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M.R. & B.T. Railroad Depot, Flat River, Missouri

Nick Guccione and Joe Gelestie, Italians employed by the Doe Run Lead Company, are now in the hospital as the result of a duel fought on the railway tracks near the M.R. & B.T. depot about 9:00 o'clock Monday night. Joe is suffering from two bullet wounds, one over the heart and the other in the stomach. His condition is considered critical. Joe used a knife on Nick, and although he carved to good effect, the wounds he inflicted, although painful, are not considered dangerous. One cut started about the center of the back and ended about the center of the stomach. He was also cut from the back of the neck around to the point of the chin.

The trouble is said to have arisen over Nick's wife, formerly Elsie Marler, a somewhat notorious character.

Friends of Nick were making preparations to move him from the National Hospital to St. Louis Tuesday night. When the Prosecuting Attorney learned of this he blocked this move and placed Nick under guard.

LATER -- Joe Gelestie died at the hospital at one o'clock Thursday morning. When he realized that death was approaching he made a statement in which he said that Nick shot him without provocation: They met on the track Monday night. Nick remarked: "Joe, you shot at me last night." He then placed his revolver close to Joe's body and fired twice. Joe's shirt was powder burned from the first shot fired. After he was shot Joe walked to the Flat River Fruit Co.'s store and from there was taken to the hospital. It is claimed that Nick is mistaken thinking that Joe shot at him the night before.

Published by THE LEAD BELT NEWS, Flat River, St. Francois Co. MO, July 13, 1917.

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