Tippah County, Mississippi in the Civil War

Andrew Brown is the author of the book, History of Tippah County, Mississippi: The First Century.  This is his manuscript of the Civil War part of his book. It had to be edited for length when the book was published so what you find here is more than what was published. This information about Andrew Brown comes from the jacket cover of his book:

The publication of "History of Tippah County..." is the culmination of a long-time dream of the author, Andrew Brown, who, unfortunately, did not live to see his lifetime efforts result in its publication.

Mr. Brown was a historian in the true sense of the word.  He checked and double-checked all facts and figures he used, often spending a great deal of time verifying a particular historical fact or incident.   He was conspicuously intellectual and made an outstanding record at Davidson College, where he obtained his B.A. degree.  He was a great storehouse of information on various subjects, but always his main interest was history.  He was recognized as an authority on Civil War History, and many articles which he wrote on the subject were published and widely read.

He also wrote a number of scientific articles.  An editorial in Mining Engineering following his death contained the following sentence:  "Mr. Brown was an excellent mining engineer and geologist and was the author of a number of papers on those subjects."

Those who knew Andrew Brown well respected and admired him and understood his great abilities and accomplishments.  He left to posterity and particularly to the people of Tippah County a great and lasting gift; a true and accurate history of the county written in an interesting, understandable and often humorous style.

This History is Copyrighted (c)  by The Tippah County Historical and Genealogical Society and is used here by permission.


Officers in the Confederate Army
from Tippah County
By Andrew Brown

Contains about the same information
as found in Twilight and Darkness IV

1st Miss. Partisan Rangers

Special Thanks:

Andrew Brown

Thanks to Andrew Brown for writing this book.

Tommy Covington

Thanks to Tommy Covington of the Ripley Library for providing the original manuscript. If you would like a copy of the complete book, write to him at:

Tippah Co. Historical and Genealogical Society
308 N. Commerce St.
Ripley, MS38663

When the books are gone they will not be reprinted.

Melissa McCoy-Bell

Thanks to Melissa McCoy-Bell for the graphics and the great work she is doing on the Tippah County MSGenWeb page.

Joe Mercer Jr.

Thanks to Joe Mercer, Jr. for sending the Brown History of the 1st Miss. Partisan Rangers/7th Miss. Cavalry.

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