Corder Cemetery Warren County

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Corder Cemetery
Warren County, MO - Elkhorn Township,
Township 47N, Range 3W, Section 2
38.86249 North Latitude; 91.22467 West Longitude
Near Corner of Missouri Highway A and Blackstock Rd.
Photos and Family History provided by
 June Brown


Corder Family History

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Elisha & William
sons of Thomas and 2nd wife Diana
Elizabeth, mother of Thomas Margarett, daug. of Thomas  & Sarah William, son of Thos. & Sarah Sarah, wife of Thomas Corder

1961 Photos

These photos were taken about 1961.


Sarah Corder wife of Thomas Corder,
 died Sep. 20, 1862, aged 53 y 5 mos
William, son of T. and S. S. Corder, born Nov 25th 1835, died Sep 28 1853

Elizabeth Corder Margaret Corder 1830-1845, Elizabeth on the left

The Corder family lived in Warren County and later lived in the Kansas City general area. The location of the grave of the father and husband, Thomas Corder, is unknown at this time. Thomas was in the 1870 census and it is likely that he is also buried in this cemetery.

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