3rd Bn Miss. Infantry/45th Miss. Infantry

3rd Bn. Mississippi Infantry

Confederate flag

The 3rd Bn. Mississippi Infantry was at one time known as the 33rd and the 45th Mississippi Infantry. It was consolidated with the 32nd Miss. Infantry and after the lose of many of its men it was again renamed the 3rd Bn. Mississippi Infantry. Read the history of this unit on the Mississippi SCV page.

The list below was taken from the National Park Service Soldiers and Sailors System. You will find some men listed multiple times with various spellings.

Here is a list of the companies, their names and where they were raised.

Company A -- Duncan Riflemen (raised in Simpson County, MS)
Company B -- Insurgents (raised in Itawamba County, MS)
Company C -- Raymond Minute Men (raised in Hinds County, MS)
Company D -- Choctaw Rough & Ready Company (raised in Choctaw County, MS)
Company E -- McNair Rifles, aka Pike County Rifles (raised in Pike County, MS)
Company F -- Tippah Highlanders (raised in Tippah County, MS)
Company G -- Mississippi Volunteers (raised in Pontotoc County, MS)
Company H -- Capt. Roberts’ Company [27th AL Infantry] (raised in AL)
Company I -- Capt. Wright’s Company [27th AL Infantry] (raised in AL)
Company K -- Capt. Charlton’s Independent Company (raised in Hinds County, MS)

A book "The Third Battalion Mississippi Infantry and the 45th Mississippi Regiment: A Civil War History" has been written about this unit by Dr. David Williamson. It can be found at the publisher's site www.mcfarlandpub.com or Amazon.com.

Another book is being written by Robert Swinson. See his some of his work here.
Field and Staff
NameRank InRank outNotes
Boyer, P. Surg Surg
Boyer, T. Surg Surg
Boyer, William G. Pvt Hosp S
Cosby, Thomas R. Surg Surg
Foster, B.F. Adjt Adjt
Foster, Frank Jr. Adjt Adjt
Hardcastle, Aaron B. Col Col Living in Skipton, Talbot Co. MD in 1878
Johnson, H.F. Chap Chap
Jones, T.A. Maj Maj
Lay, Benjamin D. Surg Surg
Leonard, Jack Musn Musn Buried McGavock Cemetery, Franklin TN.
Mann, Elisha F. Capt Maj
Mulkey, J. J. Cf Musn Cf Musn
Nunn, Elisha F. Capt Maj
Reynolds, Edwin O. Pvt Musn
Shearer, P. W. QM Sgt Act QM
Simpson, William Act QM Act QM
Smith, A.J. Asst Surg Asst Surg
Williams, John D. 1st Lt Lt Col Captured at Atlanta
Williamson, D.G. Fifer Fifer
Company A
Aaron, George Pvt Pvt
Adams, R. S. Pvt Pvt
Allen, L. W. 12/22/1841 - 11/22/1924 buried Mt. Zion Cemetery, Madden, Leake Co., MS
Armstrong, D. B. Pvt Pvt
Baker, J.O. Pvt Pvt
Baker, John Pvt Pvt
Barlow, Darling Pvt Pvt
Barlow, John W. Sr. Sgt 1st Sgt 2/6/1834 - 7/16/1910 buried Harrisville Cemetery, Harrisville, Simpson Co., MS
Barton, Darling Pvt Pvt
Bell, Isaac W. Pvt Pvt
Bell, West A. Pvt 2nd Lt
Bridges, William D. Pvt Pvt
Brown, Hinton Pvt Pvt
Buckley, William J. S. Pvt Pvt
Bullock, Edward Harrison Pvt Pvt
Butler, Noble J. Pvt Pvt
Butler, Wiley J. Pvt Pvt
Butler, William J. Pvt Pvt
Butler, William L. Pvt 1st Sgt
Cameron, Daniel L. 1st Lt Capt
Carlisle, Mark L. Capt Capt
Conner, Thomas B. Pvt Capt
Conner, Thomas P. Pvt Capt
Cother, B.F. Pvt Pvt
Cotton, Benjamin T. Pvt Pvt
Courtney, Isaac Pvt Pvt
Courtney, John R.M. Pvt Pvt
Courtney, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Elmore, James Pvt Pvt
English, Archie D. Pvt Sgt
Garrett, Richard G. Pvt Pvt 3/15/1843 - 1/4/1929 buried Poplarville, Pearl River Co., MS
Gates, James E. Pvt Pvt
Gates, William Pvt Pvt
Gennings, Wyatt Pvt Pvt
Guynes, George W. Pvt Pvt
Guynes, John R. Jr 2nd Lt Jr 2nd Lt
Harrison, Jehe E. Pvt Pvt
Hatch, Benjamin N.W. Sgt Sgt
Helton, Amos C. Pvt Pvt
Helton, Humphrey C. Pvt Pvt
Hilton, Amos C. Pvt Pvt
Hilton, Humphry C. Pvt Pvt
Jennings, J. Pvt Pvt
Jennings, Wyatt Pvt Pvt
Johnson, Benjamin F. Pvt Pvt
Kelly, William T. Pvt Pvt
Kennedy, Wade H. 1836 - 1923?
Kiddoo, James W. Pvt 1st Sgt
Kirkpatrick, W.M. Pvt Pvt
Knight, Thomas M. Pvt Pvt
Lane, James Pvt Pvt
Lee, Albert 2nd Lt Sr 2nd Lt
Lee, Joshua J. Pvt Pvt
Lee, William Pvt Pvt
Littleton, Joshua Pvt Pvt
Mahaffey, Armistead Pvt Pvt
Mahaffey, John B. Pvt Pvt
Mahaffey, John J. Pvt Pvt ROH Chickamauga
Mahaffey, John R. Pvt Pvt
Massey, Benjamin F. Pvt Pvt
Massey, Henry C. Musn Musn
Massey, Powhatan E. Pvt Pvt
Matthews, Allen Pvt Pvt
Matthews, Arthur F. Pvt Pvt
McBride, J.L. Pvt Cpl
McBride, Joel T. Pvt Cpl Mustered into service at Jackson, Miss., 11/4/1861. He was a color bearer. He was killed at Franklin, TN.
McCaskill, James Y. Pvt Pvt
McKaskill, J.Y. Pvt Pvt
McMullin, Joseph E. Pvt Pvt
Merrill, Frank B. Pvt 1st Sgt
Miller, Henry D. Pvt Pvt
Mobley, John M. Pvt Cpl
Mobley, Thomas J. Pvt Pvt Buried McGavock Cemetery, Franklin TN.
Moon, Nathan F. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Nathan F. Pvt Pvt
Moran, Hezekiah Sgt Sgt
Mullin, William P. Cpl Pvt
Murphy, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Murphy, S. H. Pvt Pvt
Murray, Norval H. Musn Musn
Murrill, Frank B. Pvt 1st Sgt
Parker, James M. Pvt Pvt
Parker, John M. Pvt Pvt
Pitts, Chesley Pvt Pvt
Richardson, John Pvt Pvt
Robinson, Joseph D. Pvt Pvt
Sanderfer, Johnson Pvt Pvt
Sanderford, Johnson Pvt Pvt
Sandford, John Pvt Pvt
Sandford, William Pvt Pvt
Sandifer, Johnson Pvt Pvt
Sandoval, Johnson Pvt Pvt
Sandovel, John Pvt Pvt
Sanford, John Pvt Pvt
Sanford, William Berry Pvt Pvt 7/8/1820 NC - 1892, buried in an unmarked grave in Shelton Cemetery, Union Co.
Sebron, John Pvt Pvt
Simmes, M.G. Pvt Pvt
Smylie, John M. 1st Sgt Capt
Stucky, Jack Pvt Pvt
Syms, M.G. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, James L. 1st Cpl 1st Cpl
Traylor, Edward L. Pvt Pvt
Tucker, George H. Pvt Pvt
Tucker, John H. Pvt Pvt
Wallace, William Pvt Pvt
Weathersby, Wilson 2nd Cpl
Welch, Isaac L. Pvt Pvt
Welch, James F. Pvt Pvt
Welsh, James P. Pvt Pvt
Wethersby, Wilson Pvt Cpl
Williams, Green W. Sgt 1st Lt
Company B
Adams, James G. Pvt Pvt
Adams, Samuel W. Pvt Pvt
Adams, Thomas J. Sgt 1st Sgt
Bartlow, A.M. Pvt Pvt
Bartlow, A.W. Pvt Pvt
Bellar, Nathan Pvt Pvt
Berry, John G. Pvt Pvt
Bessonette, George C. Pvt Pvt
Black, John C. C. Pvt Pvt
Black, John C. H. Pvt Pvt
Black, M. B. Pvt Pvt
Black, M. P. Pvt Pvt
Black, Martin V. Pvt Pvt
Blake, R.S. Pvt Pvt
Blalock, Josiah Pvt Pvt
Boston, James M. Pvt Pvt
Boston, Jesse F. Pvt Pvt
Boston, John G. Cpl Pvt
Boston, Robert W. Pvt Pvt Died 11/9/1862 buried in Winchester City Cemetery, Winchester TN
Boston, William C. Pvt Pvt
Bracewell, James L. Pvt Pvt
Bracewell, James L. Pvt Pvt
Buchanan, James Madison Pvt Sgt 2/27/1837 - 10/21/1924 buried Nettleton Cemetery, Nettleton, Monroe Co., MS
Burdine, William M. Pvt 2nd Lt Moved to Miami and founded Burdine's Department Stores
Busby, John B. Pvt Pvt
Busby, Silas T. Pvt Pvt
Carothers, John S. Pvt 1st Lt
Conner, Mathew E. Pvt Pvt
Conwill, Elijah J. Pvt Pvt
Cope, R.B. Pvt Pvt
Corley, Arthur M. Pvt Pvt
Cox, Adam Pvt Pvt
Crain, Dennis H. Pvt Pvt
Crain, John T. Pvt Pvt
Crane, Dennis H. Pvt Pvt
Crane, J.T. Pvt Pvt
Crowder, William C. Pvt Pvt
Davis, Thomas B. Pvt Pvt
Dickson, V.B. 2nd Lt 1st Lt
Dixon, V.B. 2nd Lt 1st Lt
Duncan, A.W. Pvt Pvt
Duncan, Noah W. Pvt Pvt 1/10/1827 - 10/29/1878, buried Mt. Moriah, Tippah Co. MS
Edwards, Alexander Pvt Pvt
Edwards, John C. Pvt Pvt
Eubank, James M. Pvt Pvt
Eubank, John C. Pvt Pvt
Evans, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Evans, James Pvt Pvt
Evans, John L. Sgt Pvt
Evans, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Evans, William A. Pvt Cpl
Evins, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Foster, Robert W. Pvt Pvt
Fowler, Jimons H. Pvt Pvt
Gregory, R. W. Pvt Pvt
Gregory, William R. Pvt Pvt
Hare, William C. Pvt Pvt
Harris, N. G. Pvt Pvt
Harris, Thomas C. Pvt Pvt
Hendry, Joseph W. Pvt Cpl
Hilliard, Francis M. Pvt Pvt
Jenkins, Henry O. Pvt Pvt Buried Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago IL.
