Tippah County, MS Confederate Graves

Confederate Memorial
 in Tippah County, MS

Information compiled by:

Raymond W. Watkins *, Jerry W. Owen and Christy Kennedy
completed October 2008

The book couldn't have been completed without the help of Patricia Owen, Tommy Covington and Don Martini.




Adams, J. Frank.  b. Oct. 1845  d. Feb. 1928,  Co. I, 2nd MS Cav. Res. (New Hope)

Adams, James Preston.  b.1838  d. 1914 ,  Co. B, 23rd MS (New Hope)

Adams, Joshua A. b. 1819  d. 1862,  Co. H,  19th MS Inf (New Hope)

Adams, Samuel C.  b. Sept. 1834 (S.C.)  d. June 1895,  Co. B, 2nd MS (New Hope)

Aldridge, Corp. Elias G., Sr.  b.1827 d.1910,  Co. G, 23rd MS Inf. (Wiers Chapel).

Aldridge, William.  b. Feb. 1825 d. Apr. 1898,  Cos. A, 2nd MS and B, 7th MS Cav  (Lebanon Cemetery)

Alexander, C.H.  b. Dec. 1844  d. Sept. 1891, Co. K, 10th MS (Ripley Cemetery)

Alexander, 1st Lt Eli Marion. b. Dec. 1830  d. Feb.1906, Co. C, 23rd MS Inf. (Ripley)

Alexander, L.D.  b. Jan. 1812 (N.C.) d. Sept. 1890, Co. I, 2nd MS St. Trps. Inf. (Walnut Creek)

Alvis, W.P.  b. Sept. 1836 (TN)  d. Jan. 1914, Co. A, 32nd MS  (Ripley Cemetery)

Anderson, George G.  b. 1847  d. 1928,  Co. I, Ham's MS Cav. (Dumas Cemetery)

Anderson, Sgt. James P.  b. June 1809 (TN)  d. May 17, 1863,  Co. E, 23rd MS Cav. (Dumas)

Anderson, Wm. Walter.  b. Oct. 1845  d. Dept. 1918,  Co. E, 23rd MS (Dumas)

Ayers, Simpson G.  b. Oct. 27, 1820  d. May 27, 1897,  Co. I, 2nd MS State Troops Inf.(Pleasant Hill)



Bailey, W. P. H.   b. 1841  d. 1905,  Co. B, 15th SC Inf (Union Chalybeate)

Baker, William J.  b. Jan. 12, 1811  d. Dec. 1, 1879,  4th Btln., MS Cav.  (Blue Mtn.)

Barber, Edgar Snowden.  b. Jan. 1843  d. Oct. 1927,  Co. G, 17th MS  (Shady Grove)

Barkley, Benj. B.  b. Mar. 1834  d. Dec.1905, Co. D, 7th MS Cav. (Jacob's Chapel)

Barkley, CPL Geo. J.  b. June 1833  d. Dec. 1895,  Co. B, 23rd MS (Ebenezer – CP)

Barkley, John A.  b. Feb. 1831  d. May 1901,  Cos. D, 7th MS Cav. and L, 2nd MS and I, 1st MS (Ebenezer – C.P.)

Barkley, W.G.  b. Jan, 1845  d. Aug. 1932,  Co. I,  2nd MS Cav. Res.  (Academy Cem)

Barnes, Sgt. Charles T.  Co. F,  9th MS (Pleasant Hill Cemetery)

Bartlett, Daniel T. b. 1844,   Co. H, 12th MS Cav. (New Hope Cemetery)

Bartlett, Sgt. James K.  b. 1833  d. 1920,  Co. H, 34th MS (County Line Cemetery)

Bartlett, Jesse H.  b. Nov. 1839  d. June 1924,  Co. E., 23rd MS and Co. H, 10th Cav. (Rucker)

Beatty, David H.  b. Jan. 1827  d. Sept. 1899,  Cos. E, 7th MS Cav. and A, 2nd MS (Mt. Pleasant Cem.)

Beatty, Isaac Watts.  b. 1839  d. 1909,  Co. E, 7th MS Cav.  (Mt. Pleasant Cemetery)

Beaty, William G.  b. Nov. 1845  d. Feb. 1876,  Co. C, 14th (Neeley's) TN Cav. (Clear Creek)

Beaty, William T.    Wheeler's North Alabama Regiment (New Prospect)

Beavers, Josiah Benton.  b. July 1847  d. Nov. 1922, Co. E, 2nd MS Cav. Res. (Little Hope)

Bennett, Sgt. Miles J.   b. Mar. 1840  d. Aug. 1911,  Co. B, 2nd MS  (Ripley Cemetery)

Bennett, Richard Y.  b. (S.C.) Sept. 1836  d. Mar. 1901, Co. B, 2nd MS  (Ebenezer- Chal.)

Benson, John Henry.  b. 1837  d. 1885,  7th TN Inf (Little Hope)

Berry, James.  CSA  (Antioch)

Berry, Wm. Edwin.  b. 1847  d. 1919,  Co. I,  2nd MS Cav. Res.  (Blue Mountain Cem.)

Bills, Jonathan.  b. Aug. 1837  d. April 7, 1862   Co. A, 23rd MS (Bill's Cemetery)

Blackwell, Joseph B.  b. Feb. 1845  d. Aug. 1924, 26th MS Cav (Little Hope)

Blackwell, Capt. Samuel H.  b. May 1826  d. Feb. 1905,  Co. H, 2nd MS Part. Rang. (Liberty)

Blair, Andrew J.  b. (S.C.) June 1836  d. Nov. 1906,  Co. G, 41st MS Inf.  (Chalybeate Presb.)

Blake, James M.  b. (S.C.) 1814  d. Jan. 1882, Co. I, 2nd MS St Trps Inf. (Walnut Creek)

Blankenship, John W.   b. 1849  d. 1921,   Co. B, 34th MS Inf (Pine Hill)

Blythe, Thomas J. b. 1829  d. 1907,  Co. F, 34th MS  (Lowry Cemetery)

Booker, John Benson.  b. June 1839  d. Feb. 1924,  Co. F, 2nd MS  (New Salem Cem.)

Booker, J. J.  b. 1852  d. 1911  (Wiers Chapel)

Booker, J.M.  b. 1848  d. 1933,  Co. F, 1st MS Cav. Res.  (Wiers Chapel)

Box, Benjamin C.  b. 1824  d. 1903,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Box's Chapel)

Box, John J.  b. Apr. 1840  d. May 1920,  Co. E, 23rd MS and Co. E, 7th MS Cav. (Shiloh)

Boyd, Corp. John A.  b. Sept. 1836  d. Sept. 1920, Co. A, 1st Bttln, MS Inf. (Harmony)

Boyd, Wm Allen.  b. Oct. 1833  d. May 1911,  Co. G, 46th MS  (Ripley Cemetery)

Braddock, John F.  b. Jan. 1842  d. Feb. 1885,  Co. E, 32nd MS  (Walnut Creek Cemetery)

Braddock, James T.  b. 1842  d. 1905,  Co. E, 32nd MS  (Pleasant Hill Cemetery)

Braddock, Thomas W.  b. May 1844  d. Feb. 1891,  Co. E, 32nd MS  (Walnut Creek)

Braddy, Benjamin.  b. 1834  d. 1908,  Co. D,  23rd MS Inf (Paul's Chapel)

Brannon, Corp. J.B.   b. Nov. 1843  d. Sept. 1918, Co. H, 63rd TN (New Hope)

Braselmann, 2nd Lt. Nathan T.  b. Feb. 1834(SC) d. July 21, 1861 at Battle of Manassas, VA, Co. F, 2nd MS  (Oak Plain Cemetery)

Britt, Jessie N.   b. Dec 1845  d. Nov 1924,  Co. B, 23rd MS (Mt. Pleasant)

Britt, John Henry.  Co. C,  2nd MS Pat. Rangers

Brooks, Benj. R.  b. 1840  d. 1899,  Co. E,  23rd MS (Ebenezer)

Brooks, W. M.  b. June 1813  d. Jan 1899,  Co. H, 43rd MS (Ebenezer – Chalybeate)

Brown, Aaron.   d. 1902,  Co. C,  1st MS Rangers and 7th MS Cav

Brown, J. M.    Co. G, 34th MS  (New Salem Cemetery)

Brown, James Riley.  b. 1836  d. 1923,  Co. G, 34th MS (New Salem)

Bryant, Wm. M.  b. 1845  d. 1922,  Co. E, 2nd MS  (Little Hope)

Buchanan, Maj. John H.  b. 1819  d. 1886,  Co. B, 2nd MS Inf.  (Blue Mountain)

Bullock, Joshua B.  b. 1834  d. 1902,   Co. H, 10th MS Cav. (Box Chapel)

Burnett, Sgt. Daniel A.  b.1834 d. 1867,   Co. B,  2nd MS Inf.  (Ripley Cemetery)

Butler, Arthur C.  b. Jan. 1838  d. Nov. 1903, Co. A, 2nd and 7th MS Cav. (New Salem )

Butler, Rev. Benj. C.  b. Aug. 1841  d. Dec. 1890, Sgt. Co. G, 34th MS  (New Salem)

Byrum, Calvin.  b. 1845  d. 1910,  Co. H, 26th MS (Byrum Family Cem. near Ripley)



Callicutt, Thomas L.  b. 1843  d. 1897,  Cos. B, 23rd MS and H, 34th MS (Blue Mountain)

Campbell, Tommy.  b. 1836  d, 1930,  Co. H, 19th MS (Campbell Family near Bl. Mtn)

Cappleman, James H.  b. 1845  d. 1929, Co. B, 32nd MS (Dumas)

Carpenter, J.M.  b.1844  d. 1915,  Co. F, 23rd MS (Dumas)

Carter, Calvin M.  b. 1828 d. 1907, Co. B, 7th MS Cav. (New York Cem.)

