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Note:  Some of the  publications listed below may be out of print, but I'm listing them here so you will know what's available.  Even if they're out of print, they may be available at your local library or through the inter-library loan program. 

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY LOOKING BACK VOL. II -- This 8-1/2" x 11", 160 page hardback book, contains over three hundred old photos of the Missouri towns of:  Desloge, Flat River, Elvins, Leadwood, Esther, Bonne Terre, Farmington and Bismarck.  This beautifully bound book is made to last a lifetime and is a wonderful   look back at this area's past. This book is priced at $26.00 (plus shipping and handling*).   To order or for further  information, e-mail David Darnell at .

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY LOOKING BACK VOL. III -- This 8-1/2 x 11", 160 page hardback book contains over three hundred old photos of the Missouri towns of: Desloge, Flat River, Farmington, Bonne Terre, Esther, Leadwood, Elvins and Bismarck.  The array of old photos showing street scenes, businesses, school groups, church groups, mining groups, etc. make the past come alive.  This  beautifully bound book is  made to last a lifetime and is a perfect compliment to VOL. II above.   Mr. Darnell never repeats photos from previous books so the photos contained in this VOL. III are different from the photos contained in earlier volumes.   This book is priced at $26.00 (plus shipping and handling*).   To order or for  further information, e-mail David Darnell at

DESLOGE, MISSOURI AND SURROUNDING AREA, A PICTORIAL HISTORY -- This 8-1/2" x 11", 128 page hardback book contains a written history of the town of Desloge, Missouri.  There are sections on the businesses, schools, churches, fire departments, mining, tornado of 1957, and much more.  There are over 250 old photos of Desloge, as well as Flat River, Farmington, Elvins and Bonne Terre.  Again, all photos are different from photos in his other books.  These beautifully bound books are made to last a lifetime.  This book is priced at $26.00 (plus shipping and handling*).   To order or for  further information, e-mail David Darnell at .   

SAM HILDEBRAND RIDES AGAIN by Henry C. Thompson.  This 6x9", 113 page paperback book tells the story of one of Missouri's most famous Civil War guerilla fighters.  The book was first printed in 1950, and this is a 1992 reprint of this excellent book.  It is priced at $9.00 (plus shipping and handling*).  For further information, e-mail David Darnell at

THE COUNTY HISTORIAN by Henry C. Thompson.  This 6x9", 91 page, paperback book is a 1992 edition of the great history book first done by Thompson in 1937.  It gives early settlement history, business history and more for St. Francois County and surrounding areas.  This book is  priced at $8.00 each (plus shipping and handling*).  For further information, e-mail David Darnell at .

OUR LEAD BELT HERITAGE by Henry Thompson.   This 6"x9", 187 page paperback book is a 1992 reprint of the original 1955 book that gives an excellent account of early settlement, lead mining and other history of the "Lead Belt Area" and southeast Missouri.  Great book.They are priced at $9.00 plus shipping and handling*.  To order, or for further information, e-mail David Darnell at .

A LIVING HISTORY OF FLAT RIVER, ELVINS, DESLOGE, FARMINGTON MISSOURI 1953, softcover, 123 pages.   This is the wonderful book of Lead Belt area pictures was originally compiled by Mr. Bob McHenry and published in 1953, and republished a few years ago.  These books are $18.00 each (plus shipping and handling*).  To order, or for further information, e-mail David Darnell at .

*Shipping and handling on hardcover books is $2.50 for first book and $1.00 for each additional book.  Paperback are $1.50 for first book and $1.00 for each additional book.