Jenkins, J.M. Pvt Pvt
Jenkins, John W. Pvt Pvt
Kenny, Michael Pvt Pvt
Kerry, Michael Pvt Pvt
Kinney, Michael Pvt Pvt
Leach, James Pvt Pvt
Leech, James Pvt Pvt
Little, Joseph B.W. Pvt Pvt
Mabry, Elbert B. Pvt Pvt
Malden, J.M. Pvt Pvt
Martin, Christopher D. Pvt Pvt
Martin, Henry W. Capt Capt
Mathews, Charles C. Pvt Pvt
Maulden, John W. Pvt Pvt Buried Confederate Mound, Oak Wood Cemetery, Chicago, IL.
McGaughy, Benjamin B. Pvt Pvt
McGaughy, Benjamin C. Pvt Pvt
McGaughy, Eli W. Cpl Pvt
McGaughy, Francis M. Pvt Pvt ROH Chickamauga
McGaughy, George W.D. 2nd Lt 1st Lt
McGaughy, James F. Sgt Sgt
McGaughy, James L. Pvt Pvt
McGaughy, John Pvt Pvt
McGaughy, John B. Cpl Cpl
McGaughy, Marion P. Pvt Pvt
McShan, William S. 1st Sgt 2nd Lt
Miles, James J. Pvt Pvt
Miles, Levi H. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Lucian B. Pvt Pvt
Moore, William C. T. Pvt Pvt
Morgan, Joseph P. Pvt Cpl
Morgan, Reuben D. Pvt Color Cpl
Morse, Tilman Pvt Pvt
Morse, Willis E. Musn Pvt
Moulden, John W. Pvt Pvt
Murrell, James R. Pvt Pvt
Nelson, James M. Cpl Pvt
Owen, John H. Pvt Pvt
Owens, John H. Pvt Pvt
Partlow, A. W. Pvt Pvt
Partlow, Albert M. Pvt Pvt
Partlow, Henry E. Pvt Pvt
Partlow, John C. Pvt Pvt
Pennington, William Pvt Pvt Died 11/12/1862 buried Winchester City Cemetery, Winchester TN
Quinn, John O. Pvt Pvt
Ramey, John L. Pvt Pvt
Rany, J.L. Pvt Pvt
Rice, John W. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, Larkin J. Pvt Pvt
Ruff, David H. Pvt Pvt
Ruff, George W. Pvt Pvt
Ruff, Henry H. Pvt Pvt
Ruff, John W. Pvt Pvt
Schumpert, John Musn Musn
Smith, John S. Pvt 1st Sgt
Spikes, Jonah Pvt Pvt
Spikes, Josiah Pvt Pvt
Spikes, William Pvt Pvt
Springer, Daniel Pvt Pvt
Springer, Job Sgt Pvt
Stockton, J.M. Pvt Pvt
Stockton, John W. Pvt Pvt
Stockton, T.W. Pvt Pvt
Sullivan, James Monett Pvt Pvt
Taber, William C. Pvt Pvt
Tabor, William C. Pvt Pvt
Taylor, Eli C. Pvt Pvt
Trotter, David Pvt Pvt
Ubanks, T.M. Pvt Pvt
Weaver, Paul Pvt Pvt
Weever, Paul Pvt Pvt
White, Archibald 2nd Lt 1st Lt
White, Duncan Sgt Pvt
Whittaker, Aron N. Pvt Pvt
Wilburne, R.E. Pvt Pvt
Willborne, Richard E. Pvt Pvt
Willborne, Richard E. Pvt Pvt
Williams, John D. 1st Lt Lt Col
Williams, Thomas B. Pvt Pvt
Williams, William G. Pvt Cpl
Wilson, Josiah W. Pvt Pvt
Wood, Samuel D. Pvt Pvt
Company C
Adams, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Adams, James A. Pvt Pvt
Allen, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Anderson, Leroy Pvt Cpl
Anderson, Levy Pvt Cpl
Anderson, Thomas F. Pvt Sr 2nd Lt
Anderson, Timothy Sgt Sgt
Arington, James Pvt Pvt
Armstrong, William Pvt Pvt
Arrington, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Barefield, Lewis Pvt Pvt
Barefield, Louis S. Pvt Pvt
Barhill, B.T. Pvt Pvt
Bateman, John G. Pvt Pvt
Bearfield, L. S. Pvt Pvt
Bearfield, Lewis Pvt Pvt
Bethany, Benjamin F. Pvt Pvt
Bethany, James T. Cpl Cpl
Borefield, L. S. Pvt Pvt
Brown, George H. Pvt Pvt
Brown, James T. Pvt Pvt
Brown, William D. Pvt Pvt
Carruth, J.E. Pvt Sgt Maj
Cason, W.J. Pvt Pvt
Cason, William Pvt Pvt
Clark, Gilbert Pvt Pvt
Clark, John F. Pvt Pvt
Clement, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Cobb, John T. Pvt Pvt
Cobb, William B. 1st Cpl Sgt
Cowen, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Cowin, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Cown, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Davis, William Pvt Pvt
Dorroh, James M. Pvt Pvt
Edwards, Abner W. Pvt Pvt
Edwards, Ed Z. Pvt Pvt
Elliott, William Pvt Pvt
Finklea, John W. Pvt Pvt
Finkley, Holcum K. Pvt Pvt
Finkley, John W. Pvt Pvt
Fisher, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Foos, George Pvt Pvt
Foss, George Pvt Pvt
Franklin, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Franklin, William I. Pvt Pvt
Garner, William Pvt Pvt
Gilpin, Joseph H. Pvt Pvt
Goodeman, H.C. Pvt Pvt
Goodman, Henry C. Pvt Pvt
Goodman, Henry Clay Pvt Pvt
Goodman, Henry G. Pvt Pvt
Grant, John Pvt Pvt
Gray, James W. Pvt Pvt
Hammock, William I. Pvt Cpl
Hayne, G.C. Pvt Pvt
Haynes, George E. Pvt Pvt
Haynes, Horatio P. Sgt 1st Lt
Higgins, George W. Pvt Pvt
Higgins, John J. 1st Lt 1st Lt Wounded at Atlanta
Hightower, William A. Pvt Pvt
Hurt, William Cpl Cpl
Hutchinson, James Pvt Pvt
Jamison, Harvey N. Pvt Pvt
Jarnigan, James A. Cpl Cpl
Jarvis, Elija B. Pvt Pvt
Jernigan, James A. Cpl Cpl
Kelly, William David Pvt Pvt
Malone, George M. Pvt Pvt
Malone, William B. Sgt Sgt
Mann, Elisha F. Capt Maj
Mayo, Albert Pvt Pvt
McCann, Daniel Pvt Pvt
McKan, Daniel Pvt Pvt
McMinn, Nathaniel P.E. Pvt Pvt
McNair, H.B. Pvt Pvt
McNair, James W. Pvt Pvt
Metcalf, David J. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Britton Pvt Pvt
Moore, Needham Pvt Pvt
Morgan, C. G. Pvt Pvt
Morris, Sion Pvt Pvt
Nunily, Cader H. Pvt Pvt
Nunn, Elisha F. Capt Maj
Nunneele, Cader H. Pvt Pvt
Parker, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt
Parker, Augustus J. Pvt Pvt
Parker, Icabod D. Pvt Pvt
Parker, Isaac V. Pvt Pvt
Parry, Newton Pvt Pvt
Penny, Newton Pvt Pvt
Penry, Cordon R. Pvt Pvt
Penry, Newton S. Pvt Pvt
Perry, John H. Pvt Pvt
Perry, Newton Pvt Pvt
Picket, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt
Prince, Francis M. 2nd Lt 2nd Lt
Rackard, David Pvt Pvt
Reed, David C.G. Pvt Pvt
Richardson, Joseph H. Pvt Pvt Died Camp Doublas IL Prison buried Confederate Mound Oak Woods Cemetery Chicago IL
Richardson, Robert Freeman Pvt Color Cpl
Richey, Steven D. Sgt Sgt
Ritchie, S.D. Sgt Sgt
Rodgers, J.B. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, George F. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, George H. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, George L. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, George T. Pvt Pvt Died 12/24/1863 buried Rock Island IL prison. Marker says Co. C 45 Miss.
Rogers, Martin Pvt Pvt
Russell, James M. Pvt Pvt
Scarborough, James Sgt Sgt
Scarbrough, James Sgt Sgt
Slaughter, O.M. Pvt Pvt
Slaughter, O.N. Pvt Pvt
Slaughter, Owen Pvt Pvt
Slaughter, Robert C. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Tandy W. Pvt Pvt
Smith, William Pvt Pvt
Stephenson, John E. Sgt Sgt
Stephenson, Simpson R. Jr 2nd Lt Jr 2nd Lt
Stevens, Cornelius K. Pvt Pvt
Stevenson, John E. 1st Sgt 1st Sgt
Stevenson, S.R. Jr 2nd Lt Jr 2nd Lt
Stewart, George W. Pvt Cpl
Stewart, Robert F. Pvt Pvt
Stewart, William C. Pvt Pvt
Stone, Joseph P. Cpl Cpl
Stuart, William Pvt Pvt
Suttle, John Pvt Pvt
Swindle, George Pvt Pvt
Swindle, Joel Pvt Pvt ROH Chickamauga
Vandevender, A.M. Pvt Pvt
Vandevender, Alonzo C. Pvt Pvt
Vinson, John B. Pvt Pvt
Warr, Abel Pvt Cpl Died 10/6/1864 buried Glenwood Cemetery, Thomaston GA
White, James L. Pvt Pvt
Williams, Thomas J. Sgt Jr 2nd Lt
Company D
Adair, E. S. Sgt Pvt
Adare, E. S. Sgt Pvt
Adkerson, Griffon Pvt Pvt
Alford, George Pvt Cpl
Allen, William A. Pvt Pvt
Arndale, Dan'l.
