Vernon County Queries

Submitter: Harold Wilson ([email protected])
Date: 03 Jan 2000

I am looking for information regarding Ella Mae Lamberton, who lived at 605 N. Lynn, Nevada, from approximately 1906, until her death in 1953. She lived in the home of her relative, Mary Ann Lamberton Wilson and later, at the same address, with her cousin, Alexander Byron Wilson. She never married. Born in Mooers, New York. If you have any info, pictures, etc., on Miss. Lamberton, please contact me at [email protected]

Surnames: WILSON
Submitter: Harold Wilson ([email protected])
Date: 03 Jan 2000

I am seeking information on Lewis Bartlett WILSON and Mary Ann WILSON, who moved to Nevada about 1906,and lived at 605 N. Lynn. They also owned approximetely 500 acres of land on the East edge of Nevada called at that time "the old Samuels place". Lewis died in 1911, but Mary lived at the Lynn St. address until her death about 1937. A relative, Mae Lamberton, and a son, Alexander Byron Wilson lived with her. I am looking for all info, pictures, etc. You may contact me at [email protected]

Surnames: WILSON
Submitter: Harold Wilson ([email protected])
Date: 03 Jan 2000

I am seeking info on Alexander Byron WILSON, who lived in Nevada and Vernon Co., until his death in the early 1960's. Most of the time he lived at 605 N. Lynn , Nevada, with his mother and sister. He left that address sometime after 1954 ( that address was no longer listed in the 1963 city directory). At the time of his death he was living a little west and a little south of Milo. Marital status is not known. I am seeking ANY info about Byron, including birth date, birth place, marital status, where buried, pictures,employment, etc. You may contact me at [email protected] Thanks

Submitter: Michelle Roberts ([email protected])
Date: 11 Jan 2000

Looking for Harvey W. Anderson and wife Rachael, born in Kentucky around 1829. They then lived in Indiana then Champaign County, Illinois. Around 1882/3 they moved probably first to Bourbon County, Kansas and then to Vernon County, Missouri. They executed a deed with their daughter, Sarilda Jane Anderson/Turner on August 18, 1883 stating their residence was Vernon County. The deed was "finished" February 1888 and they were still living in Vernon County, Missouri.

Submitter: Jim Cook ([email protected])
Date: 14 Jan 2000

I am looking for information on my family from Vernon County, Missouri. The Father's name was Meriben Waterman and the Mother's name was Mary E. McCoy. They were married March 6, 1866. They had 9 children. We are not sure where they were married but the first child was born in 1867 in Vernon County, Missouri.

Submitter: Patricia Mathewson ([email protected])
Date: 14 Jan 2000

Seeking information on Ellen Smith who married George L. Preston in Vernon Co., Mo. on June 3,1874. He was from St Clair Co. They moved to Ca. in the late 1870 - 1880. Would like to find her parents and siblings. Thanks trish in Calif. [email protected]

Surnames: THEISEN
Submitter: Chris Shearer Cooper ([email protected])
Date: 26 Jan 2000

THEISEN : A couple of my Theisen ancestors were (supposedly) born in Nevada, MO (John P. in 1887 and Frank in 1889) although no record of this can be found. They then moved on to Denver. In 1907, their grandmother's death notice was sent to somebody in Nevada, MO - which makes me think (1) when the Theisen family moved from Luxembourg to Nevada, MO, it's because some other family was already there, and (2) this other family stayed there until at least 1907. Anyone know some Theisens in Nevada back around that time? Thanks! Chris

Submitter: Al Presley (just4mejosh)
Date: 26 Jan 2000

I am looking for information on Charles Henry Presley who may have been born at Carbon center and married Elva Pearl White from the same place. She was born 12 Feb 1892 and died Jun 1944. They had a son Charles Colman Presley and Robert Franklin Presley. She later married Thurston and had a daughter named Bonnie Jewell. Charles Henry and Elva may have moved to Oklahoma by the time Charles Colman was born. We have him born at Gray Horse Ok in 1910. Charles Colman is my Father and Charles Henry is my Grandfather. Am interested in any of the aboved names. Charles Cplman married Flossie Kathyrine Williams from Papinville,Bates county.

Submitter: Bonnie Parsons ([email protected])
Date: 27 Jan 2000

Looking for information on Luther John Rector, Harness maker lived in Stostebury with new wife Russie Wade Rector in abt 1915. Luther died in the influenza epidemic in 1918/19 in Fort Scott, KS. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.