Carter, James S.  b. 1837  d. 1903,  Co. A, 16th MS Vol. (New York)

Cartwright, J. H.  b. 1847  d. 1938,  Co. E, 3rd MS CSA Army. (Paynes Chapel)

Caviness, Prince Albert Washington.  b. Sept. 1845 (TN) d. Mar. 1931, Co. E, 32nd MS (Little Hope Cem.)

Chapman, H.T.  Co. D, 15th Consolidated TN Cav. (Criswell Cemetery)

Childers, David.  b.  Mar. 10, 1844  d. Oct. 28, 1903,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Jacob's Chapel)

Childers, David Richard.  b. 1844 d. 1903, Co. A, 34th MS (Antioch Cemetery)

Childers, James Lee.  b. 1817  d. 1862,   Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Jacob's Chapel)

Childers, John A.  b. 1846  d. Aug. 1913,  Co. A, 23rd MS Inf. (Little Hope)

Childers, John Marion.  b. Nov. 1825  d. Nov. 1907,  Cos. A, 1st MS Part. And 2nd MS Cav.  (Little Hope)

Childers, Stephen Harrison. b. Mar. 1845  d. May 1924,  Cos. B, 34th and 7th MS (Jacob's Chapel)

Childers, Stephen Henry.  b. Oct. 1818  d. Feb. 1894,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Jacob's Chap)

Childers, William Arthur.  b. July 1843  d. Mar. 1906,  Co. A, 23rd MS Inf (Antioch)

Childers, W. W.  b. 1847  d. 1912,  Co. A,  23rd MS Inf (Little Hope)

Chism, 2nd Lt. James M.  b. 1844  d. 1920,  Co. H, 34th MS (Sand Springs Cemetery)

Chism, W. T.  b. Feb. 1840  d. April 1910,  Co. K, 10th MS  (Nance Cemetery)

Clark, Joseph C.  b. May 1832  d. Nov. 1907,  Co. F, 2nd MS Inf (Jacob's Chapel)

Clark, M. L.  b. 1827  d. 1908,  Co. B,  7th MS Cav (Jacob's Chapel)

Clark, Corp. Micagah Lafayette Sr. b. Mar. 1818  d. June 1900,  Co. L, 2nd MS Inf (Jacob's Chapel)

Clark, R. W.   b. 1836  d. 1884,  Co. K,  7th MS Cav (Oak Plain)

Clark, T. B.  b. Apr. 1827  d. Apr. 1886,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Jacob's Chapel)

Clayton, A. N.  b. Mar. 1842  d.  Apr. 1922,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav (New Hope)

Clayton, Calvin.  b. 1846  d. 1905,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav (New Hope)

Clemmer, J. S.   b. 1837   d. 1910,  Co. E, 33rd TN Inf (Little Hope)

Clemmer, Sgt. Jms Sidney.  b. May 1836  d. Jan. 1913, Co. M, 16th MS Inf (Little Hope)

Clifton, Patrick Henry. b. June 1844  d. 1933,  Co. A, Blount's Guard 23rd MS Inf. and Co. C, 27th MS Inf  (Union Church of Christ)

Cole, James Manley.  b. June 1841 d. June 1900,  Co. B,  23rd MS (Ebenezer – CP)

Cole, Thomas J.  b. Aug 1861  d. July 1929,  (Ripley)

Coley, W. H.    Co. K,  10th MS Inf

Coltarp, Matthew N. b. Aug. 1830  d. Aug. 1903,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav. and Co. B, 2nd MS Inf  (Sand Springs)

Conner, J.S.  b. Oct. 1823  d. Aug. 1898,  Co. 7th MS Cav (Providence)

Coombs, John T.  b. July 1845 (SC)  d. Feb. 1911,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav. (Shady Grove)

Coombs, Wm. W.  b. Feb. 1838  d. Dec. 1861,.  Co. B, 2nd MS  (Ross Chapel Cemetery)

Cotton, Lt. George T. b. Mar. 1813  d. Feb. 1877,  Co. I,  2nd MS State Troops (Pine Hill)

Counseille, Henry T. b. Oct. 1836 (TN) d. Sept. 1881, 2nd Lt. Co. B, 2nd MS (1861-62); Capt. Co. B, 7th MS Cav. (1862-65) (Rucker Cemetery)

Covington, Wilson.  b. 1826  d. 1893,   Co. B, 2nd MS Inf (New Hope)

Cox, James M.  b. Jan. 1840 (SC) d. Dec. 1909, Co. G, 23rd MS and Co. A, 7th MS Cav. (Walnut Creek Cemetery)

Cox, John Seal.  b. Jan. 1837  d. Feb. 1901, Co. A, 23rd MS (Little Hope)

Cox, Michael.  b. May 1844  d. Dec. 1876, Co. H, 23rd MS  (Academy Cemetery)

Crawford, George Wm. b. Jan. 1830  d. Apr. 1911,  Co. C, 7th KY  (Shelby Creek)

Cross, John D.   b. Jan. 1809  d. Nov. 1887,  Co. E, 32nd MS (Pogue)

Crouch, N. Cornelius.  b. 1823 (Ala.)  d. 1905, Co. G, 34th MS (Mt. Moriah – Walnut)

Cutbirth, Christopher Columbus (Lum) b. Mar. 8, 1839  d. Sept. 1, 1923,  Co. F, 2nd MS (Providence)

Cutbirth,  Francis M. b. 1812  d. 1882,  Co. E, 2nd MS CSA (Ball Hill)

Cutbirth, Thom. B.  b. May 1846  d. Mar. 1920,  Co. A,  2nd MS State Cav. (Providence)



Daniel, Sgt. Edward W.  b. Mar. 1844  d. Nov. 1922, Co. G, 3rd MS Cav. (Blue Mtn)

Daniel, F. M.   b. Aug. 1832  d. July 1907,  Co. B, 32nd MS Inf (Dumas)

Darnall, Jessie A.  b. May 1844  d. Oct. 1879,  Co. C, 23rd MS Inf (Nance)

Davis, Archie B.  b. Apr. 14, 1846  d. Mar. 1929,  Co. E, 23rd MS Inf (Lebanon)

Davis, Elisha D.  b. Nov 1818  d. Feb 1891,  Co. K, 34th MS Inf (Antioch)

Davis, John Samuel.  b. Apr 1843  d. Sept 1934, Co. E, 23rd MS Inf (Antioch)

Dees, George.  b. 1828  d. 1865,   Co. C, 7th MS Cav and 52nd MS Inf (Dees Cemetery)

Dees, Corp. Lorenzo Douglas.  b. 1824  d. 1926,  Co. E, 32nd MS (Dees Cemetery)

Dees, Mark A.  b. 1838  d. 1926,  Co. E, 32nd MS  (Campground Cemetery)

Dellinger, Michael.  b. 1822 (NC)   d.1911,  Co. H, 34th MS  (Dumas Cemetery)

Dillinger, Michael. b. 1810  d. 1900,  Co. H,  4th NC Inf. CSA  (New Bethel)

Drewry, John H.  b. May 1846  d. Mar. 1925, Co. K,  7th MS Cav. (Providence Cemetery)

Dukes, G. H.  b. Mar. 1826  d. 1875,  Co. C, 3rd MS Inf.   (Camp Ground)

Duncan, Elcana.  b. Feb. 1835 (SC)  d. Oct. 1902,  Co. E, 32nd MS (Pleasant Hill Cem.)

Duncan, G.A.  b. Feb. 1810  d. Aug 1885,  Co. D, 12th MS Cav. (Ripley Cemetery)

Duncan, J. W.  b. Jan. 1833  d. July 1892,  Co. C, 7th MS Cav. (Providence Cemetery)

Duncan, 2nd Lt. Marshall.  b. Oct. 1816 (SC)  d. Sept. 12, 1862,  Co. C, 7th MS Cav. and 10th AL   (Pleasant Hill)

Duncan, Noah W.  b. Jan 1827  d. Oct. 1878,  Co. B, 3rd Bttn.  MS Inf. (Mt. Moriah)

Duncan, Robert A.  b. Jan. 1836  d. Oct. 1920,  Co. G, 23rd MS (Providence)

Duncan, Robert A.  b. Oct 1848  d. June 1886,   23rd MS (Pleasant Hill)

Duncan, Thomas.  b. Jan.1827  d. Mar. 1908,  Co. B, 2nd MS  (Shelby Creek)

Duncan, William F.  b. Dec. 1841  d. Feb. 1912,  Co. B, 23rd MS (New Hope)



Eanes, J. A.  b. Feb 1843  d. Apr 1900,  22nd VA Inf (New Hope)

Elliott, W.H.  b. June 1828  d. April 1915,  Cos. K and E, 10th MS (Walnut Creek)

Embry, 2nd Lt David W.  b. May 1841  d. May 1866,  Co. C, 23rd MS Inf and Co. B, 34th MS (Embrey)

Embry, Dr. James H.  b. Oct 1825  d. Mar 1891,  7th MS Cav (Embrey)



Falkner, Col. William C.  b. July 26, 1825  d. Nov. 6, 1889,  2nd MS and 1st MS Partisan Rangers (Ripley Cemetery)

Faegin (Fagan), Wm. Noah.  b. Jan. 1832  d. Dec. 1903,  Co. E, 42nd MS  (County Line)

Finger, James F.  b. Oct. 1842  d. Mar. 6, 1864, Co. G, 23rd MS (Coker Cemetery)

Flake, S. H.  b. 1848   d. 1928,  Co. G,  23rd  MS Inf (Harmony)

Fleming, Corp. W.T.  b. Nov. 1823  d. Sept. 1877,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav. (Ripley Cem.) 

