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Provided by James Murray, with permission of Mr. Costello.
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Mr. Greg Costello and Mr. Wallace L. McKeehan, have been very generous in making it possible to list the Isaac Kent Cemetery on the Warren County, MO, US Gen Web site.  If you would like to see some wonderful pictures of the Isaac Kent Farm and Cemetery in Warrenton, MO and the surrounding area, please click on Mr. McKeehan’s link, for general interest or use the specific link to the Kent Family Cemetery photos
This first link also includes information on the Warren County families of Burket and Zumwalt.  Once there, you may be interested in clicking on the link for the “Sons of Dewitt Colony Texas”. Mr. McKeehan’s efforts in detailing the history of the families that fought for the independence of Texas is quite remarkable.  The site includes many Missouri families including the son of Isaac Kent – Andrew Kent. Andrew was a defender of the Alamo.

The cemetery, per Mr. Costello and Mr. McKeehan is located, "Just north of Warrenton, Missouri north of Interstate highway 70 on highway 47, a right turn on Dogwood Dr. runs into Isaac Dr. which is a suburban residential development on what was the old Isaac Kent homestead…"  The cemetery is on the property of Mr. Greg Costello, who is working on its restoration with Kent descendants. Mr. Costello’s efforts to preserve this cemetery are to be commended! There are 15 known headstones in the plot per Greg. He has provided us with the dates and placement of those headstones which are listed below.  At the bottom I have included a few notes in regards to some of these individuals.
James Murray

Isaac Kent Cemetery
See tombstone placement map

1)  T. H. Maddox (1807-1870)
2)  Isaac Kent, Jr. (1806-1867)
3)  Sarah Livsey (1857-1865)
4)  John H. Livsey (1849-1873)
5)  Mary A. Livsey (1826-1875)
6)  John Gahall (1803-1867)
7)  William Kent (1871-?)
8)  Alameda Gahall (1834-1862)
9)  Isaphena Hinds (1818-1863)
10) Isaac Kent, Sr. (1772-1837)
11) Lucy Kent (1774-1847)
12) Base – John Kent (Maybe)
13) Catherine Kent (1795-1854)
14) Solomon Giles (1845-1846)
15) Mary A. Lower (1824-1882)

Regarding #1, T. H. Maddox, there is a Nancy Maddox enumerated in the 1870 federal census for Warren County, MO:
28th of July, 1870, Elk horn Township, Warren Co., MO, PO Warrenton, pg 10 HH 79/66
Maddox, Nancy 67 VA Keeping house 1000/1000
Owens, William _?_ TN Farmer 0/100
Note, T. H. Maddox would have been abt. 63 in 1870 when he passed away. I have listed Nancy as a possible connection (widow?) to T. H. Maddox. This is the only Maddox family I was able to locate in 1870, the year of T. H. Maddox’s death, in the Warren County vicinity.

Regarding #2, Isaac Kent, Jr., Isaac was the son of Isaac & Lucy (Hopkins) Kent.

Pioneer Families of Missouri", by Wm. Bryan & Robert Rose, pub. by Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, MO., 1876. pgs 219 “…they [Isaac and Lucy Kent] had - John, William, Jane, Andrew, Robert, Elizabeth, Polly, Thomas, **ISAAC**, Dozier, Louisa, and Lucinda.

"History of Warren County"
The first county court was organized on the 20th of May, 1833, at the house of MORDECAI MORGAN, not far from the future town of Warrenton. The members of this court were TILMAN CULLUM, President; MORGAN BRYAN and THOMAS N. GRAVES. ABSALOM HAYS was sheriff, CARTY WELLS, clerk, and WALTER DILLON, deputy clerk. JAMES PITZER was county surveyor… The first grand jury of Warren Co. was composed of THOMAS TALBOTT, foreman; GRIEF STEWART, SAMUEL DOHERTY, BENONI MCCLURE, ANDREW G. LONG, **ISAAC KENT, JR.**, WILLIAM CAMRON, JAMES MILLER, EDWARD PLEASANT, TURNER ROUNDTREE, JONATHAN D. GORDON, BENJAMIN HUTCHINSON, W. A. BURTON, THOMAS CHAMBERS, GEORGE CLAY, JAMES B. GRAVES, JOHN B. SHAW and JARED IRVINE.

