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Revolutionary War and War of 1812.

On June 18, 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain because England had harassed our merchant marine and interfered with our frontier settlements. The Pottawatomies, Sauks, Foxes, and other tribes in and around the Illinois Territory allied themselves with the British in hopes of protecting their hunting lands from the Americans. In response to the killings of American citizens near Fort Dearborn and other attacks on isolated white settlers, Territorial Governor Ninian Edwards recruited hundreds of volunteer militiamen and rangers.
Meanwhile, the U.S. sent federal troops to Missouri to prevent Britain's Indian allies from attacking St. Louis and settlements in west central Illinois.

Local area Map (off site) for Warren and St. Charles
shows site of Boone fort during War of 1812.
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1883 pensioners on the Roll
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Although Warren County was not yet a county during the War of 1812, the families of Warren County residents provided  men and arms to the War of  1812.

The Mississippi/Missouri region during the war of 1812 was fought primarily by indians under the direction of the british...... the majority of people residing in the region were either at the forts or very near by as a basic means of protection. These forts were manned by volunteer soldiers..

Nathan Boone's Rangers
"One of the first settlers in Missouri, Nathan Boone raised and commanded a company of mounted rangers which was mustered into the militia in 1812. The heroic and determined actions of Boone's Rangers contributed greatly to the defense of the area between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Colonel Boone was cited for his conspicuous heroism and resourcefulness during these actions. When Missouri was admitted to the Union, he materially assisted in framing its first constitution."

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Captain James Callaway Regiment,

   James Callaway, (the second son of Flanders Callaway and Jemima Boone Callaway)  as early as 1808  had been appointed as cornet of a troop of militia cavalry and served as paymaster for the Clark expedition. Later, in 1812, he was a captain of the militia and  participated in the expedition of General Howard in 1813 and the battle of Credit Island ( IL side of the  Mississippi River) in 1814. He was left there to re-build the Fort and after a brief period of time, returned to Jefferson Barracks at St. louis

Captain James Callaway was killed by Indians near Loutre Creek in March 1815.



Civil War


Warren County Civil War Union
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Taylors in Warren and other Counties
Union Provost Files – Activity by State Records maintained on Civilians during The Civil War

CSA Colonel Clay Taylor of Campbranch, Warren County

Wife of Col. Clay Taylor Louise Pratte of Campbranch, Warren County

Enrolled Missouri Militia

1883 pensioners on the Roll


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