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fleuron2.gif (170 bytes) Early Photo of Mississippi River & Bonne Terre Railroad Depot at Bonne Terre, Mo.
        ~~ Contributed by R. Becker ~~

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes) Photo of Mississippi River & Bonne Terre Railroad Siesta Coach Car
       ~~ Contributed by Marvin Ringer ~~
fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)  Boys Nearly Wreck Bull Moose Train (1913)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)  Exit, Iron Mountain (July 1917)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)  Proposed Electric Railroad (1922)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   Tragic Train Wreck at Sulphur Springs - 34 Killed/More than 150 Injured (Aug. 5, 1922)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)  Survivor of Sulphur Springs Train Wreck Seeking Other Survivors  (Feb. 2007)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)  St. Francois County Industrially, R. H. Womack (1924)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)  Missouri-Illinois Train Wreck at Flat River , Lead Belt News, May 25, 1928.

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)  M.R. & B.T. To Cut Off Several Trains, Lead Belt News, June 1, 1928.

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   History of St. Francois County Railroads, Lead Belt News, June 10, 1938.

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   Passenger Train Service Discontinued Between Riverside and Doe Run (1940)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   Another Hearing on Elvins Depot Held, Lead Belt News, Jan. 29, 1943.

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   Photo of "New" Missouri-Illinois Depot at Desloge, Missouri (Lead Belt News, Aug. 6, 1948)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   End of Line for Ste. Genevieve Railroad Ferry, Lead Belt News, July 19, 1961.

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)  Bonne Terre Railroad Shops Closed, Lead Belt News, Feb. 13, 1963.

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   St. Francois County Electric Railroad, Daily Journal, March 19, 1979.

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   Railroad Ends Run at Bismarck, Lead Belt News, August 28, 1975.

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   Mississippi River & Bonne Terre Railway Caboose No. 3 (contributed photo)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)   Mississippi River & Bonne Terre Railway Route Map  (circa 1908)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)    M.R. & B.T. Railway Track Inspection Vehicles (contributed photos)

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)    History of the Missouri Pacific Railroad

fleuron2.gif (170 bytes)    Bonne Terre Depot Before & After Restoration

*** 1888 Commissioners Railway Map for Missouri ***


John W. "Jack" Bowman - Veteran Engineer
Henry Chapman - Veteran Railroader
Francis M. "Bud" Haynes - Veteran Railroader
Ollie Sherman - Veteran Engineer


Thomas Spencer (1897)
Toby Heck (1918)

Other Deaths
Beula Acuff - Burns House and Throws Self Under Train (1906)
Frank Marbury Killed by Train (1920)

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On October 8, 1949, Mrs. Casey Jones was a special guest of the St. Francois County Railroad Club at Bonne Terre, Missouri. She is shown above with the whistle from Casey's engine and a model of the 382 which was built by Harry L. Woodson, a sheet metal tinner from St. Louis.


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