Covington County, MS
      Genealogical and Historical Society

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CCGHS Library

The library of the Covington County Genealogical & History Society has many useful resources for the researcher. There are about 125 books on Mississippi and general research topics as well as more than 115 family histories compiled by society members and friends. Many of these books are indexed in a Family Tree Maker database. This tool pulls together various sources and provides direction for research in the collection. The library also has a collection of local photographs, newsletters, and journals from Mississippi and other states, as well as local areas and state maps.

Two very useful original collections are located in the library. County tax rolls (mostly personal but some land) from 1900 to 1939 are housed in the library. These can document when and how long a family lived in the county; they also tell something about the lifestyle of the family. Abstracts of land holdings prepared by McIntosh and McIntosh of Collins. This firm worked with oil companies and traced ownership of land back into the 19th century. Many useful pieces of information can be found in these abstracts.

The society is currently working on a name index for the Covington County files. The Society Library and Reference Collection in the Seminary Depot are open to the public for research by appointment.

For library appointments contact John Rogers [email protected] or Janet Smith at [email protected].