Confederate Cemetery
Okokona, Chickasaw Co, MS

        These Confederate Cemetery records were cataloged by James Clark about 1980-81.  In the center of the cemtery is a large tomb with a marker which reads:  OAK HILL ELKHORN FAR---NGTON. Rev. James C. Haygood A. B. of Cane Hill, Ark, a minister of the C. Pres. Church and Capt. of Co. H, Hobbs Regt. Ark Vol D. 12 Jun 1862 at 20 yr 3 mo.  The Okolona Confederate Cemetery is located on Hwy 45 in Okolona, Chickasaw Co, MS.
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        The following info was submitted by Richard Lewis, Mar 23, 1999:
For what it is worth, I have a handwritten geneaology for my family that says that Benjamin Lloyd Long is buried in the Confederate Cemetery in Okolona, MS. I did not see his name on the list and I cannot prove this is correct.
LONG, Benjamin Lloyd, Pvt MS 29th Inf, Co H, 1833-Jul 20, 1862
(Note: This person could be buried in one of the many UNMARKED GRAVES in this cemetery.)

Row 1:
HOUSE, J. T., Co C 20 Regt Ark Inf, 1830-1862
HARGROVE, J. C., Co A 27 Tenn Cav
HANAN, J. E., Co F 1 Ark Inf
TENDALL, J. T., Co K, 12 Miss Cav
MULLINS, W. J., 14 Texas Inf
DOELSON, W., Co F, 22 Ala Inf
Row 2:
REYNOLDS, G. P., Miss Cav
TRIGG, William, 2 Texas Inf
BAILEY, A. J., Co A, 25 La Inf
LYNN, J., Co C 14 Texas Inf
DAY, L, Co E 16 La Inf
FOUNTAIN, R. C., Co H 17 Ala Inf
McCOWEL, J. R., Co K 5 Miss Inf
Row 3:
BRADSHAW, N. W., Co I 19 Texas Inf
FALLER, B. F., Co A La Cav
SUM, Lt F. R., Co B 25 La Inf
FRAZIER, W., Co G Robertson's Regt
MOORE, W. D. Co C, Ala Inf
SEE, M, Co B 18 Ark Inf
HOUSTON, W. H., Co C 29 Miss Inf
BAKER, G. W., Co A 18 Ala Inf
NEAR, H., Co A 5 Ala Inf
THOMPSON, J. J., Co H 27 Tenn Inf
Row 4:
ROPER, E. E., Co E Falkner's Ky Rangers
WHITE, T. C., Co A 28 Ala Inf
GOWEN, H. J., Co A 33 Miss Inf
CAGLE, F. T., 17 Ala Inf
PANINAN, J. T., Co K 1 Ark Inf
BAKER, John, Co B 11 La Inf
SPRUCE, James, Johnson's Regt
HOLLODAY, no given name, Co D 3 Ark Inf
MORRIS, T, Co A 17 Ark Inf
TUCKER, L. A., Co G 15 Tenn Inf
COX, James, Co A Colbert's BN
JEFFERS, A. C, 10 La Inf
FORD, J. A., Co G 3 Ark Inf
McGAN, Daniel, Co A 28 Ala Inf
WILSON, M. M., Co H Ala Inf
Row 5:
JORDEN, W. 5 Ky Inf
LAWSON, R. W., Co R Texas Rangers
ALKIN, W., Co K 24 Ala Inf
GLAGEN, J. F., Co C 5 Ky Inf
ASHBY, W. E., Co F, 5 Ky Inf
POLLARD, F., Co K 22 Ala Inf
HARRELL, A. C., Co G 3 Ark Inf
HALLUCOSK, W. M., Co I 31 Ala