Arnold, Jerry W. Pvt Pvt
Arnold, Jesse Pvt Pvt
Arnold, John L. Cpl Sgt
Arnold, William H. Pvt Pvt
Banks, John R. Pvt Pvt Born about 1827 AL, died Camp Morton IN prison, buried Greenlawn Cemetery, IN
Barnes, J.R. Pvt Pvt
Barns, James R. Pvt Pvt
Barrons, James R. Pvt Pvt
Bell, Henry Pvt Cpl
Benett, W. O. Pvt Pvt
Bennett, Harden L. Pvt Cpl
Bennett, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Bennett, John S. 1st Cpl 2nd Lt
Bennett, William O. Pvt Pvt Buried Mars Hill Cemetery, Montgomery Co. MS
Bingham, Alfred G. Pvt Sgt
Blake, R.S. Pvt Pvt
Burns, Albert N. 1st Cpl 1st Sgt
Buse, John Pvt Pvt
Caldwell, Samuel S. Pvt Bvt 2nd Lt
Cox, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Cummings, James B. Pvt Pvt
Cummings, John M. Pvt Pvt
Cummings, T.H. Pvt Pvt
Cummins, James B. Pvt Pvt
Cummins, John B. Pvt Pvt
Cummins, John M. Pvt Pvt
Cummins, T.H. Pvt Pvt
Cummins, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Davis, Benjamin E. Pvt Pvt
Dickson, David N. Pvt Pvt
Dickson, Gilbert N. Pvt Cpl
Dickson, T.A.J. Pvt Pvt
Dill, David Pvt Pvt
Dill, Dennis M. Pvt Pvt
Dill, J.D. Pvt Pvt
Dill, William H. Pvt Pvt
Doolittle, Samuel M. Pvt Pvt
Doolittle, William E. Sgt 2nd Lt
Dunn, Benjamin A. Pvt Pvt
Dunn, Marlin E. Pvt Pvt
Easterwood, J. A. R. Pvt Pvt
Easterwood, James C.R. Pvt Pvt
Easterwood, James L. Pvt Pvt
Easterwood, William Pvt Pvt Buried Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago IL
Easterwood, William D. Pvt Pvt
Easterwood, William L. Pvt Pvt
Easterwood, William S. Pvt Pvt
Esterwood, H. R. Pvt Pvt
Fewers, T.H. Pvt Pvt
Flowers, T. H. Pvt Pvt
Fox, William 2nd Lt 1st Lt Buried McGavock Cemetery, Franklin TN.
Franks, H. P. Pvt Pvt
Franks, P. Pvt Pvt
Garey, John A. P. Pvt Pvt
Garry, John A. Pvt Pvt
Gary, John A. Pvt Pvt
Gast, Adam Musn Drum Maj
Goldson, James M. Sgt Pvt
Golston, James M. Sgt Pvt
Green, Francis M. Pvt Pvt
Green, Frederick Pvt Pvt
Hammack, A.W. Pvt Pvt
Hammack, Charles Pvt Pvt
Hammack, F.F. Pvt
Hammack, J.F. Pvt Pvt
Hammack, J.T. Pvt Pvt
Hammack, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Hammoc, Miles S. Pvt Pvt
Hammock, Felix W. Jr 2nd Lt Pvt
Hammock, J.Y. Pvt Pvt
Harris, John J. Pvt Pvt
Harriss, John D. Pvt Pvt
Harrod, John A. Pvt Pvt
Harrod, Stephen J. Pvt Pvt
Harrold, Stephen I. Pvt Pvt
Hawkins, R.P. Pvt Pvt
Hazzard, Edmond Pvt Pvt
Hazzard, Edward Pvt Pvt
Heath, C.C. Pvt Pvt
Heeth, C.C. Pvt Pvt
Helms, Elijah B. Pvt Pvt
Helms, Elijah E. Pvt Pvt
Herrod, John A. Pvt Pvt
Herrod, Stephen J. Pvt Pvt
Holland, Henry H. Sgt 1st Sgt
Holland, Henry N. Sgt 1st Sgt
Hubbard, George S. Pvt Pvt
Hughs, Joel 1st Sgt 1st Sgt
Ingraham, Robert C. Pvt Cpl
Johnson, James Manly Pvt 2nd Lt
Jones, Cebron Pvt Pvt
Jones, Sebron Pvt Pvt
Kellard, William Pvt Pvt
Kirk, Lewis J. Pvt
Lawrimore, Andrew L. Pvt Pvt
Logan, M.R. Pvt Pvt
Lorrimore, Nicholas Pvt Pvt
Lowremore, A.L. Pvt Pvt
Lowrimore, Nicholas Pvt Pvt
Marshall, William J. Pvt Pvt
May, William Pvt Cpl
Mitchell, Ballous M. Pvt Cpl
Mitchell, William M. Pvt Pvt
Moman, H. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Albert W. Pvt Pvt
Moore, William A. Pvt Pvt
Moorman, Hill Pvt Pvt
Morman, Hillsman Pvt Pvt
Morman, John Pvt Pvt
Mormon, Hillsman Pvt Pvt
Mormon, John Pvt Pvt
Mullens, R. J. Pvt Pvt
Mullins, Robert Pvt Pvt
Nalley, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Nally, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Norman, George M. Pvt Pvt
Norris, Enoch W. Pvt Pvt
Norwood, Benjamin H. Pvt
Norwood, David D. Cpl Pvt
Norwood, Holly H. Pvt Pvt
Norwood, J. N. Pvt Pvt
Oliver, William T. Sgt Sgt
Parker, Isaac Pvt Pvt
Parom, A. J. Pvt Sgt
Perry, John Pvt Pvt
Petty, James M. Sgt Sgt
Pierce, Joseph A. Pvt Pvt
Pittman, William N. Capt Capt
Poe, M. B. Pvt Pvt
Poe, Martin A. Pvt Pvt
Poe, Martin V. Pvt Pvt
Pryon, A.J. Pvt Sgt
Pryor, J.A. Pvt Pvt
Pyron, Andrew J. Pvt Sgt
Pyron, Elias Pvt Pvt
Pyron, James A. Cpl Bvt 2nd Lt
Pyron, John A. Pvt Pvt
Pyron, Richard B. Pvt Pvt Died 5/13/1864 buried Oxford College Campus Cemetery, Oxford, GA.
Quinn, John O. Pvt Pvt Died 1/18/1864 buried Rock Island Cemetery. Marker says Co. D 45 Miss.
Randall, J.D. Pvt Pvt
Randle, John D. Pvt Pvt
Saffell, Albert V. Pvt Pvt
Saffold, A.V. Pvt Pvt
Salley, James W. Pvt Pvt
Sanders, J.J. Pvt Pvt
Sanders, James Jeff Pvt Pvt
Simpson, James C. Pvt Pvt
Smith, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Smith, William G. Pvt Pvt
Smith, William R. Pvt Pvt
Stephens, Andrew V.B. Pvt Pvt
Stevens, A.V.B. Pvt Pvt
Stoker, John H. Pvt Pvt
Strickland, Willis Kinsman Pvt Pvt Drew a pension from Line, Drew County AR
Suffold, Albert V. Pvt Pvt
Swann, Newton Pvt Pvt
Taylor, Frank Pvt Pvt
Taylor, John Pvt Pvt
Templeton, Edmond H. Pvt Pvt ROH Chickamauga
Thomas, John Pvt Pvt
Thornton, Green Pvt Pvt
Thornton, Robert Pvt Cpl
Thornton, S.R. Pvt Pvt
Tindall, Thomas W. Pvt Pvt
Towers, John Pvt Pvt
Tyron, A.J. Pvt Sgt
Vaughan, George Pvt Pvt
Warson, A. Pvt Pvt
Wedd, James F. Pvt Pvt
West, John T. Pvt Pvt
White, E. Polphry D. Pvt Pvt
Whitten, Alvin E. Pvt Pvt
Wilson, J.A. Pvt Pvt
Wood, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt
Wood, Arthur J. Pvt Pvt
Wortham, Z.G. Cpl Cpl
Wright, Wiley Pvt Pvt
Yelvington, J.R. Pvt Pvt
Young, Henry Pvt Pvt
Young, James Pvt Pvt
Young, William B. Pvt Pvt
Company E
Adams, A. E. Pvt Pvt
Alford, G. H. Cpl Cpl
Alford, George Pvt Cpl
Allen, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Allen, W. Pvt Pvt
Anderson, J. J. 4th Sgt 7/14/1840 - 9/4/1864 buried Eastfork Cemetery, Amite Co., MS
Andrews, Robert Pvt Pvt
Austin, Jr., Morris Pvt Pvt
Bawsky, J. Pvt Pvt
Bird, Charles E. Pvt Pvt A Charles M. Byrd Co. E 45th Miss. is buried in Oak Wood Cemetery, Chicago IL
Bowsky, Julius Pvt Pvt
Boyd, A. A. Cpl Capt
Boyd, Alfred A. Cpl Capt
Boyd, William Pvt Pvt
Braun, William Sgt Pvt
Bridges, Wiley W. Pvt Pvt
Brown, Asa M. Pvt Pvt
Brown, David Pvt Pvt
Brown, Newton M. Pvt Pvt ROH Chickamauga (Killed)
Brown, W. D. Pvt Pvt
Brown, W. R. Sgt Pvt
Bunch, F.M. Pvt Pvt
Busby, J. I. B. Cpl Pvt
Canter, W. D. Pvt Pvt
Carroll, James W. Pvt Pvt
Carruth, J.B. Pvt Pvt
Carruth, Joseph B. Pvt Sgt Maj
Carruth, R.M. Pvt Pvt
Cartwright, J.H. Pvt Pvt 1847 - 1938 buried Paynes Chapel, Tippah County
Causey, Iley L. Pvt Sgt
Causey, J.L. Pvt Sgt
Chaddicks, W.J. Pvt Pvt
Chamberlain, S.M. Pvt Pvt
Clark, H. A. Pvt Pvt
Clark, H. J. Pvt Pvt
Clark, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Coney, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Conwell, F. M. Pvt Pvt
Cook, J. M. Pvt Pvt
Cosgrow, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Cutrer, N.S. Pvt Pvt 2/10/1837 - 2/20/1936 buried Travis Cemetery, Walls, Amite Co., MS
Dannis, J.A. Pvt Pvt
Dawnen, R. J. 1st Sgt 1st Sgt
Dawnes, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Dawson, D. A. Pvt Pvt
Day, David M. Pvt Pvt
Dearmond, James Pvt Pvt
Downer, Rialdo J. 1st Sgt 1st Sgt 12/31/1835 - 5/12/1862 buried McComb, Pike Co., MS
Dunnica, George Pvt Pvt
Dunnica, Leon Pvt Sgt Maj
Fisher, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Flood, Martin Pvt Sgt
Floos, Warren Sgt Sgt
Flors, Warren Sgt Sgt
Floss, Warren Sgt Sgt
Flowers, John H. Pvt Pvt
Gammon, A. Pvt Pvt
Gardner, Seaborn Pvt Pvt
Garner, John L. Pvt Pvt
Gatlin, C. Pvt Pvt
Gatlin, C. A. Pvt Pvt
Gatlin, E. A. Pvt Pvt
Gatlin, H. W. Pvt Pvt
Gatlir, E. A. Pvt Pvt
Gatter, E. A. Pvt Pvt
Getlin, E.A. Pvt Pvt
Gordon, T. D. Pvt Pvt
Gotosky, M. Pvt Pvt
Gotowsky, M. Pvt Pvt
Hales, T. Benton Pvt Pvt
Hammil, H.J. Pvt Pvt
Hancock, P.A. Pvt Pvt
Haney, William Pvt Pvt
Harrell, C. W. Pvt Pvt
Herald, William Pvt Pvt
Hilborn, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Hodges, L.J. Pvt Sgt
Hodges, Samuel J. Pvt Sgt
Hoover, Charles L. Pvt Pvt
Huckaby, John Pvt Pvt
Huffman, George W. Sgt Pvt
Hyman, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Johnson, R.J. Pvt Pvt
Johnston, William B. Pvt Pvt
Keen, C.L. Pvt Pvt
Keen, W.H. Pvt Pvt Buried McGavock Cemetery, Franklin TN.
