangerously; J. J. Street, slightly; J. A. Walker, slightly.


Killed-Privates W. H. Crump; W. W. McCord.

Wounded-Ord. Serg't. Charlie F. Smith, severly; Privates P. F. Burns, severly; Jacob Godwin, slightly; P. W. Garrison, slightly; J. P. Gamble, slightly; C. L. Nutt, slightly; P. Noah, slightly.


Killed-Serg't. J. C. Cathey; Corp. A. J. Oldfield; Privates J. F. Simpson; T. W. Hargis.

Wounded-Lieut. H. N. Rayburn, severely in arm; Serg't. R. B. McKee, severely; Serg't. B. M. Childers, slightly; Privates W. T. Aikiu, dangerously; W. G. Aikin, dangerously; W. J. Childers, dangerously; L. R. Childers, dangerously; W. Maples, severely; M. L. Strickland, slightly; J. C. South, dangerously; C. F. Smith, severly in arm; S. T. Martin, slightly; W. L. Weaver, slightly; R. Childers, dangerously.


Killed-Corp. T. T. Royston; Privates J. C. Nunnally; E. N. Brown.

Wounded-Capt. Ben Lax, severely in leg; Lieut. Arnold McDonald, mortally, (since dead); Lieut. R. J. Sharp, severely in shoulder; Ord. Serg't F. G. Ayres, dangerously; Privates W. P. Baughman, severely in neck; Peter McCue, severely (paralized by fragment of bomb shell ); Nathan Jones, slightly; Sam Simpson, severely in shoulder; Green Simpson, slightly in right foot; R. W. McDougal, severely in right knee; R. W. Hix, slightly in right leg; T. C. H. Wall, severely in left arm; T. J. Scott, dangerously in right arm and side; Frank Leake, Jr., dangerously in right leg, head and left side body; B. F. Perkins, slightly in shoulder; P. H. Winborn, severely in right arm; J. E. Winborn, slightly in head.

Total Killed -19

Total wounded-124.

Abstracted from the Ashland Benton County, Mississippi Newspaper Feb 8, 1896. Page 1 Col 2, 3
Submitted by Janna Mayfield

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