CLARENCE, A., Co C 38 Miss Inf
BRANSON, J. A., Co E Texas Cav
SELF, E. G., Conf. Soldier
MIFEY, H. C., Co E 33 Miss Inf
BOSTON, H., Co G 3 Ark Inf
LITTLE, T. J., Co E 23 Tenn Inf
BERRY, E., 22 Tenn Inf
LYLES, W., Co C 38 Miss Inf
Row 6:
LARD, Charles D., Co I 29 Ala Inf
FRIDAY, J. W., Co D Ripley's Bn
ELENTON, W. M., Co C 18 Ala Inf
HILLIS, S. J., Co F 37 Miss Inf
WILLIAMSON, T. J., Co E 31 Ark Inf
MOORE, J. L., Co E 25 La Inf
SHARP, H. E., Co D 1 Mo Inf
BATT, Capt Adams A, Ark Inf
HUDSON, R. D., Co D 1 Ark Inf
MILTON, J. A., Co D 5, Ark Inf
NELSON, William, Lenden La Rangers
CARR, John D, Picken's Co 18 Ala Inf
CARLISLE, H., Co F 45 Tenn Inf
HOFFINS, W. H., Co D 9 Texas Inf
MILLER, W., Co F 5 Ky Inf
LITTLETON, W. A., Washington La Arty
Row 7:
GRIBON, James, Co F 5 Ala Inf
JEFFES, T. J., Co K 9 Ark Inf
TOLBURTH, T. A., Co A 1 Ark Inf
ROGERS, T. L., Co H 28 Ala Inf
BUNIS, Samuel, Co G 27 Tenn Inf
WILLIAMS, T. J., Co A 16 La Inf
WOOD, G. N., Co D Jones Ark Inf
WARDLA, J., Co A Hobson's Ark Inf
HOWARD, J., Co A 19 Ala Inf
CRABTREE, L. A., Co G 28 Ark Inf
DOYLES, B, Co E 14 Texas Inf
RAY, T. J., Co F Ky Cav
BROOKS, J. A., Co A 2 Texas Inf
SHARPS, William, Co C 3 Ark Inf
Rows 8-24:  All UNKNOWN markers, a total of 349 graves
Row 1:
NEWCOMES, J. M., Co B 23 Ark Arty
MABRY, J., Co H 19 SC Inf
NELSON, G. R., Co C 2 Tenn Inf
BISHOP, B., Co E 40 Miss Inf
DAVIS, L. C., Co A 18 La Inf
HARRELL, J., Co F 28 Tenn Inf
BARKLS, J., Co I 2 Ark Inf
HARRY, Lt t. J., Co H 25 Ala Inf
STEODMAN, W. H., Ala Inf
SHEHAM, D. M., Co C 29 Ala Inf
ROGERS, B. M., Co C 17 Ala Inf
HANKINS, B. F., Co A 1 Ark Inf
Row 2:
SMITHSON, P. P., Co E 5 Ark Inf
FREEL, W., Co B Washington's La Inf
DAY, J., Co A Ark Inf
WILLIAMS, B. M., Co C 18 Ark Inf
MASK, J. D., Co A 10 Texas Inf
FAGEN, W. D., Co C 1 Ark Inf
GARNER, W. J., Co I 1 Ark Inf
ALLEN, H. C., Co E 5 Ky Inf
JOHNSON, J., Co D 21 Ark Inf
TANGLE, J., Co A 4(?) Ark Inf
GRAHAM, T., Co I, 1 Tenn Inf
BERRIES, W. W., Co F 26 Ala Inf
MILLER, A. W. L., 32 Ark Inf
Row 3:
DEALL, B., Co A 18 La Inf
MAXHILL, G. H., Co D 37 Ala Inf
BRINE, J. C., Co F 3 Ark Inf
McCARTEY, James J., Co H 21 Ark Inf
COOPER, J. B., Co G 18 Ala Inf
KITTRILL, R. S., Co E 17 Miss Inf
GATLEN, A., Morgan's Cav
LINDSEY, H. K., Co F 22 Ala Inf
FORSHE, Edmund, Co H Ark Inf
RAG, W. W., Co C Ark Inf
CLARK, J., Co G 1 Ky Cav
MILLER, Joseph, Co D 43 Miss Inf
Row 4:
BRASTON, James, Co C 5 Ala Inf