Foley, William Francis. b. Mar 1842  d. circa 1928  2nd Co.  Washington LA Art. CSA (Ebenezer CP)

Foote, Corp. William H.  b. 1843  d. 1914,  Co. F,  2nd MS (Academy)

Ford, 2nd Lt. John A.   b. Apr. 1832  d. Dec. 1898,  Co. A, 2nd MS State Cav. (Shelby)

Franklin, Epsie E.  b. Mar 1820  d. July 1888,  Co. E, 34th MS Inf (Dumas)

Frazier, E.T.  b. Oct 1824  d. May 1883,  Co. D, 30th NC Inf (Harmony)

Frederick, Joseph Paran. b. Feb 1831  d. Jan 1909, Co. C, 23rd MS Inf (Mt Moriah)

Frederick, M. J.  b. June 1833  d. May 1910,  Co. C, 23rd MS (Mt. Moriah Cemetery)

Fryar,  Henry.  b. 1827  d. 1900,   7th MS Cav.  (New York Cemetery)

Fryar,  Isaac.  b. 1832  d. 1910,  Co. B, 2nd MS (Wiers Chapel)

Fryar, Robert E.  b. 1845  d. 1903,  Co. A, 7th MS (Wiers Chapel)

Fryar, Thomas J.   b. 1804  d. 1878,  Co. F,  2nd “MS and Co. B, 23rd MS (Wiers Chapel)

Fryar, Rev. 1st Lt W. M.  b. Jan. 1831  d. Apr 1893,  Co. G, 23rd MS (Pisgah Cemetery)



Gandy, Francis M.  b. Jan. 1838  d. Oct. 1901,  Co. B, 7th Bttn. MS Inf. (Walnut Grove)

Gardner, Meredith T.   b. June 1833  d. Sept 1911,  Co. C, 8th Cav (Blue Mtn)

Garner, John.  b. Jan 1843  d. Oct 1922.  Co. H, 34th MS (Garrett)

Garrett, Sgt. Dewit C.  b. Jan. 1833  d. Dec. 21, 1861,  Co. C, 23rd MS Inf. (Garrett Cem.)

Garrison, Charley D.  b. Mar 1834  d. Sept 1922   Co. H, 34th MS Inf. CSA (Old Hardin)

Gatlin, F.G.  b. Apr. 1829 (TN)  d. Dec. 1902,  Co. G, 7th MS (Camp Ground)

Gatlin, Wm. Rufus.  b. Oct. 1837  d. Oct. 1917,  Co. B,  7th MS (Harmony)

Gibbs, Spencer.  b. June 1819  d. July 1882,  Cos. G, 23rd MS Inf and 7th MS Cav  (Union - Chalybeate)

Gibson, Lorenzo. b. Apr. 1830 (Ga) d. May 1917,  Cos. B and E, 23rd MS (Ebenezer- CP)

Gilentine, J. G.   b. 1847  d. 1931,  Rucker's Co. McCullough's Regt. TX Inf (Blue Mtn)

Goudy, Robert.  b. 1825 (SC)  d. 1900,  Co. I,  2nd MS Cav. Res.  (Clear Creek)

Goudy, Robert S.  b. 1847   d. 1920,  Co. I,  2nd MS Inf (Blue Mountain)

Goudy, Wm. Josiah.   b. Feb. 1840 (SC)  d. May 1916,  Co. B, 23rd MS  (Blue Mountain)

Grace, Sgt. Thomas A.  b. Mar 1827,   Co. H, 2nd MS State Cav.  (Little Hope)

Graham, Leonidas O.  b. Sept. 1839  d. Apr. 1918, Co. A, 1st and 7th MS Cav. (Liberty)

Graves, Frances Marion.  b. Jan 1839  d. Oct 1902,  Co. B, 34th MS Inf (Shady Grove)

Graves, H. L.   b. Feb. 1845  d. Dec. 1930,  Co. A, 2nd MS State Cav.  (Shady Grove)

Graves, James Edgar. b. Oct. 17, 1826  d. Jan. 30, 1886,  34th MS Inf. (Shelby Creek- Benton Co. MS)

Gray, Orvie G.  b. Jan 1833  d. Sept 1929.  Co. H,  7th MS Cav (Camp Ground)

Gray, S.M.  b. 1839 (SC)  d. 1908,  Co. A, 14th (Neely's) TN Cav.  (State Line)

Gray, Thomas H.  b. Apr. 1841 (SC)  d. Mar. 1905,  Co. C, 23rd MS (Little Hope)

Gray, Rev. Wm. A.  b. 1807  d. 1881,  Chaplain, Co. B, 2nd MS  (Ripley Cemetery)

Green, Henry R.  b. 1840  d. 1892,  Co. E. 23rd MS  (Paul's Chapel)

Griffin, Larkin.  b. Nov 1817  d. Nov 1900,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Jacob's Chapel)

Grissom, Ed.  b. 1822   d. 1896.   Co. B,  7th MS Cav (Marvin)

Gunn, A. L.  b. 1838 (NC)  d. 1911,  Co. I, 23rd N.C.  (Harmony Cemetery)

Gunn, James H.  b. 1836  d.  1912,   Co. D,  8th N.C.  (Harmony Cemetery)

Gunter, M. S.  b. 1815  d. Apr 1884,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav (Harmony)

Gurney, Wm. R.  b. Feb. 1845 (Ala)  d. Apr.1912,  Co. K, 10th MS (Blue Mountain Cem)

Guyton, D. J.  b. 1841  d. July 11, 1862,  Q. Master Sgt Co. B, 23rd MS (Academy)

Guyton, Flavius C.  b. Aug 1845  d. Jan 1907,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav (Academy)

Guyton, J. C.  b. June 1847  d. Sept. 1916,  Co. L, 6th MS Cav. (Blue Mountain Cem.)

Guyton, Jos. J.  b. Jan. 1840  d. Apr. 1919,  Q. Mstr. Sgt. Co. B, 2nd MS and Capt. Co. F, 7th MS Cav. (Blue Mountain Cemetery)

Guyton, L. C.   b. 1842   d. 1864,   Co. B, 3rd MS Inf (Camp Ground)



Hall, Ephraim J.  b. 1834  d. 1909,  Co. C, 7th MS Cav. (Brock Cemetery)

Hall, J.L.   b. Apr. 1834  d. Aug. 1917,  Co. E, 7th MS Cav. (New Salem)

Hall, William S.  b. Nov 1841  d. Mar 1910,  Co. H, 23rd MS Inf (Ebenezer - CP)

Hamer, Col.  J. G.   Co. H,  17th MS Inf

Hanks, Gabriel M.  b. 1838 (Ala)  d. 1909,  Co. C, 42nd AL (Ebenezer - CP)

Harrell, Benj. M.  b. 1847  d. 1893,  Co. H, 20th MS Inf (Antioch)

Harrison, William F.  b. July 1816   d. July 1855,  Co. G,  2nd MS Inf (Smyrna)

Hatcher, J.M.  b. Oct. 1839  d. Dec. 1912,  Co. C, 7th MS Cav. (Clear Creek)

Hawkins, Wm. S.   b. 1834  d. 1916,  Co. G,  23rd MS  (Little Hope)

Hawthorne, Sgt. Harvey A. b. Sept. 1832  d. Dec.1898, Co. D, 7th MS Cav (Ebenezer CP)

Head, Jacob H.  b. Apr 1835  d. Apr 1915  (New Hope)

Hellums, James Lee.  b. 1824  d. 1873,  Co. B,  7th MS Cav (Hephzibah)

Henderson, R.B., Sr.  b. Dec. 1835  d. Jan. 1912,  Co. B,  2nd MS (New Hope)

Henry, T. A.    1st MS St Inf

Henson, Capt. Joshua L.  b. Dec. 1833  d. July 1889,  Co. L, 2nd MS (Dumas Cemetery)

Henson, 2nd Lt. Wm. D.  b. 1844  d. Aug 1882,  Co. H, 40th MS Inf (Camp Ground)

Heavener, Dolph.  b. July 1850  d. Mar 1936,   23rd NC Inf (New Bethel)

Hill, David J.   b. 1827 (SC)  d. 1906,   Co. B, 2nd MS (New Hope)

Hill, James H.  b. Nov. 1818  d. Mar. 1871,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav. (New Hope)

Hill, Capt. Robert J.  Co. B, 23rd MS  (Academy Cemetery)

Hill, Samuel R.  b. Aug 1830  d. Oct 1915,  Co. H, 34th MS Inf (Blue Mtn)

Hobson, J.A.C.  b. Apr 1845  d. May 1932,  Co. A, 7th MS Cav (Shady Grove)

Hobson, W. B.  b. May 1842  d. Dec. 1920,  Co. A, 23rd MS (Shady Grove)

Hodge, Finnis D.  b. 1837  d. 1930,  Co. E,  37th MS Inf (Old Hardin)

Hodges, John W, Sr.  b. Aug 1828  d. June 1913,  Co. H, 34th MS  (Harden Cemetery)

Hodges, Robert W.   b. June 1832  d. Dec. 1921,  Co. E,  7th MS and Co. K,  2nd MS Cav (Fellowship)

Holliday, 1st Lt. John W. P.  b. June 1830  d.  Dec. 1902,  Co. B,  34th MS (McAlister)

Holliday, W. F.   b. Feb 1837  d. Jan 1901,  Co. H, 1st MS Cav (Academy)

Holt, Neal B.  b. Nov 1845  d. Dec 1900,  Co. H, 4th TN Inf (Ripley)

Hopper, L.T.  b. 1827  d. 1905,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav. and 23rd MS Inf. (Hopper)

Hopper, M.J.  b. Dec. 1835  d. May 1908,  Co. G, 23rd  MS and 10th MS Inf (Hopper)

Hopper, W.M.  b. May 1813   d. Oct. 1897,  Co. G, 23rd MS (Providence Cem.)