1850 Warren Co. MO Census, pg. 67A, HH 599
Isaac Kent 44 KY b. abt. 1806
Diann 38 MO
Susan 18 MO
Missouri 17 MO
Pleasant 15 MO
Joseph 13 MO
Sarah 7 MO
Benjamin 3 MO

Regarding #6  John Gahall/Cahall & #15 Mary A. Lowe. I found both enumerated in the 1860 federal census for Warren County:
4th of June, 1860, Elkhorn Township, Warren Co., MO, PO Warrenton,
Pg. 3, HH 18/18
John Cahall 57 VA Farmer 2400/1000 b. abt. 1803 – a nice fit in terms of birth date and given name!
Rahiel? 49 NC
Sallie 22 KY
Elizabeth 18 MO
John 15 MO
George 12 MO
Pg. 5, HH 33/33
J. Z. Kent 40 b. MO
Mary E. _?_ KY
__?__  29 MO
HH 34/34
Mary A. Lowe 37 MO [See notes listed below, “Regarding Mary A. Lowe #15.]
William _?_ 14 MO
Julia Ann 10 MO
Margaret 9 MO
__?_kirk 7 MO
__?__  A. 5 MO
John Henry 1 MO

Regarding #9, Isaphena Hinds. I have been able to find only one Hinds family that is in close proximity to the Isaac Kent family and Cemetery. I do not know if there is any connection between this family and the above listed Isapena Hinds.
11th of August, 1860, federal census, Warren County, MO, Charrette township, PO Marthasville, HH 1382/1376:
Levy Hinds 49 Tenn Farmer 450/200
Matilda 44 KY [b. abt. 1816 – the above listed Isaphena was b. 1818]
James 21 MO
Frances M. 19 MO
Sarah C. 17 MO
__?___  15 MO
Peter 12 MO
Melissa 4 MO

Regarding #10 & #11, Isaac Kent and Lucy Kent.  This is Isaac Kent of KY and his wife Lucy (Hopkins) Kent. "Pioneer Families of Missouri", by Wm. Bryan & Robert Rose, pub. by Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, MO., 1876. pgs 219: Subject - Kent:
Isaac Kent, of Kentucky, lost his parents when he was quite young, and was "bound out" to be raised.  When he was of age he married Lucy Hopkins, and they had - John, William, Jane, Andrew, Robert, Elizabeth, Polly, Thomas, Issac, Dozier, Louisa, and Lucinda.  Mr. Kent came to Missouri and settled in Warren county in 1819.  His son John married Catharine Zumwalt. William married Mary A. Zumwalt, and was killed by Waller Graves, who was insane, at the house of Newton Howell, on the 2d of October, 1830. Andrew Kent enlisted as a soldier in the Mexican war, and was burned to death in one of the forts captured by the Americans.  Robert, Elizabeth, Issac, Polly, and Thomas all moved to Oregon.  John Kent was a ranger in Callaway's company.

Regarding #13 & #14, John and Catharine listed in the above bio of Isaac Kent, are probably the John and Catharine Kent listed in the Isaac Kent Cemetery.

Regarding #15, Mary A. Lowe. William Kent was murdered in 1830 and his widow would have been Mary A. (Zumwalt) Kent per Isaac Kent’s bio. Is it possible that the Mary A. Lowe listed in the above census & cemetery enumeration may have been the widow of William Kent who has remarried? Note, she living next door to J. Z. Kent! Perhaps a descendant or researcher of this family could help us.  While although Polly is often used in place of Mary, I doubt the above Mary A. Lowe is Polly Kent - daughter of Isaac and Lucy Kent. Polly is noted in her father’s Will as Polly Crow.
Kent, Isaac, Senr., Warren Co., MO, will dated, Dec. 1836. 
”Wife, Lucy Kent - property to her for lifetime.” [Wife to give to his daughter] “Polly Crow what she may think will maker her equal to what his other children have received in personal property. At wife's death, property to be divided equally between all children, the heirs of those that are dead to receive their parent's share. Has already divided landed property among his children.” Exrx., Lucy Kent. Wit. John Woodlan & Turner Rountree. Filed 13 Dec. 1837. (A 93-95)