DARDEN, W. H., Co F 21 Ark Inf
VAUGHN, J., Co G 31 Miss Inf
WORTHENS, E. F., Co D 19 Ala Inf
DUNLAP, Joseph, Co K 4 Ga Inf
BENDERS, J., Co C 21 La Inf
LANIER, J., Co K 18 La Inf
BIRGHEN, J. W., Co D 6 Ala Inf
HUGHES, J. P., Co H 45 Ark Inf
NUGENT, G. W., Co I 19 Ala Inf
BUCK, J. M., Co G 5 Texas Inf
PRIEST, J. H., Co K 27 Ala Inf
DAVIS, W. D., Co D 17 Ark Inf
WARD, J. R. 38 Miss Inf
HARPER, J. M., Co E 15 Tenn Inf
Row 5:
MITCHELL, J. S., 14 Texas Inf
LOPA, J. C., Co E 28 Miss Inf
HAYNES, A. H., Co E 4 Ark Inf
RAMSON, J., Co A 15 Ark Inf
BURR, J. T., Ala Inf
O'LEARY, H., 5 Miss Inf
KITTS, S., 15 Ala Inf
CLURNY, S. M., Co A 1 Ky Inf
LATIMER, J. B., 4 Texas Cav
FIELD, W., 12 Tenn Inf
THOMPSON, P. W., Co I Ark Inf
BASSEL, W. A., Co E Ark Inf
GRACE, T., Co C 1 Ala Inf
JENKINS, T. Co C 1 Ala Inf
KILLIAN, Thomas, Horton's Tenn Bn
Row 6:
First ten graves UNKNOWN
PURNOW, F., Co A 13 La Inf
ANGEL, G. B., Co E 19 Tenn Inf
BOYD, P. E., Miss Inf
LOWE, G. W., Co I 33 Ala Inf
MALONE, L., Duke's Ky Regt, Morgan Cav
SULLIVAN, J. Co H 16 Tenn Inf
SCIDDER, J. B., Co D 28 Miss Cav
Row 7:
RANDALL, R. A., Co B 25 Miss Inf
YOUNG, W., Co D 5 Ark Inf
WHITE, D., Co A 24 Texas Inf
Row 8:
LATHAN, A. C. H., Co H 2 Ark Inf
SLADE, Ebenezer, Co I, 38 Miss Inf
KENT, J. H., Co I 25 Tenn Inf
WATSON, A. B., Co G 10 Texas Cav
JACKSON, Stanley, Co B 39 Ala Inf
RILEY, W. E., Co E 15 Tenn Inf
HICKS, Richard, Co G 39 Ala Inf
WILLIAMS, C. A., Co K 9 Miss Inf
CHADWICK, Augustus, Co G 17 Ala Inf
SHEPPARD, William F., Co K 17 Ala Inf
HENDON, W. J., Co G 16 La Inf
GREENHAW, Jonothan G, Co K 23 Ark Inf
PORTER, James Co B 25 La Inf
ERNEST, Joseph, Co F 13 Ala Inf
WILLIAMS, J. R., Co H 25th La Inf
Row 9:
WHITTINGTON, J., Co I 22 Ala Inf
FRANKLIN, J. G., Co G 18 Ala Inf
CLATER, Sgt. R. D., Co F 20 Ark Inf
MURDOCK, Joshua, Co H 18 Ark Inf
BUSBY, Robert E, Co I 18 Ala Inf
RUSH, Benjamin F., Co H 39 Ala Inf
ANDREWS, T. F., Co B 25 La Inf
LILLY, Thomas J, Co B 25 La Inf
REED, Robert F, Co D 43 Miss Inf
FULKS, W. B., Co C 27 Miss Inf
MONTON, Wm, Co K 20 La Inf
McPHAIL, Sft A. K., Co G 25 Ala Inf
TINDALL, John, Co I 15 Ark Inf
HAWKINS, Thomas J, Co K Ark Inf
DUMAS, James M., Co A 18 Ala Inf
Row 10:
HURST, Sgt. Azariah, Co B 37 Tenn Inf
BARRETT, Samuel J., Co B 5 Miss Inf
ALLEN, James S., Co K Texas Cav
POWERS, Corp. Henry D, Co E 3 Ark Cav
TINSLEY, C. C., Co A 4 Ky, MTD Inf
CARLILE, Corp. W. J., Co I 38 Miss Inf
