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Missouri Genealogy Resources

Have one of those elusive ancestors that seems to have just fallen from the sky straight into the family tree? Is it possible they got there from an "Orphan Train"? Orphan Train Heritage Society of America, Inc. has tons of information on the "Orphan Trains" including biographies of riders (some in Missouri), and personal stories

General Genealogy Resources

Did you ever find a website that just fit? One that was so interesting you didn't want to leave it? (Other than MOGenWeb, of course.) We've found one we thoroughly enjoyed. It is very versatile, easy to browse through and full of all kinds of information pertaining to genealogy. Be sure to check out One of the Family
  • Genealogy Family History - A (non-commercial) website presumably sponsored by the LDS.
  • Foreign Names - allows you to cross-reference Czechoslovakian, German, Hungarian, Polish or Slovakian given first names to their English equivalent. 
  • Allen County Public Library Genealogy Department - Indiana - We can't think of much more that they DON'T have in their collections. We didn't find anything that told of lookup information, but there is an email link, and we're sure they'd answer any questions. 
  • Genealogy Helplist - Volunteers are willing to help others by looking up specific items at institutions near them, or help supply other information easily accessible to them. You can't beat that, anywhere in the US. 
  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - "Over 30,650 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 90 categories." Yup... just links, but, a great site for beginners and because it's updated often, for new leads. Every other link in this list can probably be found on this site.
  • Surname Helper Search for a Surname - This is a surname database of queries and surname registrations from participating genealogical, USGenWeb, and WorldGenWeb sites. 
  • Arkansas Biographies Project - What we liked most about this site, was that biographies were collected from hundreds of sites and indexed here. These bios are about people who were in any way associated with the state of Arkansas. 
  • ALHN Illinois Genealogy - This site is presented by the American Local History Network, and contains research help, county information, diseases and epidemics that occurred between 1674 and 1890, WWII missing and dead, and Illinois history links. 
  • Kentuckiana Genealogy - This is a wonderful site for following the natural emigration path through Kentucky and Indiana that a large portion of early settlers took. Some of the information available includes births, deaths, deeds, cemeteries, photos, and look-ups. 
  • South Dakota Personal Web Pages - This page is exactly what it says. Only these pages are genealogies associated with the state. 
  • Oldtime Nebraska - This is a site chock full of online articles, books, old photos, and links to some great state resources. We know this bunch personally from our online genealogy projects, and we can assure you they work hard to have their resources freely available to researchers. 
  • The African American Experience in Ohio, 1850 - 1920 - This is a fabulous site that is not quite finished yet. It's online offerings include manuscripts, newspapers, photographs, and various other publications dealing with African American issues during the times. They are planning to include local government records in which slaves were freed. Their site is scheduled to be completed early this year. 
  • Oklahombres Online Research Forum - The subject of this site is the Lawmen and Outlaws of Oklahoma. You will have to visit the site to learn why it's called Oklahombres. Learn about "Machine Gun Kelly", "The Barrow Gang", and "The Ma Barker Gang"; and search the archives for other interesting articles. 
  • Jewish Family & Life: Jewish Genealogy on the Web - A jumping off site for Jewish research with links to other Jewish genealogists, and a how-to. 
  • How-To Guide for Native Americans - Here is just an idea of some of the records available to research your Native American ancestry. 
  • Finding Your Quaker Roots - Another great how-to guide. 
  • Research at the Lancaster Historical Society - Mennonite and Amish research sources. 
  • Ken Peterson's Genealogy Trading Post is full of links to important Wisconsin resources. If you've got bones there, check out this site.
  • Private Publications is a site of lookup volunteers with numerous books, cemetary records, and other private resources. 
  • The Genealogist's Index to the World Wide Web
  • Gene Stark's Index of Names for all USGenWeb Sites
  • The Political Graveyard - The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried.
Don't know where your bones are? Then check out Searching for Birth Families. A great place to begin your search. 

Wow, talk about interesting history/genealogy... Mercer's Maids invites you to join 11 women on their trip from the east to Seattle to find work and husbands. Is your great grandmother among the pioneers? 

Here's a resource that isn't talked about enough... Books We Own List has a list of books you can request lookups from, but most importantly, you can volunteer to do lookups from any you own. It's a small way to contribute to the cause that actually helps out in a very big way.

Some lost and found pages; Family Bibles, Historic Family Documents, and Lost Leaves Photos.

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