Books for Sale

Books for Sale


Chickasaw County Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc.

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Short Stories from Chickasaw County, Mississippi    $15

    116 page paperback book with a glimpse into what life was like in the early 20th twentieth century.

    54 stories by 18 different authors.  Add $5 for shipping charge.


Chickasaw Heritage and Memories Cookbook       $20

    Heritage and memories through Homestead Foods.  188 pages with some of Chickasaw County's

    favorite old time recipes.  Add $5 for shipping charge.


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Chickasaw County, Mississippi Pictorial History       On Sale for $40.00

    Contains 250 pages, with over 1,000 pictures of Chickasaw County through the years. 

    Add $5.00 shipping charge.


History of Chickasaw County, MS Volume I           $125.00

    History of over 900 family stories, and features the history of churches and schools in Chickasaw County.

    Add $7.00 shipping charge.


History of Chickasaw County, MS Volume II         $125.00

    Over 1,400 family stories, military biographies, and early Chickasaw Indian history is included.

    Add $7.00 shipping charge.


A Short History of Chickasaw County, Mississippi        $10.00

    In paperback only. Add $2.00 shipping charge.

Cemeteries in Chickasaw and Surrounding Counties, Volume I and II            each $25.00

    Add Shipping charge  $3.00


The People, Land Owners, and Land Patents            $25.00

    Land owners for early Chickasaw County including most of Clay and Calhoun Counties for 1836-1852 are included.

    Add $3.00 shipping charge.


Marriage Records Chickasaw County, Mississippi Volume I  1858-1900            $12.00

    This book included some marriage bonds found in the attic of the Courthouse of marriages not found in the

     regular marriage books.  Add $3.00 shipping charge.


Historical Picture Postcards are available for $.50 each.

Chickasaw Times Past - Back issues of quarterly published by the Chickasaw County Historical & Genealogical Society

    $50.00 + $5.00 shipping charge for each set of 5 quarterlies.  Sets available are listed below.


    Volume I - V      Volume VI - X      Volume XI - XV     Volume XVI - XX    Volume XXI - XXV    Volume XXI - XXV    Volume XXVI - XXX


To purchase any of the publications listed above, please mail check or money order payable to:


Chickasaw County Historical & Genealogical Society

PO Box 42

Houston, MS 38851


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