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Mr. Schake is willing to do look-ups in Warren County with emphasis on the German Belt. A limit of two individuals (families) per request with as much data on dates of birth, death etc. as possible is requested. The township of residence would further be of assistance. He is also willing to assist with historical aspects of these Germans from the Teutoburger Wald region of Germany (Lippe and Westfalia) both there and in Warren County. Two of his most useful source reference texts are:  "The Westfalians - From Germany to Missouri" by W. D. Kamphoefner (1987), Princeton University Press & "History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri" by W. S. Bryan and R. Rose (1876), Bryan, Brand and Co. NOTE: now linked to NEW Email, if you tried and it bounced, please try again. I failed to get it changed (posted 3/27/04) Betty Brooks Lowell M. Schake
"Missouri Genealogical Records & Abstracts Vol. 4: 1741-1839" by Sherida Eddlemon  (The book is fully indexed but please limit your request to  3 surnames, and first names as well.) Yvonne
"1839-1989 Immanuels United Church of Christ" (The book contains some history of the development of the church located in Holstein. In the very beginning it probably had many German origin protestants from the immediate area. Its first name was German Lutheran Church on Charette. It has been an evangelical church most of its existence. The book includes all the surviving birth, baptism, marriage and death records of the congregation; most of these give birthplaces of participants including place names in what is now Germany.) Louise S. Godwin

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