Surnames: ROSIER
Submitter: Judith Chambers (d&j [email protected])
Date: 28 Jan 2000

I am looking for information and, if possible, an obituary for Lola Gertrude Long Beall Rosier, d. 4/17/1972 in Nevada, Vernon Co., MO. She was married to Oren ROSIER. She was tqaken to Barton Co., MO for interrment.

Submitter: Barb Huff ([email protected])
Date: 30 Jan 2000

Searching for a marriage record for William Chambers and Stacie Lynn/Linn who were married between 1870 and 1880, possibly in Vernon county, as their first child was born there.Any help would be appreciated.

Submitter: Denise ([email protected])
Date: 01 Feb 2000

Looking for information on Tipton VANNEST who was living in Nevada MO. in the late 1850s. He may have been living with another family. He married a woman named Ethel ? . They had daughters Lucille and Ethel. By 1862 Tipton was back in Ohio were his family was and marrying Susan Gaston. They may have raised the girls for a while then the girls may have stayed with family members. Both are supposed to have married and lived in and around Charleston, WV.

Submitter: L Lane ([email protected])
Date: 01 Feb 2000

I am looking for information for these families. Frank HESTER, b1888, married Agnes M. STANART in Nevada, Vernon, MO, exact date unknown. I believe that Agnes STANART is the daughter of James W. STANART & Malvina _____. Agnes was born abt 1900.

Submitter: Bob L. Cunningham ([email protected])
Date: 01 Feb 2000

J. W. Hiatt, one of his & Molly DAU, was my grand mother. JESSE M Hiatt. She married , Charles A Quackenbush abt ? one of thier dau.'s was my mother Rhoda born nov 1896. I was told J W died sept. 1905, what happened to molly Hiatt ? and others. any information would be very helpful, will exchange info that I have.

Submitter: Bob L. Cunningham ([email protected])
Date: 01 Feb 2000

I am searching for any information, of the QUACKENBUSH Family..My Grandfather Charles Q, had a brother, and others in Nevada, abt 1893 to present. Grand pa Charles ,GrandMa Jesse left Nevada, in covered Wagon with son JAY and two dau's for OK, abt 1905. THIS family are all buried in Tulsa Ok. I have info about this family 1905 to present. and all kids and grand children.

Submitter: Amanda ([email protected])
Date: 15 Feb 2000

Looking for Singletons in Vernon County. I am trying to locate relatives of Jesse SINGLETON who married Ida MEANS in 1900. They lived in Moundville. Ida Means Singleton died in 1902, her husband then moved on to another county. Their infant daughter, Mary Alice Singleton, was raised by the Baugh family.

Submitter: Paula Bicket ([email protected])
Date: 15 Feb 2000

My grandparents lived in or around Stotesbury in the 1930's. My grandfather, Sam Doyle worked for KC Southern RR. His wife Nora, my grandmother gave birth to a baby boy that died within weeks of his birth. He is buried in or around Stotesbury. Any information greatly appreciated. Their children names were Paul (my dad), Wanda and Velma. Should anyone have school pictures of Paul, Wanda or Velma, please email me.

Submitter: Ch. Haynes ([email protected])
Date: 18 Feb 2000

Looking for information on Leona Haynes and Alfred George, They got married June 1885 in Vernon County.

Submitter: Richard Standeford ([email protected])
Date: 21 Feb 2000

I would appreciate any information on the birth of my grandfather (Cranston Elwood Standeford) born in Vernon County in 1881. Also any information on his Father (Alexander Standeford). Thank you very much.

Submitter: BOB L. CUNNINGHAM ([email protected])
Date: 29 Feb 2000

I am searching for any information about, my Grand parents, parents and family's they are: MY Mother born in Nevada Mo. Nov, 1897, Rhoda,Quackenbush.her parents C.R.Quackenbush& Jesse M (Hiatt) Quackenbush. Mr J.W. Hiatt died in Vernon County Sept. 1905 I am sure there are others, in Hiatt, Quackenbush family's that may be still in Vernon County MO. to this day 2,29,2000 I would to have any info, from any one who is willing to share. thank you . Bob L. inTulsa OK 1324 South Gary Pl. 74104

Surnames: LORD
Submitter: Pat Lord Stechalin ([email protected])
Date: 01 Mar 2000

Researching all Lords. They came from TN and lived in various counties of MO. Have much info on the Lord family and would be willing to share.

