Officers Raid Craps Game


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The Elvins bootleggers (some people term them anarchists) for the steenth time got in bad Sunday, when a joint conducted by Wm. Montgomery, who apparently has become consumed with the idea that he can with impunity defy the law, society and everything else that's decent, was visited by Sheriff Adams and Prosecuting Atty. Mathews.

The arrival of the officers was not heralded by a fanfare of trumpets nor a blast of horns. This being true, immediately after entering the main entrance their ears were greeted with the jargon that flows from a game of craps. They listened quietly a minute or two and out of a small room floated such expressions as "Fade me somebody," "Stay off of craps," "I've got you, shoot your head off," "Up jumped the devil" and many others. The officers then decided to take out a stack and were in the room before the interested players were aware of their presence. The sheriff announced:

"Now don't get excited boys, 'Tommy' and I have decided to take a hand in this game, and by the way, don't bother that money that's lying in front of you. I've got a 'gat' in my pocket and am liable to burn your fingers if you touch the coin."

Montgomery, the king bee, had stepped out just a few minutes before the officers arrived and had delegated one of the boys present to take the "rake" for him during his absence. He was placed under arrest later. Around the table were assembled some eight or ten young men. The officers secured their names and will give them an opportunity to pay into the coffers of the county the usual amounts assessed on misdemeanor charges.

Evidence of "booze" was plainly to be seen and a search revealed three barrels of beer, and evidence was secured that there had been a lively sale of that "choice product of the brewers' art" that morning.

Montgomery now has several charges of a similar nature hanging over him which are to be heard before Judge E. Dearing March 19. He is apparently destined to make his future home at the county bastile or the "Peaceful Village" or, we will have a striking illustration of the impotency of human tribunals to apply a proper administration of the law.

The commendable efforts of the sheriff and prosecuting attorney are bringing results. A few more raids like this should put an end to these unholy "joints". The bootleggers should be taught the great lesson that he who violates the laws of God and man shall also set the example in the retribution which shall follow, and that justice, with its penalties, will track out him who thus tramples upon human laws and sets heaven itself at defiance.

Published by THE LEAD BELT NEWS, Flat River, St. Francois Co. MO, March 16, 1917.