Keene, Mathison J. Pvt Pvt Received a pension in Pine Grove, St. Helena Parish LA.
Kinabrew, Leander M. Pvt Pvt
Kineblue, Leander M. Pvt Pvt
Kinnabraugh, Leonard M. Pvt Pvt
Latham, J.P. Pvt Pvt Buried Church Hill Cemetery, Christ Church Jefferson Co. MS
Latham, N.C. Pvt Pvt
Laytham, J.P. Pvt Pvt
Laytham, N.C. Pvt Pvt
Martin, A.M. Pvt Pvt
Martin, C.J. Cpl Pvt
Martin, F.M. Pvt Pvt
Martin, Frank Pvt Pvt
Martin, James B. Sgt 1st Sgt
Martin, John Pvt Pvt
Martin, William G. Pvt Pvt
Mason, O. McC. Pvt Pvt
Massey, Elisha M. Pvt Pvt
Maxcey, Elihu N. Pvt Pvt Buried Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago IL.
Maxey, E.N. Pvt Pvt Buried Confederate Mound, Oak Wood Cemetery, Chicago, IL
Maxey, Elihu M. Pvt Pvt
McCheating, John Pvt Pvt
McChuling, John Pvt Pvt
McClenden, A. Pvt Pvt
McCombs, Ephm. Pvt Pvt
McDearmend, Joseph Pvt Pvt
McGehee, H.D. Pvt Pvt
McGehee, William M. Pvt Pvt
McKeating, John Pvt Pvt
McMason, O. Mc. Pvt Pvt
McMason, O.M.C. Pvt Pvt
McNairs, Robert H. Capt Capt Mortally wounded at Shiloh
McNulty, Hugh Pvt Sgt
McNulty, Samuel E. Pvt 2nd Lt Wounded at Atlanta
McNulty, William M. 1st Lt Capt
Middleton, Thomas H. Pvt Pvt
Moak, Martin Pvt Pvt
Mogan, Thomas D. Pvt Pvt
Mook, Martin Pvt Pvt
Murray, M. M. Pvt 1st Lt
Norman, J. Pvt Pvt
Ott, F. M. Pvt Pvt
Owens, A. Pvt Pvt
Pitman, Hardy R. Pvt Pvt
Pittman, H. K. Pvt Pvt
Pittman, H. R. Pvt Pvt
Pittman, Hardy B. Pvt Pvt
Powell, A. D. Pvt Pvt
Powell, James Pvt Pvt
Quinn, J.H. Pvt Pvt
Reeves Jr., Thomas Pvt Pvt
Richmond, A. Pvt Pvt
Richmond, M. Pvt Pvt
Rountree, S.C. Pvt Pvt
Scherck, Isaac 3rd Lt Jr 2nd Lt
Seales, Jarvis Pvt Pvt
Sharp, John W. Pvt Pvt
Sherman, C. P. Pvt Pvt
Shertlieff, O. V. Pvt Asst Surg
Shurtleff, O. V. Pvt Asst Surg
Shurtliff, Orlando V. Pvt Asst Surg
Simmons, R.F. Pvt Pvt
Smith, C.B. Pvt Pvt
Smith, Emanuel Pvt Pvt
Standard, George W. Pvt Pvt
Stephens, C.K. Pvt Pvt
Stevens, Cornelius K. Pvt Pvt
Sublett, T.J. Pvt Pvt
Terrell, William A. Pvt Pvt Buried Terrell Cemetery, Amite, MS
Terry, J.B. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, H.H. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, Hugh Pvt Pvt
Thompson, J.T. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, John W. Sgt Capt
Thompson, S.C. Pvt Pvt
Turner, H.W. Pvt Pvt
Turner, L.M. Pvt Pvt
Turner, W.H. 1st Cpl Pvt
Vannado, F.H. Pvt Cpl
Vannado, M.A. Pvt Pvt
Varnado, F.H. Pvt Cpl
Varnado, Felix H. Pvt Cpl
Varnado, M.A. Pvt Pvt
Vernado, Felix H. Pvt Cpl
Warren, Joel Pvt Pvt
Westrope, D.L. Pvt Pvt
White, R.E. Pvt Pvt
Wilkerson, B.R. Pvt Pvt
Wilkerson, S.C. Pvt Cpl
Wilkinson, B.R. Pvt Pvt
Wilkinson, S.C. Pvt Cpl
Williams, J.F. Pvt Pvt
Williams, Jackson Pvt Pvt
Williams, James Pvt Pvt
Wilson, James R. 2nd Lt 2nd Lt
Wilson, John F. Pvt Pvt
Wilson, M.M. Pvt Pvt
Woodall, H. Pvt Pvt
Company F
Adams, James Pvt Pvt
Applewhite, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Asberry, S.L. Pvt Pvt
Asbury, Samuel S. Pvt Lt
Ashton, John Pvt Pvt
Ayers, Moses Pvt Pvt 2/15/1825 - 3/16/1912 buried Gerzium Cemetery, Myrtle, Union Co., MS
Ayres, Moses Pvt Pvt 1835 - 1912 buried Gerzium Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Barnett, Francis A. Pvt Pvt Died 8/9/1864 buried Green Lawn Cemetery Indianapolis, IN. Marker says 45th Miss.
Barnett, Franklin A. Pvt Pvt
Barnett, J.A. Pvt Pvt
Barnett, T.A. Pvt Pvt
Boseman, Julis L. Pvt Pvt Buried Selph Collins Cemetery, Benton Co. MS
Bradford, George W. Pvt Pvt
Bradford, George W. Pvt Pvt
Brady, John Pvt Pvt
Bromley, S. W. Pvt Pvt
Brown, James A. Sgt Pvt
Brownlee, John R. Pvt Pvt
Brownlee, Thomas C. S. Pvt Pvt
Brownlee, William J. Pvt Pvt
Burge, Samuel J. Pvt Pvt 1843 - 3/14/1888 buried Duncan Family Cemetery Benton Co. MS. Marker says Co. F 22nd Miss. Inf.
Burks, E.W. Pvt Cpl
Burnes, A.W. Pvt Pvt
Burns, Alvin W. Pvt Pvt
Burrage, Samuel Pvt Pvt Probably Samuel Burge above
Butler, William P. Sgt Sgt 7/9/1838 - 1/23/1862 buried McKay Cemetery, Benton Co. MS
Carter, Thomas Sgt Pvt
Clark, A. U. Cpl Sgt
Clark, George W. Pvt 3rd Lt
Clark, U. Augustus Cpl Sgt
Clark, V. A. Cpl Sgt
Clark, W. A. Cpl Sgt
Collins, James Pvt Cpl Reported missing at Atlanta
Collins, William Pvt Pvt
Cross, Harrison D. Pvt Pvt
Crouse, Edward Pvt Pvt
Cummins, Charles W. Pvt Pvt
Dunn, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt Buried McGavock Cemetery, Franklin TN
Elliott, Lemuel Hardy 1st Sgt Pvt 2/15/1834 - 9/12/1926 buried Ayers Family Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Frazier, George Washington Pvt 1st Sgt 9/7/1837 Argo, AL - 10/28/1911 Steels, AL. buried in Steels. Captured at Stone River and sent to Camp Douglas IL for three months and paroled. Wounded at the Battle of Atlanta.
Friar, John Pvt Pvt
Fryar, John Pvt Pvt 3/21/1829 - 2/7/1863.
Gadd, G. Washington Sgt Pvt 1825 - 3/15/1915 buried Flat Rock Baptist Cemetery, Benton Co., MS.
