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Chickasaw County History Volume I

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Prairie Mount was one of the first villages to grow in prominence in Chickasaw County. Prairie Mount is located near the Pontotoc County Line in the northeastern part of the county, five miles northwest of Okolona. Littleberry Gilliam, a farmer, opened his house as an inn and trading post in 1836 on the old stage route. Prairie Mount established a post office July 2, 1844 and was incorporated in 1852. When the Mobile and Ohio Railroad was completed through Okolona in 1859, many businesses and residents moved to Okolona, and the post office was discontinued January 12, 1860.

Parkersburg was established as a post office June 23, 1897 and is five miles northeast of Houston. In 1902, the railroad was built through Parkersburg and a flag stop was established. The post office was discontinued July 15, 1909 and the flag stop was also discontinued. Parkersburg became a rural community.

Holladay is located six miles north of Houston, and was settled probably in the late 1840's by John Holladay. John kept a toll bride at Houlka Creek and charged a small fee for the upkeep of "Holladay's Pike" which crossed Houlka Creek bottom. A post office was established October 1, 1891 with James H Holladay serving as postmaster until it was closed August 31, 1905 and the mail directed to Houston.

Hall's Siding stands in a large tract of land bought by Lucian Brevard and W D Woods who came from Tennessee. There was a sawmill before the arrival of the railroad in 1906. When the railroad reached the mill a siding was established on land donated by E H Hall. Lumber operations at the siding led to the opening of a post office in 1911 which was named for Lucian Brevard. After the post office was discontinued on November 15, 1913 and Lucian Brevard moved in 1914, the name of the stop was changed to Hall's Siding.

Jones was established as a siding to load gravel in 1907. The siding was located on property of J L Jones one mile west of Okolona. Later several citizens formed a Fair Association and bought the land as a place to hold the County Fairs each year.

Dalton was established March 15, 1852 near the present site of Dancy which is now is Webster County. The post office was discontinued January 21, 1867.

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