1910 School in Benton County
Old School in Benton County around 1910

Left to right:
Front row: Velma Kimery, Willard Kimery, Evie Umbarger, Norine Kimery, Lillian Riley, Nathan Umbarger, Th(can't read) Finley, Addie Gross.
Second Row: Nannie Kimery, Ida Riley, Myrtle Umbarger, Annie Gross, Mable Finley, Dewey Finley, Tom Brown, Jim Brown, Nathan Umbarger.
Third Row: Jim (James Franklin) Kimery (trustee), Millie Kimery, Sam Umbarger, Mellie Umbarger, Will Umbarger, Annie Kimery, Dee Umbarger, Ethel Umbarger, Leonard Kimery, Bluford Lane, (Can't read) Kimery, Lee Lane, Mr. Will Finley (teacher).
Back Row: Ellis Lane, Jim Nunley(?).

This photo was sent in by Peggy Mitchell.  If you know the name of the school, send me a note.

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