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Barnes/Callaway/Martin and related families - contains family lineage, bible records, census, narratives and notes, families.Well documented lineage.

Barnes Family Photos- Flanders Callaway Barnes, his wife Obedience Griggs Barnes, their son Lewis Barnes, his wife, their son Harry.

Corder Family  of Warren County  Corder Family Cemetery  

Descendants of Christina Anna Elisabeth Stienecker Huenefeld Brueggenjohann provided by Jane Denney

The Family History of Ernest Frederick Dothage provided by Thomas Ahmann

Kennedy Family, Thomas  Kennedy provided by Tom Scheerer +   Kennedy Cemetery  

King Family, Harrison King born 1812 in Missouri family group sheet submitted by Theresa Ann Baxter nee King
King Family (2) , Harrison King born 1812 in Missouri family group sheet submitted by William Thomas King
Spires Family with King, Pratt, Hall, Mason, Woodward Families submitted by William Thomas King

The SCHAKES OF LA CHARETTE 1855 - 1996 by Lowell M. Schake, Ph. D. This is a major accounting of one family in Warren County. This is a MUST READ....
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Ball, Dyer & Walsh are Warren County surnames located at the Stinson Family Website - use their "surnames" to locate names you are interested in, and check out the guest book, you may find a cousin. [email protected]

Bishop Family of Montgomery and Warren Counties use the search engine or directory

Boone- Daniel Boone, The life of an extraordinary man - by Margy Miles also see

Boone-Duden Historical Society see their Howell Family account

Brisco and Briscoe Families this documented website is by the same person as the Taylor/McCann/Garret below. IF you have Brisco or Briscoe connections this is the one to check out. " Warren County, Missouri, in 1850, had only one Briscoe family: Dr. Warner Briscoe and wife Jane Harriet Slacum." Dr. Briscoe and Miss Slacum.........

Hoss/Hose Families of Maryland; Logan; Simpson Co., Kentucky; Lincoln, Warren and Montgomery Co. of Missouri-Website contains information on the Family of Michael and Catherine Fresh Hoss of Maryland and Kentucky who had children living in Warren, Lincoln and Montgomery Co., MO having around about 1824-1826.; Surnames: HOSS, BERRYMAN, EIDSON, OWINGS, MABRY, BECK, AYDELOTT and more.

Howell Family this family is primarily Lincoln County but has Warren County descendants ie: Moses HOWELL/ Lucy J0NES and others.

The Paul Family Memoirs John Frederick Paul and Engel Bromeyer

Schroeder: Memorial pages to Private John Ernest Schroeder (1891-1977) of Warren County

this is a extremely well documented website devoted to the family names of the title, plus other related names, including Durham, Johnson, Shrum. Contains census, death records, lineage,marriages, military and probate records and a newly added Warren County Township 47, Range 2W map, complete with names of land owners. use each URL separately- listed below

 http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bldr/vtmofamily.html   This section covers my ancestors Vincent Taylor (1798-1865) and wife Sarah Durham (1800-ca.1836) who arrived in Warren County in 1835.  This family stayed in Warren County from 1835 to about 1910.  I discusss their children, their spouses, and grandchildren.  Vincent Taylor bought a lot on July 1, 1836, which was the sale of lots to help finance building the first courthouse.

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bldr/mccannfam.html  This section covers the family of Neal McCann and his wife Mary Shrum and their children.  Neal and Mary arrived in Warren County about 1816 and resided on land that was formerly part of Montgomery County.  There are many McCanns still in Missouri.  After Neal McCann died his widow married Vincent Taylor above.  Mary Shrum McCann died in about 1842/43.

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bldr/wmdgfam.html  This section covers GARRETT families.  After Mary Shrum McCann died, Vincent Taylor thirdly married Sicily Jane Dickerson Garrett.  I discuss several Garrett families in this section because they all came from Pittsylvania County, Virginia and seemed to settle close to each other

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bldr/township.html  This is the Township 47 map.  I used the Bureau of Land Management web site to locate the descriptions.  Once I made up the map it really helped me to perceive relationships between families

The below three sections deal with solving the sets of initials on the ABC School Sampler.  The significance of these is proof that girls were educated by their mothers.  In addition its a testament to the spinning and weaving skills -that were a home industry.   http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~bldr/intro.html

Frederick Conrad Wostemeyer

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