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For more information on recording and surveying cemeteries in Choctaw Co, MS;
         please contact
Jackie Rhodes.


If you have any documented information for your ancestors that you would like to share; please send the information for inclusion on this page to Jackie Rhodes.
        Information to be posted on this page should include the name of the cemetery, name of deceased, birth and death dates, any tombstone inscription, or any other information that you might have.
        I have found a list of some cemeteries in Choctaw Co and am including them on this page, I would really appreciate any information that anyone has on any of these cemeteries...whether for one tombstone, a complete family or entire cemetery.
        If you live in Choctaw Co and would like to contribute to this project and are able to survey a cemetery; I would love to hear from you. This could be a good project for a scout group, church group, school club, or any other organization.
        If you are interested in doing some surveys of the cemeteries, but feel you need "instructions or guidelines" on how to do this; please feel free to email me and I will send you information that will help you do a survey. I have tips on how to clean old tombstones without causing further damage to them, and these tips are a MUST for anyone doing cemetery surveys.
        Hoping to hear from interested Choctaw Co researchers and residents.

Cemeteries located in Choctaw Co

Antiocho Cemetery, Reform--Located off Hwy 15 No. Pass through Reform, turn at next left. Church and cemeteryare located about 2 miles on right.

Ballard Cemetery, McCool--Cemetery is located behind the home of Mr. &
Mrs. Cecil Hunt, in a wooded and grown-up area, about 5 miles from Hopewell Baptist Church

Bankston Cemetery, Tomnolen--After passing through New Haven, turn
right at the first crossroads, continue on this road for two miles, turn left, cemetery is .3 (three tenths) mile on left.

Barron Family Cemetery--Located on US Gov. land in Sec 24, TWP 17N,
Range 11E on site of original Barron Plantation in Bogue Foliah Creek bottom lands several hundred yards from any present day road.

Bear Creek--Located west of Weir, take Hwy 12 W and cross into Attala Col
turn right at first paved road. Continue .6 miles, cemetery is on left.

Berea Baptist Church Cemetery--Church and cemetery are located on the
Natchez Trace, going south from French Camp.

Bethel Baptist Cemetery--Cemetery actually located in Winston Co, but very
near Choctaw Co line. Located southwest of Sturgis; turn south on Louisville Rd., right on Sharp Rd., and continue 3.1 miles, cemetery is on the left.

Bethel Methodist Cemetery--Located 2.9 miles into Montgomery Co; from
crossroads at French Camp take Hwy 413, and go 8.9 miles, passing through crossroads at the Huntsville Community, take second road to left, church is about a mile on right, cemetery is on the left.

Bethlehem Cemetery

Bethsalem Cemetery, Reform

Bethsalem Cemetery, Highpoint

Beulah Baptist Cemetery, Weir--Located  one mile south of city limits and
water tower of Weir on Hwy 407 on the left.

Big Jerusalem Cemetery, Highpoint

Blackwood Family Cemetery--Actually on edge of Winston Co, located in the NW 1/4 of Sec 6, Twp 16N, range 12E of Tombigbee Nat'l Forest, on County Rd. 954

Bluff Chapel or Curtis Cemetery--Located north of French Camp on Hwy.
415; from Natchez Trace intersection continue 3.8 miles, turn right into a driveway; cemetery is located a short distance behind the church.

Bluff Spring Cemetery, Tomnolen--Located 18 miles from the 4-way stop
in Ackerman, turn off Hwy 12 on to Hwy 9 going north toward Eupora and go 14.4 miles, on left side of the road there is a sign ointing westward, take the dirt road amd go 2.9 miles to a fork in the road, take right fork and go .7 mile, turn right at church and go .1 to cemetery.

Blythe Creek Cemetery, Reform--Located on Hwy 15 north of Reform about 2 miles. turn right at the sign and church and cemetery are on left.

Bowles-Dobbs Cemetery, Reform--Located 9.6 miles from interstction of
Hwy 15 & 12 in Ackerman; turn off Hwy 12 onto Hwy 9 and go 9.4 miles to the two stores on the right, just before going under Natchez Trace overpass, take dirt road between two stores and turn left at the Pilgrim Rest M. B. Church, cemetery is located .4 mile from highway.