CROWN, G. W., Co B 25 La Inf
ALBRIGHT, Newton, Co C 23 Ark Inf
SMITH, Sgt. S. F., Co C 23 Ten Inf
WHITE, B. F., 42 Miss Inf
WESSELS, Fred, Co F 2 Texas Inf
ALEXANDER, Joseph F., Co H 37 Miss Inf
Row 11:
CROW, Stephen B., Co E 25 La Inf
WIGGINS, Co F 22 Ala Inf
BOWERS, Jesse, Co H 24 Ala Inf
DODSON, James Polk, Co A 9 Texas Cav
BEASLEY, J. B., Co F 37 Ala Inf
BURNS, Henry A., Co H 2 Texas Inf
TRAWICK, Benjamin L., Co H 5 Ga Inf
TEMPLE, William J., Co D 7 Miss Inf
BURKS, C. A., Co C 17 Ala Inf
DAVIS, S. H., Co D 10 Texas Cav
BAGGETT, Andrew T., Co F 24 Ala Inf
TUBBS, Jesse, Co K 11 Texas Cav
WILSON, Thomas, Co K 25 La Inf
WILLIAMS, Wm. B., Co G 7 Miss Inf
WILSON, W., Co F 25 La Inf
WALKER, J. M., Co I 3 Ky MTD Inf
WOOTEN, S., Co K 32 Texas Cav
Row 12:
WRIGHT, Ellijah, Co G 32 Texas Cav
BLAKE, Richard, Co F 22 Ala Inf
WILLIAMS, T. F., Co A 16 La Inf
WILSON, Sgt. William, Co I 14 Texas Cav
WRIGHT, John N., Co H 37 Ala Inf
BOYD, Newton, Co K 38 Miss Inf
BRYANT, Benjamin F., Co C 31 Ala Inf
YANDELL, 2nd Lt. W. J., Co E 12 Ky Cav
BRAZILE, Robert, Co E 2 Texas Inf
RUSSELL, Franklin, Co F 29 Miss Inf
POPHAM, Isaac, Co A 43 Miss Inf
WALLER, Sgt. Thomas, Co K 5 Ga Inf
READ, E. H., Co G 24 Tenn Inf
MOORE, A. H., Co I 35 Miss Inf
PERRY, J. D., Co K 28 Ala Inf
RODGE, W. A., Co E 31 Ala Inf
Row 13:
HAYES, Joseph A., Co F 18 Ala Inf
HUGHES, Wesley A., Co I 19 SC Inf
LACY, J. M., Co H 10 SC Inf
WESTBROOK, H. S., Co H 2 Texas Inf
SPILMAN, William F., Co C 5 Mo Inf
CARTER, Monroe, Co H 25 La Inf
BROCKBANK, Joh(n?), Co A 24 Ala Inf
RICHARDSON, Sgt. Wm. P. Co H 24 Miss Inf
ADAMS, Brig. Gen. Wirt, CSA
BOYCE, Thomas B., Co B 29 Miss inf
WILLIAMS, Joel E., Co E 21 Ark Inf
ROGERS, Cader P., Co H 10 Miss Inf
DOWNS, Joseph S., Co D 28 Ala Inf
BALL, Robert T., Co D 21 Ark Inf
JOHNSON, William N., Co H 18 Ala Inf
Row 14:
MINEY, James S., Co H 44 Tenn Inf
TURNER, John E., Co I 39 Ala Inf
EDWARDS, John Co C 10 SC Inf
FRY, Granville, Co H 2 Texas Inf
ROSEBOROUGH, Cyrus, Co H 6 Texas Cav
RYAN, John, Co G 2 Texas Inf
GORE, J. H., Co E 35 Miss Inf
PICKETT, William E., Co E 18 Ark Inf, Drummer
THOMAS, J. H., Co I 25 La Inf
WATSON, Marcus L., Co B 25 La Inf
McDOO (McADOO), John A., Co 3 Ark Inf
NOBLES, L. L., Co # 2 Ark Inf
VICKERS, Thomas, Co E 37 Ala Inf
HAMRICK, John H., Co C 20 Ark Inf
HUDSPETH, G. W., Co K 32 Miss Inf
WILLIAMS, 2nd Lt. H. T., Co I 18 Ala Inf
WHITLOCK, Wm. J., Co E 1 Ark Inf.
