Casuality report of the 2nd Miss. at 1st Manassas

News from the Front

The first real battle of the war was known to the South as 1st Manassas and to the North as 1st Bull Run.  The South named battles after the closest town while the North named them after bodies of water.  Prior to this battle, both sides expected the war to be over quickly.  Many traveled from Washington to witness war first hand.  The South won the battle and sent the northern army hurrying back to Washington along with the witnesses.  After this battle it was obvious that the war wouldn't be over so quickly.  Tippah County had its eyes on the 2nd Miss. because so many of the local men made up its ranks.  Ten days after the battle the following report by one of their own, Col. Wm. C. Falkner who was himself wounded was published in the local newspaper, the Ripley Advertiser.  It would be but the first of many such reports to come.


Ripley, Miss., July 31st, 1861
List of Killed and Wounded
In the 2nd Mississippi Regiment - Col. W. C. Falkner - at Manassas on July 21, 1861
Company A -- Capt. Leath
J. L. Thomas,   Henry Hill
Benj. F. Boone, mortally. J. D. Parker, severely. T. J. Cooly, severely. J. P. Rose, severely. John Whitfield, severely. John P. Burge, slightly.
Company B. -- Capt. J. H. Buchanan
John T. Thorn, mortally-since died.---Lieut. John N. Scally, severely. Corp. John W. Parr, severely. Wilburn Seargeant, severely. John W. McDaniel, severely. John L. Grace, severely. Allen Talbert, severely. Henry T. Webb, severely. Peter Jammersmidt, severely.-Rose Byrn, severely. Alex D. Wolf, slightly. Mathew Knox, slightly. Allen W. Livingston, slightly. Benj. F. Thompson, slightly. Robert E. Delaney, slightly, Serj. John C. Lauderdale, slightly.
Company C
David H. Trailor, Thomas J. Deaton, Lucius W. D. Nelson, R. F. Merchant.
Wm. W. Westbrooks, severely. Geo. H. Turner, slightly.
Wm. J. Sisk
Company D.---Capt. W. D. Beck
Lieut. J. C. Butler, Moser J. Eaker
Henry L. Thompson, severely. Jos. P. Punkitt, severely. Robt. Ross, severely. Capt. W. D. Beck, slightly. Jos. J. Cox, slightly. M. C. Selph, slightly. Peter Mooney, slightly. G. A. Cathey, slightly. Thos. K. Todd, slightly. J. Falton, slightly. R. A. Allen, slightly. Wm. S. Cooper, slightly.
Robt. M. Walker
Company E
Thos. K. Strickland, severely. Charles Nelson, severely. Jas. T. Bates, severely. Robt. Whitby, slightly. Wm. M. Combs, slightly. Wm. Powell, slightly. Ivy Woodward, slightly.
Company F. -Capt. W. L. Davis
Lieut. John H. Smith, Lieut. Nathan T. Brasselman, Serj. E. D. Sullivan, Samuel A. McBride, Lewis J. Hudson, Jno. A. Green.
John A. Norton, mortally, W. A. Morgan, severely. W. L. Luna, severely, John Cook, severely, R. C. Worsham, severely.
James B. Robinson.
Company G. -Capt. H. R. Miller
Lieut. R. A. Palmer, John M. Ward, Wm. E. Wiley.
A. J. Clements, severely. J. J. Pickens, Spotswood Dandridge, severely. Birry M. Elzey, severely. A. J. McMichen, severely. J. W. Alexander, slightly. J. H. Williamson, slightly. Eli Griffin, slightly. J. W. Coombs, slightly. Silas Maffitt, slightly. Mark Stewart, slightly. David Boyce, slightly. Wm. Newsom, slightly.
Company H
D. V. McCarty
Archibald Clark, mortally. Wm. Gaillard, severely. J. M. Hubbard, severely. Wm. Johnson, severely. John Mitchell, severely. A. M. Hill, severely. Newton Clayton, slightly. Thos. Ayres, slightly. A. R. Roberts, slightly. A. J. Gaines, slightly.
M. T. Thompson, Wm. Younger
Company I
John N. Lyons, severely.
Company K
W. T. Fay, Jeff Williams.
J. H. Miller, severely. Andrew B. Harvey, severely. Robt. Weaver, severely. H. A. J. Imnan, slightly. J. A. Keenan, slightly. A. F. Tubb, slightly.
Field and Staff Officers
Col. W. C. Falkner, slightly. Serj. Maj. J. A. Blair, severely.
Lieut. Col. B. B. Boone.

[Signed] W. C. FALKNER, Col.
              L. B. HOLVIS, Adjutant
              2nd Reg. Miss. Volunteers

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