Catledge Family Cemetery, Ackerman--Located on privately owned land in Tombigbee National Forest in Sec 11, Twp 16N, Range 11E near the Charley Wood homeplace.

Chapel Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Tomnolen--Turn north on Hwy
415 from the Natchez Trace, take first right, when road forks, take left, church is on left.

Chester Cemetery, Ackerman

Clear Springs Cemetery, Tomnolen--Located in southwestern part of county,
take Hwy 415 from Hwy 9 outside Ackerman, follow this road and cross Natchez Trace, take first road to right; when you reach fork in road, take the right. You will pass a house on the left, then the church.

Concord Cemetery Photos--Page 1  Page 2

Cox Cemetery, Ackerman--Located on the farm of Mr. E. R. Lang on the So. Union Rd, approximately 1 miles off Hwy 12.

Crape Creek Cemetery, Stewart--Located 13 miles northwest of Weir, on
Hwy 12 at Weir, turn north ofn Hwy 413, cross Natchez Trace and pass New Haven Church, contine 3 miles and take fourth road to the left of the church, and church and cemetery are about 1/2 mile on left.

Crossroads Baptist Cemetery--Located off Hwy 15 north of Reform and
very near Mathison, a sign indicates a right turn off Hwy 15, go 1.6 miles, church is located at a crossroad, pass church & cemetery is on right.

Curtis Cemetery, French Camp

Dacus Cemetery, Stewart--Located 16 miles northwest of Weir, on Hwy 12,
turn north on Hwy 413, go 3 miles, turn right at store, continue 4 miles, cross Natchez Trace, pass New Haven Church, continue 5 miles, turn left; turn at next left, go 1 mile further and cemetery is on left.

Dobbs Cemetery, Reform

Downing Cemetery, French Camp

Drane Family Cemetery--Located at the old Drane home site, go past New
Haven Church, going west and take first road to the left, cemetery is approximately 1-1 1/2 mile on the right inside a fence.

Ebenezer Baptist Cemetery, Stewart--Located 16 miles north of Weir, on
Hwy 12 at Weir, turn north on Hwy 413, go 3 miles, turn right at grocery store, continue 4 miles, cross Natches Trace and New Haven Church, take third road to right and go 5 more miles. turn left at crossroads, cemetery is 1 mile on left.

Edgefield Baptis Church Cemetery--From Louisville on Hwy 14 W, go 5.2
miles, turn right on Dempsey Road, continue 5.4 miles, turn right, go 1.6 miles, turn left onto dirt road, continue .7 mile, take left at fork in road, pass Hopewell Church and stay on main road, go 2.6 miles and take left at fork, continue 1.4 mile until you dead end into a paved road, turn left (pavement runs out) go 2.4 miles, church and cemetery are on the left.

Enon Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, Ackerman--Located in Ackerman, largest cemetery in Choctaw Co.

Fellowship Baptist Cemetery, Sapa--Located off Hwy 9 north, turn right onto LaGrange Road, continue for 5.5 miles, turn right onto a gravel road, go 1.2 miles, church and cemtery are on right. Photos added Feb 23, 2004

Fentress Cemetery--Locatd in the Fentress Community, turn left off Hwy 12 West just past the store, church and cemetery are less than a mile on right.

Franks Family Cemetery--Located on Twp 17N, Range 9E, Sec 16 in
Choctaw Co, land was once owned by Nathaniel Garner Franks.

Freewill Cemetery, Stewart

French Camp Cemetery, French Camp

Hamrick Family Cemetery, Tomnolen--Located 9 miles north of Weir, on
Hwy 12 at Weir, turn north on Hwy 413, go 3 miles, turn right at a store, continue 4 miles, cross Natchez Trace, turn at first right, go 2 miles, passing the old Hamric home, then the cemetery.

Head Cemetery, Ackerman--Located on Forest Service Rd. 968-1 about
200 yards off Hwy 15 south of Choctaw Lake in Tombigbee Nat'l Forest, fence around cemetery.

Hebron Cemetery, Tomnolen

Hemphill Cemetery, French Camp

Hendricks-Vance Cemetery--Located on old Ackerman-Webster Rd south
of Choctaw Law near the Choctaw-Winston Co. line.