Gathright, William B. Pvt Pvt
Gathuright, W. B. Pvt Pvt
Gillaspie, R.M. Pvt Pvt
Gillespie, Rufus M. Pvt Pvt
Gillispie, R.M. Pvt Pvt
Goudy, John Franklin Pvt Pvt 11/10/1839 - 4/11/1926 buried Edmondson Cemetery, De Soto Co., MS (Unmarked)
Gunter, Polk Pvt Cpl
Hammonds, John Pvt Pvt
Hammonds, Robert Pvt Pvt
Hanley, Edward Pvt Pvt
Hanly, M. Pvt Pvt
Hargroves, James Pvt Pvt
Hatch, E.F. Pvt Pvt
Henderson, James Pvt Pvt
Hester, W. Green Pvt Sgt
Horton, Edward E. Pvt Pvt
Horton, Edwin E. Pvt Pvt
Horton, Richard W. Pvt Pvt
Howard, Francis M. Pvt Pvt 1836 - 5/30/1883 buried Flat Rock Baptist Cemetery, Benton Co. MS.
Howard, John Pvt Pvt
Howard, L. H. Pvt Pvt
Howard, Leroy Pvt Pvt
Hudson, Marion Pvt Pvt
Hudson, Solomon Pvt Pvt
Hurley, Jessee Pvt Pvt
Johnson, James Pvt Pvt
Johnson, William Marion Cpl Cpl 1832 - 2/26/1890 buried Alligator Cemetery, Henderson Co. TX
Kelow, Alan Pvt Pvt
Key, John Pvt Pvt
Killough, Allen Pvt Pvt
Killough, C. Martin Pvt Pvt
Lakey, Wiley H. Pvt Cpl
Locke, John A. Pvt Pvt
Locke, Samuel J. Pvt Pvt
Lockey, Amos Pvt Pvt
Lokey, Amos S. Pvt Pvt
Lokey, Wiley H. Pvt Cpl
Lokey, William H. Cpl Cpl
London, Alexander R. Pvt Pvt
Lookey, Wiley H. Pvt Cpl
Marett, Elias J. 1st Lt Capt
Marett, F.S. Pvt Pvt
Maury, W.W. 1st Sgt Pvt
McCauley, S.F. Pvt Pvt
McCauley, Samuel J. Pvt Pvt
McClung, Elias Pvt Pvt 5/9/1841 - 3/26/1863 buried Hephzibah Cemetery, Tippah Co. MS.
McClung, John Cpl Cpl
McDougal, William Pvt Pvt
McNeely, Samuel Pvt Pvt ROH Chickamauga
Meratt, F.S. Pvt Pvt
Merett, F.S. Pvt Pvt
Messer/Mercer, Franklin Pvt Pvt Born 1831. Buried Plainview AR Captured at Triune TN 12/27/1862 and sent to Camp Douglas IL. Paroled 3/30/1863 and rejoined unit.
Messer/Mercer, Jesse Pvt Pvt Enlisted 2-28-1862 in New Orleans. 10/22/1838 - 5/21/1914 buried Old New York Cemetery, Tippah Co. MS
Miller, Julius A. Pvt Pvt
Morehead, William Pvt Pvt
Morrow, John P. Pvt Pvt
Murray, Richard H. Pvt Pvt
Murray, W. W. 1st Sgt Pvt
Murry, William W. 1st Sgt Pvt
Myhand, Wesley W. Pvt Pvt
Newman, Elijah Pvt Pvt
Peurch, H. Pvt Pvt
Pickens, J. Reece 2nd Lt 2nd Lt
Potts, Mallichi C. Pvt Pvt
Prater, William Pvt Pvt
Raynolds, E.C. Pvt Sgt
Reman, T.F. Pvt Pvt
Renneau, John D. Pvt Sgt
Renneau, Thomas F. Pvt Pvt Buried Confederate Mound, Oak Wood Cemetery, Chicago, IL
Renneau, William Pvt Pvt
Reno, J.D. Pvt Sgt
Reno, J.F. Pvt Pvt
Reno, Thomas F. Pvt Pvt
Reno, William Pvt Pvt
Reno, William W. Pvt Pvt
Reynolds, Elisha C. Pvt Sgt
Rhen, W.P. Pvt Pvt
Rhew, William P. Pvt Pvt
Riley, A. Francis Pvt Pvt
Riley, Francis Pvt Pvt
Robinson, Willoby C. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, Argyle Taylor Pvt Pvt 02/01/1844 - 08/11/1870 buried Amaziah Cemetery, Union Co., MS.
Rogers, E.P. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, Taylor Pvt Pvt
Ruff, John F. Pvt Pvt
Rutherford, John B. 2nd Lt 1st Lt
Sanders, Alexander Pvt Pvt
Sanders, Martin S. Pvt Pvt
Selph, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Selph, William B. Pvt Pvt
Smallwood, Martin L.B. Pvt Pvt
Smallwood, W.L.B. Pvt Pvt
Smith, W. Green Pvt Pvt
Smith, William D. Pvt Pvt Buried Confederate Cemetery Chattanooga TN. Marker says Co. F 45th Miss.
Smith, William G. Pvt Pvt
Sparks, G.W. Pvt Sgt
Sparks, George H. Pvt Sgt
Spencer, William C. Pvt Pvt
Spencer, William L.C. Pvt Pvt
Springer, Robert F. Pvt Pvt
Strap, Noah Pvt Pvt
Street, William M. Pvt 1st Lt Reported missing at Atlanta, 6/7/1839 - 10/1/1907 buried Little Hope Cemetery Tippah Co. MS
Strop, Noah Pvt Pvt
Stroup, Noah Pvt Pvt
Stroup, Phillip Pvt Pvt
Thompson, John N. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, John W. Pvt Pvt
Tucker, George W. Cpl Pvt
Tucker, Moses W. Pvt Pvt
Tucker, W.W. Pvt Pvt
White, Thomas 2nd Lt 2nd Lt 2/23/1835 - 06/30/1905 buried Flat Rock Baptist Cemetery, Benton Co. MS
Whittington, L. Pvt Pvt
Whittington, M.L. Pvt Pvt
Winborne, Moses Pvt Pvt 7/8/1836 - 12/8/1882 buried Blue Mt. Cemetery, Tippah Co. MS
Winbourn, Joseph Pvt Pvt
Wolff, Francis A. Capt Capt
Company G
Abbott, James T. Pvt Pvt
Armstrong, David Pvt Pvt
Armstrong, James R. L. Pvt Pvt
Banks, John R. Pvt Pvt Died 2/5/1865 buried Green Lawn Cemetery Indianapolis, IN (marker says 33th Miss.)
Bass, Bensett C. Pvt Pvt
Bealer, Asbery H. Pvt Pvt
Beasely, Andrew M. Pvt Pvt
Beasley, Andrew M. Pvt Pvt
Beasley, M. A. Pvt Pvt
Beaver, William G. Pvt Pvt
Beeler, Asbury H. Pvt Pvt
Beever, W. G. Pvt Pvt
Bell, James W. Pvt Pvt 12/11/1826 - 1/27/1862 buried Bell Cemetery, New Albany, Union Co., MS
Bennett, John S. 1st Cpl 2nd Lt
Bettes, George H. Pvt Sgt
Bettis, George H. Pvt Sgt
Betts, George H. Pvt Sgt
Biads, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Bigham, Columbus A. 2nd Lt 2nd Lt
Bigham, John 2nd Lt 2nd Lt
Bigner, William Pvt Pvt
Blake, Jeremiah Pvt Pvt
Brassfield, Jesse T. Pvt Pvt
Bryant, William G. Cpl Cpl
Caldwell, C. H. Pvt Pvt 11/1/1829 - 4/29/1912 buried Old Poplar Cemetery, Pontotoc Co., MS
Caldwell, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Caldwell, James C. Pvt Pvt 5/16/1844 - 4/25/1905 buried Sherman Cemetery, Pontotoc Co., MS
Caldwell, John C. Pvt Pvt
Caldwell, Richard P. C. Pvt Pvt 2/9/1826 - 1/4/1913 buried New Harmony Cemetery, Blue Springs, Union Co., MS
Caldwell, William Pvt Pvt
Caldwell, William J. Pvt Pvt
Canedy, John Pvt Pvt
Carlile, J. A. Sgt Sgt
Carlile, James F. Pvt Pvt
Carson, D.H. Pvt Pvt
Carson, David M. Pvt Pvt
Carter, Amziah G. Pvt Pvt
Casteel, M.S. Pvt Pvt
Chambliss, J.H. Pvt Pvt
Chambliss, J.R. Pvt Pvt
Chambliss, Joseph K. Pvt Pvt
Coker, A. J. Pvt Pvt
Coker, Albert Y. Pvt Pvt
Coker, John H. Pvt Pvt
Coley, George W. Pvt Pvt
Coley, William G. W. Pvt Pvt
Colvin, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt
Corder, Cayer B. Pvt Pvt
Corder, Eleazar B. Pvt Pvt Captured Murfreesboro TN 12/31/1862. Died Camp Douglas IL prison 2/1/1863 biroed Oak Woods Cemetery Chicago IL
Corder, William R. Pvt Pvt 8/18/1841 - 4/28/1923 buried Cursham Cemtery, Pontotoc Co., MS
Daniel, E.M. Pvt Pvt
Daniel, Elijah M. Pvt Pvt
Daniel, Elijah N. Pvt Pvt
Daniel, James H. Pvt Pvt
Daniel, Walter K. Pvt 2nd Lt Wounded at Atlanta, 12/27/1837 - 11/10/1918 buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Davis, James D. Pvt Pvt
Davis, Thomas Calhoun Pvt Pvt Possibly enlisted in 1861 in Union Co., MS. 7/12/1832 - 12/30/1897 buried Halsell Cem., Pontotoc Co., MS
Delany, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Deulany, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Deulany, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Dulany, George W. Pvt Pvt
Dulany, James Madison Pvt Pvt B. about 1838 in Benton/Calhoun Co. AL, died Dec. 1904 in Lancaster, Dallas Co., TX.