Surnames: GERMAN
Submitter: Beverly A. Matthews ([email protected])
Date: 04 Mar 2000

Searching to make connections of the GERMAN, surname, families that was in Vernon County, Missouri, abt. 1860. Have an Zachuis GERMAN with real Estate property in 1859, in Vernon County, Missouri. Looking for the 1860 Census report, hopfully with the children's names if any. Many Thanks,

Submitter: Pat Ramsey Chitty ([email protected])
Date: 07 Mar 2000
URL:  (link no longer valid)

Looking for info on Wm. Winfield Scott RAMSEY. b. Aug 28, 1848 in Linn Co Mo. Was living in Nevada around 1866 m. Mary Scott.

Surnames: CAIN GROSS
Submitter: Shelley Cain Way ([email protected])
Date: 08 Mar 2000

Would like to trade information on George CAIN b. 1833in MO. married Armilda GROSS b.1844 in MO. George and Armilda had four children born in Vernon County, MO. Celia Francis b.1868 Samuel b.1870 Molly Elizabeth b.1873 Emily b. 1876 George also had three brothers who may have been in Vernon Co., MO. John, William, and Milton. Thank you Shelley Cain Way [email protected]

Submitter: William Clark Rhodes ([email protected])
Date: 10 Mar 2000

Looking for any information on the RHODES family from Metz, Vernon County, Missouri. It is suggested that George and Delitha died on the same day October 23,1863 and are buried in Metz, Missouri? Thank You William Clark Rhodes. George RHODES b. 3-21-1792 d. 10-23, 1863 Metz, Missouri. m. Delitha TIWATER.(Native American)? Children: Elizabeth Rhodes John Rhodes Peter Rhodes James. M. Rhodes William Charles Rhodes (my line) m. Micha Russell Samuel Rhodes Nancy Rhodes Delitha Jane Rhodes Henry Rhodes Jacob Rhodes Rachel Rhodes Andrew Jackson Rhodes

Surnames: SMITH
Submitter: Dick H. Elliott ([email protected])
Date: 14 Mar 2000

Looking for the Cemetery, Dates, on the below subject. She was just married and was living with her parents (SMITH) in Vernon County, and she and her baby died at child birth, they could be buried together. CASSIE (SMITH) KELLER died between - 1881 & 1884 Her husband name was- John Keller. Would like all information I can get on her E-Mail- [email protected] Dick H. Elliott 6240 NE Normandy Dr. Gladstone, Missouri 64118

Submitter: sharron carullo ([email protected])
Date: 15 Mar 2000

i have a note that JOSIAH S. STUKESBURY, 1867-1927 and JENNIE STUKESBURY, l871-l957, are buried at newton cem, nevada, mo. does anyone know anything about this family. any help would be appreciated.

Submitter: Betty Ralph ([email protected])
Date: 16 Mar 2000

Seek descendants of Tom Berry and Nettie Conner b 30 Jan 1875 d 6 May 1950. Their children were: Marie, Yater, and Helen Nadine who m _ Sawtelle.

Submitter: Ruth Ensor ([email protected] )
Date: 16 Mar 2000

Looking for any family that lived in Vernon Cnty area around Schell City or near Rich Hill etc that were named Stid or Stead. Hester Luella Stid/Stead married James A Wade Vernon Cnty Oct 28 1872 Shell City Mo. Wade came to Vernon Cnty Rich Hill area abt 1866.

Submitter: Stephanie ([email protected])
Date: 17 Mar 2000

I'm seeking information on Clayton Jeans b. May 24, 1883 and d. March 6, 1975.....was his wife's (Lura F. married Feb 28, 1906) maiden name PRYOR??

Surnames: HATFIELD
Submitter: Marti McCorkendale ([email protected])
Date: 22 Mar 2000

Looking for info on any Hatfields that were living in or around Nevada, Vernon Co. in the 1800's. Several of my ancestors were born there as well as at least one other possibly related Hatfield line. Anything would be greatly appreciated as everything is a clue. Thanks Marti

Submitter: Harry Minetree ([email protected])
Date: 25 Mar 2000

I am the great-grandson of Thomas Andrew Vernon, Col. Miles Vernon's brother. I am interested in everything about Col. Vernon, but particularly his relatioship with Andrew Jackson and his role in the removal and resettlement of the Cherokee. Can you help me? Many thanks in advance, Harry Minetree

Submitter: Judy Pittmann ([email protected])
Date: 25 Mar 2000

Need further information on Mary Jane HELT born in Nevada, MO, on 10 July 1875, died in Tulsa OK on 5 Apr 1949. She's the daughter of George Jefferson HELT and Delilah CRANE. Mary Jane married William Henry PITTMAN in 1890.

