Glenwood Cemetery, Thomasville, Ga.

Confederate Burials
Glenwood Cemetery
Thomaston, Georgia

1.  A. Baker, Co. G, 1st Miss. Cav., died July 5, 1864.  Probably A. Baker, 41st Miss. Inf. who died at Thomaston.

2.  A. H. Birdsong, Co. K, 5th Ga.

3.  J. W. Brady, Co. I, 20th Miss., died July 25, 1864. He could be Isham M. Brady, Co. I, 20th Miss. who died July 28, 1864.

4.  S. Brown, Co. C, 4th Miss. Sharp Shooters, died June 18, 1864.

5.  S. T. Brown, Co. H, 9th Miss., died Oct. 1, 1864.

6.  Wm. T. Blair, Co. D, 11th (Perrin's) Miss. Cav., died July 14, 1864.

7.  A. B. Bryan, Co. A, 57th Ga., died Aug. 2, 1864. Probably Alsa B. Bryan.

8.  J. M. Bloodworth, Co. B, 4th Ga. Bn., Sharp Shooters born Feb. 27, 1840, died Feb. 9, 1907.

9.   John W. Clopton, Co. C, 1st Bn., Miss. S. S., died July 5, 1864.

10.  J. M. Carter, Co. B, 35th Miss., died July 29, 1864. He could be Isaac M. Carter, Co. B, 35th Miss., who died July 29, 1864.

11.  Wm. A. Corley, Co. D, 11th (Perrin's) Miss. Cav., died Oct. 3, 1864.

12.   J. S. Chambers, 4th Miss. He could be John S. Chambers, Co. D, 41st Miss., killed near Atlanta July 20, 1864.

13.  2nd Lt. John B. L. Dear, Co. A, 6th Miss., died Sept. 25, 1864.

14.  Leighto D. Dunlap, Co. E, 19th S. C., died Sept. 30, 1864.

15.  E. J. Dunham, Co. H, 23rd Miss., died Sept. 25, 1864.

16.  W. H. Delahunty, Co. G, Ark., died Sept. 26, 1864.

17.  Drinkard

18.  Dr. Edw. A. Flewellen, C. S. A. Surgeon.

19.  J. R. Ford, Co. E, 15th Miss., died Sept. 26, 1864.

20.  Sgt. J. T. Gentry, Co. D, 19th (Dawson's) Ark., died Aug. 2, 1864.

21.  H. Gaston, Co. H, 40th Ga., died Aug. 1, 1864.

22.  W. A. Gillespie, Co. C, 56th Ga., died June 25, 1864.

23.  J. K. H.

24.  E. Henderson, Co. B, 4th Miss., died Jan. 22, 1864.

25.  Wm. Henly, Co. B, 18th Ala., died July 22, 1864. He might be Wm. R. Henley, Co. B, 1st Alabama Infantry.

26.  Sgt. W. H. Harrison, Co. B, 1st Miss., died June 26, 1864.

27.  W. A. Hart, Co. F, 3rd Miss. Cav., died Sept. 8, 1864.

28.  Oliver R. Ingram, Co. A, 20th Ala., died Oct. 1, 1864.

29.  J. A. Jones, Yate's Miss. Btry., died July 14, 1864.

30.  B. F. Johnson, Co. B, 1st Miss. Probably B. F. Johnson, Co. B, 1st Miss. Cav. who died in 1864.

31.  Benj. F. Lloyd, Co. A, 11th (Perrin's) Miss. Cav., died Sept. 30, 1864.

32.   2nd Lt. Wm. H. Michael, Co. F, 29th Tenn., died Sept. 19, 1864.

33.   J. B. Mulkey, Co. F, 8th Ga. Bn., died Oct. 3, 1864.

34.  Sgt. A. G. Marble, Swett's Lt. Arty., Miss. Died Sept. 29, 1864.

35.  James Quigley, Co. F, 5th (9th) Confederate Regiment, died 1864.

36.  Sgt. Louis A. Roustan, Co. E, 4th La., died Aug. 21, 1864.

37.  Wm. L. Rumbley, Co. G, 5th Tenn., died Aug. 18, 1864.

38.  James Railey, Co. A, 5th Ga., died July 31, 1864.

39.  Sgt. Christopher C. Railey, Co. A, 2nd Ga. Bn., Sharp Shooters.

40.  Sgt. W. W. Rotton, Co. C, 50th Tenn., died July, 1864.

41.  W. A. Smith, Co. E, Ga. Cav., died Aug. 18, 1864.

42.  Corp. W. A. H. Sheppard, Co. G, 46th Miss., died July 25, 1864.

43.  John C. Sprawls, Co. B, 15th Miss., died July 23, 1864.

44.  James H. Shoemaker, Co. C, 29th Tenn., died Oct. 6, 1864.

45.  J. D. Tielman, C. S. A., born 1844, died 1927.

46.  T. J. Ussery, Yate's Btry., Miss., died Sept. 24, 1864. Probably Jess Ussery, Yate's Btry., Miss.

47.  Joseph A. White, Co. C, 20th Miss., died Aug. 16, 1864.

48.  Corp. Abel Warr, Co. C, 3rd Miss. Bn., died Oct. 6, 1864.

49.  Sgt. Euclid M. Wright, Co. E, 44th Miss., died Oct. 11, 1864.

50.  H. F. Wagoner, Hardee's Escort, died Oct. 14, 1864.

51.  Corp. Samuel A. Wells, Co. A, 15th (Josey's) Ark., died July 30, 1864.

NOTE: This is a partial list of burials in the Confederate section of Glenwood Cemetery. Confederate hospitals were located in Thomaston, Georgia during the Civil War.

Information compiled by Raymond W. Watkins, Falls Church, Virigina, 1982, from cemetery records and from old military records in the National Archives, Washington, D. C.

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