Duncan, Wade Hampton Pvt Pvt 12/25/1839 - 2/1/1865, buried Duncan Family Cemetery, Winborn, Benton Co. MS
Dunnam, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt
Dye, Alfred Pvt Pvt
Dyer, Walker W. Pvt Pvt 5/18/1839 - 4/6/1862 buried Hopewell Cemetery, New Albany, Union Co. MS
Embry, B. E. Pvt Pvt
Floyd, William J. Pvt Pvt
Franklin, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Franks, Benjamin F. Pvt Pvt
Frazier, Joseph D. 2nd Lt Capt Killed in the battle of Murfreesboro, TN
Gentry, William J. Pvt Pvt
Goad, H.C.
Goff, T.W. Pvt Pvt
Gray, Edward Pvt Pvt
Gresham, William R. Pvt Pvt
Grey, Edward Pvt Pvt
Grubbs, James D. L. Pvt Pvt
Grubbs, James L. D. Pvt Pvt
Grubbs, L. Pvt Pvt
Grubbs, L. J. Pvt Pvt
Grubbs, Tolliver H. Pvt Pvt
Hall, James M. Pvt Pvt
Hall, Richard H. Pvt Pvt
Hall, Thomas L. Pvt Pvt
Hall, William C. Pvt Pvt
Hall, William Carroll Pvt Pvt
Hamblin, Francis M. Pvt Pvt
Hamblin, William D. Pvt Pvt
Hamblin, Wilson D. Pvt Pvt
Hamlin, Francis M. Pvt Pvt
Haney, E. C. H. Pvt Cpl
Haney, William M. Pvt Pvt
Hart, J. F.
Hatfield, J.E. Pvt Pvt
Hatfield, James Pvt Pvt
Hatfield, Joseph Pvt Cpl
Henry, J.K. Pvt Pvt
Henry, James R. Pvt Pvt
Henry, William Pvt Pvt
Hill, Louis F. Pvt Pvt
Hill, W.F. Pvt Pvt
Hill, William J. Pvt Pvt
Hogue, Obadiah Pvt Pvt
Hogue, Ruben Pvt Pvt
Hogue, William H. Pvt Pvt
Holden, Archibald J. Pvt Pvt
Holden, James Pvt Pvt
Horton, David A. Pvt Pvt
Houston, William J. Capt Capt Buried Hopewell Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Howell, T. M. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, Luther S. Pvt Cpl
Johnson, Thomas H. Pvt Pvt
Kennedy, John Pvt Pvt
Landle, A.G. Pvt Pvt
Langley, Thomas J. Pvt Pvt
Langley, William P. Pvt Pvt
Liddell, Charles G. 1st Sgt 1st Lt Mortally wounded at Atlanta. Died 8/31/1864 buried Confederate Cemetery, Forsyth GA
Martin, James G. Pvt Pvt
Martin, John D. Pvt Pvt
Martin, John G. Pvt Pvt
Martin, L.H. Pvt Pvt
McCown, Tresvan Pvt Pvt
McCurley, Moan Pvt Pvt
McCurley, W.S. Pvt Pvt
McKeown, Tresvan Pvt Pvt
McWhirter, George W. Pvt Sgt
McWhorter, George W. Pvt Sgt
Melton, John W. Cpl Pvt
Millwee, O.S. Pvt Pvt
Mitchell, Robert H. Pvt 1st Sgt
Moore, Wiley F. Pvt Pvt
Morgan, David Pvt Pvt 7/10/1843 - 8/20/1895 buried Fairfield Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Morgan, E. Pvt Pvt Buried McGavock Cemetery, Franklin TN.
Morgan, Edward Pvt Pvt
Morgan, Elisha Pvt Pvt
Morgan, John G. Pvt Pvt Born 1840 in MS. Died 1929. Buried in Franklin TX.
Morgan, William B. Pvt Pvt
Murphy, Charles M. Pvt Pvt
Nepper, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt
Nipper, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt
Nite, Thomas B. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, A. H. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, Ely S. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, James L. Pvt Pvt 8/15/1843 - 12/1/1927 buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Pannell, Littleton D. M. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, N. H. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, Simeon Pvt Pvt 1840 - 1924 buried Oak View Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Pannell, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, Thomas Y. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, William D. Pvt Pvt
Pannell, William P. Pvt Pvt Buried Stone Cemetery Union Co. MS
Pannell, Wiseman B. Pvt Pvt 1/10/1840 - 7/27/1924 buried Ellistown Cemetery, Union Co., MS
Parker, Ambrose Pvt Pvt Said to be buried in Union Co. MS
Parker, Azaniah M. Pvt Pvt
Parker, John M. Pvt Pvt
Parker, N. Pvt Pvt
Parker, Peason H. Pvt Cpl
Parker, William S. Pvt Pvt
Parks, A. Pvt Pvt
Parnell, Thomas G. Pvt Pvt
Pennon, W. Pvt Pvt
Pool, Francis M. Pvt Pvt
Pool, James M. Pvt Pvt
Powell, John M. B. Pvt Pvt
Powell, Robert J. Pvt Pvt
Rakestraw, Joseph F. Pvt Pvt
Randall, A.G. Pvt Pvt
Randle, Albert Gallatin Pvt Pvt 9/2/1830 - 2/21/1906 buried Old Zion Hill, Union Co. MS
Reaves, Burton W. Pvt Sgt
Reaves, James B. 1st Lt 1st Lt
Reaves, Wesley D. Pvt Pvt
Reeves, D.W. Pvt Sgt
Reeves, W.D. Pvt Pvt
Ried, William A. Sgt Sgt
Roberts, Allen Pvt Pvt Buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Roberts, James G. Pvt Pvt
Roberts, John Pvt Cpl 4/19/1836 - 4/19/1918 buried Hopewll Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Roberts, Littleton J. Sgt Pvt
Sack, P.B. Pvt Pvt
Scott, John W. Pvt Pvt
Sheldon, John Pvt Sgt
Shelton, John Pvt Sgt
Simpson, Aurelius M. Cpl Pvt
Simpson, William B. Pvt Pvt
Sinder, A.J. Pvt Pvt
Sloan, John N. Sgt Capt
Snider, Allen Bonner Pvt Pvt 6/6/1843 - 1/11/1917 buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Union Co., MS
Snider, Andrew J. Pvt Pvt Died 8/30/1914 buried Snyder Family Cemetery Union Co., MS
Snider, George W. Pvt Pvt 11/3/1840 - 6/7/1896 buried New Albany Cemetery, Union Co., MS
Snider, Hiram D. Pvt Pvt
Snider, M.B. Pvt Pvt
Snider, Mathew Pvt Pvt
Snipes, Matthew F. Pvt 1st Sgt
Snipes, William Pvt Pvt
Snyder, A.J. Pvt Pvt
Snyder, Andrew G. Pvt Pvt
Speck, George D. Pvt Pvt Received a pension from Hardeman Co. TN
Speck, W.S. Pvt Pvt
Speck, Willson Pvt Pvt
Stack, Paden B. Pvt Pvt
Stack, Peyton B. Pvt Pvt
Stack, W.L. Pvt Pvt
Stack, William T. Pvt Pvt 7/3/1842 - 3/28/1921 buried Bell Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Stephenson, H.J. Pvt Pvt
Stevenson, Henry J. Pvt Pvt
Stevenson, John A. Pvt Cpl
Stone, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Stone, William G. Pvt Pvt
Sympson, A.M. Cpl Pvt
Wages, Green Lee Pvt Pvt
Wages, Isaiah M. Pvt Pvt
Wages, Phillip G. Pvt Pvt 1837 - 1914 buried Stacks Cemetery, Union Co. MS
Weginton, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Wells, John H. Pvt Pvt
Wells, Robert J. Cpl Sgt Buried McGavock Cemetery, Franklin TN.
West, James C. Pvt Pvt
West, John D. Pvt Sgt
West, William R. Pvt Pvt
Wester, John Pvt Pvt
Wiganton, B. Pvt Pvt
Wiggenton, J.A. Pvt Pvt
Wiggerton, J.C. Pvt Pvt
Wiggington, John Pvt Pvt
Wiggington, Robert W. Pvt Pvt
Wigington, George W. Pvt Pvt 12/18/1828 - 1/27/1904 buried Old Zion Cemetery Union Co. MS
Wiginston, S.W. Pvt Pvt
Wiginton, John Pvt Pvt
Wiley, WilliamT. Pvt Pvt 4/24/1840 - 10/27/1893 buried Hopewell Cemetery, Union Co., MS.
