Warren County,

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Warren County, Missouri Cemeteries

Concord Hill's
*Old Cemetery & **New Cemetery


all photos provided as a courtesy by Dennis Hellebusch
* will denote burial in "Old" Cemetery ** Burial in "New Cemetery
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This photo is from the parking lot of the church. If you notice you can see the old cemetery @ the top left of the picture

Concord Hill Cemeteries are located about 3 1/2
miles west of Marthasville, on Highway 94 and about 1 mile northwest or from the west, take Hy N north from Hy 94, to Holstein, turn east/southeast to Concord Hill. Section 21 & 16, T45N, Range 2W.

The two cemeteries at Concord Hill are located at and near the St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church ,   located on Concord Hill Road
all photos provided as a courtesy by Dennis Hellebusch
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the entrance to the old cemetery. photo is taken from Concord Hill road

One * will denote *Old Concord Hill
** will denote New Concord Hill
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Concord Hill Cemetery - Tombstone Images (73 images)

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