Holloway Family Cemetery--Take Hwy 413 at French Camp, go 2.2 miles,
turn left nto a gravel road, continue for 1.7 miles, cross over a creek and pass two white houses on left, cemetery sign is on the right and you will travel down a dim road to the cemetery.

Hopewell Baptist Cemetery--Travel Hwy 14 W. for 10.6 miles from
intersection of Hwys 15 & 14 on the bypass around Louisville, turn right on a paved road going north for 1.6 miles, turn left onto a gravel road and go .7 mile, turn left on another gravel road, go .4 mile, church and cemetery on right side of road.

Hopewell Cemetery, McCool

Howard Family Cemetery--Located behind Miss Grace Mills' house, take
Hwy 413 at Weir for 3 miles, turn right onto a paved road, go approx. 3.5 miles, will be last house on the left before Natchez Trace.

Huntsville Church of Christ Cemetery--Located on hwy 413 west of French Camp.
Jarod Cemetery, French Camp

Jayroe Cemetery, Highpoint

Jenkins Cemetery, Stewart--Located 14 miles north of Weir, on Hwy 12 at
Weir, turn northonto Hwy 413, go 3 miles, turn right onto a paved road across from a store, contine 4 miles, cross Natchez Trace and New Haven Church, take third road to right and go 3 miles, turn right at an old home place onto a narrow dim road, cemetery is at dead end, fenced and maintained.

Keen Family Cemetery--Located north of Weir, turn right off Hwy 12
onto Hwy 407 N, this will dead end into a paved road at New Zion Baptist Church, turn left, take first gravel road to left, cemetery is behind Mr. Owen Maddox's house.

Kite Family Cemetery--Locate on T17N, R9E, Sec 23 on the Stacy Green farm, from Weir take Hwy 413 N for 3 miles, turn right onto a paved road across from a store, continue about 2 miles, farm is on right, cemetery is located in a field.

Krebs Family Cemetery--located on the Turnipseed Dairy Farm in the
Panhandle Community outside of Weir, 4-8 graves marked with native stone.

LaGrange Methodist Church Cemetery, Sapa--Located north of Ackerman near Choctaw-Webster Co lines, at sign on Hwy 9, turn right, go 1.6 miles east, at church sign, turn left on gravel road, then immediately back to right.

Lebanon Presbyterian Cemetery, Ackerman--Located outside of Ackerman, at intersection of Hwys 15 & 12, turn onto Hwy 12 W toward Kosciusko, go .8 mile, turn right onto a paved road at the sign, go 3.5 miles and turn onto a dirt road at the next sign, continue .1 mile to church and cemetery.

Little Shaw Cemetery, Ackerman

Love Cemetery, Weir

Luddock Cemetery, McCool

Macedonia Primitive Cemetery, Reform--Located south of Reform, go 2
miles south of Reform on Hwy 15, turn left at the overhead bridge, continue on this dirt road for 1.5 miles and cemtery is on right. Church has been moved onto Hwy 15.

Malone Family Cemetery, Ackerman--On Hwy 15 south of Ackerman, take
the first paved road to the right, just before you get to Belwood, go 3.7 miles, turn left a fork on dirt road, cemetery is on right, one marker and no fence.

McCurtain's Creek Cemetery, Tomnolen-- McCurtain's Creek Survey --Located in the northwestern part of the county, turn north onto Hwy 415 from the Natchez Trace, pass Providence Church, turn at second road on left.

Mill Springs Cemetery, Weir

Milligan Springs Survey   Photos

Morrison Cemetery, Sturgis

Moss Cemetery, Ackerman

Mt. Airy Cemetery, Ackerman--Located off Hwy 12 E, turn north onto gravel road running north from Fulcher's Crossing, church and cemetery are located one mile from the highway on right.

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Weir--Locate 4 miles from Weir on Hwy 413 N.

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Reform

Mt. Zion Cemetery, McCool

Mullens Cemetery, Sapa

Mt. Nebo Methodist Church Cemetery--Located 5.9 miles from the
intersection of Hwys 15 & 12 in Ackerman, turn west onto Hwy 12, then north onto Hwy 9, continue 5.7 miles, on left side of road is a small yellow sign, turn onto the dirt road, church and cemetery are located on right side of road in sight of Hwy 9.

