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Probate Records  Index
St. Francois County, MO
1822- 1955

St. Francois County researchers owe a major debt of gratitude to Sandy Mackley who transcribed and compiled this index of St. Francois County probate records and kindly contributed it to our website for your use.  The index is in alphabetical order by surname of the person on whose behalf the estate was opened.  

Each entry found in this  index contains the following categories of information: the name of the estate; name of executor, administrator, guardian and/or curator (if given); and, the box or drawer number where the probate record was filed.  If the number is small, odds are that it is referring to a drawer number.   The names of the executors, administrators, guardians and/or curators (if different from name of estate) are not listed in alphabetical order, but should be picked up by using the search feature on our site, or can be found by browsing middle column of index pages.   

At the bottom of each page is a link which will take you to Sandy and Ed Mackley's website   where you can view a scan of the original index page from which the entry was transcribed, if you wish.   These original index pages are sorted by page numbers.  First page number begins the "A" surnames, however, the individual surnames within each letter are listed in order entered (earliest to latest).  Copies of the original documents and pleadings within these probate files are not available through this website.  They will need to be requested from the Probate Court located at the St. Francois County Courthouse in Farmington, Missouri.  Copies of the scanned documents within the files are also available on microfilm at the Farmington Municipal Library.  Before you request copies of records from Probate Court, I urge you to also compare the listing on our site with the "hard" copies found on Sandy and Ed's site to make sure you have the correct box or drawer number!

The original records (especially the oldest ones) were probably at one time handwritten and the index book from which Sandy transcribed the records was typed from those handwritten records.  I'm sure that every attempt was made to obtain accurate spellings of names,  however, it was probably difficult at times to decipher the handwriting in some entries. Also, some names were misspelled by the person either handwriting the entries or typing errors were made by the person typing the entries into the index book.  Therefore, when searching this index, we suggest that researchers check alternative spellings of names if they do not find an entry for the name for which they are searching, or, if you have time, just browse through the entire index as you may find something that you're looking for out of order because of a misspelling or typing mistake of the surname.  

To search the index, simply click on the letter below corresponding to the last name of the person that you are searching for.



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