Mississippi Casualities
Mississippi Casualties

This is a list of men from the 2nd, 19th, 23rd, 32nd and 34th Miss. Regiments who died during the war and are buried outside of Mississippi.  Many men from Tippah County served in these units.  Almost all of the men on the list were found in cemeteries you can find links to on the Contents page.

Name   Rank Co. Regt. DOD Buried

ALEXANDER, W. M.                   E   34                Chattanooga TN
BABB, John M. Pvt G 32 22 Oct 1863 Alton IL
BAILEY, Eli D 32 Franklin TN
BENSON, W. C. E 2 Lynchburg VA
BOSHIERS, John H. Pvt A 2 07 Apr 1864 Alton IL
BOWEN, Henry J. Capt I 34 May 1864 Resaca GA
BRADDOCK, Stephen E 32 Franklin TN
BRADFORD, Larkin H. F 34 16 Feb 1864 Rock Island IL
BRADWELL, E. W. Pvt G 19 25 Feb 1863 Alton IL
BRAY, Alexander W. Pvt G 34 04 May 1864 Rock Island IL
BREWER, James I. Sgt K 34 16 Feb 1864 Rock Island IL
BURGE, C. W. Capt A 19 Lynchburg VA
CAMBRILL, A. J. 32 Franklin TN
CAMPBELL, George W. Pvt G 34 17 Aug 1864 Rock Island IL
CARRIN, M. C 19 Lynchburg VA
CHAMBERS, C. H. K 2 Lynchburg VA
CHAMPION, G. W. C 2 Lynchburg VA
CHEWNING, Richard B 2 4 Dec 1864 Indianapolis IN
CHUNN, George W. B 23 27 Oct 1861 Hopkinsville, KY
CLAYTON, George W. Pvt F 34 30 Dec 1863 Rock Island IL
COBB, Green B. Cpl H 2 Lynchburg VA
COLLINS, Jackson E. Pvt C 34 24 Jan 1864 Rock Island IL
COLSON, Jefferson J. Pvt E 34 26 Jul 1864 Rock Island IL
CONN, M.A. D 32 Franklin
CRUTCHER, Thomas M. Pvt E 34 15 Aug 1864 Rock Island IL
DAVENPORT, George W. A 34 Chattanooga TN
DAVIS, L. Sgt. C 32 Franklin
DAY, Moses Pvt K 34 21 Apr 1864 Rock Island IL
DUNHAM, Enoch J. H 23 25 Sep 1864 Thomaston GA
EDGE, E.D. A 32 Franklin TN
ELLIOTT, James J. Lt D 2 08 Dec 1862 Alton IL
ENGLISH, J. P. E 32 Franklin TN
FEAGAN, D. W. F 23 Indianapolis IN
FERGUS, C. B. B 2 Indianapolis IN
FITZHUGH, Andrew M. Pvt E 34 13 Jan 1864 Rock Island IL
FRAZIER, T. J. A 19 Lynchburg VA
FROST, John Pvt I 34 18 Dec 1863 Rock Island IL
FREEMAN, John S. Pvt I 34 15 Dec 1863 Rock Island IL
GARRISON, Phillip Wilson H 34 15 Nov 1862 Perryville KY
GAUN, Thomas G. F 23 07 Jan 1865 Indianapolis IN
GENTRY, W. E 32 Chattanooga TN
GREER, David E. Pvt F 34 10 Dec 1863 Rock Island IL
HALE, W. B. Pvt D 32 8 Sep 1864 Rock Island IL
HARRIS, J. G. K 19 Lynchburg VA
HASSELL, Jerry H. Pvt D 34 Chattanooga TN
HASSETT, John Pvt 2 08 Dec 1863 Alton IL
HENDERSON, William Pvt 19 13 Nov 1862 Danville National Cem. KY
HENRY, Lewis C 19 10 Jan 1863 Indianapolis IN
HICKS, John Ellis Pvt K 34 15 Mar 1863 Rome GA
HILL, Thomas J. B 34 Chattanooga TN
HUGHES, W. A 32 Franklin TN
HUNNEY, T. J. A 2 Lynchburg VA
JACKSON, J. B. K 19 Lynchburg VA
JACKSON, John C. Pvt G 23 05 Mar 1863 Alton IL
JAMESON, Samuel D. Pvt H 34 04 Jan 1864 Rock Island IL
JOB, Francis Marion Pvt K 34 03 Sep 1864 Rock Island IL
JONES, Pickrum Pvt D 34 27 Dec 1863 Rock Island IL
JONES, S. L. Pvt A 34 Rome GA
JOSLYN, William Pvt K 2 25 Dec 1863 Alton IL
KELLY, L. D. F 23 30 May 1862 Indianapolis IN
LANADELL, Wm. J. Pvt A 34 07 Jan 1864 Rock Island IL
LANDSDALE, Thomas H. Pvt A 34 Rome GA
LANE, David W. Pvt F 34 Apr 1863 Rome GA
LANSDAL, William J. Pvt A 34 07 Jan 1864 Rock Island IL
LLOYD, Samuel H. K 23 03 Mar 1862 Indianapolis IN
LUSK, John D. 34 Franklin TN
MAY, B F 2 Lynchburg VA
MCAULEY, M. D 34 Apr-May 1863 Rome GA
MCCAFFEE, Jasper H. F 23 Indianapolis IN
MCCANN, S. L. Cpl K 23 10 Apr 1862 Indianapolis IN
MCCLANAHAN, F. R. K 23 25 Apr 1862 Indianapolis IN
MCCLURE, W. H. G 19 Lynchburg VA
MCDONALD, Jonas Pvt B 34 Chattanooga TN
MCKEENAN, Phillip Pvt F 2 02 Nov 1863 Alton IL
MIDDLETON, N. G. F 2 Lynchburg VA
MONTGOMERY, B. H 2 23 Jun 1862 Indianapolis IN
MOORE, J. B. K 23 Indianapolis IN
MOORE, M. Pvt D 2 28 Jan 1865 Alton IL
MORRIS, O. 2 Lynchburg VA
MORRISON, J. T. B. F 2 Lynchburg VA
PARIS, J.C. E 23 Rome GA
PARKER, W. L. A 32 Franklin TN
PEARSON, Henry Cpl 19 17 Jan 1864 Alton IL
PEEL, William K 23 14 Mar 1862 Indianapolis IN
PHILIPS, W. F. B 32 Chattanooga TN
POE, Lafayette Pvt D 34 Apr-May 1863 Rome GA
POLLOCK, William Sgt A 23 24 Aug 1861 Camp Douglas, Ill

