Marriages performed by Rev. Jesse T. Cox
Marriages Performed by Rev. Jesse T. Cox

Rev. Jesse T. Cox was born in Tippah County, Mississippi, now Benton County, 5 February 1854. He was the son of Matthew Jesse Cox and Mary M. Elliott.  He was married four times and had ten children.  He married Mary A. "Mollie" Westbrook, 13 September 1874.  They had three children; C. Fannie, Mary E. "Bettie",  and Anna Cox.  He married Lavinia F. Peeler Simpson, widow of John T. Simpson, 6 March 1886.  They had two children;  Charlie Edward and Lottie M. Cox.   He married Jenetta N. Simpson Autry, widow of John Thomas Autry, 19 July 1890.  They had five children;  Jessie J. "Jack", Emmaline, John Thomas "Tom", Robert Mack and Ruby Cox.  He married Fannie Gresham Lewis, 10 February 1916.

Jesse Cox was president of the Hickory Flat Bank, ran a saw mill and was a farmer.  He also, was a Baptist minister.  He was licensed to preach in 1875.  He baptized 2000 persons, conducted 900 funerals and married 500 couples.

He died 20 February 1941 at the age of 87.

Below are some of the marriages performed by Rev. Jesse Cox, indexed first by groom and then by bride.  He lived in Hickory Flat in Benton County near the Union and Marshall County lines and performed marriages for couples from all three.  The last column gives the county in which the license was issued.

GROOM                  BRIDE                  DATE         COUNTY

BAKER, Alvie           LATHAM, Lucy           14 MAR 1909  UNION
BAKER, E. G.           BROWNLEE, Dena         25 NOV 1909  MARSHALL
BAKER, S. P.           LOLLET, Hettie         01 DEC 1907  UNION
BEARD, J. A.           BAKER, Etta            12 SEP 1909  UNION
BOATNER, Descar        BOATES, Luctie         26 APR 1908  UNION
BRENTS, Joe D.         SCOTT, Donnie Lucille  22 DEC 1918  UNION
BROWNLEE, C. D.        BOATNER, Heeter        24 DEC 1907  UNION
BROWNLEE, Dewite       CHURCHILL, Josie       09 SEP 1917  UNION
BUMPASS, Dudley        TICE, Lucille          11 JUN 1928  BENTON
CARTER, Grover         CHURCHILL, Anie        27 MAR 1912  UNION
CHADWICK, Albert       MCCLELLEN, Kate        02 SEP 1917  UNION
CHURCHILL, Elbert      BAKER, Willie May      06 JUN 1924  UNION
CHURCHILL, J. O.       LALLICK, Jocie         11 DEC 1910  UNION
COX, J. L.             GARNER, Viola          21 JAN 1903  BENTON
CRAWFORD, Melvin       EDDINGS, Ella          11 JAN 1914  BENTON
CROUCH, Earnest        WILKERSON, Mary        09 NOV 1920  UNION
CRUMP, L. H.           BAKER, Lura            24 OCT 1909  MARSHALL
DAY, Lonnie            HARRIS, Rheudel        19 FEB 1925  UNION
EDWARDS, Sam A.        STROUP, Annie          09 SEP 1906  BENTON
GADD, Earnest          HARDY, Eunice          27 OCT 1923  TIPPAH
GADD, T. M.            FERNOR, Amanda         21 DEC 1924  UNION
GOODE, Grover          WHITESIDE, Emma        25 DEC 1912  UNION
GRAY, Walter           REYNOLDS, Berlin       15 JAN 1908  MARSHALL
HALL, W. H.            BAKER, Mattie          05 NOV 1916  UNION
HANCOCK, Isom          SANDERSON, Berlin      07 AUG 1909  UNION
HAYDEN, Birnee Edward  SMITH, Bessie Lee      16 JAN 1910  BENTON
HOWELL, Luther         PRINCE, Lillie         15 MAR 1924  MARSHALL
HUNSUCKER, Oscar       MEADOWS, Vera          03 DEC 1916  BENTON
HUNTER, J. W.          BURCHETT, Beulah       21 FEB 1917  UNION
JAIRETT, M. L.         HAIRER, M. M.          12 JAN 1908  UNION
MCNEELY, E. H.         SMITH, Emma            25 DEC 1913  UNION
MOARHEAD, W. B.        SCOTT, G.              07 NOV 1909  UNION
NOLEN, Lonnie          BIRGE, Jewell          01 DEC 1930  UNION
NOLIN, E. J.           STACKS, Maud           05 SEP 1909  UNION
PERKINS, George        SMITH, Linnie          09 MAR 1905  BENTON
PERKINS, Jim           CROUCH, Mattie         13 FEB 1903  BENTON
RAINS, H. A.           STACKS, Jenie          25 OCT 1908  MARSHALL
RANDALL, J. R.         PERKINS, Ophelia       28 MAY 1932  UNION
REES, W. Frank         COX, L. Rhoda          21 NOV 1903  BENTON
RHEA, A. B.            BATEMAN, Mattie        15 JAN 1908  MARSHALL
RHEA, Alex             HANCOCK, Odeary        01 DEC 1918  UNION
RHOWES, Slim           BEAN, Cora             28 SEP 1919  UNION
ROYSTON, C. H.         COOK, Eavelie          16 FEB 1909  BENTON
ROYSTON, Odell         TABOR, Doshie          31 MAR 1911  BENTON
THOMPSON, Archie       EDWARDS, Nina          14 APR 1918  BENTON
WESTBROOKS, J. E.      BAKER, Vada            20 JUL 1924  BENTON
WILSON, E. D.          WILKERSON, Georgielee  01 JUN 1929  UNION
WRIGHT, Dewy           WRIGHT, Gertie Lee     21 FEB 1927  BENTON
WRIGHT, W. T.          HOWARD, Ollie          18 APR 1910  BENTON