Mt. Olive Church of God Cemetery--Located about 1/2 mile from
Providence Church traveling north on Hwy 407 on the right in some trees just before you get to a fenced in pasture. (Church burned in 1917-18, was never re-built, only one grave because no one else was buried here after church burned.

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery--Located 12.4 miles from the 4-way
stop sign in Ackerman, turn off Hwy 12 onto Hwy 9, go 12.2 miles, cemetery is on right side of road beside the church.

Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery--Located in Panhandle of Choctaw
Co, travel Hwy 14 W for 10.6 miles from intersections of Hwys 15 & 15 on bypass of Louisvile, turn right on a paved road going north for 3.4 miles to a stop sign at an intersection, turn left onto paved road, travel .6 mile to Mt. Zion sign on right side of road, turn right onto gravel road, travel .1 mile to church and cemetery.

New Concord Cemetery Photos & Survey

New Haven Cemetery, Weir--Located northwest of Weir, on Hwy 12 at Weir turn north onto Hwy 413, go 3 miles, turn right at a store, go 4 miles, crossing Natchez Trace, church and cemetery on right.

New Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, Weir--Located where old church
was originally, has now been abandoned; present church is on the Weir-Chester Rd; cemetery is located off a gravel road in the vicinity of Doyle Crowder's home. It would be best to get someone from the community to show you the location, cemetery is overgrown, and hard to find.

Nunn Family Cemetery--Located 3 miles west of French Camp on Hwy 415,
Tombstones were moved to the French Camp Cemetery and have now disappeared.

Old Antioch Cemetery, Stewart--An abandoned cemetery near the Huntsville Community.

Old Bethel Cemetery--Abandoned cemetery in LaGrange Community, at
the Choctaw-Webster Co line on Hwy 9 N, turn right onto LaGrange Rd, go 1.6 miles, turn right onto a gravel road, continue .5 mile, cemetery is on the left in a wooded area just past a house in a fenced in area

Old Concord Cemetery, Highpoint--Located in the Panhandle of Choctaw
Co, which was Winston Co until 1875, directions will be needed for anyone desiring to go to this cemetery.

Old Greensboro Cemetery--Actually located in Webster Co, at Tomnolen
going west on Hwy 82, turn right and go 2.9 miles, turn right and pass Greensboro Church & Cemetery, go .4 mile, turn left on Webster 46, Old Greensboro Cemetery is located on first road to the left.

Old Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
, Reform

Old Pisgah Cemetery

Old Salem Cemetery
, Ackerman--Located about a mile down an old log
road which runs due west from the home of Mr. Reed Kennedy, cemetery is located on the left in overgrown area; located just over the Winston Co line in Choctaw Co in what is known as the Panhandle.

Owens Chapel Cemetery, Highpoint

Pendervile Cemetery, Weir

Pigeon Roost Cemetery, Sapa

Pilgrims Rest Cemetery, Tomnolen

Pisgah Methodist Cemetery, Weir--Located 8 miles north of Weir, on Hwy
12 at Weir, turn north on Hwy 413, go 3 miles, turn right at Howard's store, continue 3 miles, turn right onto gravel road, turn at next left, go 2 miles to church.

Prewitt Family Cemetery--Located about 5 miles north of Weir off Hwy 413 on what is known as the Prewitt place.

Providence Baptist Church Cemetery, Tomnolen

Quinn Bamily Cemetery

Reed Family Cemetery--According to Mr. John Tennyson, well-known
Choctaw Co citizen, he once knew of the "Irish Reeds" who had a cemetery with about six graves in it, located in the Ruff Community. Unable to get directions.

Reform Church of Christ Cemetery--Now abandoned and overgrown,
stands on Hwy 15 in Reform, fence around church and cemetery is behind church.

Roberts-Wylie Family Cemetery--Located on top of "Wylie Mountain" on
US Gov. owned land in Sec 14, twp 16N, Range 11E.
Rosemond Cemetery, Tomnolen

Salem Methodist Cemetery--Located near Chester.

Salem Cemetery, Weir--Take Louisville-Weir Rd, from Highpoint travcl
1.7 miles, church sign is on right, church and cemetery can be seen from the road.