Row 15:
SHEARER, Elbert, Co F 24 Ala Inf
EVANS, Henry, Co F, 25 La Inf
EVERETT, Wm. F., Co G 14 Texas Cav
HARDEE, J. O. D., Co M 10 SC Inf
WATTS, John W., Co C 19 La Cav
BATES, Samuel, Co G, 14 Texas Cav
HARTSIL, Jonathan, Co B 31 Ala Inf
ADAMS, J. M., Co C 45 Ala Inf
HENDRICKSON, Corp. Samuel, Co G 31 Ark Inf
ANDERSON, John J., Co G 24 Ala Inf
GIBSON, Hiram C, Co F 9 Texas Cav
BUTLER, Hiram C., Co F 9 Texas Cav (could be a mistake, combination of
            above listing and the next listing)
BUTLER, Robert A., Co A 39 Ala Inf
BROWN, P. B., Co G 5 Miss Inf
FRIAR, William D., Co I 1 Ark Inf
STURDEVANT, H. C., Co K 5 Miss Cav
GOLDEN, Thomas, Co G 19 La Inf
WILSON, T. D., Co H 3 Ark Cav
SHORT, Wm., Co H 1 Ark Inf
Row 16:
BOWDEN, J. M., Co H 25 La Inf
TRIPP, D. H., Co E 17 Ark Inf
HOWARD, C. W., Co H 4 Ark Inf
SNEDE, Wilburn F., Co F 1 Mo Cav
WILLIS, Henry B., Co L 7 Tenn Cav
JOHNSON, R. F., Co A 16 La Inf
WEBSTER, Richard J., Co B 16 Ark Inf
SHEPHERD, Corp. J. L., Co 1 25 Ala Inf
BRANNEN, Sgt. Charles, Co A 18 Ala Inf
CLARDY, Calhoun, Co D 20 Ark Inf
GILMORE, James W., Co I 17 Ala Inf
DOUGLAS, J. A., Co C 14 Ark Inf
ROSS, Corp. J. H., Co K 25 La Inf
FARR, Wm., Prichard's Co Ga L Arty
BERRY, F. M., Co C 17 Ala Inf
SLOAN, Sgt. Alexander, Co C La Inf
FENTER, D. F., Co E 10 SC Inf
FLATT, W. F., Barret's Co Mo L Arty
WILLIAMSON, A. W., Co G 17 Ala Inf
Row 17:
FREEMAN, William O., Co C 25 La Inf
JONES, Thomas, Co D 2 Mo Inf
SMITH, Jasper R., Co K 38 Miss Inf
BYNUM, Corp. S. E., Co I 31 Ala Inf
PARROTT, James, Co H 28 tenn Inf
BRIDGES, E. B., Co G 7 Miss Inf
WRIGHT, Thomas H., Co G 25 Ala Inf
HAMILTON, George W., Co B 16 Ark Inf
KEELS, R. F., Co E 19 SC Inf
HAYNES, Chaplin F. M., 35
PHILLIPS, George W, Co. B. 1 Ala Inf
ROLLINS, C. C., Co K 38 Miss Inf
MAXWELL, A. White, Co K 19 La Inf
PERRY, J. C., Co D 38 Miss Inf
JOHNSON, John C, Co G 28 Ala Inf
JOHNSON, Robert D., Co E 17 Ala Inf
CLARK, Floyd C., Co K 38 Miss Inf
WATSON, Thomas H., Co G 2 Texas Inf
COX, C. H., Co E 16 Ark Inf
Row 18:
TODD, S. G., Co A 2 Texas Inf
NOLLEY, James W., Co G 19 Ark Inf
TEST, J. N. Co H 25 La Inf
TURNER, Samuel, Co L 18 Ala Inf
ADAMS, James W, Co D 25 La Inf
TAYLOR, Corp. Jasm (James?), R. Co B 18 Ark Inf
LYON, Corp. Benjamin F., Co F 44 Tenn Inf
ROSSEP, J. C., Co K 11 Texas Cav
COWEN, Daniel H., Co H 60 NC Inf
DAVIS, Marcellus, 7 Texas Cav
MURDOCK, Corp. M. F., Co F 16 Ala Inf
BARTIE, Chaplin B., Black 4 Ark Inf
JACKSON, Andrew J., Co I 18 Ark Inf
BATES, Waddey T., Co L 18 Ala Inf
HIGHTOWER, Thomas, Co K 21 Ark Inf
LUCAS, W. M. Co D 5th Miss Cav
JONES, Wm., Co F 13 La Inf
CULPEPPER, Nathan, Co F 39 Ala Inf
KENNEDY, C. R., Co D 25 La Inf
Row 19:
BEAL, Egbert O., Co D 14 Texas Cav
QUINN, M., Co F 24 La Inf
COPELAND, 2nd Lt. J. A., Co I 9 Texas Cav
TAYLOR, 2nd Lt. James M., Co K 27 Texas Cav
COOK, Allen N., Co H 20 SC Inf
PERRY, Silas, Co D 38 Miss Inf
MICHAEL, James T., Co G 22 Ala Inf
McKINZIE, Wm. P., Co G 19 Ala Inf
MORRIS, George W., Co A 25 Tenn Inf
TLUMMER (PLUMMER?), 2nd Lt. G. R., Co F 25 La Inf