BRIDE                  GROOM                  DATE         COUNTY

BAKER, Etta            BEARD, J. A.           12 SEP 1909  UNION
BAKER, Lura            CRUMP, L. H.           24 OCT 1909  MARSHALL
BAKER, Mattie          HALL, W. H.            05 NOV 1916  UNION
BAKER, Vada            WESTBROOKS, J. E.      20 JUL 1924  BENTON
BAKER, Willie May      CHURCHILL, Elbert      06 JUN 1924  UNION
BATEMAN, Mattie        RHEA, A. B.            15 JAN 1908  MARSHALL
BEAN, Cora             RHOWES, Slim           28 SEP 1919  UNION
BIRGE, Jewell          NOLEN, Lonnie          01 DEC 1930  UNION
BOATES, Luctie         BOATNER, Descar        26 APR 1908  UNION
BOATNER, Heeter        BROWNLEE, C. D.        24 DEC 1907  UNION
BROWNLEE, Dena         BAKER, E. G.           25 NOV 1909  MARSHALL
BURCHETT, Beulah       HUNTER, J. W.          21 FEB 1917  UNION
CHURCHILL, Anie        CARTER, Grover         27 MAR 1912  UNION
CHURCHILL, Josie       BROWNLEE, Dewite       09 SEP 1917  UNION
COOK, Eavelie          ROYSTON, C. H.         16 FEB 1909  BENTON
COX, L. Rhoda          REES, W. Frank         21 NOV 1903  BENTON
CROUCH, Mattie         PERKINS, Jim           13 FEB 1903  BENTON
EDDINGS, Ella          CRAWFORD, Melvin       11 JAN 1914  BENTON
EDWARDS, Nina          THOMPSON, Archie       14 APR 1918  BENTON
FERNOR, Amanda         GADD, T. M.            21 DEC 1924  UNION
GARNER, Viola          COX, J. L.             21 JAN 1903  BENTON
HAIRER, M. M.          JAIRETT, M. L.         12 JAN 1908  UNION
HANCOCK, Odeary        RHEA, Alex             01 DEC 1918  UNION
HARDY, Eunice          GADD, Earnest          27 OCT 1923  TIPPAH
HARRIS, Rheudel        DAY, Lonnie            19 FEB 1925  UNION
HOWARD, Ollie          WRIGHT, W. T.          18 APR 1910  BENTON
LALLICK, Jocie         CHURCHILL, J. O.       11 DEC 1910  UNION
LATHAM, Lucy           BAKER, Alvie           14 MAR 1909  UNION
LOLLET, Hettie         BAKER, S. P.           01 DEC 1907  UNION
MCCLELLEN, Kate        CHADWICK, Albert       02 SEP 1917  UNION
MEADOWS, Vera          HUNSUCKER, Oscar       03 DEC 1916  BENTON
PERKINS, Ophelia       RANDALL, J. R.         28 MAY 1932  UNION
PRINCE, Lillie         HOWELL, Luther         15 MAR 1924  MARSHALL
REYNOLDS, Berlin       GRAY, Walter           15 JAN 1908  MARSHALL
SANDERSON, Berlin      HANCOCK, Isom          07 AUG 1909  UNION
SCOTT, Donnie Lucille  BRENTS, Joe D.         22 DEC 1918  UNION
SCOTT, G.              MOARHEAD, W. B.        07 NOV 1909  UNION
SMITH, Bessie Lee      HAYDEN, Birnie Edward  16 JAN 1910  BENTON
SMITH, Emma            MCNEELY, E. H.         25 DEC 1913  UNION
SMITH, Linnie          PERKINS, George        09 MAR 1905  BENTON
STACKS, Jenie          RAINS, H. A.           25 OCT 1908  MARSHALL
STACKS, Maud           NOLIN, E. J.           05 SEP 1909  UNION
STROUP, Annie          EDWARDS, Sam A.        09 SEP 1906  BENTON
TABOR, Doshie          ROYSTON, Odell         31 MAR 1911  BENTON
TICE, Lucille          BUMPASS, Dudley        11 JUN 1928  BENTON
WHITESIDE, Emma        GOODE, Grover          25 DEC 1912  UNION
WILKERSON, Georgielee  WILSON, E. D.          01 JUN 1929  UNION
WILKERSON, Mary        CROUCH, Earnest        09 NOV 1920  UNION
WRIGHT, Gertie Lee     WRIGHT, Dewy           21 FEB 1927  BENTON

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