Probate records Index



Probate Records  Index

St. Francois County, Missouri
1822- 1955



Name of Estates Names of Executors Administrators, Guardians and Curators No. of Box or Drawer
Naeger, Bernard Albert Naeger 165
Naeger, Earl Martin H. Gidley 126
Nagel, Louis G.H. Karsch 98
Nagles, Leon 173
Naidert, John A.   N.A. Joseph Grandhomme 171
Naive, S.H. J.S. Clay 76
Nash, Billy Gene Annabelle Busenbark 189
Nash, Frank 189
Nash, George W. S. R.O'Dell 201
Nash, Mary Alphia, Nash 188
Nash, Patricia Maria Maria E. Nash 191
Nash, William Thomas Vivian Gladine Nash, widow    Drawer 1
Nattleton, G. 18
Neal Elizabeth W.M. Harlan 121
Nees, George A. Norma M. Malugen 115
Neff, Jonathan David Neff 139
Neidert, Ernest John A. Neidert 101
Neidert, Ernest J. Adam Neidert 42
Neidert, Ernest J. Joseph Grandhomme 205
Neidert, Ernst Adam Neidert 3
Neidert, Henry Emma Niedert 65
Neidert, Mary 42
Neilon, Thomas J,H. Malugen 110
Nelson, Axal S. Mildred Nelson 180
Nelson, Willard    Drawer 8
Nelson, Willard J. 189
Nensel, Fritz F.J. Nensel 126
Netherington, Howard Annie Netherington 82
Neubrand, Charles Charles Newbrand, Sr. 90
Newberger, Clarinda 179
Newby Bettie J. McCunningham 59
Newby, Marvin J. McCunningham 68
Newby, Wm. C. Wm. T. Newby 59
Newcomer, Mable Irene Jesse L. Strong 146
Newcomer, Alma Jean Jesse L Strong 167
Newcomer, Firmin Jesse L. Strong 182
Newhouse, Adeline James L. Blunt 143
Newhouse, Elizabeth W.B. Coffer 82
Niager, Roman W.T.C. Weiner 77
Nicholson, Hatty Irene VanderHeide 189
Nickaloff, Bejin G.H. Karsch 93
Nickelson, Gladys 189
Nickoloff, Bozin G.H. Karsch 119
Night, M. J.C. Alexander 61
Nixon Hattie E. W.L. Morris 90
Noce, Celia C.H. Lucy 96
Nolan, Goldie Marie 198
Noland, Elizabeth B. Edward T. Noland 167
Nolte, Fred A. Barth 9
Nolte, Fred A. Barth 51
Norris, Minnie L. Carl H. Norris 197
Norton, John G. Martha E. Thompson 116
Norwine, A.J. Mary A. Norwine 115
Norwine, C.A. Mary E. Norwine 119
Norwine, Mary A. F.E. Norwine 115
Norwine, Mattie Mabel Norwine 101
Norwine, Willis C. 179
Nosal Anna K.C. Weber 145
Nossett, Marvin E. Audrey Nossett, Widow 201
Nugent, Henry Elmer H. Wilfong 156
Nyblac, Stein Ruth Whitsel 119
O"Neal, A.G. J.S. Boyer 116
O'Bannon, P.B. Clara O'Bannon widow 206
O'Bannon, Virgil Mattie O'Bannon 119
O'Bannon, Wm. I 18
O'Brien, John 15
O'Brien, Patricia l Iva J. O'Brien 178
O'Bryan, Siles 172
Obuchon, C. 18
O'Connor, A.D. Ann McAndrews 134
O'Connor, Bridget James D. O'Connor 73
O'Connor, Frances Anna B. O'Connor 81
O'Connor, Hugh E. James E. O'Connor 66
O'Connor, James E. Anna B. O'Connor 78
O'Dell, Mary L. Sherman R. O'Dell 23
Odgers, Liewllyn Mary Odgers 44
Oehler, Frank Henry oehler 160
Oehler, Fred Herbert F. Oehler 182
Oehler, Henry C. Herbert F. Oehler 183
Oelger, Agnes Otto C. Oelger 206
Oesterle, Louisa J.G. Goelte 116
Oesterle, Christian George Goeltz 110
Oesterle, David 45
Oesterle, Dova C.H. Denman 85
Oger, Felix J.A. Wampler 101
Ogie, Anna D. W.E. Coffer 71
O'Leary, C.D. 18
Oliver, James Mary E. Oliver 48
O'Neal W.T. & Son J.S. Boyer 117
O'Neal, W.T. J.S. Boyer 116
O'Reily R.H.J. 15
Orell, Mauritz Amalia Holcomb 151
Orr, James W.E. Coffer 81
Orten, A.L. J. H. Orten 74
Orten, Ida J. J.H. Orten 99
Orten, James L.E. Orten 106
Orten, Nesbit 18
Orten, Nesbit  Heirs 18
Orten. James H. Luther Eugene Orten 194
Osterhorn, Charles Lester C. Osterhorn 193
Ostrecker, Albert W.H. Young 43
Ostrecker, Louis Robert Stockwell 66
O'Sullivan, Alice Russell Ryan 146
O'Sullivan, Alvin J.H. Ritter 86
O'Sullivan, John L. Mable Weible 151
O'Sullivan, Marvin Thos. O'Sullivan 88
O'Sullivan, Mary F. John & Larry O'Sullivan 115
O'Sullivan, Thomas Marvin O'Sullivan 148
Outman, W.H. W.E. Outman 107
Overall, Forrest Lee Paul A. Overall 198
Overall, W.F. L.H. Williams 125
Overbeck, Henry Elizabeth Overbeck 83
Overlander, C. 18
Owens, C.M. J.E. Clark 75
Owens, Ellizabeth MichaelMay 51
Owens, Myrtle L. Clova Marler 206
Owens, Wm. M. 15

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