Vernon County Queries

Surnames: Vaughan, Vaughn
Submitter: Joan Singletary [email protected]
Date: March 15, 2006

I would like to contact someone who is a descendant of William W. Vaughan/Vaughn, b. 10 Nov 1825 in Virginia, d. 30 Aug 1882, Vernon Co., Mo.

William was married to 2nd wife Harriet Alllison in 1855. Children I have found are George B. (1858-1894) m. Malissa Ann Burton in Vernon Co.; David W. (b abt 1864); Ann (b. abt. 1871).

Listed in the Vernon Co. births is Charles Edward Vaughn b. 1886 to G.B. and Malissia Ann Burton Vaughan.

Can anyone help?

Surnames: Dean, Deane
Submitter: Ann C. Nunes [email protected]
Date: March 14, 2006

Thomas Jefferson Deane resided in Vernon County, ( is living in Nevada City) on the 1900 and 1920 census. Died 22 April 1927. I am guessing that he was still in Vernon Co. His wife was Minerva Hackett. Does Vernon county have a cemetery index, where I can try and find this family? Thomas J. Dean/Deane born 20 March 1842, KY.

Surnames: Taggart
Submitter: Beverly [email protected]
Date: March 11, 2006

I am researching the Thomas and Sarah Taggart family who appear on the 1870 Vernon County Federal Census together with their children William, Mary Jane, Thomas, Sarah, Andrew, and John. I am very interested in knowing who the parents of Thomas and Sarah were. Thanks, Beverly

Surnames: Cox
Submitter: Nancy Cox Decker [email protected]
Date: March 6, 2006

I am interested in finding more information about Frank Cox & Eliza (possibly Strader) Cox and their children (James, Joseph, Leroy, Helena, Ardila, & John). I found them last on the 1880 Census of Missouri, Vernon County, Deerfield Twp. I am hoping to find who the parents of Frank were. If anyone has any information I would appreciate an email at [email protected] Nancy Cox Decker

Surnames: Sandifer
Submitter: MIKE DRAPER [email protected]
Date: February 23, 2006

Please give me a name and e-mail adress for geneology search for...Joshua and Lotsie Sandifer and family...1881-82...Nevada Mo. Mike Draper, Kennewick,Washington

Surnames: Ketner, Rimbey
Submitter: Barbara A. Murray [email protected]
Date: February 22, 2006

I am looking for any information on the John Rimbey family. Also, would like info on the David, Tom, James Ketner families. Thank you.

Surnames: Quackenbush
Submitter: Ramona Rohr [email protected]
Date: February 5, 2006

I am looking for the John Quackenbush family. They lived in Vernon Co. in the 1870's. Members include John, his wife Margaret, son Frank, possibly a son William and daughter Sophronia. They later moved to Jasper county but it is possible that Frank was buried in Vernon Co. Any help will be appreciated.

Surnames: Daniel, Milward
Submitter: Nancy Milward G. [email protected]
Date: January 30, 2006

Can anyone help me with my search for my grandmother's family and their history? My grandmother was born December 11, 1898 in Vernon County, Missouri. Her parents last name was Daniel. My grandmother's name was Meda (Maida ?). My grandma married at age 14 in Bates County, Missouri to a man named James Milward. (I have copy of their marriage license.) My grandma had a sister named Ada. My grandma Meda (Maida ?) was a very quite woman and did not talk much and I never asked any questions about her family when I was a kid. Now, I would love to know about her and her family, but have no one to ask. My dad mentioned in his last few months of life that his mom, my grandma Meda (Maida ?) was American Indian. I hope that is so, but I do not know where to research this. This is all I know of my grandmother Meda (Maida ?). Not much to know about my grandma is it. Does anyone know of my grandmother's family history or be part of my grandmother's family. If so, please contact me.

Surnames: Meserve, Morris
Submitter: RACHEL TURNER [email protected]
Date: January 30, 2006

Any information relating to the Meserves or Morris?s. What I have: Ona Morris married Granville Keller Meserve. They had a son, Charles Granville Meserve, born in Milo, Vernon Co, Missouri, 9/3/1888.

Surnames: Eales, Snelson, Toalson, Jobe
Submitter: Carol Joyce Carroll [email protected]
Date: January 12, 2006

would like to hear from anyone that has connection to the following names in Vernon County, they lived in the Montivello twp area later was Dover twp 1860"s to 1900. Eales, Snelson, Toalson and Jobe. Ruben Jobe married Sarah Eales abt. 1874, did Sarah's sister Elizabeth Eales marry a Toalson abt. the same time period. Will share what ever records I have.

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