GRAHAM, J. W., Co G 2 Ala Cav
HOWARD, James, Co A 19 Ala Inf
MOORE, John H., Co C 18 Ala Inf
DONNELL, John, Co B 16 Tenn Inf
BARLON, R. S., Co H 17 Ark Inf
HAYNES, C. P., Co D 28 Miss Inf
MOORE, Sgt. W. E., Co H 20 Ark Inf
MORRIS, Reuben M., Co G 6 La Cav
HAYGOOD, 1st Sgt. James, Co H 15 Ark Inf
Row 20:
HARRELL, S. R. Co D 25 La Inf
HIPP, William M., Co D 15 Ark Inf
WARD, John, Co E 38 Miss Inf
CARTER, J. M. T., Co H 10 SC Inf USA/CSA
NEWCOMER, W. R., Co B 25 La Inf
HARTLEY, Corp. William B., Co F 19 SC Inf
BOYD, Lewis, Co K 38 Miss Inf
CURLEY, Corp. Henry J., Co I 39 Ala Inf
CALDWELL, 1st Sgt. Wallace M., Co C 3 Texas Cav
INGRAM, G., Co K 9 Ark Inf
GROTWELL, George, Co D 28 Ala Inf
MILLER, Joseph S., Co L 24 Miss Inf
MEADOWS, Charles, Co B 3 La Inf
McGAFY, W. H. Co G 2 Texas Inf
ALKUP, Joseph W., Co F, 3 Tenn Inf
TEAL, John M., Co A 2 Texas Inf
BAKER, G. B., Co M 19 SC Inf
BOWLES, G. J., Co A 18 Ark Inf
Row 21:
DEAN, G. W., Co C 45 Ala Inf
MASON, Corp. W. M. S., Co I Ark Cav
MOORE, J. E., Co L 24 Ala Inf
McCORKLE, J. M., Co K 27 Texas Cav
NALLEY, Thomas N., Co A 28 Ala Inf
STILES, Jasper, Co D 20 Ark Inf
DOUGLASS, George W., Co C 21 Ala Inf
HIGHTOWER, John R., Co K 21 Ark Inf
FISHER, William, Co A 30 Miss Inf
HODGES, John R. Co C 22 Ala Inf
UPCHURCH, Benjamin, Co C 31 Ark Inf
SHEETS, Lewis T., Co F 17 Ala Inf
MORRISON, William C., Co K 21 Ark Inf
WORTHEY, Henry G., Co B 37 Ala Inf
SMALLWOOD, W. M., Co K 26 Ala Inf
ROGERS, J. S., Co K 20 Ark Inf
JOHNSON, James, Co K 18 La Inf
PARSON, Edmund, Co K 20 Ark Inf
Row 22:
REDWINE, Benjamin F., Co K 6 Mo Inf
TATE, James C., Co G 29 Tenn Inf
HUDSPETH, M. A., Co G 14 Ark Inf
EGGER, William W., Co D 24 Miss Inf
OVERTON, William M., Co K 21 Ark Inf
MORGAN, William W., Co H 2 Mo Inf
MAYES, Thomas D., Co D 32 Miss Inf
PARHAN, F., Co A 19 Ala Inf
McLENDON, Lewis, Co F 39 Miss Inf
WHITEHEAD, E. D., Co G 7 Miss Inf
MITCHELL, Luther C., Co D 17 Ala Inf
FENN, E. G., Co C 19 La Inf
SCUDDER, Corp. G. H., Co D 38 Miss Inf
McGATON, John A., Co E 4 Ark Inf
MAXWELL, Robert G., Co D 27 Texas Cav
BUNCH, D., Co K 19 SC Inf
WALLACE, Joseph, Co F 39 Ala Inf
GRAYSON, John, Co D Ala Inf
Row 23:
SKINNER, Archey M., Co K 28 Ala Inf
SHORT, W. A., Co E 19 Ark Inf
VAUGHN, J.F., Co C 19 Miss Inf
HAWLEY, Archa (Archie?), Co A 21 Ark Inf
SIMPSON, Samuel, Co D 10 Miss Inf
ESTAS, Amos, Co H 24 Miss Inf
HELMS, Allen, Co F 24 Ala Inf
SMITH, George, Co K 29 Tenn Inf
MARSH, J. M., Co G 25 La Inf
McALLISTER, Francis, Co E 14 Texas Cav
SRCHER (ARCHER?), James, Co B Texas Cav
PARKER, S., Co B 44 Miss Inf
MORGAN, J. B., Co K 25 Ark Inf
PENNY, William T., Co G 14 Texas Cav
MASSINGALE, John H., Co A 28 Ala Inf
McCULLOUGH, C. W., Co K 28 Ala Inf
COLEMAN, T. T., Co G 7 Tenn Cav

This information was taken from Chickasaw Times Past Historical and Genealogical Quarterly Vol V, No I;  Vol V, No II. The information is the property of the Chickasaw Co Historical & Genealogical Society and their permission must be obtained before linking to this information. 

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