EARLY DAYS OF LEADWOOD, MISSOURI, lg. sized softcover,   176 pages, compiled by Nedra Queen, and published in 2000.  Focuses on history of Leadwood, Frankclay and surrounding area.  Lots of pictures, newspaper articles, etc.   Price of book has just been reduced from  $28.00  to $20.00 (plus shipping).  She only has a very limited supply of these still available.  To order, or for further information, e-mail Nedra Queen at . (Phone:  314-562-7422)   

THEY WAS FRENCHMANS----The Vallée Family Legacy, Copyright 2003, hardback, written by Helen Valle Crist, $72 incl. S & H. This book traces the emigration of the Vallée (Valle, Valley) family from 17th c. France to Québec, with further ancestral migrations from Québec continuing on to Mobile, New Orleans, and the Illinois Country in the 18th c., and culminating in the settlement of Washington Co., MO and surrounding counties in the 19th and 20th c. Related family names include DeClue, Boyer, Marcil/Mercil, Missé (Missey), Augé (Oshia, Ogé), LaPlant, Robert dit Politte, Bequette, Courtois (Courtaway), Saucier, Rouensa, Corset, and many more. Many photos, charts, maps, documented sources, as well as an index and bibliography. This publication is sold through the Old Mines Area Historical Society, 19065 Hwy 21 North, Old Mines, MO 63630; make check payable to OMAHS.

1850 ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY MISSOURI CENSUS , Copyright 2003, softcover, $15.00.  Transcribed and Edited by Bob Schmidt.   Click HERE for description and further informationTo order contact Bob Schmidt via e-mail or call him at (573) 358-7946.

1860 ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY MISSOURI CENSUS, Copyright 2004, softcover, $15.00.  Transcribed and Edited by Bob Schmidt.  Click HERE for description and further information.  To order contact Bob Schmidt via e-mail or call him at (573) 358-7946.    Copies also are available for purchase at local libraries.  
"BOYS OF THE BEST FAMILIES IN THE STATE" COMPANY E 2nd MISSOURI CAVALRY, Copyright 2003, softcover, 450+ pages, fully indexed, $30.00, by Bob Schmidt.  Click title for description and further information.  Copies can be ordered by e-mailing Bob Schmidt or calling him at (573) 358-7946.

McHENRY - A FAMILY HISTORY, 1700-2000 (including Boswell, Helber, Krekel, Frazier and Murrill), compiled by Robert E. McHenry in 2002, revised in 2003.  567 pages, published in both hardcover and softcover editions.  Click HERE to read more about this book.  For information about acquring book, click HERE to email Robert E. McHenry.  

MY WONDERFUL HIGH SCHOOL KIDS 1950 -1978, by (the late) George S. Pallo, published 2003, softcover, price $30.00.  This book spans Mr. Pallo's 28 years of teaching and as a principal beginning at Esther in 1949-50 and finishing up at Flat River (Central High School) in 1978.  If you had Mr. Pallo as a teacher or a principal during your "school days", this book is a must for your collection.  It's loaded with photos from school year books, and  personal memories of Mr. Pallo, his fellow teachers, students, etc.  You'll definitely see lots of people you know and it will bring back many, many memories.  Copies of this book are available for purchase at the Park Hills Library, Park Hills, Missouri - Phone: (573) 431-4842     

Note:  If  you are the author of any of the following books and/or have them available for purchase and  would like me to list your e-mail address, or other contact information,  please e-mail me at

FARMINGTON, MISSOURI THE FIRST 200 YEARS 1798-1998,   Hardback, 264 pages, fully indexed, and loaded with old pictures of Farmington and surrounding area plus lots of submitted family history articles with photos.  These books were for sale at the Farmington Public Library.  If interested, contact the library at 573-756-5779.

FLAT RIVER, MISSOURI 50 YEARS OF PROGRESS, Hardback, 152 pages, compiled by the Flat River 50 Year Anniversary Celebration Committee, 1985.

BONNE TERRE THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS AND MORE, Softcover, 91 pages, originally written by Robert M. Blackwell, and republished with his permission in 1982 by the Bonne Terre Historical Society.

GROWING UP IN ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, BONNE TERRE AND THE ST. JOSEPH LEAD COMPANY, Softcover, 96 pages, compiled by Jim Bequette and published in 2001.   This book can be purchased on, or by visiting the publisher's internet web site at: .

THE DESLOGE FAMILY IN AMERICA (a genealogy) , hardcover, 64 pages, fully indexed, compiled by Lucie Furstenberg Huger. 

THE COMMANDANT'S LAST RIDE, softcover, 156 pages, by Mark L. Evans, 2001.  This is a block by block look at more than 90 of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri's most historic buildings.  