Horton, D. C.  b. Apr 1839  d. Dec 1916,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav (Providence)

Horton, James R.  b. Apr. 1841  d. Oct. 26, 1861(Clarksville, TN of disease), Co. C,  23rd MS  (Providence)

Horton, John L.  b. May 1837  d. Oct. 19, 1861(Hopkinsville, KY of disease), Co. C, 23rd MS (Providence)

Horton, Richard C.  b. Apr. 1839  d. Dec. 1916,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav.  (Providence)

Horton, Wm. Morris.  b. Apr. 1846  d. July 1896,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav. (Providence)

Hovis, J. E.   b. 1844  d. 1906,  Co. B,  7th MS Cav. (Ripley Cemetery)

Hovis, James W.   b. 1836  d. 1882,  Co. B, 2nd MS Inf (Ripley)

Hovis, Lt. Col. Lawson Berry b. Nov. 1826  d. Mar. 24, 1864, 7th MS Cav and 2nd MS Inf– wounded at Moscow TN Dec. 4, 1863  (Ripley Cemetery)

Huddleston, 1st Lt. William T.  b. July 1838  d. Sept 1903,  15th AR Inf (Antioch)

Hudson, Elijah J.  b. 1831  d. 1866,  Co. K,  10th MS Inf (Bethel)

Hughey, G.W.  b. Apr. 1835  d. Dec. 1910,  Co. G,  7th MS Cav. (Ebenezer- Chalybeate)

Humphrey, G. W.   b. Mar. 1841  d. Feb. 1907,  Co. E, 23rd MS (Paul's Chapel)

Hunt, Dr. Enoch Newton.  b. July 1834  d. June 1895,  Co. B, 2nd MS (Ripley Cem.)

Hunt, Sgt. Maj. Thos. Alex.   b. Feb. 1841  d. Sept. 1918  Co. B, 34th MS (Ripley Cem.)

Hutchens, James.  b. 1831  d. 1895,  Co. K,  38th MS Mtd.  (Blue Mountain)



Jackson, Asa C.  b. 1819  d. 1862,  Cos. A and B, 34th MS  (Little Hope)

Jackson, Sgt. John C.  b. Apr. 1808  d. Apr. 1871,  Co. A, 7th MS Cav. (New Hope)

Jackson, Morgan.  d. July 1863 KIA,   Co. A, 3rd and 23rd MS Inf  (Little Hope)

James, Isaac.  b. 1834  d. 1904,  Co. A,  7th MS Cav and Co. A, 2nd MS Inf (Little Hope)

James, James M.  b. June 1847  d. May 1914,  Co. A, 7th MS Cav. (Shiloh Cemetery)

James, Marion F.  b. June 1833  d. 1873,  Co. C, 7th MS Cav (Shiloh)

James, Newberry.   Co. G,  34th MS  (Liberty)

Jeanes, Thomas. R.  b. 1824  d. 1900 Co. E,  32nd MS  (Shiloh Cemetery)

Jefferies, Ord. Sgt. James B.  b. Oct. 1833 (SC)  d. Oct. 1905,  Co. B, 34th MS (Green)

Jennings, T.M.  b. July 1840  d. Jan. 1914,  Co. F,  9th MS, Co. K, 10th MS Inf (Ebenezer  CP)

Jernigan, F. M.  b. Mar. 1836 (NC)  d. Apr. 1893,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav. (New Hope)

Jernigan, J. R.   b. 1813  d. 1905,   Co. B,  7th MS Cav (Academy)

Jernigan, John T.  b. Aug. 1838  d. Jan. 28, 1862,  Co. D, 1st Bttn. MS Inf. (Ebenezer CP)

Jeter, Rev. Richard C.  b. Aug. 1812 (SC)  d. Jan. 1900,  Co. L, 2nd MS (Dumas)

Jobe, Corp. John W.  b. 1838 (NC)  d. 1908 ,  Co. H, 19th MS (Antioch Cemetery)

Jobe, Samuel B.   b. Feb. 1822 (TN)  d. Mar. 1912,  Co. G, 3rd MS Cav. (Antioch)

Johnson, J. H.   d. Apr 1865,  1st MS Rangers and 7th MS Cav (Ebenezer CP)

Johnson, Jesse J.   b. 1837  d. 1898,  Co. A, 23rd MS Inf (Little Hope)

Johnson, John A.  b. Sept 1845  d. Mar 1904,  Cos. E and F, 23rd MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Johnson, Lewis.  b. 1838  d. 1909,  Co. A, 34th MS (Little Hope)

Johnson, Wm C.  b. May 1827  d. Aug 1909,  Co. F, 34th MS Inf (Rucker)

Jones, David W.  b. 1837  d. 1901,  Co. E, 7th MS Cav. And Co. B, 23rd MS (Dumas)

Jones, H. T.  b. 1837  d. 1923,  Cos. B and G,  7th MS Cav, Co. C, 23rd MS Cav  (Rucker)

Jones, J.D.  b. Oct 1822  d. Nov 1902,  Co. G, 34th MS Cav (Pisgah)

Jones, John L.  b. 1838  d. 1870,  Co. F,  MS Cav (Providence)

Jones, John P.  b. Aug 1838  d. July 1923,  Co. E, 23rd MS Inf (Camp Ground)

Jones, T.E.   Co. I,  7th MS Cav.  (Camp Ground)

Jordan,  E. F.   b. 1815  d. 1899,   Co. L,  2nd MS Inf (Marvin)



Keith, John A.  b. Dec. 1838  d. Oct. 1892,  Co. A, 2nd MS State Cav. (Keith Cem.)

Kelly, James L.  b. Nov. 1837 (GA)  d. Jan. 1897, 1st Sgt. Co. E, 7th MS Cav., Co. H, Corp. 23rd MS, Co. K, 10th MS  (Wiers Chapel)

Kelly, Wm. W.   b. 1838  d. 1901, Co. I,  2nd NC Inf (Smyrna)

Kendrick, Isaac G.  b. 1824  d. 1888,  Co. B,  7th MS Cav (Ripley)

Kidd, James H.   d. 1919  (Mt. Zion)

Kidd, Corp. Kirchen L.   b. Nov. 1837  d. July 1912,  Co. H, 19th MS (Camp Ground)

Killough, Unknown.

Kincaid, Wm. R.    Co. G, 23rd MS  (Pleasant Ridge)

King, John S.   b. Sept. 1840  d. Apr. 1918,  Co. F, 2nd MS (Harmony)

Kinney, Sgt. J.A.  b. Feb. 1840  d. Feb. 1918,  Co. B, 34th MS  (Ripley Cemetery)



Labarreare, W.M.   b. Sept. 1840(Ala) d. Dec. 1904,  Co. F, 9th AL (Pleasant Valley)

Lambert,  Mr.   d. 1911,  Unknown Unit,   (Box's Chapel)

Lancaster, Elias N.  b. Dec. 1849  d. Apr. 1931,  Co. K, 7th MS Cav.(Providence)

Lancaster, W. Dorsey. b. July 1821  d. Aug 1902, Co. G,  7th MS Cav.  (Providence)

Lawrence, St. Clair. b. July 1829 (KY)  d. Feb. 1902,  Co. A, 10th MS Cav. (Bethel)

Leatherwood, John N.  b. 1839 d. July 15, 1864, killed at Old Town Creek, MS, Co. B, 2nd MS, Co. A, 2nd MS State Cav, 2nd MS Inf (Academy)

Leatherwood, 2nd Lt. N. B.  b. July 1814  d. Mar. 1880,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav. (Academy)

Lee, Elijah.   b. 1812  d. 1881,  Co. G,  17th MS Inf (Clear Creek)

Lee, John A.  b. Mar. 1848  d. Dec. 1921,  1st Bttn., MS Inf. (Pine Grove)

Lewis, David.   Co. G, 23rd MS Inf (Shiloh)

Lence, Jefferson   b. Apr 1837  d. Sept 1915  (Shady Grove)

Lindsey, James R. (African American),  Co. A, 1st MS Regt. (Palestine Missionary Bapt)

Lindsey, John.  b. 1825(Ala)  d. 1906,  Co. A, 23rd MS  (Antioch)

Lindsey, W.J.  b. Dec. 1844  d. Oct. 1913,  Cos. A, 23rd MS and 7th MS Cav (Little Hope)

Linebarger, David H.  b. June 1840 (SC)  d. Oct. 1906,  Co. A, 23rd MS (Little Hope)

Linville, Richard M.  b. 1820's  d. 1909,  Co. A, 23rd MS Inf (Antioch)

Littleton, John.   Co. D, 18th MS Cav

Love, Sidney Ovid.  b. Feb 1849  d. Apr 1932,  Co. C, 20th MS Inf (Walnut Creek)

Lorenzo, D.G.   CSA (Ebenezer – Cotton Plant)

Lowery, John W.   b. 1848  d. 1907,  Co. A, 2nd MS PR (New Hope Baptist)

Lowery, John W.  b. Jan. 1846  d. Feb. 1893,  Co. A, 32nd MS (Blue Mountain Cem.)