Seymour Cemetery--Cemetery is abandoned and very hard to find without
assistance, located about 1-1 1/2 mile west of New Haven Church, a gravel road turns right with a large dumpster beside it, turn left onto a dim field road, must walk about 1/4-1/2 mile bearing to the right, a small pond is on the right and a small grove of trees on the left, cemetery is located in this area, has a fence around it, but overgrown.

Shiloh Methodist Cemetery, Sturgis-- Updated with photos added, Mar 1, 2004 Located in Sec 14, Twp 17N, Range 11E, approx. 200 yards north of Hwy 12 E, .8 mile east of Fulcher's  Crossing, near the home of Mr. John Stacy.

Simpson-Rosemond Cemetery, Weir--Also known as Nail Cemetery in the
last few years, follow directions to New Haven Church, turn left on a gravel road (Reed Break Rd) that runs beside the New Haven Cemetery, go .8 mile and it is on the left.

South Union Cemetery, Ackerman--Located about 3 miles west of Ackerman on South Union Road.

Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery--Located 4 miles southeast of Reform, go 2 miles south of Reform on Hwy 15, turn left at the overhead bridge, continue on dirt road until you pass the Macedonia Cemetery, at the fork, take the left one until you come to a crossroads, go straight, church is on the left, cemetery on the right.

Staples Family Cemetery, French Camp--From intersection at French Camp,
take Hwy 413, go 5.7 miles, take left onto a gravel road, continue .3 mile, cemetery is on a hill on left, can be seen from road, but is very overgrown.

Tanksley Cemetery, Louisville North--Located in the Choctaw Game Area,
Tombigbee Nat'l forest, on forest service road #956 in Sec 25 near Winston Co line.

Thomas Family Cemetery--This gravesite is between the old Drane place
and the great-grandfather of Hazel Garrett's home place in Beat 3, on the left side of the road with one marker.

Thompson-Pearson Cemetery, Stewart--Go west of New Haven Church and
continue until you reach sign for Crape Creek Church at a crossroad, turn right, take first right fork for a total of .4 mile, stop at the next road to left, walk about 1/2 mile.

Trussell Family Cemetery, Tomnolen--located about 10 miles northwest of
Weir, on Hwy 12 at Weir, turn north on Hwy 413, go 3 miles, turn right across from a store, continue 4 miles, cross Natchez Trace, take right, go past New Haven Church, pass Bankston Cemetery, take next left at Watson's store, stop at first old home place on right, walk about a mile across several fields into the woods.

Tullos Family Cemetery--Located about 2 miles north of Chester, property is owned by the Prewitt family.

Turner-Jayroe Family Cemetery--Located near the Choctaw-Winston
Co. lines off Hwy 15 S, turn left just past Midway Grocery, follow road to crossroads, cemetery is on the hill to the right.

Weir Cemetery, Weir

Weir Chapel Cemetery, Weir

Williams' Springs Church of God Cemetery--Located 15 miles northwest of
Weir, on Hwy 12 at Weir, turn north on Hwy 413, go 3 miles, turn right, continue 4 miles, cross Natchez Trace, pass New Haven Church, continue 5 miles, turn right at dead end, cemetery is 1/4 mile on right.

Wood Family Cemetery, Reform--Located on a wooded ridge in Reform,
several hundred yards north of old Wood home in which Mr. Luther Wells lives, cemetery abandoned and overgrown.

Woodard Family Cemetery--Located on summit of "Woodward's Mtn",
overlooking the Bogue Foliah and Sand Creek bottom lands, actually located in Oktibbeha Co in Sec 20, Twp 17N, Range 12E approx. 1 mile from Choctaw Co line.

Wood Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Tomnolen, Photos and Survey--Located in north-western part of county, turn north onto Hwy 415 from Natchez Trace, pass Providence Church, turn at third road to left, church and cemetery on right.

        Any information on these cemeteries would be greatly appreciated. As you can see, the list of cemeteries in Choctaw Co is a long one; and there may be other cemeteries that are not listed.
        Any help in obtaining cemetery information would be greatly appreciated. Email your information to Jackie Rhodes, or contact me about sending it through postal mail. Thanks!

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