1917 CENSUS BONNE TERRE, MISSOURI , softcover, by Gene P. Murdock, published 2001.  A listing of Bonne Terre residents at the time a "special" census was taken in 1917.

FARMINGTON SCRAPBOOK:  A Glimpse of the Past, compiled and arranged by Gina M. Tindall Beal from the Bert Leonard Beal Archives.  304 pages.   Not much text, just loaded with photos and other items of memorabilia.

BLACKWELL, MISSOURI AND BEYOND, A PICTORIAL HISTORY 1800-1997, written and compiled by Norma J. and Charles F. Hoelzel, 296 pages.  Copies of this book may still be available from the library at DeSoto, Missouri.

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY LOOKING BACK, hardcover, 160 pages, by David Darnell, 1991.  This is the first volume in Mr. Darnell's "Looking Back" series of books on St. Francois County.  It is currently out of print but is available at all the local libraries. 

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY PICTORIAL HISTORY BOOK, hardcover, 128 pages, published 1999 by the Daily Journal, a newspaper of St. Francois County, Missouri.  Copies may still be available at the Daily Journal Office.

50pb EARLY HISTORY OF THE LEAD BELT, softcover, 149 pages, compiled by Peary A. Smith.  This book focuses mainly on mining industry in the Lead Belt and the livestyles of the miners who labored in the mines.

A HISTORY OF THE ST. JOSEPH LEAD COMPANY, published 1892 by St. Joseph Lead Company for private circulation.  This is a history of its organization, in 1854, to January 1, 1892.

A SIGN OF A GOOD TOWN, historical publication prepared for Bismarck Centennial Celebration in 1968, depicting town's history from 1868 to 1968.

SAM HILDEBRAND'S FOOTPRINTS, THE STORY OF MAJOR SAMUEL S. HILDEBRAND BUSHWHACKER, C.S.A. ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, MISSOURI, by Gene P. Murdock, published 2000 by Murdock's Historical Publications, P. O. Box 179, Bonne Terre, MO 63628, 151 pages (excluding index).  This book is an augmentation to the book Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand written by James W. Evans and A. Wendell Keith, M.,D. in 1870.

SAM HILDEBRAND GUERRILLA, by Carl W. Breihan, softcover, copyright 1984, 184 pages. Here is the bloody War Between the States, as it was fought on the Missouri frontier!  Son of a prosperous farm family on the rugged Missouri frontier, Sam Hildebrand's life began peacefully.  Then the War Between the States hit Missouri like a whirlwind; unallied with either North or South, many neighbors took up arms against each other.  By the time Confederate sympathizers murdered a member of the Hildebrand clan, publicly pinning the blame on young Sam, chaos and lawlessness reigned.  Sam Hildebrand's fate was sealed. This book tells the heart-stopping true story of guerilla warfare on American soil, with a cast of characters that includes Jesse James and the infamous Quantrill's raiders.  With as many as 100 armed men in his remote mountain hideouts, Sam Hildebrand fought injustice like a latter day Robin Hood, striking fast and vanishing.  Master storyteller Carl Breihan gives an unforgettable account of the danger and passion, and of men who took the law into their own hands to administer the only kind of justice they knew.   This book may be out-of-print, but I found mine on 

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, MISSOURI CEMETERIES, VOLS. 1-4.  A cemetery-by-cemetery listing of burials in St. Francois County, Missouri, as compiled from cemetery records, obituaries, and reading of tombstones.  If interested in purchasing these books, you should e-mail Judy Huebner

THE LEAD BELT MINING RIOT OF 1917, by V. L. Lawson, softcover, 106 pages.  1976. This book can be obtained from the: Missouri Mine State Historic Site, Hwy 32, Park Hills, Missouri  63601. Phone number is: 573-431-6226. The book focuses on a very important event in the history of St. Francois County, Missouri, which occurred  when the foreign mine workers were run out of town by the locals just before WW1.   Coverage of the riot appeared in St. Louis, Chicago and New York newspapers, making the disturbance an important chapter not only in the history of the Lead Belt, but in the history of Missouri .   This book was compiled from newspapers, county and state records, and personal interviews.

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