Lowery, Dr. H. J.    32nd MS Inf  (Blue Mountain)

Lowery, Col. and Brig. Gen. Mark P.  b. Dec. 1828   d. Jan. 1885, 32nd MS (Blue Mtn)

Luker, Sgt. Leroy (Leron)   b. 1819 (Ala)  d. Dec. 1879,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav. (Pogue)

Luna, Isaac D.  b. Jan. 1839  d. Oct. 1, 1863,  Co. F, 2nd MS (New Salem)

Luna, Lunsford Long.  b. Feb. 1833  d. Feb. 1919,  Co. A and E, 34th MS (New Salem)

Luna, Wm. L.   b. July 1829  d. May 1919,  Co. F, 2nd MS (New Salem)



Maddox, Sgt. Joseph B.  b. 1846  d. 1932,  Co. B, 4th TN Med Inf. CSA (Little Hope)

Mansfield, J. L.   b. 1826  d. 1877,  Co. H,  10th and 12th MS Cav (Dumas)

Martin, Joseph.  b. 1824  d. 1928,  Co. B, 2nd MS Inf (Nance)

Martin, Jos. T. b. Jan 1834  d. Sept 1900,  Co. B, 2nd MS  (New Hope)

Mason, H. M.   Co. B, 20th  AL  (Blue Mountain)

Mathis, J. C.   b. Jan. 1842  d. May 1929,  Co. C, 23rd MS (Camp Ground)

Mathis, John C.   Co. E, 32nd MS  (Pleasant Hill)

Mathis, Sgt. Turner.  b. June 1831  d. Apr 1905,  Co. D, 8th MS Cav. (Providence)

Matthews, Thomas L.    Co. A,  2nd MS Part. Rangers

Mauldin, 1st Lt James H.  b. Feb 1839   d. Oct 1925,  Co. A, 2nd MS Cav. (Little Hope)

Mauney, Capt. Michael.  b. July 1829 (NC)  d. May 1873, Co. C, 7th MS Cav. (Ripley)

Mauney, M. Cameron,  b. Mar 1843  d. May 1935,   Co. D, 11th MS Inf  (New Bethel)

May, 2nd Lt. Wm. Allen.  b. Nov. 1820  d. Dec. 14, 1863,  Co. F, 11th MS (Ross Chapel)

McAllister, Albert H.   Co. E,  2nd MS Part. Rangers Balentines' (Antioch)

McAlister, Sgt. Bennett C. S.  d. Apr 1894,  Co. F, 2nd MS Cav (Academy)

McAlister, James Carter.  b. June 1836  d. Apr. 1900,  Co. E, 7th MS (Dumas)

McAlister, William Edward.  b. June 1846  d. Oct 1920,  Co. K, 2nd MS Cav (Bryant)

McAllister, Benj. Franklin.  b. Apr 1839  d. May 1911, Co. G, 21st SC Cav (New Hope)

McBayer, W. L.  b. Apr 1846  d. May 1889  CSA  (Academy)

McBryde, Sgt. Andrew A. b. Mar. 1847 d. Dec. 1898, Co. I, 2nd MS Cav. Res.  (Ebenezer – Cotton Plant)

McBryde, James O. b. Aug. 1843  d. Nov. 1921, Co. H, 34th MS and Co. D, 1st MS Inf, Southern Cross of Honor (Ebenezer – CP)

McBryde, Sgt. John A.  b. Jan. 1838 (Ala)  d. Feb. 1908, Co. F, 2nd MS (Ebenezer – CP)

McBride, P.G.   CSA.  Last confederate living in Benton Co. (Antioch)

McBryde, R.C.  b. Mar 1844  d. June 1908,  Cos. E and K, 10th MS (Ebenezer – CP)

McBryde, Robert R.  b. Aug. 1818  d. Oct. 1887, Co. B, 23rd MS (Ebenezer – CP)

McBryde, Samuel A.  b. Feb. 1840  d. July 21, 1861,  Co. F, 2nd MS (Ebenezer – CP)

McCarley, Charles L. d. circa 1898,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav.  (Parks Chapel Cemetery)

McCarley, John W.  b. May 1831  d. Nov. 1891,  Co. G, 2nd MS (Pleasant Hill)

McClain, Sgt. Lewis.  b. 1819 (Ala)  d. 1912,  Co. G, 34th MS  (Antioch)

McClung, Elias.  b. May 9, 1841  d. Mar. 26, 1863, Co. F, 3rd Reg. MS Vols (Hephzibah)

McCord, A.B.(R)  b. Aug 1822  d. Feb 2, 1863, Co. H, 10th MS (Dumas)

McCowan, James. b. 1838  d. 1899.  Co. G, 17th MS Inf (Little Hope)

McCoy, Chas. W.  b. Dec 1825 (TN)  d. Apr. 1898, Co. C, 23rd MS (New Salem)

McCoy, 1st Lt. J.F.  b. Jan. 1830  d. Dec. 1910, Co. G, 34th MS (New Salem)

McCoy, Wm. C.  b. 1833  d. 1907 (10),  Co. C, 23rd MS (New Salem)

McCrum, J.N.  b. 1842 (SC)  d. 1895,  Co. K, 10th MS (Ebenezer – CP)

McElwain, Joseph, Jr. b. 1845  d. 1915, Cos. A, 2nd MS Cav / 22nd MS Inf(Little Hope)

McElwain, J., Sr. b. May 1824 (NC)  d. Nov. 1868,  Co. A, 2nd MS ST Cav. (Little Hope)

McGee, J.M.  b. Sept 1848  d. July 1924,  Co. C, 18th MS Cav (Jacob's Chapel)

McGee, John.  b. Sept. 1819  d. June 1884,  Co. K, 2nd MS St. Cav. (Jacob's Chapel)

McGaughy, Sgt. Wm. H.  b. Jan 1827  d. Aug 1898,  Co. G, 10th MS Cav (Hines Family)

McInturff, Willis.  b. 1819  d. 1894,  Co. K, 23rd MS Inf (Shady Grove)

McIntyre, 1st Lt. Wm. James. b. Nov 1826  d. Dec. 1898, Co. A, 2nd MS St. Cav. (Ripley)

McKinney, Thomas. b. Dec 1833  d. April 8, 1926,  Co. B,  11th MS Cav. (Antioch)

McMakin, John E.  b. July 1828  d. May 1878, Co. B, 7th MS Cav. (Union – Chalybeate)

McMillin, Jos. Jeff.  b. Mar 1826  d. Apr 1913,  Co. A,  34th MS Inf (Little Hope)

Medford, Isum M.  b. Nov 4, 1848  d. Feb. 28, 1930,  Co. H, 11th MS Cav.(Medford)

Medlin, Thomas J.   b. Jan. 1832  d. Aug. 1905  Co. B, 23rd MS (Mt. Pleasant(Britt))

Meeks, Isaac N.  b. Dec. 1841  d. July 1912,  Co. G, 23rd MS (Smyrna)

Meeks, J.N.  b. Dec 1848  d. Apr 1920,  Co. A, 22nd MS Cav (Ebenezer - Chalybeate)

Meeks, Jeremiah T.  b. Nov. 1846  d. Nov 1913, Co. G, 23rd MS and 7th MS Cav. (Smyrna)

Meeks, Sgt. Wm. N.  b. 1846  d. 1927,   Co. E, 32nd MS  (Pleasant Hill)

Mercer, Elijah.  b. Apr. 1841  d. Aug. 1898, Co. F, 2nd Ms and Co. A, 2nd MS Cav (New Salem)

Mercer, Jessie “Tony”.  b. Oct 1838  d. May 1914,  Co. F, 3rd MS Inf and Co. B, 7th MS  (Old New York)

Miller, John E.  b. Sept 1831  d. June 1914,  Co. K, 32nd MS Inf (Blue Mountain)

Milstead,  Zeal M.  b. Dec 1827  d. Aug 1923  (Harmony)

Miskelly, Samuel.  b. Nov 1844  d. June 1925,  Co. A, 23rd MS (Antioch)

Mitchell, Robert B.  b. Nov 1844  d. June 1920,  Co. A, 2nd MS Cav (Wiers)

Mitchell, Wm G.  b. June 1846  d. Feb 1927,  Co. I, 2nd MS Inf  (McAlister)

Moffitt, John.  b. June 1822  d. July 1902, Cos. B and G, 7th MS Cav. (Rucker)

Moody, Frank. 