Winington, John Pvt Pvt
Young, George W. Pvt Cpl ROH Chickamauga
Young, James A. Pvt Pvt
Young, Phillip S. Pvt Pvt
Company H
Adams, H. J. Pvt Pvt
Adom, Joseph Pvt Pvt
Allen, H. D. Pvt Pvt
Allen, W. B. 3/12/1837 - 7/15/1908 buried Union Hill Cemetery, Brookhaven, Lincoln Co., MS
Allington, S. P. Pvt Pvt
Andrews, P. B. 3rd Lt 3rd Lt
Baird, C.L. Sgt Sgt
Blair, W.S. Pvt Pvt
Bliss, R. L. Pvt Pvt
Bradford, J. D. Sgt Pvt
Bradley, John Pvt Pvt
Bragg, L. H. Pvt Pvt
Braly, Mason Pvt Pvt
Bramley, Marion Pvt Pvt
Butler, Gabe Pvt Pvt
Butler, George Pvt Pvt
Campbell, Silas Pvt Pvt
Campbell, William A. Pvt Pvt 5/7/1838 - 12/18/1913 buried Cleveland Cemetery, East Fork, Amite Co., MS
Cannon, Evans Cpl Pvt
Cannon, J. P. Pvt Pvt
Cannon, P. J. Pvt Pvt
Carr, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Carr, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Carraway, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Carter, W.J. Pvt Pvt
Chandler, J.H. 3rd Lt 2nd Lt
Clanton, James Pvt Pvt
Combs, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Couch, John Pvt 1st Sgt
Crony, Benjamin Pvt Pvt
Crony, Noah Pvt Pvt
Crony, W.P. Pvt Pvt
Crowson, John Pvt Pvt
Crutcher, John B. Pvt Pvt
Cunningham, J.M. 2nd Lt 1st Lt
Cunningham, J.W. Pvt Cpl
Davis, J. P. A. Cpl Cpl
Davis, P. A. Cpl Cpl
Dowd, M.C. Pvt Pvt
Dowdy, W.C. Pvt Pvt
Duke, P. Pvt Pvt Died Camp Douglas IL prison buried Confederate Mound, Chicago IL
Fielding, G.M. Pvt Pvt
Fielding, M.H. Pvt Pvt
Fish, James G. Pvt Pvt
Fisk, J. G. Pvt Pvt
Flynt, A. Pvt Pvt
Flynt, Benton Pvt Pvt
Flynt, H. A. Pvt Pvt
Flynt, Henry Pvt Pvt
Freeman, G. W. Pvt Pvt
Freeman, James Pvt Pvt
Fugua, W. J. Pvt Pvt
Fulks, James A. Pvt Pvt
Ghomley, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Ghomly, G.H. Pvt Pvt
Golden, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Goldston, J.M. Sgt Pvt
Goodner, B.C. Pvt Pvt
Grimmett, R. D. Pvt Pvt
Grimmett, T. B. Pvt Pvt
Grisham, Baylis Pvt Pvt
Hambrick, J.H. Pvt Pvt
Harroway, Albert Pvt Pvt
Haygood, Willis Pvt Pvt
Hill, Herbert A. Pvt Pvt
Holloway, C.W. Pvt Pvt
Homebrick, J.H. Pvt Pvt
Jacobs, Harvey Pvt Pvt
Johnson, R.J. Pvt Pvt
Jones, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Kennard, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Kerbo, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Kerbo, M.N. Pvt Pvt
Killen, D.D. Pvt Pvt
Killen, D.M. Pvt Pvt
Killen, H.A. Sgt Sgt
Kirboe, M.N. Pvt Pvt
Lankford, William Pvt Pvt
Ledbetter, F.M. Pvt
Lindsay, Aid. Pvt Pvt
Little, B.F. 2nd Lt
Love, J.B. Pvt Pvt
Malone, A.J. Pvt Pvt
Malone, J.W. Cpl Cpl
Malone, John Wesley Cpl Cpl
Manley, William M. Pvt Pvt
Mann, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Martin, W.R. Pvt Pvt
McCaugh, J.F. Pvt Pvt
McCoristen, James J. Pvt Sgt
McCreacken, J.E. Pvt Pvt
McGaugh, J.F. Pvt Pvt
Mitchell, J.H. Pvt Pvt
Mitchell, John Pvt Pvt
Moore, R. L. Pvt Pvt
Munson, George W. Pvt Musn
Nicker, John Pvt Pvt
Nugent, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Oldham, George Pvt Pvt
Owens, John Pvt Pvt
Parish, Sherrod Pvt Pvt
Parrish, Sherrod Pvt Pvt
Pennington, J. G. Sgt Sgt
Petty, N. E. Pvt Sgt
Petty, Newton Eli Pvt Sgt
Pettypool, J. E. Pvt Pvt
Pool, G. C. Pvt Pvt
Pool, James Pvt Pvt
Pool, James Madison Pvt Pvt
Pool, Nat Pvt Pvt
Ray, Alexander Pvt Pvt
Rhodes, N.S. Pvt Pvt
Ridley, Winston Pvt Pvt
Roberts, M.P. Capt Capt
Rodgers, R.C. Pvt Pvt
Rodgers, W.J. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, R.C. Pvt Pvt
Saunderson, T. H. Pvt Pvt
Saunderson, T. J. Pvt Pvt
Shane, B. B. Sgt Sgt
Shelton, T. B. Pvt Pvt
Simmons, Woodson Pvt Pvt
Simpson, R.D. Pvt Pvt
Simpson, W.H. Pvt Pvt
Smith, B.W. Pvt
Smithy, J.M. Pvt Pvt
Smithy, U. Pvt Pvt
Sotherlin, W.M. Cpl Pvt
Southerland, W.M. Cpl Pvt
Stewart, Conyons E. 1st Lt 1st Lt
Stone, W.M. Pvt Pvt
Stout, J.M. Cpl Pvt
Strong, R.N. Pvt Pvt
Summerhill, W.R. Cpl Pvt
Taylor, W.Mc.D. 1st Sgt 1st Sgt
Thomas, W.C. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, W.A. Pvt 1st Cpl
Waits, S.A. Pvt Pvt
Waits, Shelton Pvt Pvt
Walton, T.H. Pvt Pvt
Walton, Thomas J. Pvt Pvt
Weaver, W.T. Pvt Pvt
Webb, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Webb, J.N. Pvt Pvt
Wesson, H.J. Pvt Pvt
White, R.J. Pvt Pvt
Whitehead, Jonas Pvt Pvt
Whitehead, Jones Pvt Pvt
Willbanks, James Pvt Pvt
Word, W.H. 1st Lt Capt
Young, James C. Pvt Pvt
Company I
Acock, L. Pvt Pvt
Acock, S. Pvt Pvt
Acock, Stephen Pvt Pvt
Badget, J.M. Pvt Pvt
Badget, James Pvt Pvt
Beavers, S. J. Pvt Pvt
Bendall, James Pvt Pvt
Bentley, A. J. Bvt 2nd Lt 3rd Lt
Boddy, S. Pvt Pvt
Bolden, J. T. Sgt Sgt
Bolding, J. T. Sgt Sgt
Bowen, G. C. Pvt Pvt
Bowen, G. O. Pvt Pvt
Braden, William Pvt Pvt
Braden, William Pvt Pvt
Bullock, Frank Sgt Sgt
Burlerson, W.M. Pvt Pvt
Burlison, W.M. Pvt Pvt
Burns, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Childers, William C. Pvt Pvt
Childress, W.G. Pvt Pvt
Childreth, W.C. Pvt Pvt
Childreth, W.G. Pvt Pvt
Childreth, William Pvt Pvt
Childs, William H.H. Pvt Pvt
Church, D.J. Pvt Pvt
Claunch, D. J. Pvt Pvt
Claunth, D. J. Pvt Pvt
Conner, C. C. Pvt Pvt
Cook, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Cox, J.M. Pvt Pvt
Davis, H. C. Pvt Pvt
Dikes, L.J. Pvt Pvt
Dotson, F.J. Pvt Pvt
Downs, Isaac M. Sgt Sgt
Downs, R.M. Sgt Sgt
Dykes, J.T. Pvt Pvt
Dykes, T.J. Pvt Pvt
Ellis, J. H. Pvt Pvt
Fike, J. A. Pvt Pvt
Finley, C. Pvt Pvt
Foreman, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Fretnell, E. Pvt Pvt
Fretwell, E. Pvt Pvt
Gadd, C. M. Pvt Pvt
Gadd, Cyrus Pvt Pvt
Gains, J. Pvt Pvt
Garland, J. J. Pvt Pvt
Gill, W.B. Pvt Pvt
Goff, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Goodwin, F.L.B. 2nd Lt 2nd Lt
Gotcher, W.J. Pvt Pvt
Gotcher, William Pvt Pvt
Gray, J. S. Pvt Pvt
Green, J. C. Pvt Pvt
Green, W. T. Pvt Pvt
Hallems, J. N. Pvt Pvt
Hamilton, A.J. Pvt Pvt
Hammock, W.M. Pvt Cpl
Hammock, Will Pvt Cpl
Harris, R. N. 1st Lt 1st Lt
Henley, P.C. Pvt Pvt
Herly, P. Cpl Pvt
Hill, G.W. Cpl Cpl
Hill, George Cpl Cpl
Holland, H.E. Pvt Pvt
Holland, J.I. Pvt Pvt
Holland, J.T. Pvt Pvt
Hood, D.A. Pvt Pvt
Hooker, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Hooker, J.C. Pvt Pvt
Hooker, T.B. Pvt Pvt
Hughes, William R. Pvt Pvt
Humphrey, S. Pvt Pvt
Hurley, P. Cpl Pvt
Hurst, G.A. Pvt Pvt
James, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Jeffries, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, G.M. Pvt Pvt
Johnson, T.M. Pvt Pvt
Jones, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Jones, John W.C. Pvt Pvt
Kent, T. Pvt Pvt
Kent, W.M. Pvt Pvt
Kimbrough, G. Pvt Pvt
Kimbrough, J.H. Pvt Pvt
Kimbrough, T. Pvt Pvt
King, J.L. Pvt Pvt
King, J.W. Pvt Pvt
King, M.V. Pvt Pvt
Landers, R.F. Pvt Pvt
Langston, John Drury 1st Lt Capt
Leadbetter, J.W.O. Pvt Pvt
Ledbetter, J.W.O. Pvt Pvt
Leigh, Z.G. Pvt Pvt
Lindsey, R.M. Sgt Sgt
Malone, J.H. Pvt Pvt
Maloy, M.P. Pvt Pvt
Maloy, V.P. Pvt Pvt
Martin, J.K. Pvt Pvt