Submitter: Amanda ([email protected])
Date: 25 Mar 2000
Looking for info on Selia Towner of Nevada who married James Alexander Means in 1899. She was widowed early in the marriage, don't have month of death for James Means. Ida Means (sister to James Means) married Jesse Singleton in 1900 Moundville.

Surnames: DODD
Submitter: Kit Dodd ([email protected])
Date: 27 Mar 2000

My GG Grandfather's name was Harvey Thomas Dodd and was born in Vernon Co., MO on Oct 9, 1872. That is all I have! After checking the resources available on this web site I have determined that the Dodds left Vernon Co. some time between 1893 and 1907.

Submitter: Eugene Podraza ([email protected])
Date: 30 Mar 2000

Looking for information on John (1830-?) and Eliza Miner (1832-1903) Swearingen who lived in Vernon County at the turn of the centry. Ch: Mary, married to William Haley, Harley, married to Ella Van Dore, and Anna, married George McReynolds. Reynolds' ch. were: Glenwood, Josephine, and Edward.

Submitter: George Zolman ([email protected])
Date: 30 Mar 2000

I have a typed transcript letter that refers the ZOLLMANN Families being in Sheldon, Vernon Couty, Missouri probably aroun 1835-1850- ? Does anyone know of this family are have any data that you would share with me. Also other families in the title. Thanks George Zolman 1101 Apple Street Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Submitter: Devota Jones ([email protected])
Date: 31 Mar 2000

I am searcing for any information on the following persons. I would appreciate any addition, corrections or guidance that you might have to offer. Thank you, Devota. Please contact me direct at [email protected] Register Report - 31 Mar 2000 -------------------------------------------------- First Generation -------------------------------------------------- 1. William H Webb. Born in Virginia. Children: 2 i. Albert Milford Webb Second Generation -------------------------------------------------- 2. Albert Milford Webb. Born 2 Feb 1852 in Pennsylvania/virginia. Died 3 Aug 1923 in Mt.View Mo. Buried in Old City Cemetary. He married Georgia Husk. Born 1849/1854 in Pennsylvania. Died 1896 in Mt View Mo. Buried in Old City Cemetery. They had the following children: 3 i. Russell Robert Webb ii. Lottie Webb; Born in West Plains Va. Died in Abilene, KS. iii. Daisy Webb; Born in Mt View, Mo. iv. William Henry Webb; Born 3 Jan 1878 in PA. He married Effie Hickison. v. Ernest Webb; Born 22 Feb 1879 in Danville, VA. vi. Frank Henry Webb; Born 20 Nov 1888 in Mt View Mo. Died 9 Jun 1963 in Atwood,KS. He married Myrva Leona Craig, 23 May 1918 in Atwood County Court House. vii. James Benjamin Webb; Born 15 Feb 1891 in Mt View Mo. Died 28 Jan 1968 in West Plains, Mo. He married Myrtle Thomason, 3 Jul 1922 in Mt View Mo. viii. Nellie Mae Webb; Born 21 May 1893 in Mt View Mo. Died 16 Sep 1984 in Mt View, Mo. She married Alvin Emerson Gutscher, 5 Sep 1918 in Red Willow, NE. Third Generation -------------------------------------------------- 3. Russell Robert Webb. Born 5 Mar 1879 in West Virginia. Died 5 Apr 1970 in St Louis Mo. He married Mabel Hickison, daughter of John Hickison & Mary Elizabeth Warren, 28 Feb 1906 in Mountain View, Missouri. Born 11 Oct 1889 in Greenburg, Indiana. Died in St Louis Mo. They had the following children: 4 i. Jestina Jewell Webb Fourth Generation -------------------------------------------------- 4. Jestina Jewell Webb. Born 12 Mar 1915 in Metz, Mo. She married Gilmer Cooper, son of Dewitt Talmadge Cooper & Virginia May Gartin, 23 Jan 1936. Born 12 Apr 1908 in Ballard Mo. Died 1959. Buried in Nevada Mo. They had the following children: 5 i. Elizabeth Mae Cooper (Living) ii. Rhonda Kay Cooper references, Family members, word of mouth and Dennis E. Carlson.

Submitter: Eugene Podraza ([email protected])
Date: 30 Mar 2000

Looking for information on John (1830-?) and Eliza Miner (1832-1903) Swearingen who lived in Vernon County at the turn of the centry. Ch: Mary, married to William Haley, Harley, married to Ella Van Dore, and Anna, married George McReynolds. Reynolds' ch. were: Glenwood, Josephine, and Edward.

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