Moore, 1st Lt. Robert B.  b. June 1847  d. Aug 1880, Co. B, 2nd MS St Cav. (Little Hope)

Moore, Silas.  b. June 1828  d. Dec. 4, 1863,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav. And Co. C, 34th MS Inf  (Ebenezer – CP)

Morgan, Joe.  Co. A, Falkner's MS Reg. (Antioch)

Morgan, Joseph B.   b. 1818  d. before 1900,  Co. A, 7th MS Cav. (Antioch)

Morgan, Nathan Alexr.  b. 1838  d. 1902,  Co. F, 23rd MS Inf (Morgan)

Morton, G.W.  b. 1837,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav.  (Morton)

Morton, T.Y.  b. Mar 1832  d. Oct 1911,  Co. H, 7th MS Cav. (Rucker)

Mullikin, Leander W. b. Jan 1845  d. Dec 1927,  Co. F, 23rd MS (Mt. Olive)

Munn,  Wm Thom. b. Dec 1842  d. Feb 1908,  Co. H, 7th MS Cav (Mt Moriah)

Murley, Jeff K.  b. Mar 1839  d. Oct 1907  Co. D, 32nd MS  (Box  – Pine Grove)

Murphy, J. M.   1st AR Artillary (Blue Mountain)

Murray, James K.  b. Nov 1844,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav. (Jacob's Chapel)

Murray, Dr. John Young.  b. May 1829 (TN)  d. July 1915,  Capt. and Asst. Surgeon, Co. A,  34th MS  (Ripley)

Murry, John M.  b. 1844  d. 1913,  Co. G, 1st AR Inf (Blue Mountain)



Nabors, Corp. Samuel P.  b. Jan 1841  d. Mar 1907,  Co. B, 23rd MS (Dumas)

Nabors, Sgt. Wm. M.  b. June 1835  d. Mar 1901,  Co. H, 34th MS - preacher (Dumas)

Nance, Augustus P.  b. Mar 1846  d. Feb 1934,  Co. E, 23rd Ark and MO Reg. (Nance)

Nance, G.W.  b. Apr 1848  d. Feb 1934,  Co. I, 2nd MS St Trps Inf. (Harmony)

Nance, James Harvey.  b. 1809  d. 1886,  Co. G, 34th MS Inf (Harvey Nance Farm)

Nance, James H.  b. Apr 1833  d. June 1914,  Co. G, 23rd MS (Little Hope)

Nance, Corp. John Morgan.  b. Feb  1831  d. Jan 1907,  Co. H, 34th MS (Nance)

Nance, Ruffen Brown.  b. Aug 1846  d. May 1933,  Co. I, 2nd MS Cav. Res (Ripley)

Nance, Cpl Thomas H.  b. May 1837  d. Aug 1863,  Co. B, 2nd MS Inf (Nance)

Nance, Cpl W. W.  b. Feb 1829  d. June 1904,  Co. C 2nd MS Inf (Walnut Creek)

Neely, Alexander S.  b. Aug 1837  d. 1902,  Co. B, 2nd MS Inf. CSA  (Rucker)

Neely, Wm. N.  b. Dec 1843   d. Nov 1910,  Co. L, 2nd MS (Clear Creek)

Nelms, Henry H.   b. Dec 1840  d. Feb 1898,  Co. C, 23rd MS (Bethel)

Nelson, Robert N.   Co. B, 23rd MS  (Clear Creek)

Nolan, John M.  b. May 1844  d. Dec 1888,  Co. D, 2nd MS Inf (Rucker)

Norris, B. N.     d. 1867,  Co. L,  10th MS Inf and Co. D, 1st MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Norton, Edward.  b. Nov 1810 d. Dec 1877,  Co. I, 2nd MS State Troops (Pine Hill)

Norton, Sgt. John F.   Co. A, 2nd MS Cav. Res. (Pine Hill)

Norton, Pvt. Mills N.  b. Jan 28,  1837   d. Mar 31, 1863,  7th MS Cav. (Pine Hill)

Northcross, Richard W.  b. 1815 d. 1865, Co. C, 23rd MS  (Enon – Rowland)



Odams (Odems), Mose.  d. 1934,  CSA African-American servant to solder (Gibson)

Owen, Wm Bird.  b. Sept 1823  d. Feb 1883,  Co. E, 7th MS Cav (Academy)

Owens, Andrew. 



Palmer, 2nd Lt. John D.  b. Jan 1824  d. Apr. 1885,  Co. H, 34th MS (New Hope)

Pannell, Benj. F.  b. July 1842   d. May 1919, Co. H, 23rd MS (Pine Grove)

Paseur, Jacob Miles.  b. Aug 1845  d. Dec 1910,  Co. C, 2nd NC Res (Little Hope)

Patterson, James M.  b. 1839  d. 1916,   Co. K, 10th MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Patterson, L.M.  b. June 1834  d. July 1862,  Co. K, 10th MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Pearce, Joseph.  b. 1836  d. 1908,  Co. B, 34th MS Inf (Shady Grove)

Pearce, Dr. L.S.  b. Apr 1847  d. Sept 1935?,  7th MS Cav (Little Hope)

Peeler, Jesse.  b. Dec 1810  d. Apr 1887,  Co. G, 34th MS and Co A, 23rd MS (Antioch)

Peeler, Wm. L.  b. Feb 1820  d. Mar 1882,  Co. G, 34th MS (Antioch)

Pegram, J. W.  b. Oct 1845  d. May 1911,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav. and Co. K, 10th MS  (Union @ Chalybeate)

Perkins, Jesse Mercer.  b. ca. 1827  d. 1882 (84),  Co. B, 34th MS Inf  (unmarked grave between Walnut and Marlow)

Perkins, J.M.  b. Jan 1848  d. Oct. 1929,  7th MS Cav. (New Salem)

Perkins, John C.  b. July 1840  d. Feb 1928,  7th MS Cav. and Co. K, 10th MS (Union @ Chalybeate)

Perkins, Richard W.  b. Apr 1808  d. Nov 1877,  Co. H, 7th MS Cav. (Union @ Chalyb)

Perkins, Thomas J.  b. Nov 1833  d. Feb 1894,  7th MS Cav. (Mt. Moriah)

Perry, Henry C.  b. Oct 1841 (SC)  d. July 19, 1862,  Co. A, 34th MS (Oak Plain)

Phyfer, Sgt. Munsford S.   d. Sept 1909,  Co. B, 34th MS (Ripley)

Pickens, Sgt. Amos M.  b. Aug 1836  d. Jan 24, 1862,  Co. D,  2nd MS Inf. (Pickens)

Pickens, Corp. J. A.   Co. L, 2nd MS State Cav. (Pickens)

Pitner, 2nd Lt. Wm. J.  b. Mar 1839  d. Mar 1903,  Co. C, 3rd Bn MS St. Cav (Providence)

Pittman, John Lewis.  b. 1839  d. 1923,  Co. F, 2nd MS Inf (Ferguson)

Plummer, John Jasper.   b. Feb 1826  d. June 1889,  Co. E, 7th MS Cav. (Dumas)

Porter, Capt. Oliver A.  b. Aug 1843  d. Sept 1936,  Co. C, 22nd TN Inf (New Salem)

Potts, Cicero C.  b. Sept 1820  d. Oct 1862,  7th MS Cav (Potts Family)

Powell, James W.  b. Oct 1834  d. Jan 1905,  Co. B, 15th SC Inf (Union)

Powell, Sanford Turner.  b. Nov 1846  ,   Co. A, 4th SC Inf (Chalybeate )

Powell, 1st Lt Thom Jeff.    Cos. B, 15th SC Inf and 16th MS AL Inf (Union)

Price, Michael.  b. Feb 1840  d. June 1926,  CSA  (Hughes)

Price, P.G.   Co. A, 34th MS  (Ferguson)

Prince, Corp. Wm. P.   b. Jan 1823  d. May 1869, Co. A, 7th MS Cav (Ripley)

Pulliam, Vachel W.  b. June 1826  d. Dec 1912, Co. A, 2nd MS Unit of Forrest's Cav.Co. A, 17th MS and Co. H, 22nd MS   (Harmony)

Purnell, Sgt. J.M.  b. Jan 1836  d. June 1910,  Co. A, 2nd MS St Cav (Ebenezer CP)



Quinn, Corp. John F.  b. June 1827  d. June 1908,  Co. H, 7th MS Cav (Harmony)



Ragan, William Y.  b. Dec 1846  d. Nov 1919,   Conf. Pension (Camp Ground)

Ragan, Sgt. Samuel B.  b. 1848  d. 1926, Co. E, 41st MS (Camp Ground)

Ratliff, Corp. Wm. T.  b. Feb 1846  d. Oct 1912,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav (Academy)

Ray, J. Finch, Sr.  b. Dec 1826  d. May 1881,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav (Union)

Ray, J. Finch, Jr.  b. Mar 1846  d. Nov 1918,  Co. G,  7th MS Cav (Union)

Ray, James H.  b. Nov 1841  d. May 1901,  CSA  (Union)

Ray, Sgt. Jesse.  b. Aug 1821  d. Oct 1864,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav (Union – Chalybeate)

Ray, John F.   b. Dec 1826  d. May 1881,  Co. K, 34th MS Inf (Union)

Ray, Corp. John H.  b. 1834  d. 1886,  Co. B, 2nd MS Inf  (Pisgah)

Ray, Lt. R. L.   b. May 1829  d. Dec. 1863,  Co. G, 2nd MS Inf. (Garrett)

Reed, Allen.  b. Sept 1840  d. Aug 1911,  Cos. A, 2nd MS St Cav and 23rd MS Inf (Little Hope)

Reed, Charles.  b. July 1846,  Co. A, 7th MS Cav (Little Hope)

Reed, James.  b. 1833   d. 1894,  Co. A, 2nd MS St. Cav (Little Hope)

Reed, Michael.  b. Apr 1836  d. Dec 1915,  Co. A, 34th MS (Little Hope)

Reed, 2nd Lt William.  b. 1831  d. 1892,   Co. A, 2nd MS Cav and Co. C, 23rd MS Inf (Antioch)

Reeves, John Anderson.  b. 1820  d. 1916,  Co. E, 7th MS Cav (New Hope)

Renfrow, Michael J.  b. 1838  d. 1912,  Co. C, 23rd MS (Pogue)

Renick, Andrew Jackson.  b. June 1845  d. Sept 1923,  Co. I, 2nd MS Cav (Bethel)

Reynolds, Capt. David J.  b. July 1837  d. Aug 1915.  Co. A, 32nd MS (County Line)

Rhodes, 2nd Lt. R.H.   b. 1821  d. 1905,  Co. D, 5th MS Inf. St Trps (Little Hope)

