Covington County, MS
      Genealogical and Historical Society

Horse Drawn Carriage


The Society has several publications available for purchase:

Covington County Marriages, Book I
    (December 1904 - March 14, 1909)

Covington County Marriages, Book II
    (March 15, 1909 - January 10, 1915)

Covington County Marriages, Book III
    (January 16, 1915 - January 3, 1920)

Covington County Marriages, Book IV
    (December 11, 1919 - March 8, 1924)

Covington County Marriages (Black), Book I
    (December 12, 1904 - August 10, 1910)

Marriage Book Titles are available for $25.00 each plus $3.00 shipping for one volume and $1.50 for each additional volume. To place an order, contact the treasurer or the librarian or visit the Publication Order Form.

2013 Calendars are available at $5.00 each.
A limited number of back years are available also. If ordering by mail, please enclose $5.00 per calendar plus $1.00 per calendar for shipping.

Williamsburg, Mississippi, County Seat 1829-1906 compiled by June Ellis, Janet Smith, C 2012, 192 pages.

Hardbound book ~ $30.00 plus $5.60 shipping
       Shipping Cost: 2 books $11.20; 3 or more $16.85

Make Checks payable to Covington County Genealogical and Historical Society(CCGHS) mail to Janet Smith, P.O. Box 266, Lucedale, MS 39452.

Information regarding any Historical Documents can be found at the Covington County MSGenWeb site under Mississippi Archives Project.