Vernon County Queries

Submitter: Alice Banks ([email protected])
Date: 05 Mar 2003

Marriage of Ira Banks, born 1879 and Alice Waber, born 1882. They were married in Nevada, Missouri. Their first child was born in 1899.

Surnames: LOWE ROACH
Submitter: Ray Lowe ([email protected])
Date: 02 Mar 2003

I am searching for Fredrich Joseph Roach, his wife, Georgia N.(?) Roach and Louisa M. Roach. According to the US 1880 Census, Louisa was born in Montevallo, Vernon, Missouri. Louisa married my G Grandfather, George Richard Lowe. They are burried in Marion County, MO... Please send any information you may have... Thank You... Ray

Surnames: PLUMMER
Submitter: Reeva Plummer ([email protected])
Date: 28 Feb 2003
URL: n/a

I'm trying to find the death date of Jerald Dean Plummer (may be spelled Jeraldene) who passed away, I think, in the mid 1930's. His hometown was Metz. He was my deceased husband's father and I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for. Even the Bureau of Vital Statistics didn't have anything listed. I'd appreciate any information you might be able to find. I'm sure he would be buried somewhere around Metz.

Submitter: Janet Sheets ([email protected])
Date: 18 Feb 2003

This is more of a correction than a query. In the 1880 Iowa Soundex, the daughter of Albro B. Sheets (who lived and died in Vernon Co. Mo.)was listed as Mary, 10. This daughter was actually 10 months old then and the daughter of third wife, Emma Smith Sheets and not Mary Rebecca Flake as first thought.

Submitter: John Clark ([email protected])
Date: 16 Feb 2003

Looking for information on the family of Joshua Anderson who in the 1880 census lived in Osage, Vernon, Missouri. His sons were Frank (who had moved prior to the census) and Lafayette.

Submitter: Janet Sheets ([email protected])
Date: 12 Feb 2003

Can anyone tell me who the birth mother was of Mary M. Sheets, daughter of Albro B. Sheets who died in 1907 in Vernon Co. Mo.? Was it his first wife, Mary Rebecca Flake or Emma Smith Sheets?

Submitter: Jackie Ayers-Berry ([email protected])
Date: 12 Feb 2003

Looking for E. Harry CADWALLADER or possibly known as Hiram E. CADWALLADER from the Dedrick, Vernon Co.,MO area. He is listed in the 1920 census at age 63 w/ wife Emma and step son V. Frank. Would like to know his death date. Would like to confirm that he is the brother of Rachel E. BELL nee CADWALLADER from the Horton, Vernon Co., MO area in 1919. Thanks for any connections- am willing to share info.

Submitter: Elizabeth Scofield Bauer ([email protected])
Date: 11 Feb 2003

Looking for the parents names, information for Sarah Catherine (or Kathryn) Waters whose married name was Rainwater. She died on January 16 1939 in Horton, Vernon County, Missouri. She was married to Abraham Butler Rainwater Oct 20 1870 in Camden County Missouri. She was born in Lousiville Kentucky on 11 amrch 1853. Possible names of Parents or Grandparents are George M Waters, and Elizabeth Polly White, or Johnny Thomas Waters and Kathryn Waters. There is also a mention of a Polly Bean, but information is conflicting. I am looking for her death certificate or marriage certificate that might give more information. Also any information on her family and her husbands family would be appreciated.

Submitter: Sherry ([email protected])
Date: 09 Feb 2003

Bessie Vail married Mr. Souder. They lived in Dederick and had two sons, William & Walter. What was Mr. Souder's first name and who did Walter and William marry?

Surnames: DALY
Submitter: Robert Stephens ([email protected])
Date: 06 Feb 2003

I am trying to find information related to the Daly family of Nevada.

Submitter: Brenda Nuich ([email protected])
Date: 26 Jan 2003

We have traced our family tree back to R.S. Baker and Anna Williams who were issued a marriage license on March 10, 1886 in Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri. These are my gggrandparents. Their daughter Laura married William C. Warren, who was the son of John C. Warren and Cansada Parks. Family stories say that on the Williams side one of the women survived the Trail of Tears. Would appreciate any and all information. Thank you.

Submitter: DIANA JOHNSON ([email protected])
Date: 24 Jan 2003

I am looking for any information on P.P. Prewett that was married to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lee Bedegrew (B: 8/25/1860). I have the marriage license from Vernon Co. but Elizabeth's last name was misspelled Bellgrew. They were married in Nevada, Vernon Co., Mo. on 1/5/1876. They had one daughter, Ada Violet Prewett (B: 11/15/1877 my great grandmother). I have no other info on P.P. Prewett and by the 1880 Kansas Census Elizabeth and daughter, Ada, were living in the Ft. Scott area with Elizabeth's parents, Johnathan A. and Sarah Margaret (Hammond) Bedegrew. There was no mention of P.P. Prewett in that census.

Surnames: DOAN
Submitter: Elizabeth Cearley-Moore ([email protected])
Date: 12 Jan 2003

I am looking for any information on the family of Clement Thomas Doan/Done/Doane. He is listed in Bacon township 1870 and 1880. Children from 3rd wife Benjamen, William Marion and Ephrim.Other known children from previous wife Samuel, Daniel, David,Henry and Lewis. Thanks, Elizabeth

Submitter: Char Lee ([email protected])
Date: 07 Jan 2003

My mother was adopted, I have traced her birth family to Vernon Co (Nevada and Rich Hill)Her grandparents were Nannie Shackelford (daughter of John Shackelford and Elizabeth Ballard)and William B Smith. They were married 1883 in Ray Co Mo. They had one son Van Allen Smith (My Grandfather) There were lots of Shackelfords and Ballards from that area,I appreciate any information.

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