Richardson, Elijah J.  b. May 1840  d. May 1912,  Co. E, 32nd MS (Richardson Family)

Richardson, Isaac Baker.  b. 1820  d. 1892, Unit Unknown- Mechanic and Loom builder (Antioch)

Richardson, James Dallas.   Co. A, 2nd MS St Cav (Little Hope)

Richardson, John D.  b. Nov 1840       , Co. A, 2nd MS Cav (Little Hope)

Richardson, John H.  b. Jan 1832  d. Nov 1879, Co. C, 23rd MS (Mt. Moriah)

Richardson, John H.  b. b. 1830  d.  1902,  Co. E, 32nd MS Inf (Richardson)

Richardson, Obadiah R.  b. Jan 1838  d. Dec 1914,  Co. E, 23rd MS (Pleasant Ridge)

Richardson, Thomas R.  b. Aug 1846  d. June 1938,  Co. G, 34th TN Inf (Harmony)

Ridlesperger, Abram S.  b. July 1828  d. July 1905,  Co. A, 2nd MS Cav and Co. G  7th MS Cav  (Nance)

Ridlesperger, James K.  b. Aug 1844  d. Mar 1917,  Co. A, 2nd MS Cav (Nance)

Roach,  2nd Lt. Newton W.    Co. H, 23rd MS (Shady Grove)

Roach, Sgt. Thomas J.  b. July 28, 1846  d. Oct 9, 1915,  1st MS Cav  (Union Church of Christ)

Robbins, Wiley D.  b. May 1840  d. Aug 1917, Co. I, 6th MS (Richardson Family)

Roberson, Frank.  Co. G, 34th MS (Hopkins)

Roberts, Sgt. Stephen.  b. July 1832  d. Feb 1905,  Co. A, 23rd MS (Little Hope)

Robertson, James K. P.  b. Feb 1845 d. Dec 1887,  Co. A, 2nd MS Cav (Nance)

Robertson, Rev. H. P.  b. Mar 1824  d. May 1881 Co. B, 23rd MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Robinson, H. H.  b. 1824  d. 1891,  Co. B,  32nd MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Robinson, John D.  b. 1830  d. 1882,   Co. C, 7th MS Cav (Criswell)

Robinson, John H.  Co. A's, 7th MS Cav and 2nd MS Cav (Criswell)

Robinson, John J.  d. ca. 1940,  Co. A, 7th MS Cav (Criswell)

Rogan, W. Y.    b. 1846  d. 1919,   Co. H, 2nd MS Inf (Camp Ground)

Rogers, Jos. E.   b. May 1819  d. Jan 1891,  Capt. and A.Q.M., Cos. F and L, 7th MS Cav and 1st MS PR (Ripley)

Rogers, Levi.  b. Mar 1802  d. July 1879,  Co. K, 19th MS Inf (Oak Plain)

Rowell, James C.  b. Mar 1837  d. Apr 1917, Co. B, 2nd MS (Walnut Creek)

Rowland, Isaac M.  b. Jan 1826  d. Jan 1907,  Co. G, 34th MS (New Salem)

Rowland, James D.  b. Apr 1848  d. Aug 1934, Co. G, 34th MS (Pine Hill)

Rowland, Jefferson D.  b. Apr 1848  d. Aug 1935,  Conf. Pens. (Pine Hill)

Rowland, Joseph A.  b. Dec 1836  d. July 1894,  Co. G, 34th MS Inf (New Salem)                                                           

Rowland, W.T.  b. Aug 1837   d. Dec 1887,  Co. D, 18th MS Cav (Enon / Rowland)

Rucker, Abbott C. b. Dec 1822  d. Feb 1919,  2nd Lt. Co. F, 2nd MS and Capt. Co. B, 34th MS (Rucker)

Rucker, Dr. Chas C., Sr.   b. Sept 1808  d. Dec 1874, Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Rucker)

Rucker, Dr. Charles C., Jr.   b. 1848  d. 1901,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Pisgah) 

Rucker, Henry T.  b. Mar 1845  d. Jan 1863,  Co. G,  23rd MS (Rucker)

Rucker W.A.     2nd MS Cav Res and Co. I, 1st MS Cav  (Blue Mountain)

Rucker, Wm Henry.  (Blue Mountain)

Rutherford, David F.  b. Oct 1844  d. Aug 1924, Co. G,  23rd MS, 2nd MS Inf(Little Hope)

Rutherford, 2nd Lt. James M.  b. Nov 1834  d.  Sept 1909,  Co. A, 34th MS (Little Hope)

Rutherford, John L.  b. Nov 1840  d. Aug 1886,  Cos. A, 2nd MS St Cav and 23rd MS (Little Hope)

Rutherford, J. R.   b. Aug 1826  d. June 1889,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav (Blue Mountain)

Rutherford, Robert Walker.  b. Dec 1842  d. Mar 1905,  Co. A, 34th MS (Little Hope)

Rutherford, Capt. Wm. W.  b. Jan 1833  d. Feb 1890,  Co. A, 2nd MS St Cav (Little Hope)

Rutledge, John.  b. July 1830  d. Mar 1915,  Co. C,   34th MS (Antioch)


Samples, I. P.   d. 1915

Sanders, Harris.  b. Mar 1834  d. Feb 1917,  Co. D, 7th MS Cav (Academy)

Sanders, Michael E.  b. 1816  d. 1881,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav  (Sand Spring)

Sanford, Sgt. James Rogers.  b. Aug 1842 (TN)  d. Nov 1872, Co. B, 23rd MS (Ripley)

Scally, Corp. Wm. H.  b. Nov 1828  d. Dec 1917,  Co. E, 32nd MS  (Harmony)

Scott, George L.  b. Nov 1822   d. July 1896,  Co. G, 18th MS Cav (Blue Mountain)

Seale, 1st Sgt. Elijah M.  b. Aug 1837  d. Sept 1898,   Co. B,  23rd MS (Ebenezer CP)

Settlemires, Sampson B.   d. 1863,  Co. E, 32nd MS Inf (Ruckersville)

Shelton, Wm. H.  b. Mar 1843  d. Jan 1907,  Co. A, 23rd MS (Antioch)

Shinall, Berry.  d. Oct 1921  (Clear Creek)

Siddall, J.J.   b. Feb 1823  d. Feb 1901,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav and Co. G (Walnut Creek)

Simpson, Thomas B.  b. Feb 1823  d. Feb 1924,  Cos. A 4th Bttn MS Cav and 8th Conf. Cav (Ebenezer CP)

Shannon, Wm. M.  b. 1820   d. 1872,  Co. A, 7th MS Cav (Coker)

Smith, Berry.  b. 1831  d. 1909,  32nd MS Inf (Antioch)

Smith, Ephraim R.  Co. G,  23rd MS  (Rucker)

Smith, H. J.    b. 1833   d. 1935,  Co. B, 2nd MS Inf (Academy)

Smith, Sgt. Harvey W.  b. Sept 1838  d. Dec 1917,  Co. B, 2nd MS (New Hope)

Smith, Ira.  b. July 1846  d. Aug 1878,  Co. A,  7th MS Cav (Antioch)

Smith, Isaac H.  b. Aug 1836  d. Apr 1912,  Co. C, 7th MS Cav (Clear Creek)

Smith, J. M.   b. 1833  d. 1918,  Co. I, 23rd MS Inf (Ripley)

Smith, Joe H.  b. 1848   d. 1927,  Co. A,  2nd MS Cav (Union Church of Christ)

Smith, 1st Sgt. Madison W.  b. Feb 1816 (SC) d. Sept 1862, Co. B, 7th MS Cav and 1st MS Part. Rang. (New Hope)

Smith, Pinkney C.  b. about 1837  d. 1902,  Co. G, 16th MS (Shady Grove)

Smith, Robert R.    Forrest's MS Regt.  (Little Hope)

Smith, Zachariah, Sr.   d. Apr. 1924,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Payne's Chapel)

Smith, Zachariah, Jr. b. Oct 1845     Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Clear Creek)

South, Ira.  b. July 1846  d. Mar 1938,  Cos. A,  7th MS Cav and 2nd MS Cav (Antioch)

South, Joseph Henry,   Co. B, 2nd MS Cav (Union Church of Christ)

Sparks, W. Carroll.  b. Feb 15, 1838  d. Sept 26, 1908,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav CSA (Dumas)

Spencer, Giles.  b. 1840   d. 1936,  Co. B, 26th MS Inf (Harmony)

Spight, Simon R.  b. Oct 1810  d. Dec 1891,  Co. B, 34th MS (Antioch)

Spight, Capt. Thomas.  b. Oct 1841  d. Jan 1924,  Co. B, 34th MS  (Ripley)

Spight, Tucker (African American). b. Apr 1847  Co. B, 34th MS Inf (Ripley)

Stanford, Wm. Madison.  b. 1840   d. 1929,  Co. K,  10th MS Inf (Fellowship)

Stansell, W. R.   b. 1844   d. 1912,  Co. G, 10th GA Inf (New Hope)

Stansell, Maj. Wm. Nelson.  b. 1835 (SC)  d. Sept 1882,  Co. E,  7th MS Cav (Ripley)

Stark, John F.   b. Jan 1829  d. Mar 1908,  Co. G, 23rd MS  (Nance)

Stephens, 1st Lt. Harrison A.  b. Feb 1822  d. Sept 7, 1862,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav (Nance)

Stewart, J. B.   b. 1825  d.  1893,  Co. D, 3rd and 11th MS Cav (Ham's Bn) (Ebenezer CP)

Stewart, Robert A.  b. July 1840  d. Aug 1919,  Co. K,  10th MS  (Ebenezer CP)