Martin, J.T. Pvt Pvt
Martin, L.H. Pvt Pvt
May, S.W. Pvt Pvt
McBrooms, William Pvt Pvt
McCain, E.W. Pvt Pvt
McCane, E.W. Pvt Pvt
McCluskey, T.B. Cpl Cpl
McCorkle, L. Pvt Pvt
McNatt, J.D. Pvt Pvt
McWilliams, J.A. Pvt Pvt
McWilliams, J.H. Pvt Pvt
McWilliams, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Mills, C.B. Pvt Pvt
Milwed, C.S. Pvt Pvt
Milwee, C.S. Pvt Pvt
Moody, J.J. Pvt Pvt
Moore, Henry Pvt Pvt
Myhand, John Pvt Pvt
Nichels, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Nichels, Sterling Pvt Pvt
Nicholas, S. Pvt Pvt
Nichols, S. Pvt Pvt
Nickells, S. Pvt Pvt
Nolan, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Nolan, R. W. Pvt Pvt
Nolen, J. T. Pvt Pvt
Nolen, R. W. Pvt Pvt
Packard, John Pvt Pvt
Patterson, R. Pvt Pvt
Patterson, W. R. Pvt Pvt
Pickard, John Pvt Pvt
Pool, W. M. Pvt Pvt
Prater, N. F. Pvt Pvt
Quillen, Thomas Pvt Pvt
Ray, M. Pvt Pvt
Ray, W.C. Pvt Pvt
Rea, M. Pvt Pvt
Rea, W.C. Pvt Pvt
Reeves, L.F. Pvt Pvt
Rhea, M. Pvt Pvt
Rhea, W.M. Pvt Pvt
Richardson, J.T. Pvt Pvt
Richerson, J.T. Pvt Pvt
Richerson, T.S. Pvt Pvt
Robertson, John Pvt Pvt
Robertson, Joseph Pvt Pvt
Robertson, L.G. Cpl Cpl
Robinson, J. Pvt Pvt
Robinson, John A.P. Pvt Pvt
Sartin, Isaiah Pvt Pvt
Sillivan, Z.B. Pvt Pvt
Slaughter, W. Pvt Pvt
Slauter, W. Pvt Pvt
Smith, A. Pvt Pvt
Smith, G.W. Pvt Pvt
Speer, William Pvt Pvt
Speers, W.C. Pvt Pvt
Staffold, R. Pvt Pvt
Stafford, Robert Pvt Pvt
Stamphill, Pumqitt Pvt Pvt
Standfield, P. Pvt Pvt
Stanphill, C. Pvt Pvt
Stanphill, W.P. Pvt Pvt
Stewart, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Stout, Pat Pvt Pvt
Strocklin, Z.L. Pvt Pvt
Strong, M.G. Pvt Pvt
Strong, N. Pvt Pvt
Sullinger, J.L. Cpl Cpl
Sullivan, Z.B. Pvt Pvt
Thompson, A. 1st Sgt 1st Sgt
Thorn, T.C.H. Pvt Pvt
Tubbs, William Pvt Pvt
Turner, W.R. Pvt Pvt
Walden, John Pvt Pvt
Wasson, Absolom Pvt Pvt
Wawson, A. Pvt Pvt
Weatherbee, W.C. Pvt Pvt
Whitlock, A. Pvt Pvt
Whitlock, William Pvt Pvt
Williamson, T.T. Pvt Pvt
Wilson, James H. Pvt Pvt
Witt, J.W. Pvt Pvt
Witt, John Pvt Pvt
Wright, R.G. Capt Capt
Wyat, William Pvt Pvt
Company K
Adams, Calvin S. Pvt Pvt
Alexander, Thomas E. Pvt Pvt 2/2/1830 - 2/22/1916 buried Buill Hill Cemetery, Lousiville, MS
Allen, Emmett A. Pvt Pvt
Allen, George E. Pvt Pvt
Allen, J. A. Pvt Pvt 5/18/1840 - 9/21/1909 buried Allen Family Cemetery, Brookhaven, Lincoln Co., MS
Allen, M. M. Pvt Pvt
Anderson, G. B. Pvt Pvt
Anderson, Joseph B. Pvt Pvt
Anderson, Nathaniel Symlie Pvt Pvt 4/10/1844 - 3/29/1907 buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Centreville, Wilkinson Co., MS
Andrews, George W. Cpl Cpl
Austin, J.G. Pvt Pvt
Bass, Winfield Pvt Pvt
Bedwell, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Bellew, Joseph Pvt Pvt
Bidwell, J. D. Pvt Pvt
Black, Oscar Pvt Pvt
Boyd, A. E. Pvt Pvt
Boyd, S. Pvt Pvt
Boyd, Samuel Pvt Pvt
Brock, Theodore Pvt Pvt
Burns, Hugh M. Pvt Pvt
Campbell, James
Carodine, W.B. Pvt Pvt
Chapman, E.B. Pvt Pvt
Chapman, Edward Pvt Pvt
Charlton, Richard Capt Lt Col
Charlton, William 1st Cpl Pvt
Chatham, William Cpl Pvt
Clark, James P. Pvt Pvt
Cook, G. W. E. 3rd Lt 2nd Lt
Cook, James E. W. 3rd Lt 2nd Lt
Coorpender, Robert B. Pvt Pvt
Cox, Odom Pvt Pvt ROH Chickamauga (Killed)
Davis, Baxter S. Pvt Pvt
Davis, Thomas J. Pvt Pvt
Dill, M.C. Pvt Pvt
Dill, W.B. Pvt Pvt
Downing, Gerard B. Orderly QM Sgt
Drane, James N. 2nd Lt 2nd Lt
Edwards, Oliver S. Pvt Pvt
Emmons, Isaac Pvt Pvt
Ervin, John R. Pvt Pvt
Erwin, John P. Pvt Pvt
Estelle, John Pvt Pvt
Eubank, James M. Pvt Pvt
Evans, John Pvt Sgt
Fairchild, Joseph B. Sgt Sgt
Featherly, Edward Pvt Pvt
Flowers, Milton Pvt Pvt Buried Confederate Mound Oak Wood Cemetery, Chicago IL
Flowers, Milton K. Pvt Pvt
Folsom, Edward P. Pvt Pvt
Fortner, Arthur A. Pvt Pvt
Garris, W. Pvt Pvt
Gibbs, Edward C. Pvt Pvt
Goodwin, James D. Pvt Pvt
Hackler, John P. Pvt Sgt
Hall, Benjamin F. Pvt Pvt
Hall, Howell A. Pvt Pvt
Hall, W. H. Pvt Pvt
Haynie, John W. Pvt Pvt
Herrington, B.F. Pvt Pvt
Herrington, George M. Pvt Pvt
Herrington, John P. Pvt Cpl
Hiatt, W.F. Pvt Pvt
Hicks, Emmett B. Pvt Pvt
Holt, R.J. Pvt Pvt
Homer, Frederick A. Pvt Pvt
Hunter, Thomas J. Sgt Pvt
Hyatt, W.H. Pvt Pvt
Jacquess, W. N. Pvt Pvt
Jones, J.H. Pvt Pvt
Jordon, George Pvt Pvt
Kelly, Robert L. Pvt QM Sgt
Kelzer, James M. Pvt Pvt
Kern, James M. Sgt Act Comm Sub
Kern, John T. Pvt Pvt
Kern, T.J. Pvt Pvt
King, James H. Pvt Pvt
Lacey, Felix Pvt Pvt
Lee, Sherard E. Pvt Cpl
Mallet, J. Harris Pvt Sgt
Mallett, James H. Pvt Sgt
May, Edwin A. Pvt Pvt
McArthur, Daniel Pvt Pvt
McArthur, William Pvt Sgt
McBurns, Hugh Pvt Pvt
McGaran, James M. Pvt Pvt
McGehee, Alexander M. Pvt Pvt
McGehee, M.A. Pvt Pvt
McGowan, Simpson Pvt Pvt
McGowen, Augustus M. Pvt Pvt Wounded at Atlanta
McGowen, James M. Pvt Pvt
McGowen, Simpson Pvt Pvt
McLemore, John Pvt Pvt
McNeill, Neill Sgt Sgt
Mitchell, Alexander Cpl Sgt
Moore, W. G. Pvt Pvt
Moore, William G. Pvt Pvt
Morgan, James A. Pvt Pvt
Morrison, Farrar Pvt Sgt
Morrison, J. C. Farrar Pvt Sgt
Morton, James Pvt Pvt
Mullen, B. F. Pvt Pvt
Mullen, Felix B. Pvt Pvt
Neal, J. W. Pvt Pvt
Noble, Patrick H. Pvt Pvt
Noble, W. A. Pvt Pvt
Otkin, Charles H. Pvt Chap
Otkins, Charles H. Pvt Chap
Otkins, J. C. Pvt Chap
Paddleford, Wm. B. Pvt Pvt
Padelford, William B. Pvt Pvt
Parsons, Samuel W. Pvt Pvt
Read, John J. Pvt Pvt
Read, Joseph D. Pvt 1st Lt
Reed, Joseph H. Pvt 1st Lt
Ried, Joseph H. Pvt 1st Lt
Robinett, John R. Pvt Pvt
Robinson, Marcus L. Pvt Pvt
Sandifer, F.L. Pvt Pvt
Simms, R.S. Pvt Pvt
Simms, Samuel R. Pvt Pvt
Simms, William H. Pvt Pvt
Simpson, William Pvt Pvt
Sims, Samuel R. Pvt Pvt
Sims, William H. Pvt Pvt
Smith, H.C. Asst Surg Pvt
Standifer, F.L. Pvt Pvt
Stewart, John A. Pvt 2nd Lt Killed at Atlanta. Died 8/6/1864 buried Confederate Cemetery, Forsyth GA
Thomas, C. Pvt Pvt
Ubanks, T.M. Pvt Pvt
Vaughn, Andrew J. Pvt 1st Sgt
Waddill, Vinkler J. Pvt Pvt
Wade, Alfred J. Pvt Pvt 11/21/1839 - 3/19/1885 buried Wesson Cemetery, Copiah Co. MS
Wade, W.D. Pvt Pvt
Wade, Weaton Cpl Cpl Buried Wesson Cemetery, Copiah Co. MS
Wade, William D. Pvt Pvt
Warhurst, J.M. Pvt Pvt
Watson, John F. Pvt Cpl
Wells, N. Alexander Pvt Pvt
West, George W. 1st Lt Capt
White, Lorenzo Pvt Capt
White, Lorenzo 1st Lt
Williams, Giles Pvt Cpl
Williams, Hines C. Pvt Pvt
Williams, Nicholas Pvt Pvt
Williams, William F. Pvt Pvt
Wolfe, Andrew T. 3rd Lt Capt Wounded at Atlanta
Wolfe, Charles E. Pvt Pvt
Wright, John B. Pvt Pvt
Company Unknown
Blair, W.D.
Brattle, J. B. Pvt Pvt
Davis, R. M. Pvt Pvt
Davis, R. W. Pvt Pvt
Deulany, J.J. Pvt Pvt
Folk, Sampson Pvt Pvt
Hammond, LeRoy
Mires, G. Pvt Pvt
Perry, J. P.
Phillips, C. A. Pvt Pvt
Richardson, T.R. Pvt Pvt
Rogers, Samuel
Singleton, Thomas H. Pvt Pvt
Stokes, J.P. Pvt Pvt
Ward, G.B. Pvt Pvt
Warhurst, W.
Watson, J.I.
Webb, E.C.
Williams, J.W.M.
Williamson, L.J.P. Pvt Pvt
Windle, Jo.

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