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Please note: Due to the difficulties associated with receiving and processing family group sheets from individuals, they will no longer be added to or updated on this website.  Please see the Missouri Family Group Sheet Project for a full list of group sheets.  Thank you for your understanding. 


Please note that these family group sheets are submitted by individual researchers.  As such, we make no claims or estimates as to the validity of the information.  As in all genealogy research, each new piece of information must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence.  It is always best to consult the original material for verification.

Family Group Sheet Submitted By
AINGELL, Joseph Robert Mike Cherry
ALLEN, Samuel Nelson Tami Rodig Sherrill
ARNETT, John D. Ginger Donohue
ARNOLD, Daniel Boon Sherry Wray
BIGGERSTAFF, Elzy Creel Dana Kime
BURRIS, Eden Henry Sharon Caldwell
BURRIS, Henry J. Sharon Caldwell
CAIN, George Becky Viles
CATON, Charles Hendrick Nancy Thompson
CATON, Fred Edmond Nancy Thompson
CATON, Hugh McDermid Nancy Thompson
CATON, William S. #1 Nancy Thompson
CATON, William S. #2 Nancy Thompson
CHERRY, Thomas Jefferson Mike Cherry
CLARK, Jacob Arlington Mary
CLICK, Jonathan Miller Robin Poeschek
CLICK, Samuel Robin Poeschek
COPE, Albert Fonzo Loretta M. May
COX, Charles R. Allice Burns Reynolds
CRAWLEY, William Thomas #1 Linda Maples
CRAWLEY, William Thomas #2 Linda Maples
CRUSE, Samuel Sheetz Ronald J. Reid
CUMLEY, Bradford Thomas Debra Branigan
CURRENT, John H. Jan Dwyer
CURRENT, Luther T. Donna Fike
CURRY, Robert Marian Sherry Wray
DALLAS, Rolley Robert Mitchell
DAVIDSON, Marshall Emory Rebecca Davidson
DEATLEY, John Thomas #1 Robin Poeschek
DEATLEY, John Thomas #2 Robin Poeschek
DE GOOD, Nathaniel Dustin Sandy Kelley
DODSON, Benjamin Carol Carroll
EALES, Charles Carol Carroll
FERRY, John William Georgia Ferry
FRANCIS, William Henry Harrison Anthony Rockefeller
GILLEN, Tilghman H. Robin Poeschek
HEARE, Matthew Kathy Heare Watts
JOBE, James Carol Carroll
JONES, Charles T. Kay Griffin Snow
LEACH, Alfonso Edward Donna Fike
LOGAN, Joseph Marcet Davignon
LONG, Daniel James Margaret Gough
LOVAN, Columbus Walter Bonnie L. Johnson
LYONS, Thomas Hampton Nancy Thompson
MADDOX, Jessie T. Sherry Wray
MALLOY, Samuel Harrison Janell Keuler
MAY, John W. Debbie Alexander
MCINTOSH, Collin Kay Griffin Snow
MOORE, Daniel Rufus Cheryl Bell
MOORE, Eli Timothy Meng
OLIPHANT, Andrew Timothy Meng
PERKEY, Harvey Monroe Mary Beth Janssen
PHIPPS, John Burnet Janet Hastie
POWELL, George Nelson Nancy Roush Christensen
RHODES, Stephen Green Mike Cherry
ROGERS, John Franklin Sandra Johnson
ROUSH, Henry Martin Nancy Roush Christensen
ROUSH, James Ambrose Nancy Roush Christensen
RYNARD, Joseph Thomas Nancy Thompson
SHERMAN, William Riley Sharon Wombles
SIMPSON, James Morgan Justin Simpson
SIMPSON, Samuel Justin Simpson
SPENDIFF, John John Voss
STARK, Cuvier Stephen Karen Coleman
STEPHENSON,Carl Gordon Donna Fike
SUMMERS, Moses M. Nancy Thompson
TAYLOR, James Melwood Glenna M. Henderson
THOMPSON, Pierce Nancy Thompson
TRAINER, Walter Fisher Kay Griffin Snow
TUCKER, Granville Dona Marie Tucker
TUCKER, James Edward Dona Marie Tucker
VAIL, William Vail Fruechting
VOSS, George Robert John Voss
VOSS Johann Heinrich Adolph John Voss
WALKER, Henry Clay Mike Cherry
WALKER, John Owenby  (wife #1) Chuck Lassiter
WALKER, John Owenby  (wife #2) Chuck Lassiter
WELCH, James Newby Nancy Thompson
WELSH, George Winston Marcet Davignon
WILLIAMS, John W. Molly Johnson
WOOD, John Wesley Sherry Wray
WRIGHT, Henry Martin Jeff Wright
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