Stewart, Samuel E.   b. Aug 1833  d. Oct 1892,  Co. D, 1st Bttn MS Inf (Harmony)

Stewart, Thomas J.  b. July 1830  d. Aug 16, 1863,  Co. B, 23rd MS (Ebenezer CP)

Stewart, Capt.Wm. Peterson.  b. Apr 1827  d. Feb 1907,  Co. D, 1st Bn MS Inf. and Co. K, 10th MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Stokes, Wyley Allen.  b. 1846  d. 1924,  Co. B, 23rd MS Inf (Dumas)

Storey, 1st Lt. Thomas.  b. July 1837  d. Oct 1917, Co. L, 2nd MS and Co. F (Dumas)

Storey, Capt. Robert.  b. Dec 1828  d. Sept 1919,  Co. L, 2nd MS (Wiers Chapel)

Street, Corp. J.J.  b. Mar 1824  d. Sept 1916,  Cos. B and G, 34th MS (Antioch)

Street, John Wallow.  b. June 1827  d. June 1909,  Co. G, 34th MS CSA (Harmony)

Street, 1st Lt. Wm. M.  b. June 1839  d. Oct 1907,  Pvt in Co. A, 2nd MS State Cav and 1st Lt. in Co. F, 3rd Bttn MS Inf (Little Hope)

Stricklin, Edw. W.  b. Aug 1834  d. Jan 1892,  Cos. F and L, 2nd MS (Wiers Chapel)

Stubbs, Henry A.  b. Jan 1830  d. Nov 1907,  Capt. and A.Q.M., Co. B, 34th MS (Embry)

Suggs, Andrew J.  b. Oct 1817  d. Jan 1878,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Ripley)

Suggs, Isaac Joseph.    Co. B, 2nd MS Inf (Ripley)



Tapp, Elias.  b. July 1824  d. Nov 1909,  CSA  (Providence)

Tapp, 2nd Lt. Pinkney.  b. Aug 1831  d. Oct 1922,  Co. C, 23rd MS (Providence)

Tapp, Vincent J.  b Mar 1832  d. Nov 1916,  Co. C, 23rd MS (Drewry)

Tatum, Corp. John.  b. Feb 1833  d. Aug 1909, Co. C, 7th MS Cav (Lowry)

Tatum, R.T.  b. Sept 1837  d. Feb 1919,  Conf. Pens. (Lowry)

Thomas, John L.  b. Dec 1844  d. June 1896,  Co. E, 7th MS Cav (Harden)

Thomas, Miles Jayford.  b. Dec 1841  d. Feb 1926,  Co. A, 32nd MS (Pleasant Hill)

Thomas, Wm. A.  b. Aug 1840  d. Sept 1895, Co. D, 2nd MS (Shady Grove)

Thompson, J. W.   b. 1820   d. Apr 1879,  Co. E, 2nd MS Inf (Godwin Family)

Thompson, Wm G.  b. 1842  d. 1927,  Co. A, 9th MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Thorn, John T.  b. Dec 1835 (SC)  d. July 21, 1861at Manasses,  Co. B, 2nd MS (Thorn)

Thornton, Christopher C.  b. May 1830  d. Feb 1888, Co. G, 34th MS (New Salem)

Tigrett, Sgt. David P.   b. Mar 1827  d. May 1894,  Co. L, 2nd MS and Capt. Co. D (Wiers Chapel)

Tigrett, H. P.   b. 1847  d.  1920,  Co. L,  2nd MS Inf (Dumas)

Tomlinson, James F.  b. Oct 1835  d. Aug 1910,  Co. G, 2nd MS Inf. (Providence)

Thrasher, John T.   Co. G, 44th Ala Inf. CSA (Ebenezer Chalybeate)

Tudor, T.W.   b. Mar 1841  d. Oct 1916   Conf Pens  (Harmony)

Turner, William M.  b. 1831       Co. A, 32nd MS Inf (Criswell)


Unknown.  Buried on the Roten Place (across from 2410 CR 419, Ripley, MS)



VanDiver, Rev. A.C.  b. June 1831  d. Sept 1915,  1st Lt. Co. E, 23rd MS (Mt. Olive)



Waldon, 1st Sgt. Abraham B. Jr.  b. Mar 1828  d. May 1877,  Co. E, 32nd MS  (Pleasant Hill)

Waldon, Issac J.  b. Jan 1835   d. Jan 1907,  Co. D, 2nd MS Inf (Waldon)

Walker, Benjamin F.  b. Dec 1842  d. June 1918,  Co. F,  2nd MS (Walnut Creek)

Walker, John Howard.  b. July 1843  d. July 1922,  Co. G, 23rd MS Inf (Walnut Creek)

Walker, Joseph A.  b. Aug 1821  d. Sept 1898m  Co. G, 34th MS Inf (Hardin)

Walker, Thom. Jeff.  b. Dec 1844  d. July 1929,  Co. E, 2nd MS Inf (Providence)

Wallace, Corp. Henderson C.  b. Jan 1839  d. July 1892,  Co. I, 19th MS (State Line)

Wammack, W.C.  b. 1841  d. Feb 1917,  Co. I, 2nd MS (Jacobs Chapel)

Weatherly, Jesse  T.  b. 1836  d. 1914,  Co. K,  4th MS Inf (Antioch)

Wesson, Edw A.F.  b. 1835  d. July 1868,  1st Bttn, Miller's MS Cav (Walnut Creek)

Wesson, J.W.  b. June 1821  d. Sept 1873,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Walnut Creek)

White, S. C.   b. 1841  d. 1909,   Co. B,  26th MS Inf (Antioch)

White, Thomas O.  b. Mar 1838  d. Aug 1905,  Co. K, 19th MS (Dumas)

Whitten, James M.  b. Feb 1826 (Ala)  d. Jan 1906,  Co. B,  2nd MS (Whittentown)

Whitten, John J.  b. Sept 1817  d. Nov 1885,   Co. B,  2nd MS (Ripley)

Whitten, Ransom Edwin.  b. July 1832  d. June 1906,  Co. G, 17th MS (Ripley)

Wicker, John Uriah.  b. Jan 1842  d. Nov 1912,  Co. K, 10th MS (Nance)

Wiggington, W. H.  b. 1840  d. 1892,  Co. B, 23rd MS Inf (Dumas)

Wilbanks, Jeremiah.  b. July 1836  d. Nov 1908,  Co. C, 23rd MS (Providence)

Wilbanks, W. A.  b. Dec 1845  d. Feb 1922,  Co. G, 7th MS Cav (Union Chalybeate)

Wilbanks, Wm Daniel.  b. Aug 1832  d. Nov 1916,  Co. C, 23rd MS Inf (New Hope)

Wilhoit, Newton Jasper.  b. 1844  d. 1927,    5th AL Cav (Concord)

Willis, Capt. Thomas Oliver.  b. 1834  d.  1890,   CSA  (New Hope)

Wilson, Elias.    4th MS Cav  (Little Hope)

Wilson, Sgt. Franklin Tippah.  b. Dec 1840  d. Apr 1866,  Co. C, 23rd MS Inf (Wilson)

Wilson, Jos. J.  b. Sept 1835  d. Nov18, 1864, Co. K, 10th MS and Co. G, 2nd MS Inf (Camp Ground)

Wilson,  R. W.   b. 1816   d. 1897,   Co. G, 17th MS  (New Hope)

Wilson, Wm. Thom.   b. July 1837  d. Aug 1908,   Co. G, 17th MS Inf (Camp Ground)

Winborne, Capt. Joe W.

Winborne, Moses.  b. July 1836  d.  Dec 1882,  Co. F, 3rd Bttn MS Inf (Blue Mountain)

Wingo, Eber S.   b. Nov 1828   d. Oct 1919,  Co. L, Roddy's 4th AL Cav  (Bridges)

Wiseman, Sgt. Wm. H.  b. Dec 1827  d. Jan 1888,  Co. K, 10th MS and Co. I, 1st MS Inf (Ebenezer CP)

Wommack, David.  b. ca. 1815  d. Nov 1874,  Co. B, 23rd MS Inf (Jacob's Chapel)

Worsham, Dr. B. F.   b. Nov 1823  d. June 1897,    7th MS Cav (New Hope)

Wright, Corp. B. F.   b, June 1847  d. May 1917,  Co. D, 10th MS Inf (Camp Ground)

Wright, George W.  b. Feb 1830  d. Aug 1899,  Co. A, 7th MS Cav (Liberty)

Wright, George W.  b. 1841  d. 1866,  Co. C,  2nd MS Inf (Ripley)

Wright, James H.  b. Feb 1836   d. Aug 1887,  Co. B, 10th MS and Co. O P & G  (Ebenezer CP)

Wright, Wm. Calhoun.  b. May 1832  d. Mar 1893,  Co. A, 34th MS (Little Hope)



Yancey, Green Lee.  b. Oct 1845  d. June 1922,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav (Rucker)

Yancey, John Samuel.  b. Nov 1847  d. Aug 1928,  Co. B,  7th MS Cav (Rucker)

Yancey, Robert Lewis.  d. Jan 1925,    Co. L,  2nd MS  (Rucker)

Young, John C.  b. Sept 1845  d. Mar 1908,  Co. B, 7th MS Cav and 2nd MS PR (New Hope)

Zimmerman, John Henry, Co. B, 2nd MS Inf (Pisgah)

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 *Raymond W. Watkins compiled Partial List of Confederate Burials in Tippah County, Mississippi in 1986. This he found in cemetery records and old Confederate military records found in the National Archives, Washington, D.C.  He is from Falls Church, Va.