PORTERFIELD, Thomas B. Cpl F 34 Resaca GA
POTTS, Z. H. Pvt G 32 24 Nov 1864 Rock Island IL
PRESCOTT, William H. Pvt K 34 1864 Franklin TN
RASBERRY, W. J. C 2 Lynchburg VA
REDDING, J. C. Pvt K 2 15 Jan 1865 Alton IL
REYNOLDS, Allen Pvt H 34 Rome GA
RIDDLE, Ariel 2 Lynchburg VA
RILEY, Ed H 34 Rome GA
ROGERS, D. W. K 19 Lynchburg VA
ROGERS, Pleasant Madison Cpl A 34 13 Jul 1864 Rock Island IL
SCOTT, David P. Pvt A 34 14 Dec 1863 Rock Island IL
SHEHORN, John C. Pvt C 34 Rome GA
SHELTON, Patrick H 2 Lynchburg VA
SHORT, R. L. B 2 Lynchburg VA
SIDDON, John I. B 2 Indianapolis IN
SMITH, J. S. J 2 Lynchburg VA
SMITH, Levi Pvt G 34 15 May 1864 Resaca GA
STEELE, Miles (or Milus) Jackson D 32 Franklin TN
STINSON, John A 34 5 Feb 1865 Indianapolis IN
STOCKSTILL, Josh E. Pvt 2 09 Aug 1862 Alton IL
STOMENT, E. M. H 32 Franklin TN
STORMENT, John S. Pvt H 32 05 Jan 1864 Alton IL
STORY, Robert Capt L 2 2 Jul 1863 Richmond VA
SWINEY, J. W. Capt C 32 Franklin TN
TATE, Thomas Jefferson Pvt. A 34 1 Feb 1864 Rock Island IL
THOMAS, Berry A 32 Franklin TN
TIDWELL, John Henry Pvt C 34 05 Aug 1864 Rock Island IL
TOWNS, William H. Pvt E 34 26 Dec 1863 Rock Island IL
TURNER, Clark W. Pvt C 34 07 Jan 1864 Rock Island IL
USSERY, G. H. Pvt C 34 Chattanooga TN
WALKER, R. J. Pvt I 34 01 Jan 1864 Rock Island IL
WALKER, T. L. F 2 Lynchburg VA
WALLACE, James K 19 Lynchburg VA
WATTS, W. J. E 23 Franklin TN
WELLS, J. M. F 23 25 Aug 1862 Indianapolis IN
WHEELER, J. W. D 32 Franklin TN
WILLIAMS, G. B. A 2 Lynchburg VA
WILLIAMS, James P. Pvt C 34 18 Jan 1864 Rock Island IL
WOODS, Wm. C. Pvt H 34 23 Sep 1864 Rock Island IL
YATES, J. B. 1st Lt C 32 25 July 1864 Confederate Cem., Forsyth, GA.

Also see this list of men of the 1st and 23rd Miss. Inf. buried at Hopkinsville, Ky.

Most of the men buried at Chattanooga were wounded at the battle of Murfreesboro, TN which took place 31 Dec. 1862 - 2 Jan. 1863. They were transported by rail to Chattanooga for medical care. Many of the men who died in prisons died of disease. Rock Island was where most of the men of the 34th captured at Lookout Mt., TN were sent. The Battle of Franklin, TN took place 30 Nov. 1864.

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